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#Blockchain All projects

Bitone Network: Connecting BITCOIN with the Rest of the World´s Digital Assets

Our Network is a Platform with its own block chain that connects multiple lines to the Bitcoin network

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees18



Antonio Conte

Consulting lawyer. Co-founder

Victor Serrano

CEO, Co-founder

Potla Dinesh

Community & Team manager

Diego Nieto

Marketing manager

Carlos Gutiérrez Castro

Graphic design

José María Esparza Alfonso

Audiovisual communication

Belén Martínez Marco

Illustration and design

Nikhil Chand

Blockchain developer

David Palomares

Web developer

Rolando E Rolon

3D design

Alexandr Udodov

Blockchain developer

Andrei Zolin

Blockchain developer

Alejandro Almira Mollá

Blockchain developer

Jesus Gallego Irles

Blockchain developer



Jose Ramón

Business consultant

José Serrano Segura

Human Resources

José Poveda

Blockchain technology

Carlos Guirado Vazquez

Financial advisor

Crowdsale details

Budget allocation
  • Development (31.34%)
  • Marketing ICO (33.12%)
  • Internal Marketing (9.1%)
  • General (8.3%)
  • Projects (6%)
  • Others (6.12%)
  • Judicial advice and Advisors (5.12%)
  • Due diligence (0.9%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol BN
Full Token Name BN token
Pre-crowdsale Start July 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Pre-crowdsale End August 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Start October 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or April 30th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $18000000
Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, $2000000
Domain owner Individual

Cost of the token

1 token for 1600 $

Price without discounts

Discounts and Bonuses

Discount Dates Minimum purchase amount
75% July 31 — August 31, 2018

Accepted currency

  • Ethereum

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy bitone node?

Bitone Network is a platform based on blockchain technology, which has a transaction and movement verification system called Participation Test (PoS) that indicates that a person can extract or validate transactions in blocks according to the tokens or in this case the nodes you have.
The Bitone protocol has been developed so that only 50,000 tokens or network nodes are generated (Bitone node). So PoS would be a way to encourage the owners of Bitone node to help the security of the platform by avoiding double spending, Sybil attacks, verifying transactions and movements.
The nodes would be the miners in charge of helping the development of the chain of blocks, since without their consent by majority the operations between users would not be valid.
Bitcoin mining uses a different system for bookkeeping chain blocks called test work (PoW) on which computers around the world compete with each other using computational power to solve problems and find blocks.
With PoW the probability of finding a transaction block an receiving the corresponding prize or commission is directly proportional to the number of tokens or in this case nodes that one has accumulated (in a wallet connected to the network).
In theory, as those who own more units of nodes based on PoS are especially interested in the survival and proper functioning of the network that gives the value to these nodes, they are the best suited to bear the responsibility of protecting the system from possible attacks. That is why, the protocol rewards them with a lower difficulty to find blocks inversely proportional to the number of nodes that they demonstrate to possess.
One of the main advantages cited by supporters of PoW is that this system could obtain a degree of security for the network at least equivalent to thas obtained by PoW but with a much lower energy expenditure.
When an investor buys a Bitone node token, what he is really buying is the ownership of a decentralized database account unit that allows him to run a node in the Bitone Network
These tokens can use them to:
Speculate with them in the market. Investors from all over the world will be able to buy/sell Bitone node once they are listed on the exchange houses.
Participate in the security of the network. Users who own Bitone node will use a specific wallet to do PoS on their computers in exchange for commissions. In addition, they will be able to receive dividends from the small tariffs that users pay when they carry out operations with the Bitone Network platform.
Voting or consensus for the government system. Bitone Network will be a decentralized platform as well as its governance system. Users who own Bitone node will be able to vote, delegate or propose related proposals for the development of the platform in a manner totally proportional to the number of nodes they have.
Investing in Bitone node would be the equivalent of buying shares of a company in the traditional system with their respective dividens, except that with this protocol based on blockchain technology, a central trust entity that guarantees the ownership of its assets is not necessary, actions, since the decentralized network itself would be in charge of securing the possessions of the nodes and managing the commissions.
A Bitone node is a token issued by the Bitone Network protocol that allows its owners to run a node in the network of their blockchain in order to help their security in exchange for commissions
Bitone node is divisible up to 10 million units, so an investor could buy up to 0.00000001 Bitone node but could only use that amount to speculate with it since it would be necessary to have a complete unit to run a node.
Like Whatsapp, Facebook and Google formed their monopoly, if we get to position ourselves first in the market, Bitone Wallet would be used exclusively by users and companies around the world for usual operations related to cryptoactives.
If this were the case, Bitone node capitalization could be revalued by one, a thousand or ten thousand times its current value, as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Neo, NEM, Dash, among others; and the sharing commissions that Bitone node owners could receive could be very high.
However, although the Bitone Network team is committed to working very hard to meet its objectives, it is the team´s responsibility to warn investors that they sould go beyond the headlines and euphoria to undertand the risks associated with investments in cryptoactives. The recent fluctuations and speculations in this type of investment can easily tempt innocent buyers to rush into an investment that they may not fully understand. Cryptoactives and investment tied to them are high risk products with an unproven history and high price volatility. Combined with the high risk of fraud, investing in them should be people who know this technology very well.

