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#Blockchain, #Mobil und Gaming All projects

eByte: Decentralized Esports App-platform

Blockchain & Smart Contract portal, specialized for next level esports & gaming applications

Buy the tokens of the eByte (EBYTE) project on the platform and get the opportunity to get a refund in case the project does not fulfill its obligations

Your IP address is from the USA. Citizens and residents of the United States are prohibited from using W12 platform to purchase tokens.

4.1 Rating

durch 18 Benutzer


    • Angestellte18


    June, 2018

    Finished requirements engineering and the official eByte Techpaper

    August, 2018

    Reached another milestone with more than 100 partners (eg. Leagues, Teams, eSports-cafe´s,Trainingscamps, Online Shops for Hard- & Software or digital gaming goods)

    September, 2018

    Established recurrent esports tournaments with the eByte token as prize money.

    October, 2018

    Already more than 15 online shops that are ready to accept eByte as a payment method.


    eByte - The power of combining blockchain and gaming


    man D. Tewes

    CEO / Founder

    19+ years of experience as Entrepreneur with main focus on Project Management. Providing executive management and business operations expertise. He's a Blockchain enthusiast and a passionate gamer leading his own eSports club.

    man T. Braum

    CEO / Founder

    Experience in gaming since the Atari era. Leading an eSports team. Entrepreneur with main experience in Sales Management. Solid working knowledge of budgeting, business development and strategic planning. True Blockchain addict.

    man T. Lindlar

    CIO / Co-Founder

    10+ years of activity in the eSports industry. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with main focus on Parallel Computing. Experience in Software Engineering and Online Marketing. CEO of Konzept Backhaus Marketing.

    man N. Rau

    CTO / Web-Development

    Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. 8+ years of practical experience in system and network administration with focus on virtualization, IT security and operating systems. Several years involved in Web Development.

    man L. Hörseljau

    CDO / Web-Development

    6+ years of experience as a Software Engineer and Web Developer. Successfully implemented projects based on HTML5, CSS3, PHP7 and C#. Favours frameworks like AngularJS and JQuery. REST API lover.


    man A. Schaetzke

    eSports Advisor

    15+ years in the esports and gaming industry. Entrepreneur with focus on marketing and sales as well as business development. CEO of KAYDEE GmbH and Co-Founder of the German esports brand PENTA Sports.

    man Sarazar

    Gaming Advisor

    One of Germanys biggest influencers with more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Entrepreneur and founder of several media-companies. Also creative as a filmer, editor, gamer, DJ and music producer.

    man J. Collins

    Venture Capital Advisor

    CEO, Investor & ICO Advisor, Fintech Blockchain & Venture capitalist. Attracting and venturing capital towards high profile ICO projects. He attracted over 110m$ in funding, especially pre-sale.

    man B. Gelhaar

    Gaming Advisor

    Multimedia expert with 10+ years experience in web development, filming, photography music production and social media marketing. Always looking for new trends in technology and design.

    man N. Sethi

    Bounty Advisor

    A seasoned marketer with 6+ years of advertising & community building experience. Director of Marketing at Morpheus Network. Associated with IBC Group and other successful Token Sales including Blockgrain, Pareto, Lamden, Globitex and Paragon.



    “We are exceptionally delighted to finally announce this new partnership. eByte is a future-oriented and innovative company and therefore shares attribute, that we at PENTA Sports represent and value. A cooperation at this point was a logical step and the upcoming months with eByte will be very exciting. I am looking forward to more announcements within the scope of this partnership."

    Penta Sports Major eSports Brand

    "eByte uses its own blockchain technology to establish an international payment and contract system for the esports community. The eByte Blockchain will therefore become the main development platform fueling third party eSport applications. This innovation complies with WIKO’s philosophy, as Britta Gerbracht, Marketing Director at WIKO Germany, states: “It was and is always our desire to facilitate peoples’ lifes with our products. With electronic sports as a future-oriented market and eByte as an innovative company we look into an exciting future with a partner, who shares our vision and philosophy. Through this cooperation we will connect people and together create unforgettable moments."

