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Bulk Market: A permanent home for the Bulk Market

Our plastic-free supermarket is going bigger, with more products and a composting scheme
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Our plastic-free supermarket is going bigger, with more products and a composting scheme
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Bruna Martins

Animal lover, adventurer and the perfect zero waste sidekick, expert in managing operations and procurement for healthy food chains.

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Ingrid Caldironi
Frequently Asked Question
When are you going to reopen?
We are finally reopening on the 7th November 2018!
What is Indiegogo and how does crowdfunding work?
Indiegogo is a platform to fund ingenious, work-in-progress products and ideas. Although contributing to a campaign is not the same as purchasing a product, when you support a crowdfunding project, you help bring ideas to life!
How do I select a perk that interests me on this page?
On desktop, you’ll see a list with all available perks on the right hand side of the page. Click on the perk you want, then click the "Get This Perk" button to be redirected to the payment page. If you're on a mobile device, scroll up to see all available perks.
How do I ask the project owner a question?
If you’ve already backed this campaign, you can leave a comment on the Comments tab, or send the project owner a direct message. Otherwise, you may be able to contact the project owner through their website or social media accounts.
Can I change the shipping address for my perk?
In most cases, yes. Here’s how to do it. However, if the project has already started to ship perks, or if you need to change your country, you’ll need to contact the project owner in order to request any changes.
Can I change the item, or perk, I selected?
You’ll need to contact the project owner directly to request any change to perks, like color or quantity.
Can I ask Indiegogo for a refund?
ndiegogo does not guarantee that the perks offered by the campaigner will be produced or delivered and is not directly responsible for refunding contributions. Learn more about our Refund policy.
Press enquiries
If you want to write about us, please send us an email at [email protected]

We will be happy to send you our media kit for download.
I want to setup a zero waste shop. Can you help?
Unfortunately the answer is no. But the good news is - there are other people out there to help you. Check out this blog post.
What is the problem with food packaging?
Most of food packaging is made of plastic, a highly-engineered material designed to last for centuries, which is, in 95% of the cases, tossed in the bin just after its first use.

Plastics can be very complex and contain a lot of different layers, which makes their recyclability very limited, opposed to the widely recycled cardboard, glass and metal.

Their effects in human health are also worrying. As plastics find their way into oceans, they enter our food chain and create a massive pollution. Even plant-based bioplastics need specific temperatures and environment to successfully break down in nature.
What is the difference between Bulk Market® and a regular supermarket?
Supermarkets created convenience based on overly packaged, processed foods. Before supermarkets, people used to shop locally, supporting small local businesses such as butcher shops, fishmongers, cheesemongers, green grocers. People used to eat more whole foods, and not a simulation of food. We love food so much that we are committed to only selling what goes on our own table.

Most of our produce comes under 50 miles radius from our shop and is UK grown or made to organic standards, or are certified by Soil Association. We don't overstock, we don't waste food or resources in disposable packaging, and we support the principle of the Circular Economy and Closed Loop.
It is impossible to live without creating any environmental impact.
That's true. But as our fellows from Silo say, "waste is a lack of imagination". Until the day the packaging industry can offer a truly sustainable solution, the best way of tackling the packaging waste is avoiding it as the devil - and whatever you cannot avoid, reduce, reuse or recycle. For every disposable item, there is a reusable option. Plus, you don't need 'highlander' food that never gets mouldy in your fridge.
How can you avoid waste in your supply chain?
When you shorten the distances the food is grown/produced to your table, you get less packaging as result. Our mission is to support local and community businesses and create human relationships with our suppliers. We apply the principles of avoiding-reducing-reusing-recycling-composting to our business model, which means that we end up with very little rubbish to deal with. The most important thing for us is being able to provide a waste-free alternative way of shopping to our customers.
How will your composting scheme work?
We believe that food leftovers and garden waste are valuable resources that shouldn't be sent to toxic landfills to rot.

When our popup is over and we move to our permanent location, you will be able to recycle your organic waste and turn it into rich soil compost to be used in your own garden.

The Hackney Council offers discounted compost bins to encourage composting in the borough. If you don't have the space, if you live in a flat or if your area doesn't have a composting scheme, we can help.

You can bring in your kitchen caddy or garden waste to feed our commercial grade composting machine. See the allowed items below:
Dairy, cheese, butter, eggs or egg shells
Fruit and Veg (including skins)
Meat (raw and cooked)
Fish (raw and cooked)
Salad leaves
Pasta, Rice
Plate scrapings
Dead leaves, soiled paper, cardboard (including pizza boxes) and tissue
Wooden chips and pellets
Small bones
We will offer this as a community service, free of charge. Once the compost is ready to use, you're welcome to come in and pick up any quantity.
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