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ImpalaCoin: The Future of Trade and Transactional Banking in Africa

Our digital Currency ImpalaCoin (ICN) will provide international trade both within Africa and with its foreign trade partners
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Elsie Njane
CEO and Co-founder
Elsie is an industrious lady and a seasoned money remittance professional with over 14 year’s wealth of experience in Business Development, Partner Relationship Management, Operations and General management of Remittance Businesses. She has great knowledge on Mobile payments and Cross border remittances especially the African Markets.
John Mutuku
COO and Co-founder
John commands more than 20 Years’ experience in Finance, Banking and Financial technologies. He is an astute Entrepreneur, pioneer of alternative methods for cross border payments in 2003 and International remittances termination to Mobile money wallet 2007. He established cross border mobile to mobile P2P Airtel DRC to Rwanda Jan 2014. He is passionate to realize the potential of Crypto currency, Blockchain, Mobile money, Multi-currency wallets & offline payments in creating a border free, corruption and Inflation Immune secure decentralized ecosystem.
Michael Wakahe
Michael is an innovator by nature has an enormous wealth of experience in the ICT industry. He has been in this field for close to 10 years now his passion for ICT has been his major drive. His acumen encompasses Technical industry areas including: mobile value-added services and mobile money programming in various languages. He holds a computer engineering degree from McGill University.
Rodgers Kebabe
Head of Marketing
Eugene Chimita
Head of IT
Kevin Muli
System Administration
Simon Mwania
Head of Finance
Mercy Maithya
Digital Marketing
Lawrence Chan
Mr. Chan has been a business owner and property investor for over 23 years with interests in various start-ups. Mr. Chan has successfully started and sold two companies in mobile messaging and payments industry. He has extensive expertise and experience in delivering accelerated business growth for startup companies, sales and marketing, and international market entry. Further his company today has partnerships in multiple leading countries for money services, loading and payout locations in Africa, EU, Latin and North Americas.
Currently he has interests in international money transfers/e-wallet/prepaid cards, and latest ventures in crypto cards/cold storage/multiple coins and 1 : 1 asset backed gold crypto coin.
Joel Candy
Based in Hong Kong, Joel brings to the table close to two decades of experience cutting across banking, non-banking and financial services sector including Fintech and Blockchain startups. He has worked extensively in the Asia Pacific markets leading business development teams to pinnacles of success in his previous outings. Since 2016 he has closely worked with Fintech, Blockchain and Digital payment companies from different geographies. His core area of expertise encompasses end to end services starting from payment initiation to termination.
Maureen Mutua
Maureen Mutua has over eight years’ experience in comprehensive AML and KYC compliance oversight. She possesses extensive knowledge of laws and regulations relating to compliance such as The Bank Secrecy Act, FinCEN, Council of the EU, FATF, and OFAC with oversight for monitoring, reporting and analyzing compliance risk and creating strategies for risk mitigation. Her technical skills enable her to help financial institutions in risk identification, risk assessment, controls and development, Her experience and understanding of regulatory requirements, allows her to train and provide advisory services to financial institutions to adhere to regulatory laws and supervisory requirements. Maureen is a published author of an AML/CFT book titled “Mastering Anti- Money Laundering, What I Have Learned About Dirty Money and What You Need to Know”. In 324 pages, the book covers topics such as; the role of artificial intelligence and regulatory technology in preventing ML, the risk-based approach, trade-based money laundering, suspicious transaction reporting and the Wolfsberg group standards, EU, GIABA, UN regulations with respect to KYC and AML..
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Crowdsale (60%)
Advisors (10%)
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Distributed during token generation event (65%)
Team, advisors and partners (25%)
Early ICN users (7%)
Bounty Program (3%)
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ImpalaCoin token
Pre-ICO Start
October 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Pre-ICO Ende
November 30th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
ICO Start
December 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
ICO Ende
Hard Cap erreicht oder December 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
ICO Hard Cap
Erledigt, $50000000
ICO Soft Cap
Ja, $1000000
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16% October 31 — November 30, 2018
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Vorteile des Projekts
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Alexandr Gonchar
October 09, 2018
Vorteile: ImpalaCoin is a new project, it's a cryptocurrency that launches the Impala financial network and a crypto bank. Crypto Bank is a trading and transactional operations, its main purpose is an informal trading activity with fiat money for international cross-border trade with different institutions and e-commerce enterprises. Crypto Bank is built on the Stellar cryptocurrency blockchain and on the ImpalaPay mobile payment processing network and infrastructure. The second-tier target market for the project is international money transfers, settlements and revenue collection markets, which the project can reliably provide with cross-cutting transactions in more than 100 countries.
Risiken und Nachteile: This project is very interesting and, moreover, it's relevant for countries like Africa countries, with poorly developed banking infrastructure. Quick remittances with minimal transaction fees will help to develop international trade, provide access to a large number of international markets and, in this way, it serves for the efficient development of the entire continent. In addition, I don't see substantial shortcomings in the project, everything is done well enough.
Bemerkungen: I think that this project can be highly recommended to investors for placement of their funds because all projects in this region are developing very quickly and bring a good income in the short term. The project is well-made, and the entire infrastructure built on Stellar blockchain is absolutely transparent, which will attract a lot of users.
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