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#Blockchain, #Technology All projects

2key: Re-Inventing the Link

A distributed social economy with a new link at heart - One that pays you back for paying it forward

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees29


man Erez Ben-Kiki

Founder, CEO

After a long successful career in finance, Erez turned to the hi-tech industry. He soon became an online marketing expert, specializing in product design and leading teams in turning ideas into reality. His vision is to create out-of-the-box solutions for using Blockchain technology as a productive growth-engine for society.

man eiTan LaVi

Founder, CTO

eiTan specializes in R&D leadership in the fields of Machine Learning, AI and Social informatics. He has led core technology development for MedCPU (acquired by UPMC), Wochit and Keywee. eiTan holds a BSc (Summa Cum Laude) in Bio-Medical Engineering, and an MSc (Cum Laude) in Medical Informatics and Business.

man Udi Ben-Reuven

Chief Scientist

Serial entrepreneur. Master of AI, ML, Arch., Cyber. Talpiot Graduate (8200), Researcher and commander for nearly a decade, Co-Founder & CTO of Algotec (acquired by KODAK). Co-Founder & CTO Mitingo, Member of the founding team and eventually Senior architect and R&D manager at CheckPoint Software (NASDAQ: CHKP).

man Yoram Kornatzky

Senior Algorithms & Blockchain Developer

BSc, MSc summa cum laude from Technion IIT, Phd Graph Theory Hebrew University, Faculty Member at the CS department at BGU and a Full Stack & Algorithms Developer for the past 20 years with immense Industry Experience (Outbrain, Amdocs, Checkpoint, Verint, Bank Hapoalim and others).

man David Semenduev

Senior Blockchain & Data Engineer

I am Data Engineer with 5 years of programming experience:
● 4 years of Python development
● 1 year of hobby Solidity development
● 2 years experience with enterprise and open source ETL tools
● 2 years business analytics experience
Technologies I know and use professionally:
● Languages: Python, Solidity, SQL, Shell, R
● Databases: Exasol, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL
● Systems: Linux, OS X, Windows
● Big Data: Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Kafka, Airflow
● DevOps: Jenkins, Docker, Git, Ambari
● ETL: Pentaho Kettle, Talend
● Marketing/Analytics: Google Analytics/Adwords, Facebook, Yandex
● Visualisation: Tableau, QlikView, Superset, Zeppelin
● Other: MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint)

Shlomi Zfira

Senior Full Stacker

Andrii Pindiura

Senior Front End Dev.

Nicola Madjarevic

Senior Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Dmytro Kurtash

Frond End Developer

Andrii Savchuk

Frond End Developer

Nadav Mizrahi

Graphic Designer

Ma Lourdes Viado

QA Engineer

Allen Paul Gloria

QA Automation Engineer


man Reshef Meir

Algorithmic Game Theory Specialist

Senior Lecturer at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Information Systems Engineering, Economics, Game Theory Expert.

man Yuval Emek

Algorithmic Game Theory Specialist

Assistant Professor at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Multi-Level Marketing and Incentive Models Expert.

man Roey Tzezana

Author, Futurist

Intl. published futurist, crypto author and lecturer. Disruptive tech analysis.

man Guy Zyskind

Founder and CEO @ Enigma

MIT Media Lab | 10+ years software development Blockchain, Security & Privacy, Data-Science & Machine Learning Expert

man Stas Oskin

Wings Foundation Co-Founder

Leads the technological strategy for Wings.ai Blockchain core developer, architecture designer, and project manager.

Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens
  • Crowdsale (35%)
  • Long Term Reserves (26%)
  • Community Active Participation Rewards & Economy Scaling (20%)
  • Team (12%)
  • Advisors, Partners and Early Contributors (7%)
Budget allocation
  • Economy Launch Sell Phases (45%)
  • Token Generation Event Bounties And Air-Drop (2%)
  • Ongoing Participation Token Sell (3%)
  • Lockup + Vesting Program For Core Team (12%)
  • Vesting Program For Advisory, Partners and Early Contributors (7%)
  • Community Participation Rewards (20%)
  • Future Use (11%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol 2KEY
Full Token Name 2KEY token
Pre-crowdsale Start June 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Pre-crowdsale End September 30th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Start November 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or November 30th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $20000000
Domain owner Individual

Cost of the token

1 token for 0.095 $

Price without discounts

Accepted currency

  • Other

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Token economy, Tokenization & Business model

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 2key?

