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Referral program

With the referral program you can:

  • earn up to 10% of the W12 token purchase amount by each user you refer
  • give an additional 3% discount to all users who bought tokens by clicking on your link or entered your promotional code


  • Spam
  • Advertising on brand queries in search engines

The referral percentage depends on the amount of funds for which the attracted users bought W12 tokens.

The amount of funds in ETH Referral interest
to 10 ETH 6%
from 10 ETH 6.25%
from 25 ETH 6.5%
from 50 ETH 6.75%
from 100 ETH 7%
from 150 ETH 7.25%
from 200 ETH 7.5%
from 250 ETH 7.75%
from 300 ETH 8%
from 350 ETH 8.25%
from 400 ETH 8.5%
from 450 ETH 8.75%
from 500 ETH 9%