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AgentMile: Revolutionizing commercial real estate

The world's decentralized CRE leasing platform powered by AI
Stage: Open ICO bonus 30%
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February, 2018
Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine
Founder & CEO
Wladimir is an entrepreneur whose forward-thinking vision has enabled him to launch several successful companies over the past decade. Wladimir is now Founder & CEO at AgentDrive, a data-driven sales and marketing platform for the real estate industry. Previously, Wladimir was headhunted by Yaware to become their CMO and lead global marketing efforts for a team of over 500 people. Wladimir was also COO at Shopgate, a leading mobile commerce platform that raised $24.4 million in investment. Wladimir was also Founder & CEO at MobiCart, which he launched on stage in 2010 at the prestigious DEMO Conference in Silicon Valley, California, and secured $1million from two investment rounds. As a pioneer in both the e- and m-commerce markets, he founded Dpivision before selling it privately in 2010. Wladimir has been invited as keynote speaker at several international conferences, including the Online Retail Russia conference, the biggest of its kind in the country. Wladimir was also included in the Sage Pay e-business benchmark report and presented by request to The Sage Leadership Group, a leading supplier of business management software and services to 6.2 million customers worldwide. Wladimir has also been nominated for a plethora of awards including the ME Top 50 Mobile Innovators two years running and the Website Magazine Top 50 Mobile Movers and Shakers.
Ángel Luis Quesada Nieto
Konstantin Boyko
Technical Director
Ira Chopovska
Marketing Manager
Montgomery Hayton
Product Designer
Wilai Wongsutho
Support Specialist
Johnny Lee
Project Director
Chris Sargent
Product Manager
Ronald Kozielecki
Operations Manager
Ronny Boesing
Co-Owner and Founder at OpenLedger ApS
Soheil Mirpour
Senior Vice President - Investments at Rocket Internet SE
Herb Kim
Board Director at Tech City UK
Mark Ryan Product
Manager at
David Dennison
VP, Business Development at Century 21 Thailand
Nigel Salmon
Managing Director at Girasol Homes Spain and Portugal
Manuel Detogni
Managing Director at Coldwell Banker London West Central
Andres Riggioni
Idea catalyst & entrepreneurial marketer
Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens

Crowdsale (71%)
Bounty & advisers (12%)
Reserve fund (10%)
Team (7%)

Budget allocation

Research & development (45%)
Sales & marketing (25.8%)
Admin & operations (14.4%)
Partnerships & acquisitions (8%)
Contingency (4%)
Legal (2.8%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol
Full Token Name
AgentMile ESTATE token
Pre-ICO Start
September 15th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Pre-ICO End
October 15th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
ICO Start
October 15th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Hard cap is reached or November 19th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
ICO Hard Cap
Fixed, $20000000
ICO Soft Cap
Yes, $1000000
Token type
utility token
Incorporation Details
AgentMile OÜ - Narva mnt 5, Kesklinna linnaosa, 10117 Tallinn
Domain owner
Cost of the token
Price without discounts
1 token for 0.2 $


Bonus Dates Subject to a purchase or investment of
40% September 15 — October 15, 2018


Bonus Dates Subject to a purchase or investment of
30% October 15 — 22, 2018
20% October 22 — 29, 2018
10% October 29 — November 05, 2018
5% November 05 — 12, 2018
3% November 12 — 19, 2018
Accepted currency
Bitcoin Cash
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Advantages of the project
Risks and disadvantages of the project
October 08, 2018
Advantages: After reading the white paper: I find it a good project, excellent idea and team with good experience, I recommend investing in this project.
Risks and disadvantages: This project needs more experts, and more ads to definition the project, More attention to social media.
Comments: I wish success to the team and much work needs to be done to make the project a success, They are well prepared to overcome difficulties of any kind.
Daniar Bedelov
August 14, 2018
Advantages: Преимущества: Apparently, one of the best projects for commercial real estate out there, as you have already established your work, people using your projects and you cooperate with so many qualified agents.
Risks and disadvantages: The sole awareness-generation and token sale implementation are always bottlenecks for promising projects, such as this one. But hey, let's stay optimistic and tuned.
Comments: Желательно делать презентации и описание прожекта не только на английском языке. Много заинтересованных людей проходят мимо, так как не могут свободно прочитать, ознакомиться и оценить проэкт. К тому же, для людей, которые не владеют английским в совершенстве, тяжело разобраться в тонкостях проэкта и легко запутаться.
Jamaal Lasseron
August 08, 2018
Advantages: Apparently, one of the best projects for commercial real estate out there, as you have already established your work, people using your projects and you cooperate with so many qualified agents.
Comments: Already saw that the company has an agreement with OmiseGo, which I think is a huge step forward for the company itself, as the OMG network is one of the best out there for payments and transactions.
Иван Димитров
August 08, 2018
Advantages: The most significant advantage is that it enters two of the most hyped market spheres: Blockchain and CRE. Additionally, the company behind has been operating on the market for 3 years, which vouches for their credible track record. Last but not least, the idea behind the ICO itself is simply genius. The addition of AI to it made it impeccable, to my belief.
Risks and disadvantages: The sole awareness-generation and token sale implementation are always bottlenecks for promising projects, such as this one. But hey, let's stay optimistic and tuned.
Comments: It's been on my watch list for quite a while. Well-played, AgentMile, looking forward to buying some of your tokens in the near future.
Nikola Krastev
August 08, 2018
Advantages: Agentmile has a blend of resources who have experience in different fields including blockchain. I feel they have a good quality of resources for project implementation.