    Wiko Smartphone Manufacturer

    "We are convinced that eByte is ushering in a new era with their concept in the eSports scene.
    Since there are many black sheep in the scene, we are convinced eByte will offer a kind of regulation that can take us all further.
    We look forward to the project very positively and are extremely looking forward to the cooperation."

    Teneriffa Top Trainingscamp Trainingscamp

    "The market and the competition in the stationary retail demand from us a permanent renewal. Brands, fashion and trends are changing faster and faster. Since it is inevitable that we always create a new stage for our high-quality sports brands. The eByte project gives us an easy way to promote eSports through our expertise and to gain a foothold in this area too. The eSport and the eByte project are part of the digital future and we are shaping it!

    Intersport Axel Schmidt Sporting Goods Retailer

    “Cooperation between real racing teams and digital drivers are already a reality. The development of eByte will make it possible to strengthen this cooperation in the future. The eByte community is working on a fascinating project.

    Sven Müller Porsche Works Driver

    As a partner of Panthers Gaming, we also have a direct relationship to the subject of eSport, which we see the project eByte as a logical consequence of the previous boom, which also brings an enormous potential and thus forms the bridge between two potential issues.
    In Germany, eSports is still in its infancy compared to other countries - but sooner or later this topic will be taken to a whole new level in Germany as well.
    eBytes as Cryptocoin for the eSport Community is a unique project that is very much in line with the entire e-sports community, which we believe will be very popular and therefore has the potential to be the perfect partner for e-sports & cryptocurrency. Hardware Shop

    “Creating a league with entry fees only to create a prize pool is a thorn in the side of many, a registration fee that anyone can theoretically mine and a prize pool that still has a lot of value would be a very good solution.

    Cryptocurrencies are already a big issue in many areas, why not in the eSport leagues and tournaments? We will focus on this task through the support of the Ebyte and hope for a successful response from all players.“

    DESBL Germany´s biggest Multi Gaming League

    "The development of E-Sport is incredibly fast and multifaceted. Therefore it is only logical to implement a secure, promising cash system that every single gamer can benefit from. The strengthening of the entire E-Sport community as well as a constant improvement are our goals.

    We, as a professional E-Sport organization, support this project with pleasure. We are looking forward to the future with curiosity and confidence and we are sure that the EBYTE project will be the next, big step for the E-Sports market."

    Panthers Gaming German eSports Brand

    "The Reality : “eSports and cryptocurrencies are both growing rapidly and it is time to have a strong and trustworthy partner like EBYTE, who combines both markets and makes a difference because of that.

    For us, one of the biggest organizer of gaming events in the Benelux countries, the support of an eSports cryptocurrency is rational and important. “

    The Reality The most social gaming event of the Benelux

    "We think the ebyte project is great! Connecting eSports and crypto currencies will point the way ahead to make eSports a great success." EByte allows us to expand our services and offer our customers a simple, secure and reliable payment Option. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with eByte! "

    EXZ Hosting Web Hosting Provider

    "After getting acquainted with the Ebyte team, it quickly became clear that we had common goals and visions for esport. For the sport of the future and one of the fastest growing entertainment industries, the eByte Coin is the perfect fusion between eSport and Blockchain technology. There cannot be a better match. My goal will be to support, promote and connect eByte with other key partners, esport teams, personalities and decision makers. In the next 3 years, our industry will take the most important steps and we have to tackle all problems and issues together, targeted, fairly and professionally. With eByte we have taken another step! "

    Kaydee GmbH eSports Marketing Agency

    "As ticket service providers, we are excited about the idea of ​​the eByte. A common currency not only connects the eSports community with each other, but also integrates services such as ticketing into this particular network. Especially here, together with the team around the eByte, we will create opportunities to not only buy tickets online through the use of the currency, but also to pay for events with the eByte. This will enable us to provide the eByte as a common ground for all eSports event visitors - and we are confident that this is far from the greatest achievement of our mutual partnership in the future. " Ticket Service Provider

