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#Blockchain, #Cleantech All projects

Biotor: Producing Wood Pellets

Thanks to the new technology, biomass that was not suitable for use in power plants or pellet stoves can now be used

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees6


man Edwin v/d Griend

Financial controller

Highly motivated, passionate, hands-on with domestic and international experience in Finance. Sales, Production companies, Technology companies and Automotiv companies.
- result oriented
- down-size and up-size of companies
- people manegr with down-to-earth approach
- feel that employees are the asset of the company they are working for
- proven record in making business profitable (again)
Specialties: Development of several companies which were in a loss position.

André Maneschijn

Director & Engineer

Benjamin Verhaegen

Blockchain Development

Rianne Maneschijn


Bert v/d Heuvel

Sales representative / bulk

Hennie Ring

Sales / Office

Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens
  • Crowdsale (50%)
  • Marketing (25%)
  • Legal advice (20%)
  • Team (5%)
Budget allocation
  • Construction + furnishing factory (43%)
  • Build 1st machine line (23%)
  • Participation franchise (15%)
  • Transport + Logistics (6%)
  • Setup BBT platform (4%)
  • Bounty + Marketing (4%)
  • Deployment Research (3%)
  • Post unforeseen (2%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol BBT
Full Token Name Biotor Biomass token
Pre-crowdsale Start July 20th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Pre-crowdsale End August 17th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Start September 14th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or November 30th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, 1000000 €
Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, 150000 €
Domain owner Individual

Cost of the token

1 token for 0.25 Euro

Price without discounts

Rate the project

Estimate the project on a five-point scale or switch to the simple scale

Five-point scale Simple scale

Relevance of the problem and Market size

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Product competitiveness

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Founders, Team & Advisors

1 2 3 4 5

Budget allocation and roadmap

1 2 3 4 5

Token economy, Tokenization & Business model

1 2 3 4 5

Distribution & Lock up of tokens, Discounts for early buyers

1 2 3 4 5

Summary rate the project

1 2 3 4 5


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biotor?

Biotor B.V. is a Dutch company that was founded in 2013 to contribute to the production of clean energy. From 2013, Biotor has built a number of pilot installations under our own management. Now the time has come to place our installation in the market and link it to a worldwide franchise organization.

How does the technique work?

Torrefaction is a new technique where biomass is roasted as it were. This is best compared with roasting coffee beans. This enables us to process almost all carbonaceous materials into new biomass 2.0

Why issue this token?

It is for companies such as Biotor B.V., who make an innovative contribution to clean energy, difficult to obtain financing along the regular road. That is why Biotor B.V. has opted for issuing tokens.

What are the funds spent on?

The funds are spent to scaling up the pilot model, into a production unit, an own production unit, a platform for trading biomass raw materials, pellets and briquettes and related items, as well as setting up a worldwide franchise chain.

In what way does Biotor differ from its competitors?

We believe that energy is one of the primary necessities of life, subsequently we believe that the energy market should under no circumstances be subject to speculative mechanisms of the market. Biotor distinguishes itself from the competition by being able to use entirely new raw materials by means of a new technique that has been obtained through its own development. In addition, we keep this technology under our own management by working together with franchise companies.

Does Biotor provide security?

Entrepreneurship involves risks and we are well aware of that. Normally an ICO gives little or no security to its early investors, in which Biotor therefore deviates from the traditional ICO. To meet its investors, Biotor B.V. the ICO + introduced. All BBT token holders are placed in a foundation and intertwine a share of 45% in the entire Biotor company.

What is a master franchise entrepreneur?

A master franchise entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who has a whole country under his wing. He shares districts and sets out the broad outlines for the global scaling up of Biotor B.V. we are looking for capable people. If you require further information, please send an email to [email protected]

Can I also become a franchise entrepreneur of Biotor?

Yes, Biotor is world wide looking for motivated franchise entrepreneurs, but our preference is initially for master franchise entrepreneurs so that we can delegate these applications. You can always register at [email protected]

How many tokens are given out?

Biotor B.V. gives out 4,240,000 tokens. 240,000 in the presale phase and 4,000,000 in the main sale. All non-issued tokens are burned afterwards.

What does a BBT token cost?

A Biotor Biomass Token costs € 0.25, - euro, which is $0.29, which corresponds to 0.0063 Ether. These amounts may fluctuate somewhat because they are subject to fluctuations.

Which platform does Biotor use?

We use the standard ERC-20 on the Ethereum Blockchain for easy processing and acceptance.

Do I need to have an account or wallet to participate?

Every Ethereum-compatible wallet works with the BBT smart contract.

Which currency does Biotor accept?

No currency, only ETH (ether), BTC (bitcoin) and LTC (litecoin) tokens.

How many BBT tokens do I have to purchase at a minimum?

The minimum token purchase is 400 pieces (€ 100,-)

What is the maximum tokens I can purchase?

The maximum token purchase is 200,000 (€ 50,000).

How can I contribute?

If you have an Ethereum wallet you can buy BBT tokens directly, these are automatically added to your wallet. Check the signature of the smart contract on our website at all times. All instructions can be found in the 'ICO conditions' on the website.

Is there a presale bonus?

The bonus for the presale is set at 20%, this is immediately and automatically generated in the token issue and credited to your wallet. All presale tokens are frozen up to 14 days after the end of the main sale.

Do you have money on an escrow account?

The funds that are distributed to the company and the team at the end of the Coin Offering are stored on an escrow account that can be checked on the blockchain. The money is unlocked step-by-step until all the steps in the road map have been completed

What is the incentive to keep BBT tokens?

BBT is a growth token and will increase in value as multiple franchise companies are connected.

Is BBT subject to certain requirements?

No we accept all offers. Biotor issues the ICO + so that investors acquire control and shares in the company. All tokens will be credited to the share register of Biotor B.V. by means of a notarial deed. This means we meet the set standards that apply in the Netherlands.

When are the tokens tradable on the stock exchange?

As soon as the ICO has ended, we aim for multiple exchanges to accept our exchange tokens. All tokens will be frozen for 14 days after closing the token sale.