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#Blockchain All projects

BOOSTO: Creator-Driven App store without intermediary

Platform that connects social media users with blockchain community

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees14


man Heidi Yu


Serial entrepreneur. An MBA graduate from Seattle University, she successfully founded Boostinsider at the end of 2014. Heidi speaks to audiences around the world about the adaptation and the benefits of the blockchain.

man Chen Wang


AI/Big data veteran, former principal engineer at WalmartLabs and served in Microsoft cloud computing for six years. Computer Science master degrees from Shanghai Jiaotong University and UNC-CH with 12 years of working experience.

man Rock Zhang

Head of Product

Graduate from Standford GSB. Former 360 and Anchorfree senior product manager with 12 years of working experience.

man Adam Charles

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager, former country manager for Adways USA where he helped grow their community to over 250k organic users while working with such famed franchises as Final Fantasy, Digimon, & Marvel Comics.

man Reza Bakhshandeh

Token Design Architect

Crypto Design Architect/Blockchain developer and AI/Big Data expert. Software Engineering bachelor and AI master degrees from Shiraz University, Inventor of patent US9489401B1 with 14 years of working experience.


man Paul Veradittakit

Partner at Pantera Capital

Paul Veradittakit, Partner at Pantera Capital and focuses on the firm’s venture capital and hedge fund investments. Pantera Capital is the earliest and largest institutional investor in digital currencies and blockchain technologies, managing over $1B.

man Andy Tian

Gifto CEO

Andy Tian, CEO of Asia Innovations Group. Successful serial entrepreneur (AIG, his fourth startup). Previously general manager of Zynga China and while at Google, introduced Android to China. MIT BS & MA degrees in computer science.

man Danny Yang

Blockeer CEO

Danny Yang, CEO of Blockseer. One of the earliest pioneer in blockchain technology. Artificial intelligence veteran. AML expert. Inventor. Serial entrepreneur: like.com, Maicoin, ScoreData, and Seravia. Harvard BS and Stanford Ph.D. degrees.

man Mark Mai

China's Top Angel Investor

Mark Mai, a serial entrepreneur and a pioneer in China’s venture investment field. He started his venture capital career back in the mid 90's and co-founded Shanghai Pudong Ventures, one of China’s first venture capital firms. He was also the venture partner of DFJ Dragon fund in Silicon Valley in the early 2000s.

man Matthew Liu

Origin CEO

CEO/Cofounder of Origin,was the 3rd PM at YouTube (acquired by Google) and VP PM at Qwiki (acquired by Yahoo) and Bonobos (acquired by Walmart). He has an MS and BS from Stanford.

Crowdsale details

Budget allocation
  • Product development (40%)
  • Operations (20%)
  • Marketing (20%)
  • Auditing & legal affairs (20%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol BST
Full Token Name BOOSTO Token
Pre-crowdsale Start July 19th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Pre-crowdsale End September 19th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Start September 19th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or November 19th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, 35000 ETH
Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, 10000 ETH
Incorporation Details 1 PARK ROAD, PEOPLE'S PARK COMPLEX
Domain owner Individual

Accepted currency

  • Ethereum

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What is Boosto?

BOOSTO is a protocol & social token. Developers use our protocol to build DApps for influencers, and then share the revenue. The BOOSTO Token is the currency that powers these DApps.


The Modern Day App Store Is A Monopoly & YouTube Ads Suck!
The app stores can take up to 65% of a developers profits. The current monetization options for content creators are intrusive, spammy, and overall not fan friendly…coin shiling anyone?

BOOSTO solves both sides of this equation by bringing developers (makers) & influencers (creators) together.

Quick Summary

The modern Day App Store Is A Monopoly & YouTube Ads Sucks!

Apple & Google can take up to 65% of a developers profit, and if the apps conflicts with either of these company’s office politics then it will either be buried or not allowed on the platform at all. The modern day app store needs to be decentralized, but those who have tried have run into the problem of nobody using their store!

Content creators power the internet, however, their options for monetization are very limited. If a talented content creator wants to make a living they must run intrusive ads, or create sponsored content…like coin shiling.

BOOSTO solves both sides of this equation by bringing developers (makers) & influencers (creators) together. Developers make personalized DApps for Influencers. Influencers then send their subscribers to download these DApps. All revenue earned is split 50/50 between the maker & creator.

So then, Influencers now have a creative & non-intrusive way to monetize, and developers can now have a new source of income by creating DApps, as they will no longer have to worry about the use case, since each app is only marketed to that influencer’s subscriber base… and many of them have millions!

The app stores can take up to 65% of a developers profits. The current monetization options for content creators are intrusive, spammy, and overall not fan friendly…coin shiling anyone?

How does boosto work?

Developers use the BOOSTO protocol to build personalized DApps for influencers, whom then send their subscribers to download.

Why does this have to be on the blockchain?

Apple & Google have banned all personalized applications from their app stores. Influencers, celebrities, and even yourself are not allowed to operate any apps for personal use.

Wont Apple & Google block the DApps from their stores?

Of course they will. But it is a common misconception that applications need a supported app store in order to run. These DApps will work just fine on any internet browser; be it desktop or mobile.

Why do most decentralized app stores fail?

The reason most decentralized app stores fail is because nobody uses them. In order to be used, they first need to be found. But why would a user search for a new app store when they can just conveniently use the one that came with their phone?

Why will this decentralized app store be any different?

Our DApps are only marketed to an influencer’s subscriber base. So that influencer will actually send users to their DApp Store. We do not have to worry about users finding the stores.

Are there any other products currently trying to solve these problems?

When content creators wish to fund their channels without the use of ads or sponsored content they often ask their subscribers for USD donations via a Patreon.

How does BOOSTO compare to Patreon?

We view BOOSTO as a more advanced form of Patreon. When the fans power these DApps they are in essence donating funds to help support the creator’s channel. The key difference is that w/ BOOSTO the fans receive unique content in return for their support.

Why will Influencers choose you over Patreon?

Many content creators are able to fund their channels through solicited donations, however, we theorize that many more people would donate if they received something cool in return.

Is it possible to donate w/ BOOSTO?

Yes, a “donate me” button does comes standard on the homepage of every influencer store, and due to Patreon being limited to USD, some may find it preferable to donate w/ BOOSTO.

Do you view Patreon as a competitor?

Absolutely not! We suggest that all creators looking to fund their careers without the use of intrusive ads take advantage of both BOOSTO & Patreon.