    "Financing small as well as large projects is one of the biggest challenges in e-sports. The rapid growth of the industry will make it increasingly difficult, especially for new projects, to find support in the form of partners and sponsors. That eByte now wants to create an alternative option for monetization, sounds very ambitious and exciting to me that could open up a variety of new opportunities." eSports News Portal

    Crowdsale Details

    Ausgabe von Token
    • Crowdsale (27%)
    • Advisor (6%)
    • Community supporter (5%)
    • Community campaign (2%)
    • Team (19%)
    • Platform pool (11%)
    • Marketing & events (4%)
    • Company reserve (16%)
    • Early investors (10%)
    • Legal Services & Advisors (5%)
    • Partnerships (10%)
    • Business Development (15%)
    • Marketing & PR (30%)
    • Research & Development (40%)

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    January 13, 2019
    Rating of project


    Il progetto eByte si pone come obiettivo principale quello di integrare le tre principali parti interessate(campionati,squadre,giocatori)e far sì che ciascuno ottenga una giusta remunerazione in base agli sforzi,ai risultati ed all'impegno profusi.Tale sistema non può che significare un potente incentivo per un mercato in forte crescita e che senz'altro conoscerà un notevole sviluppo nei prossimi anni.Mi piace molto anche l'inserimento delle testimonianze,alcune provenienti da rappresentanti di società di notevole spessore,questo aspetto mi dà l'idea di serietà,trasparenza e perseveranza.

    Risiken und Nachteile

    Il team,ben assortito e ricco di competenze,sembra voler perseguire molti ambiziosi obiettivi nel breve periodo,forse ciò potrebbe disperdere energie,la roadmap comunque è quasi terminata e sono stati già raggiunti molti traguardi.Qualche zona d'ombra in merito alla distribuzione dei token.


    Buon progetto da seguire con attenzione,la visione del gruppo è affascinante,l'unico eventuale grande ostacolo all'orizzonte è una concorrenza che non resterà a guardare.

    MEHDI REXHEPAJ January 06, 2019
    Rating of project


    L'implementazione di blockchain in diversi settori può essere una soluzione ai problemi più fondamentali dell'umanità. Ha il potenziale per creare nuove basi per i nostri sistemi economici e sociali registrando con trasparenza tutto nulla blockchain.eByte utilizza la propria tecnologia blockchain per stabilire un sistema internazionale di pagamenti e contratti per la comunità di esports.

    Risiken und Nachteile

    Ci sono altri tipi di progetti simili in arrivo. La competitività è alta, ma se il team rimane fedele al proggetto e lavorerà con costanza, allora sarà tra i primi in assoluto.


    Pecca la distribuzione dei token.

    Abdulkhaleq Gamaladdin December 30, 2018
    Rating of project


    With a large of community in social networks and a lot of contracts for cooperation with the company
    I think this project solve a lot of problems and give a clear point for the near future

    Risiken und Nachteile

    There are a few ideas like it and this maybe not good but it will get success


    It's great to see projects like that, that we can benefit from this new revolution of technology and hopefully this project will be one of the best projects

    Dmitriy Budnikov December 25, 2018
    Rating of project


    Киберспорт с каждым днём стаёт популярнее и стремительно развивается, большое сообщество в соцсетях, более 100000 человек и это ещё не предел. Очень много договоров на сотрудничество с компанией в данном направлении. Привлекает очень много детей.

    Risiken und Nachteile

    Самое смешное, что рост киберспорта не остановить. Технология постоянно совершенствуется, возраст игроков увеличивается, а интерес и быстро развивающийся игровой рынок быстро растут. Конкуренты могут представлять риски.


