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AmericanAgEnergy: Growing fresh produce year-round in Northeast

AAE integrates Combined Heat & Power with high-tech Greenhouses to grow nutritious and pesticide-free produce year-round.


  • Employees7


man Richard Rosen


Dr. Rosen spent his early years in the greenhouse and florist business, first as laborer and ultimately as grower and buyer at Harry Quint Greenhouses. Later, he began his professional career at Abt Associates advising federal government agencies, and while at Abt he was instrumental in formulating the Clean Water Act. He founded a series of energy and environmental operating businesses, serving in a variety of roles including CEO, Chief Engineer, Chief Scientific Officer, President, Consultant, Chairman and Director. ERCO Petroleum Services designed and constructed fluidized beds for clients such as Clorox, Tennessee Valley Authority, Tenneco, Combustion Engineering, and others. ERCO was sold to NL Industries and its laboratory affiliate was sold to Corning. Advanced Energy Technology commercialized equipment developed at the University of Texas to measure physical properties of the earth’s subsurface including resistivity for use in oil, gas and geothermal exploration. AET was ultimately merged into its Japanese venture partner, Nishon Iwa. Dr. Rosen has extensive experience building operating facilities including one to remodel landfills using a patented technology and a manufacturing system to recycle rubber for use in a variety of industrial applications.

Dr. Rosen earned a Master’s Degree in Forest Science and a Ph.D. in Engineering from Harvard University.

man Marguerite Piret


Marguerite raises institutional financing for the Company, is responsible for the negotiation of its major agreements and will supervise its accounting and financial reporting functions.

Marguerite began her career as the Assistant Controller of an engineering company, and later became a Commercial Loan Officer at a predecessor of Bank of America. She founded and manages Newbury Piret, a 30-year-old Boston-based investment bank, completing merger, acquisition, and financing transactions in a number of industries including energy and environment. In addition to her operating and management responsibilities as CEO of Newbury Piret, she has effected numerous transactions including the raising of capital from institutional sources such as private equity firms, banks, finance and insurance companies, and acquisitions and sales of businesses from and to industrial organizations.

Ms. Piret earned an A.B. in Applied Mathematics from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

man Daniel Eisenberg

Energy and Project Manager

Daniel is responsible for facility design and development, energy purchase commitments, and selection of energy sources. Dan received his B.S in chemical engineering and a minor in energy studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

man Samuel Gaeth

Environmental, Health, & Safety Engineer

Samuel is responsible for the environmental requirements with project sites, as well as managing food and employee health and safety. Sam received his B.S. from The Ohio State University in Agricultural Engineering and completed an M.S. in Environmental Engineering at Tufts University.

man Abuubakar Ally

Electrical Engineer

Abuu is responsible for the electrical engineering aspects of projects including interconnect applications and procurement of electrical engineering equipment. Abuu holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Economics from Harvard University.

Campaign details

Details Indicators
Hard Cap Fixed, $2000000
Soft Cap Yes, $365000


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Combined Heat and Power integrated with Greenhouses?

CHP is an integrated energy system that reduces total energy requirements by approximately 50%. In so doing, it generates electricity at low cost that is used to extend day length enhancing yields by about 40%. The produced carbon dioxide is sequestered back into the greenhouse enhancing yields by an additional 30%. The heating requirements of the greenhouse is satisfied by using the waste heat produced during the electricity production, resulting in a significant reduction in operating expenses.

Where does the irrigation water come from?

Rain and snowfall are collected from the roofs of the greenhouses and stored in ponds adjacent to the greenhouses. The snowfall is turned into snow melt by heating the roofs of the greenhouses during the winter. After use in the greenhouse, the irrigation water is purified and recycled. This results in a 90% reduction in water consumption when compared to field grown agriculture.

What is an Opportunity Zone?

An Opportunity Zone is a community where new investments, under certain conditions, may be eligible for preferential tax treatment. Investors pay no capital gains tax if the investment is held for 10 years or until 2026, whichever is earlier. Also, if investments are made with capital gains, investors can defer payment of those gains until 2026 with some discounts available.