2key is developing a blockchain protocol which fuses together smart contracts and HTTP links to allow decentralized multi-step referral tracking and auto conversion to be embedded into every link.

We’re using this novel protocol to build the 2key Network – an innovative​ platform empowering anyone tocreate referral campaigns and incentivize the human network to achieve results of value.

2key is creating a future where the simple act of sharing useful information with one another on the webwill be fairly rewarded!

What is Multi-Step tracking?

2key’s multi-step technology gives links the power to track the entire trail of people who share them. Multi-step tracking can be seamlessly embedded within regular HTTP links, enabling them to internally register each user they pass through and the economic value generated by their sharing.

We built this technology by using zero-knowledge-proof methodologies combined with cryptographic signature algorithms, which we found a way to embed into the links themselves.

Multi-step tracking has tremendous potential in many domains, since it offers the possibility of charting digital virality and mapping-out online information-flow in real-time. We’ve used it as the basis of the 2key network for referrals.

What problem does 2key solve?

Today, we share information online through centralized online platforms that act as an intermediary, managing the network and stipulating which content should be displayed to whom.

This situation keeps the long-tail of businesses from effectively reaching their target audience or making use of their positive reputation to achieve their goals. It also robs those who share information with their friends from being rewarded for the value generated by their sharing.

The 2key network solves these problems. By cutting out the intermediary, SMBs and individuals can easily incentivise the human network to organically share information by rewarding each participant directly and automatically for value generated by their sharing.

What is the 2key Referral Network?

The 2key network is an innovative P2P​ platform (Dapp) running on top of the 2key protocol, enabling anyone to seamlessly mobilize the human web to produce results of value.

Everyone can easily create referral links, define a goal such as exposure, leads or acquisition, and incentivise the human network to share it. The 2key protocol then takes care of the rest: every person along a successful referral chain is automatically tracked and rewarded!

The process is simple and direct, requiring no intermediaries, fine-print requirements or code implementation.

What can I use the 2KEY Token for?

First, you’d have to have enough 2KEY tokens to operate 2key contracts. You can use any currency to budget 2key contracts, rewards and moderation fees can only be gained in 2KEYs. You may use the 2key token to participate in the 2key network, or trade it on the available exchanges but you’ll be 2KEY accumulation will be regularly rewarded on the network.

What is the current development stage?

We are working on 3 verticals at the moment:

- Multi-step Protocol - We have a running POC and working on developing and expanding the protocol

- Product interface and Dapp - We are about to launch the Beta version in August

- Network contracts are in developing progress and soon the first will be sent to auditing companies.

How does 2key plan to grow it’s referral network?

We are dedicating 20% of the network tokens to be given to users - 2% each year over 10 years based on their reputation. A big factor in reputation building is onboarding new businesses and users to the network.

How do I participate and purchase 2key Tokens?

We’ll be opening our whitelist soon. Check our Telegram Group for more information https://t.me/twokey_official

Do I need to pre-register for the Token Generation Event?

Yes. We’ll update as soon as we have a date for the TGE.

When can 2KEY Tokens be traded on exchanges?

At the moment we don't have any dates or announcements in relation to exchanges, although Liquidity for 2key's 2KEY tokens is fundamental to the success of the Global Referral Network ecosystem. Once exchange confirmation is made then we will release details here and through our Announcement Channel: Telegram channel: https://t.me/twokey_official

Will there be any discounts during the Token Sale?

Bonuses for presale stage would be published soon. Please subscribe our newsletter to get updates, or contact us directly via email [email protected] or our telegram group (make sure you contact ADMIN only!).

Are the 2key funds kept safe?

The 2key funds will be stored in at least 10 different multi-sig cold wallets, kept in a safe deposit, from which they will be periodically released in batches to cover the company operating costs.