    Я думаю, что вы можете ожидать многого от проекта. Умно продуманная и объединенная в сеть идея с тесным сотрудничеством с сообществом дает надежду на большой успех и развитие. Довольно привлекателен для инвестиционных вкладов

    Raffaele Piazzi December 24, 2018
    Rating of project


    Con eByte gli investitori e gli sponsor avranno la possibilità di partecipare alla crescita degli sport digitali. Lo trovo un settore molto interessante in enorme espansione.
    Mi ricorda Ethereum in quanto gli sviluppatori potranno usare la tecnologia blockchain per migliorare l'usabilità e ottimizzare i processi di gioco.

    Risiken und Nachteile

    Sicuramente un progetto interessante, in un settore in rapida crescita, sfruttabile economicamente fin dal breve periodo.


    Non mi piace sinceramente la distribuzione dei token per coloro che vogliono partecipare al progetto.

    Виктор Галактионов December 18, 2018
    Rating of project


    Мммм.... очень хорошая идея, молодцы. Перспективы такие же как у кибер спорта, а у него только все начинается. Думаю, данная идея должна прижиться в современных реалиях.

    Risiken und Nachteile

    Стабильность и привлечение партнеров. Огромный пласт работы. надеюсь команде это под силу.


    Однозначно рассматриваю для себя как вариант для инвестиции. Советую присмотреться! Обязательно изучите проект!!!

    Bikrant Dhakal December 18, 2018
    Rating of project


    Blockchain implementation across diverse sectors can be a solution to the most foundational problems of mankind. It has the potential to create new foundations for our economic and social systems. So modern compensation system for the eSports community and trustworthy contract system for leagues, teams, and players are very much advantage of the project because anything that can be recorded in a blockchain is essentially time-stamped, thereby creating a legal and traceable existence.

    Risiken und Nachteile

    There are other similar kind of project coming up.As risk is always there in any new project but if the team remains loyal to its core value then it will be negligible. How much/soon the investor get the benefit remains to be seen.


    As eSports is a big market – a global business, generating hundreds of millions of dollars every year I really like the idea of blockchain and esports coming together.This is the future and already being implemented in such a scale is great thing.

    Pascal Oraze December 17, 2018
    Rating of project


    Es ist eine brillante Idee und mann kann vielleicht Gewinn daraus machen ;D. Ich sehe eine gute zukunft für eByte.

    Risiken und Nachteile

    Fällt mir zurzeit keine ein.


    Ich finde es als eine Gute Idee wenn es ein Crypto Währung gibt die extra für den eSport gemacht worden ist. Ich glaube dass der eByte viel Erfolg haben wird und in naher z´Zukunft Turniere eByte als Preis haben. Mir fallen sonst keine Bemerkungen ein und deswegen schreibe ich noch ein bisschen weiter dass ich die 300 Zeichen erreicht habe

    Jackson Sang December 14, 2018
    Rating of project


    Since Blockchains are the technology of the future, gaming really deserves one primary blockchain for its own market. eByte could be a game changer here. Good activity on the social channels. Great looking website and token design.

    Risiken und Nachteile

    Some competitors are already on the market. Could be hard to establish here but not impossible. Maybe some more team members with a background in blockchain would be advantageous.


    Good idea for a growing market. Definitely one prpject to watch.

    Jason McCarville December 14, 2018
    Rating of project


    It is clear that eSport will establish itself in the modern market. Everyone knows something to do with esports meanwhile and that's why this project is something revolutionary. I think that it is the next step towards marketing in the esports.

    Risiken und Nachteile

    The funny thing is that the growth of the esports is unstoppable. The technology is constantly being improved, the age span of the players is growing and the interest and the booming gaming market is rising rapidly. Competitors may pose risks.


    I think you can expect a lot from the project. A cleverly conceived and networked idea with a close cooperation with the community gives hope for great things.

    Moheb Qadernia December 14, 2018
    Rating of project


    Besides the gaming market is growing steadily, there stands a team with experience in the gaming sector behind the project. When performing due dilligence on the team members many of them have a gaming background or are still active in that area. Moreover advisors like Sarazar as one well-known youtuber make the project legitimate.

