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#Blockchain, #Internet All projects

Bitney: Crypto Game Rewards

Crypto Game Rewards Powered by Real Honey Farms

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees13


man Ch’ng Jun Wei

CEO & Co-Founder, Bitbubs Interactive

Equipped with strong product knowledge and the experience of setting up multiple companies across various industries including publishing, F&B and technology (mobile apps), Jun Wei has hands on knowledge of building strong foundations of a company. With experiences of managing large teams to startups sizes, Jun Wei has set foot in entrepreneurship in his early days. In his earlier years of entrepreneurship, Jun Wei has an eye for assembling the right core team to build projects, set out visions and mission of businesses and deliver exemplary business operation standards. Being no stranger to both blockchain and cryptocurrency respectively, Jun Wei has spent 3 years fully focusing his attention to blockchain technology understanding the complexity of the highly secured decentralized platform. Previously strong armed with mobile applications development and publishing, this created a gateway into the media & entertainment market which he recognized and pointed out as the next emerging economy market. With an appetite and a positive advocate of cryptocurrency and blockchain, he has participated in various ICOs and now spearheads project Bitney’s mission into bringing cryptocurrency into games. Equipped with the history of mobile application publication, Bitney is set to launch its very first unique game that will adopt cross-industry functions on mobile platform.

man Lim Yao-Han

COO & Co-Founder, Bitbubs Interactive

A graduate of Industrial Design and highly creative individual with diverse background and extensive knowledge in various fields such as marketing, creative designs, education, blockchain and most recently, games. Yao-Han build a solid start in career with the advantage of having multiple skill set including product design & development marketing, advertising, and multiple software skills. He has taken on roles in business relationship management to build companies and establish new developments; an experienced educator when he served in teaching & training as a lecturer in Han Chiang College. Subject expert on Multimedia, Design Illustration, Marketing and Computer Game Design. In his capacity, Yao-Han was Head of Creative in a fintech space, handling creative direction control and building ideas, and business development strategies within the start-up space. This grew his knowledge and expertise for the start-up environment and developed solid knowledge of business strategies. Passionate in start-ups & entrepreneurship, Yao-Han has spent years being in multiple industries where he spearheaded innovative ideas.

man Jia nina

Marketing Director, Bitbubs Interactive

A former legal eagle who graduated from Northumbria University (UK). Jia kicked off her career in Corporate Banking in early days of legal practice with reputable clients such as OCBC bank and RHB bank respectively. Seasoned in Corporate Communications, PR, marketing, and business development with up to 7 years of experience. Her notable publishing works can be traced back since her days in lifestyle publication magazines as such – Top10 of Asia, Top 10 of Malaysia with circulations up to 500,000 copies worldwide. Jia fast-tracked her career development as Streamline Studios’ PR & Communications lead, a global leading game developers with celebrated titles such as FFXV, SF5, Gears of War and more. Skilled in evangelism, Jia has extensive experience in business presentations, developing meaningful relationships with top industry players & influencers such as VC investors, top game producers and government affiliates such as MDEC (Malaysia). A master of craft of 7years, Jia spearheaded the Marketing & Communications division in a fintech company, on the use of the blockchain technology. Jia currently leads the Marketing & Communications with Bitbubs Interactive & Bitney Pte Ltd, creating a universal voice and brand identity in games and technologies respectively.

man Darian


A certified bachelor of engineering with deep-rooted knowledge and experience in blockchain, cryptocurrency and games, Darian has held key positions in various companies but particularly focused on technology. Specialized expertise in blockchain, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, third party APIs, DB and Server and project management tools. Darian’s recent endeavor includes dabbling into virtual reality technology, website development and real time server development. With 10 years experience in multiple organizations as lead developer and CTO, Darian’s deep understanding for technology and softwares is key to implementing and developing a successful and sustainable project in b2b and b2c markets respectively. Darian brings innovation solutions in the complex developments of project Bitney as CTO. With his latest quest to build ERC 721 tokens, a free open standard that creates unique tokens that will serve as an interesting feature in Beeznix the game.

man Nizam Rahman

Lead Designer

A highly creative individual with 5 years experience in lead creative roles, Nizam has worked for media corporate giants such as Astro, handling subsidiary divisions supporting live videos and video assets designs. Highly skilled in designing brands, concepts, advertisements, website and much more. Nizam brings concepts into live through a creative lens and has helped many corporate brands establish their identities in the markets. Nizam’s venture into the blockchain industry began in early 2016 and now supports creative works with project Bitney. An avid gamer, cryptocurrency trader and artistic personality, Nizam spends a great deal of time within the art community and contributes creative knowledge and impact within the company.


man Allan Chan

Chairman & Advisor

With a seniority of 13 years in entrepreneurship, Allan brings a wave of knowledge in business. Bootstrapping businesses and driving them to success after success as seen with the multiple awards presented to BID international. With businesses tuned international and locally, Allan has maintain laudable business standards that presented his biotech company the honorable MSC status in Malaysia. Strong in business management, R&D, and product marketing, Allan builds strong cultures and strategies in business and delivers over-the-top sales volumes resulting in the multiple business set up all across Southeast Asia, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Allan currently is chairman of the advisor board to project Bitney, with his vast experience and successes in building businesses, Allan is set to bring great vision and solid business practices into project Bitney.

man Mark Pui


With over 20 years of experience in the financial and management consulting industry, Mark has been a driving force in accelerating the development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency scene both as an advisor and investor assisting Fintech companies with cryptocurrency integrated funding.

man Darren Kiang


Highly skilled in finance and personal development, Darren’s vast knowledge as financial mediator and angel investments has been seen in the various successful projects undertaken. An experienced business & finance advisor, Darren has integrated over 20 years resources worth into businesses providing solution platforms such as branding, sales and marketing, business model designs and cooperation with financial institutions on capital integration, project funding and structuring of financial products. Darren’s positive personality is a direct result of vast self-development and sales success experiences paired with a history in creative designs. Serving as advisor to project Bitney, Darren will support the financial evaluation, project funding and scaling of financial products and services to bring a successful project to life while adding creative input to the game development process.

man Saba Harati

Advisor (Psychology)

Armed with a Master's Degree and a strong passion in the field of psychology and human behaviour, Saba is a highly competent counsellor who facilitated the Aftab Rehabilitation Center, providing counselling sessions, conducting client evaluation, developing treatment plans, and overseeing day-to-day operations in the centre. The career development grew into other areas including developing and monitoring clinical strategies to increase rate of recovery supported by thorough research. Community engagement and support through voluntary advocacy and building strong support groups with the community. She lends her support, drawing on her expertise in human behavioural patterns to aid the success of the game.

Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens
  • Crowdsale (50%)
  • Marketing (10%)
  • Bounty (1%)
  • Community Service reserve (4%)
  • Strategic partner (15%)
  • Company reserve (20%)
Budget allocation
  • Honey Farms (40%)
  • Marketing (30%)
  • Contingency (10%)
  • Game rewards bank (2%)
  • Operations & Game Development (18%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol BTNY
Crowdsale Start October 15th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or October 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $32000000
Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, $5000000
Token type cryptocurrencies
Domain owner Individual

Cost of the token

1 token for 0.08 $

Price without discounts

Accepted currency

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

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