W12 is a crowdfunding platform built on the basis of blockchain technology

Anyone can create a project on the W12 platform and raise funds for the goals that they really care about, be they personal to global.
Advantages of the
W12.io web platform
Allows to raise   several   times more money
Reduces costs in   the non-profit sector from 50% to 5%
W12.io is the first crowdfunding platform in Russia based on blockchain technology. The platform allows its users to create fundraising campaigns not only for their own projects, but also for other people, foundations, NGOs, and startups.

Thanks to the innovative advantages of W12, the authors of the initiatives can attract considerably more donations. Some of the marketing and technological advantages of the platform are the following:

- Automation and full transparency of payments;
- Viral spreading of campaigns in social networks;
- Active platform community;
- The ability to assemble teams for organizing fundraising campaigns;
- Instant receipt of payments from around the world.

The decentralized fundraising infrastructure does not require building trust between the donor and the recipient, since all the processes are controlled by algorithms and are protected from fraud. The authors of the initiatives will be able to raise money and reach their audiences, while the donors will receive evidence of targeted use of their funds.

The goal of the project is to involve as many people as possible in charity activities and give them the opportunity to contribute to the sustainable development of mankind, the conservation of nature, and the introduction of new technologies.
W12 protocol and blockchain services
Instant and commission free trans-border payments
Thanks to the integrated W12 currency, new opportunities are being opened up for attracting funds from donors around the world.
Accounting on blockchain
All the transactions are recorded in a public blockchain, which guarantees maximum transparency and enables anyone willing to conduct an audit.
W12 debit card
The recipient of the funds can order a debit card by mail with the balance of the card denominated in the internal currency of the W12 platform. All payments made using the card will be automatically entered into the public blockchain.
Escrow service
If the project resorted to this option, the funds are transferred to the project only after it achieves certain stages of the roadmap. This allows for reducing the risk of loss of funds due to the non-realization of the project.
Decentralized network of oracles
Independent, highly-qualified people vote to decide whether the project achieved certain stages of the roadmap. This ensures weighted and unbiased decisions in the escrow service.
Types of companies the   W12.io platform is suitable for
Non-profit organizations
Legal entities
Social startups

The plan is to make W12.io the leading global solution for raising funds for projects of any type.

The platform creators' plans are to launch blockchain-based projects focused on social initiatives and petitions, sustainable development, real estate, e-commerce and the sale of digital assets. Read more about the W12 blockchain protocol here.
Awards and recognition
First place and best project at the World   Blockchain Forum, New York
Finalist of Icorace, Switzerland - selected by a jury from among 140 companies
Oleg Sharpatyy
COO and Founder

Serial entrepreneur in IT. Oleg has a passion for creating projects with great impact. He believes in the concept of decentralization, according to which we don’t need to trust a third party anymore in the majority of relationships and we can switch the part of that load from traditional civil and financial institutions to self-regulated, decentralize organizations. The creation of such an infrastructure can provide equal access to opportunities for every person on the planet and will also grant people more value and freedom. Oleg made 3 round-the-world trips by himself, visited 113 countries and has strong connections on all continents. He was the first in the world to organize a round-the-world trip for of a group of entrepreneurs from 15 countries. In the past, Oleg was responsible for investment deals in BDO and VEB Capital. He has 2 university degrees, Magna Cum Laude.

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Andrey Granovskiy
CEO & Founder

Entrepreneur, IT developer. Main areas: IT and blockchain development. In past built leading online marketplace (over 500,000 customers and 50+ employees). He is fascinated by technologies since early childhood. He found the meaning of his life in the implementation of blockchain in people’s everyday life and global financial system. He graduated from the Physics Department of Moscow State University (computer methods in physics, quantum mechanics) and the Higher Business School of Moscow State University (international business), where he created a model for selection and growing startups by venture funds.

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Michael Korneev

10+ years of experience in lead tech and blockchain development. Author of Python and Solidity courses for IT developers. Founder of a company in the machine learning and blockchain fields. Realized project types include: tech, navigation, startup rating. Graduate of Moscow State University of Design and Technology and the National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»

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David Kuhl
Business Development Director, Zürich, Switzerland

David has 18 years of experience in International Sales Management in Listed Cyber Security Nasdaq company and Awarded Best Sales Worldwide Yearly. Specialized in Long Complex Sales Cycle, New Business Development, Direct-Indirect-OEM Sales, Major International Market Expansion & High growth Strategies. Major clients: HSBC, BBVA, CITI. Global & multi-cultural mindset, open minded & highly entrepreneurial. Bilingual French/Spanish, Fluent English/Portuguese (Brazilian), Good knowledge of Dutch/ Italian/ Hungarian.

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Aleksandr Tikhonov
Head of marketing

Entrepreneur. 5+ years of experience in internet marketing and online automation. Founder of an email marketing agency, as well as author of email marketing courses for entrepreneurs. Worked in private banking at Sberbank and Citibank.

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Rodion Nikiforov
IT specialist

7+ years in web platform development, founder of Hyperion web studio - over 140 successful projects.