    Risiken und Nachteile

    In my opinion the disadvantage of the project are the many platforms the team wants to build on their blockchain. In my opinion thats maybe to much and they should start with a small portal at first but I like the whole idea so far.


    I think its a legitimate project. They are based in Germany and a foundation is managing all the raised funds. So there is an additional escrow component besides the W12 contracts.
    I really like the idea and I will tell about it in our investors group.

    Iaroslav Korolev December 12, 2018
    Rating of project


    Внушительное сообщество из 100 000 участников в социальных сетях. Множество соглашений о сотрудничестве с компаниями из сферы киберспорта.

    Risiken und Nachteile

    Заявляется о запуске проекта в 2016 году, но до сих пор не представлен MVP. Дорожная карта заканчивается в середине 2019 года.


    Определённые достижения у проекта уже имеются, в то же время его сложно назвать полностью готовым к работе.

    Peter Schmitt December 10, 2018
    Rating of project


    Esports ist einer der kommenden Märkte und da empfehlen sich Projekte dazu. Guter Aufbau der Community, massig Partner, das ist gut, denn das werden ja die Nutzer.
    Das Projekt wirkt leicht überladen, zeigt aber dass das Team wohl versteht was machbar ist.

    Risiken und Nachteile

    Bei Einhalten der Meilensteine und Ausbau der Community sehe ich eher weniger Risiken.


    Ich finde das Projekt interessant und werde mich weiter Informieren was grade so bei Ihnen passiert. Dann bin ich evtl dabei.

    Angelo Bernardinello December 10, 2018
    Rating of project


    Con eByte gli investitori gli sponsor avranno la possibilità di accedere al settore degli eSports, rendendo più facile per loro partecipare alla crescita degli sport digitali. Lo trovo un settore molto interessante e in vertiginosa espansione.
    Per alcuni aspetti eByte mi ricorda Ethereum in quanto gli sviluppatori potranno usare la tecnologia blockchain per migliorare l'usabilità e ottimizzare i processi di gioco.
    Non mi piace sinceramente la distribuzione dei token per coloro che vogliono partecipare al progetto.

    Risiken und Nachteile

    Sicuramente un progetto interessante per una piattaforma che lavora in un settore in rapida crescita, quindi sfruttabile economicamente fin dal breve termine.
    Distribuzione dei token a mio modo di vedere, non molto conveniente per gli investitori.


    Progetto in generale discretamente interessante e positivo secondo me.

    Marco Ferrandi December 08, 2018
    Rating of project


    The esport is good sector to invest, surery in next years became offical sport and came in olympic disciplines, the choose is easy because esport are the future, many partners, sure a token to follow.
    ps. mining with POA inst to forgot

    Risiken und Nachteile

    Many tokens the competitors, are too many, and it's difficult to know whitch of this project will be used for e sport,


    all the projects that are only linked to the export sector must be followed carefully, including the fact of the mining through POA of 90% of the total is good

    mirko riceputi December 08, 2018
    Rating of project


    I portali e le piattaforme eByte offriranno agli investitori e agli sponsor una panoramica completa del mercato degli eSports, rendendo più facile per loro partecipare alla crescita degli eSport. Come la blockchain di Ethereum, gli sviluppatori saranno in grado di utilizzare la blockchain di eByte come piattaforma di sviluppo di terze parti incentrata sulla buona usabilità e ottimizzata per i progetti di gioco e le soluzioni di eSports.

    Risiken und Nachteile


    Saša Lacković December 03, 2018
    Rating of project


    There is definitely need for this kind of project because now the eSports world is still in it's beginning and now is the time to act. Additionally, I see that they already have partners from the gaming industry and that's very important!

    Risiken und Nachteile

    The only risk in this project is id the team doesn't succeed in the project adoption. But with many partnership already closed I don't see this happening.


    I would say that this project will be a great success. Gaming world is evolving rapidly and this project will surely be a part of it.