Vision of the company is very clear, and using AI to understand the commercial real estate market is a very innovative solution.
Comments: Personally, I think that this is an interesting idea in a highly competitive market. There are many projects like this either with AI, Blockchain or traditional platforms. How you make yourself differentiate with other existing players. This is very important as you are convincing investors to contribute to the project. The only thing that all investors at all stages care is their ROI.
Kaloyan Ivanov
August 08, 2018
Advantages: A gamechanging idea, that has the potential to become something big. Very bold to say the leasts, but it seems to me that the behind it knows very well what they are getting into.
Risks and disadvantages: As always it would require a lot of work and dedication to make it happen. I doubt that anything related to this project would be easy, but great ideas do require great effort.
Comments: I would really like to see for example some early prototype of the platform, this would indeed be very good.
Overall - very good project
Roman Kasperskyy
August 07, 2018
Advantages: Главным преимуществом прожктя является то, что здесь практически исключается мошенничество благодаря смартконтрактам и блокчейну.
Comments: Желательно делать презентации и описание прожекта не только на английском языке. Много заинтересованных людей проходят мимо, так как не могут свободно прочитать, ознакомиться и оценить проэкт. К тому же, для людей, которые не владеют английским в совершенстве, тяжело разобраться в тонкостях проэкта и легко запутаться.
Denys Serhiichuk
July 28, 2018
Advantages: Website is translated into another languages. That is a sign, that the project pays attention to investors from different countries. Another advantage concerns the team It consists of experienced founders, advisors and partners. Documentation is also a pros. AgentMile has many documents: One Pager, Lite paper, Token sale terms. A great motivation for people to invest in the following ICO is the system of bonuses. People can get more tokens, if they invest at the early stage of the tokensale.
Risks and disadvantages: The lack of the working platform perhaps is the only possible drawback.
Comments: Overall, I would recommend AgentMile for investing. Team members has precise plans of platform development, as it is outlined in the Roadmap. Thus, marketing is also a strong side, as there are lots of social networks, where people can get information about the project.
Philip Dimitrov
July 27, 2018
Advantages: This ICO is one of the few that really need blockchain in their model. Digital identities of people and properties will definitely revolutionize the real estate space.
Risks and disadvantages: I like their slogan and vision "Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate". To quote their white paper "The CRE market in the US alone amounts to $15 trillion" - this project can go through the roof if they get the market share, which will be the hardest part!
Comments: A big team with long history. The CEO has been an active entrepreneur in the past with a previous company in the same industry as is this project - commercial real estate ( This is a huge plus, since most ICOs out there have no track record nor experience.
Jordan Semanda
July 25, 2018
Advantages: With the success and experience this project has had before it will surely be able to implement its policies and services in the current market this also increase the probability of profitability. Many investors are expected to get involved because the currencies accepted permit them to.
Risks and disadvantages: Bonuses of 50% and above are not proper for business because they contribute to devaluation of the tokens value when it is increased in circulation. Because of uncertainty in the market associated with the digital currencies delays in implementation of certain activities might lead to termination of contracts because of drastic changes in the laws governing this kind of business.
Comments: Many available markets attached to the project are crowded with hungry startups ready to consume them their for allot will be required to have a lion's share in this struggle to have successful ventures.
William Anderson
July 25, 2018
Advantages: Variety in the digital currencies accepted on agentmile shall be a great contributing factor to the attraction of various investors to engage in the designed ICO stages. The potential market for such a project is wide and this will result into higher profitability.
Risks and disadvantages: Real estate business in relation to blockchain has been criticized by analysts and this is a discouraging factor fo the investors and might hinder the project's progress despite its potential.
Comments: The intensity of the crypto market and funding for various ICOs is on a rapid increase which implies that those startups that wish to thrive in the market need to be very competitive to gain large market share in return and complete crowd funding for their projects. Once successful this project will have the capacity to prevail.
Dika Snow
July 22, 2018
Advantages: CRE industry is profitable and has a room for innovations. Team seems to be very passionate about their project.