What is our initial offer of nodes?

In order to raise the necessary funds to finance the development of the project and allow the investing participants to position themselves first in the market, we have organized a system called initial Offer of Nodes (INO)- The rest of the projects usually call this system Initial Coin Offering (ICO), except that we do not consider it correct to denominate “currency” to our product, since, bitone node would be simply the equivalent to a divisible share of a traditional company with its respective dividends and would function as an access key for the execution of a node in the network of the platform.

As the purpose of Bitone node (BN) is not to be used as a payment network, it does not make sense to generate several million units. For this reason, we believe it is appropriate to limit the number of tokens created based on the maximum number of nodes that can be executed in the network, a total of 50.000 bitone nodes.
These tokens or pre-mined nodes will be sold in four phases:
Pre INO or pre sale (07/31/2018 to 08/31/2018): focused on the closest people with a maximum sales. Amount of 5100 BN to 400 dollars/unit in Ether, 15% of the total will be distributed.
1º INO (10/31/2018 to 11/30/2018): focused on investors from around the world with a maximum sales amount of 11.550 BN to 1.600 dollars/unit in Ether. 35% of the total will be distributed.
2º INO (03_29_2019 to 04_30_2019). Focused on investors from around the world with a maximum sales amount of 8,250 BN. The starting prices will be based on the market price of the token, at the beginning of the sale period and applying the mechanism of the interactive Coin Offering proposed by Vitalik Buterin for setting the price. A 25% of the total will be distributed.
3ºINO (date to be specified). Focused on investors from around the world with a maximum of sales of 8,250 BN. The starting prices will be based on the market price of the token, at the bennining of the sale period and applying the mechanism of the Interactive Coin Offering proposed by Vitalik Buterin for setting the price. A 25% of the total will be distributed.
The objective to be raised will be 1 million dollars for the Pre_INO and 9 million for the 1 INO with a maximum cap of 2 million and 18 million respectively, enough to finance the deployment of the project, pay the developers, carry out campaigns of marketing, etc.
The nodes that are not sold in each of the events will be reserved for sale in the following phases.
Each of the phases will end after the indicated date, or, when all the corresponding units are sold.

When will I receive the tokens and win which exchange houses will quote?

After a few days, after completing the pre sale and 1º INO periods, the investors will automatically have the Bitone node ERC20 token in their Ethereum account.
Bitone node ERC20 will not be the official Bitone Network token since they will have to be exchanged and burned by them on our website once the block chain of the platform has been developed.
The protocol to be followed for the exchange of the ERC20 token by the official token is informed by email and through our blog.
Click edit button to change this text.

How will the commissions be distributed to the owners of Bitone node?

When a traditional company distributes dividends to its shareholders, it does so thanks to the intermediation of third parties.
Thanks to blockchain technology, it is possible to automate this process without the need for intermediaries.
The dividends that Bitone Network distributes to all its nodes come from the commissions that users pay when using network services, such as token exchanges through Bitone DEX, execution of intelligent contracts or damages from other platforms or the sending of anonymous transactions using bitcoin.
Of the total income received, 30% will be destined to the Bitone Network to cover development and maintenance costs of the network, and the remaining 70% will be distributed during each hour to the addresses of the Bitone Miner wallets of the miners, with full frozen units of Bitone node. A part of these dividends will be entered in bitcoin and another in bitone node.
The exact price of the rates will be studied once this platform is developed and operational.

How do we differentiate ourselves from similar projects?

We are the first decentralized platform thas focuses exclusively on the interoperability of Bitcoin with the rest of the chains.
Most projects with similar objectives compete to connect all the chains, one with another, and allow options such as the jump of a token from one chain to another, the execution of the same intelligent contract with tokens of different chains or the development of a language of programming that allows the development of applications and smart contracts on this intermediary platform.
as a reserve of value for the whole world and that at the same time is the interoperable base of this new decentralized economic system.

How can I help this project succeed?

Participating in web chat conversations and our Telegram. It would be very useful for us, since you will help us spread the word of mouth project. And of course, you can also contribute by purchasing symnolic amounts of itinerary node. Finally, if you want to get more involved, we are pleased to receive proposals for collaboration. This is a project with infinite potential and we will need many hands and heads!.