    Matija Spasovic December 02, 2018
    Rating of project


    I'am a big fan of gaming world when it comes to this kind of stuff. And i must comment that this is something wild !! This project actually gave me goosebumps! I support this project 101% and as i can see team is totaly great as road map and whitepaper! This platform has a bright future couse of gaming industry that is going forward whole time!

    Risiken und Nachteile

    If team manage to have good marketing and advertising there is nothing that can stop them in gaming industry!


    I am a big entusiast when it comes to gaming world couse i know that will never fail! I reviewed over 40 projects and i think i will actually invest here!!! Good luck team!

    Weitere Bewertungen anzeigen



    What is eByte?

    eByte is a blockchain-based, decentralized eSports platform. The main objective of the eByte project is to create an internationally accepted and widely used monetary system for eSports, to ensure participating leagues, teams and players can be fairly compensated for their commitment and achievements while preserving the decentralized nature of digital sports.

    To achieve this goal, we are creating various platforms and portals, including a system of smart contracts, an online marketplace where service providers can exchange their services for eBytes, and an idea portal where enthusiasts can generate funding and support for innovative projects.

    What problems do you solve?

    In the eSports market, most of the available financial growth potential is unused. With eSports and Blockchain eByte connects two of the most growing markets while including the mainstream of eSports.

    The eByte project is developing a consortium blockchain to establish the first international eSports ecosystem specifically designed for the whole eSports community. The project also includes a trustworthy contract system for leagues, teams, and players, to ensure all participants and service providers can be rewarded for their achievements in a safe and simple way. In addition, the new cryptocurrency will enable fans to support their favorite teams and players with donations.

    The eByte portals and platforms will give investors and sponsors a complete overview of the eSports market, making it easier for them to participate in the growth of eSports. Like the Ethereum blockchain, developers will be able to use the eByte blockchain as a third party development platform focussed on good usability and optimized for gaming projects as well as eSports solutions.

    Who is behind eByte?

    The eByte project consists of an interdisciplinary team of more than 10 people with long experience in web and software development, marketing and project management. All team members are eSports enthusiasts and dedicated oneself to open the eSport sector to a larger audience.

    Where can I find more information on the team?

    More information on the team can be found on linkedin at

    Where is your company based?

    The eByte blockchain company is based in Mainz, Germany. The eByte Foundation that manages the funds in escrow is based in Bonn, Germany.

    When is the ICO?

    The public pre ICO stage starts on 01.06.2018 and runs until 31.08.2018. The main ICO starts on 01.09.2018.

    What are the soft/hard caps?

    The soft cap for the eByte ICO is 2,000 ETH, with a hard cap of 30,000 ETH.

    What currency are you accepting during ICO?

    During our ICO stages we are only accepting Ether (ETH) as contributions.

    Is there a minimum investment amount?

    No there is no minimum investment amount.

    Is there a maximum investment amount?

    No there is no maximum investment amount.

    Who can´t participate?

    Due to legal and regulatory in the United States of America all U.S. residents, including accredited investors, are excluded from the eByte Token Generation event. Also residents of China are excluded from the eByte Token Generation event.

    What happens to unsold tokens?

    Unsold token of the ICO will go into a separate budget of the foundation and will only be used to support and sponsor the eSport community with charity actions. Our philosophy is to never burn eByte token because they are the centerpiece of our project. Our entire team brings its enthusiasm and passion into the project. Once the blockchain is live we want to start the network with the full amount available.



    How the token refund works

    The funds (received from the sale of tokens on the platform) are given to the project in installments after the end of each stage of its roadmap. If the project does not fulfill its obligations, users will be able to get a refund from the project’s fund.

    You can buy EBYTE-W tokens that allow you to:

    These functions will be available to you in your personal account on the platform after you buy EBYTE-W tokens.

    All the functions (purchase, refund, exchange of tokens) are implemented using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform does not have access to the funds of token buyers, a factor that is guaranteed by blockchain technology and the open source code available on Github.

    buy tokens