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Kirill Khoroshilov
Front-end developer

A front-end development specialist for Dapps (decentralized applications) using Vue.js (the progressive JavaScript framework) and React.js (JavaScript library for building user interfaces). Kirill has experience developing Dapps with the use of the Ethereum blockchain and Hyperledger, which allows the team to implement the integration of UI (user interface) with smart contracts much faster.
JavaScript: 7 years,
React.js / Angular: 3 years,
Node.js / PHP: 5 years,
DevOps: 5 years
Blockchain, Solidity, Crypto / Ethereum / Hyperledger: 2 years
User Experience (UX): 4 years
MongoDB / MySQL: 3 years less

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Vlad Portnoy
Front-end developer

A specialist in the development of website front-ends and mobile applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. He has extensive experience in building the client architecture

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Valery Platonov
Senior developer

Valery has been developing software since 2003, his first site was created on a home video game system called the Sega Dreamcast. He is the founder of several projects including LiveHTML.io (HTML coding service in real time) and Makeapp.me (hybrid applications development service). When developing, he uses PHP, NodeJS, JS, HTML, CSS.
-Blockchain (3 + years)
*ERC20, ERC223, ERC721 tokens, EVM efficiency
*Truffle framework
*Solidity smart contract, Web3.js

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Ibrahim Tletseri
Art director

Founder of top design studio, 10+ years of experience in web design and UX/UI. Experienced in design and development user friendly interface for web platforms and mobile applications

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Nelly Pankovichenko
IR and business development

Experienced in building relationship with businesses in 12+ countries and family offices. Have strong communication and achievement skills. In the past was a double European champion and vice World Champion, captain of national Russian handball team.

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Savilya Akhmedova
Business development

Ex CEO of IT company level up solutions. PwC consultant. Made a research for International school of business about investments in ICO projects

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Spyros Kekos
Greek Community Manager

I have acquired in-depth knowledge of the crypto ecosystem through my entire career as professional Community and Bounty Manager. Can easily provide
-Marketing and Bounty Campaign management.
-In-depth marketing analysis
-Content and Thread overview on social media
-Daily and direct communication w/ CEOs
-Telegram community management of 25K members and above.
responsibilities are to implement accurately W12's strategy towards my country's community.

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Ryan Fadhila N
Indonesian Community Manager

More than 10 years experience in Forex trading, coaching and building fx traders community. Co-founder at SmartFX Management & Community, one of most growing forex trader community in Indonesia.
Fall in love with crypto-blockchain technology since first I recognized it. Now I dedicated to bring blockchain adopted widespread accross the world and take it to a better place.

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Pablo Gontijo Cota
Portuguese Community Manager

Enterpreneur. 5+ years of experience in business management/personal resources. Founder of Invista Criptomoedas, IT Developer, Certified Educator and Blockchain enthusiast.

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Ze Dong
Chinese Community Manager & Translator in English and Chinese

Master of Financial Mathematics
Having wide experiences in Chinese Managing Community and professional translate skills about Mathematics and Financial

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Rahul Singh
Hindi Community Manager and Blockchain Enthusiast

Completed Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic and Communication and Stepping foot towards the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Evaluating this field Since 2014 come across various Innovation and Strength to find the solution. Helping people to better understand the new Technology with the art of Graphic Designing. Main aim is to work in a professional environment where I can contribute myself and enrich my skills according to the latest technologies and to work towards achieving the organizational goals of W12. Experience in translation and community management in large projects.

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Gamals Ahmed
German Community Manager and German Translator

Local Moderator for two famous Crypto discussion forums. Team Leader in Management, Translation and Promotion in three languages ( German, English and Arabic ) with proven expertise in consistently penetrating new markets to ensure sustainable revenue growth. Adept at working effectively to achieve goals both as a cross-functional team member or individual contributor.
Enthusiastic about the Cryptocurrencies Field I have a constant readiness to develop my own culture and experience in this field.
Seek to work in a dynamic environment which respectes creative and excellence work and Leads to greater staff experience and excellence.

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Kornel Gajewski
Polish Community Manager | MD | Translator

Having tried his luck in internet sales, Kornel moved on to other things. Fluent in English, he provides translation services as a hobby. Professionally emerging from health care business, he has a lot of experience in direct contact with people and their problems. Now Kornel is using his skills to support W12 community.

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Phan Khuong
Vietnamese Community Manager and Translator

Adept at working effectively to achieve goals both as a cross-functional team member or individual contributor.
Enthusiastic about the Cryptocurrencies Field I have a constant readiness to develop my own culture and experience in this field.
Seek to work in a dynamic environment which respectes creative and excellence work and Leads to greater staff experience and excellence.
Teacher. 5+ years of experience in C# and SQL Server. Blockchain enthusiast and cryptocurrencie

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Adrian Soreanu
Romanian Community Manager and Crypto Enthusiast

Adrian has a passion for Blockchain technology. He is licensed in Robotics by Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics from Craiova. He is in the crypto world since January 2016 and has a strong belief that the concept of decentralization can change the way we leave.

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JungHyun Chae
Korean Community Manager & Promotion (VIT, Dispatch Labs)

CO-Founder of Kryptico (Kryptico.kr)
Translator (specialized in Whitepaper, Website, Onepager, etc.)
Doctor of Korean Medicine & Blockchain Enthusiast. Having wide experiences in Managing Community, Translation (WP, Website, Onepager, etc.), Meetup Hosting, Press Releases in South Korea

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Vlad Buchnev
Head of Charity and Social Projects

Vlad was involved in financial sector, has experience in brokerage services working in the United States, deep experience in managing online projects.
He believes in enthusiasm and power of unique experience which can be translated into unlimited potential to thrive and have maximum positive impact on society.

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