Risks and disadvantages: The competition between token sales nowadays is cut-throat. But this is a common risk for each and every crowdsale.
Comments: The project has ambitious plans in implementing blockchain and AI. They have good partnerships and a big chance to raise hard cap. I know a lot of young people are interested in participating in CRE market, but it is a little old school and confusing for them, so I hope this project will bring a bit of democracy and transparency to this market.
Jane Baxton
July 22, 2018
Advantages: The project is an existing business that's been going nearly 3 years. They have over 1,000 customers in 20 Countries.
Risks and disadvantages: Blockchain technology and market adoption are still in its infancy.
Comments: High profile investors and partners such as Soheil Mirpour, SVP at Rocket Internet and Ronny Boesing, Founder/CEO at OpenLedger. AgentMile also signed an MoU with OmiseGO which is huge.
Sofia Medda
July 21, 2018
Advantages: Minimum token purchase is less than $1, which means many people will be able to buy tokens. The team will receive 7% of ESTATE tokens, which will be vested for 2 years. Reserve fund will be created to support the promotion of the platform, tokens from this fund will not be available to employees.
Risks and disadvantages: I think having such a succinct roadmap investors won't be able to built a complete picture of developing the product and promoting the ideas of the project.
Comments: The team has relevant experience and 2 executed projects. I think they will also support and develop those projects along with this one. And maybe a detailed business plan and a detailed roadmap are the things most needed.
Anne Bryn
July 20, 2018
Advantages: The team has already launched two successful real estate startups, they have won several competitions and got rewards. The platform AgentDrive is used by 1000 real estate professionals. There are offices in three countries.
Risks and disadvantages: Discounts offered during the first stage of token sale are too large, it is a disadvantage from the point of view of many investors, because the possibility to influence token's price will be given.
Comments: The project uses an escrow service for the funds raised during ico, which increases the level of security and reliability.
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AgentMile related questions
What is AgentMile?
AgentMile is the first decentralized CRE leasing platform powered by AI. The platform aims to improve the property search process, accelerate due diligence and facilitate property and cash flow management using blockchain technology.
In what jurisdiction is your business located?
AgentMile OÜ - Narva mnt 5, Kesklinna linnaosa, 10117 Tallinn, Estonia. We serve customers in over 20 Countries across 5 Continents.
How is AgentMile going to generate revenue?
Revenue will be generated by the purchase of services on our next generation CRE leasing platform. More details can be found in our White Paper.
Who is behind AgentMile?
AgentMile is on track to revolutionize the commercial real estate industry. To achieve this goal, we’re building a suite of products designed for real estate professionals. In 2015, we released AgentDrive, our award-winning real estate CRM and marketing platform. AgentDrive is now used by over 1,000 real estate professionals in 20 countries helping them manage and market over 100,000 properties. Following our success with AgentDrive, we launched AgentGrow in 2018. AgentGrow is a real estate website builder which helps agents and brokers build beautiful and compelling lead-generating websites and landing pages. With both products, agents are finally able to perform essential sales and marketing activities under one umbrella in a seamless and effective manner.
Token sale related questions
When is the AgentMile Token Sale?
Public pre-sale: September 15th to October 15th Token Sale: October 15th to December 17th
How can I buy ESTATE Tokens?
In order to buy AgentMile ESTATE tokens, you will need to register on our book building platform and complete a payment.
In what currencies do you accept payments?
We accept purchases via Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and FIAT via bank/wire transfer. Additional cryptocurrencies can also be added upon request
Do you offer any bonuses?
Yes, we offer a 50% bonus during our pre-sale and then a 43% bonus, going down 5% each week, during our main token sale.
Community related questions
On which social platforms can I follow AgentMile?
You can follow us on: Medium, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Bitcoin Talk, Github and Reddit.
What is the best way to contact a developer from the team?
The best way to come into direct contact with a member of our development team is to either send us an email or write to us in our Telegram Channel.
Do you provide an email Newsletter?
Yes, we have an email newsletter which we send out weekly to our community. You can sign up directly to our Newsletter.
Do you offer a Bounty and a Referral program?
Yes, we offer a Bounty Program and a Referral Program , both of which allow you to earn ESTATE tokens for community driven initiatives.
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