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#Blockchain, #Mining All projects

Business Interactive Reward Coin: Is ecosystem that combines local shops, O2O and blockchain.

This is the first innovative application which combines physical interactive actions and cryptocurrency in the world.

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees14


man Michael Lin


Continuous entrepreneur and professional enterprise management instructor
Lectures to more than 100,000 people in China and SEA

man David Huang


Experienced entrepreneur, including appliance, retailer, IT service and chain management for food and beverage industry
Proficient in channel ecosystem and management
RE APP co-founder and CSO

man Kenny Chang


Collaboration with CHT for cloud project promotion of MOEA
Proficient in e-commerce platform establishment and consulting, administration, HR and internal control and audit

man Kent Chien


Proficient in software planning, design and development
More than 10 years experience of software and product development
Ability in finance and software integration, former member of IT department of CTBC & MOMO

man Rex Li

R&D Manager

Proficient in software structure and development
E-commerce background, former member of MOMO and TSTAR


man Tomi Wang


20 years of IPR experience
proficient in patent, trademark and copyright
Proficient in IPR affairs of
Taiwan, China and international field

man Bryan Huang

TaipeiLaw Attorneys-at-Law

Managing Partner of TaipeiLaw
More than 10 years of experience in internet industry & startup consultation
Proficient in new regulatory issues like technological law, investment, business model, equity planning and corporate structure

man Jim Lin

TaipeiLaw Attorneys-at-Law

Dual accountant's licenses in Taiwan and the USTaiwanese lawyer's license, proficient in financial and legal field
Proficient in domestic and overseas tax affairs, financial planning and related regulatory issues

man Nelson Chen

YesCloud Innovation Co.,Ltd.

Founder of many internet companies, 20 years experience of software, internet platform and ,major APP development projects
8 years experience of e-commerce & online marketing
International ICO advisor of at least 5 local companies in Taiwan in 2018

Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens
  • Crowdsale (40%)
  • Development team (13%)
  • Interactive mining (33%)
  • Future reservre (8%)
  • Current foundation (6%)
Budget allocation
  • Development (20%)
  • Marketing (36%)
  • Staff (9%)
  • Legal and patent costs (4%)
  • Buyback reserve fund (25%)
  • Others (6%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol BIRC
Full Token Name Business Interactive Reward Coin token
Crowdsale Start July 15th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or August 15th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $30000000
Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, $1000000
Domain owner Individual

Accepted currency

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the difference between interactive mining and Mithril?

1. Mithril is only for the App "LiT", but BIRC is open to all offline shops.
2. Only internet celebrities can earn Mithril, but guests and shops which join interactions can earn BIRC .
3. Lit is brand new App, but BIRC is already put in use and supported by more than 1,500 shops in alliance.
4. The application of Mithril is only for Lit, but in the future BIRC will open data APIs for connections of more 3rd party applications.

Will the price of BIRC raised?

There are two reasons for changes in coin value:
1. Fund managing mechanism: Now BIRC is collaborating with domestic well-known team for crypto fund management.
2. Application of token. The application scenario of BIRC is reward system. There are so many similiar systems in the world, but BIRC combines, integrates and expands reward system with cryptocurrency to PoI interactive reward. Offline shops which need reward system are customers of BIRC application. This constitutes rare offline financial ecosystem in the market.

How about the future of BIRC?

The price of BIRC has a positive correlation with the number of shops and guests. The price of BIRC will be raised if more people use BIRC and the demand is stronger. In order to make the number of RE offline shop increasing, we need huge manpower to promote. Expected goal in 2020 we will collaborate with 100,000 offline shops im Taiwan, SEA, European and American market. With the increasing of number of shops, expected market value of BIRC will be raised progressively and listed in the rank of Top 100 cryptocurrencies.

When will BIRC be listed in exchanges?

Expected in September 2018 BIRC will be listed in decentralized exchanges of Top 100 in the world.

Is the company good?

You are welcomed for visiting our HQ in Heihu District, Taipei City. Here you can see our managing team, financial team, R&D team, business team, design team and marketing team.
We believe that there are few companies which run ICOs welcoming for visit!You can feel free to call us and make appointment for visit.3F., No.51, Ln. 258, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan +886-2-7728-5109.

Why we need BIRC?

1. There is no substantial reward for commenting, rating or photo uploading in Google Map. BIRC can enhance willing to interact.
2. To replace points or gifts which are valueless. In this way guests can earn cryptocurrency with substantial value.

What can BIRC do?

1. The rewards of interactions between guests and shops.
2. Shops can deliver BIRCs from exchanges or RE APP to guests as rewards, just like bonus points. But people who earn BIRC can exchange BIRC to BTC or ETH in exchanges.

Why don't you use BTC or ETH as reward?

1. The payment fees of BTC or ETH are too much. It is possible that fee is more than real value of coin.
2. Ethereum subchain will be built in the RE APP in the future. Guests and shops can transfer BIRC with each other as they wish. The speed of transferring will be 100 times faster than Bitcoin net.
3. People who use RE APP for BIRC transferring can enjoy fee of only 0.1%. It's super!。
No.2 & no. 3 can solve the problem of no. 1.

Compared with other ICOs in Taiwan, what pros does BIRC have?

1. We have a physical strong team of corporation, not loose organization like foundation.
2. Our product is already put in use.
3. Not only private sale in Taiwan, we will aslo promote our ICO in Top 5 ICO platforms in the world.
4. IN order to receive investment from all over the world, we will provide our website and whitepaper in multi languages.

How to use fund?

Please check the roadmap in the whitpaper for reference.

Is there any application of RE APP? How about its future?

Now there are already more than 1,500 off line shops in the RE alliance. In 2020 we will connect 100,000 shops which join RE alliance now and in the future locally and overseas. We will also open our API to third parties for infinite innovation. With "physical interactive action mining" which is the key technology of BIRC, an unprecedented O2O ecosystem, from online to offline and vice versa, will be crreated.

How do you collaborate with offline shops up to 100,000?

RE alliance covers all civilian products of food, clothing, living, transportation, education and entertainment. The numbers of our offline users and alliance shops are raised fastly with word-of-mouth and social media marketing. RE will enter markets of 5 countries in 2 years.

RE official team will develop business in Taiwan and Hong Kong. TW team will build local branchs with local teams in other regions. RE team will provide technical support. Local teams which know local markets will be responsibe for marketing. In this way RE APP will grow soon.

Will BIRC combine with RE reward cash?

Yes, this is already in roadmap. In the future, RE APP will support exchange between BIRC and RE reward cash. You can exchange BIRC to RE reward cash and use it in the shops of RE alliance right away.

Will BIRC be credited right away after interaction? How about the time of verification?

Yes. BIRC will be credited according the procedure below after interaction:
1. In order to ensure reliability of interaction, GPS will be used for confirming guest and shop are in the same geographical location.
2. Only one interactive reward of the same definition will be allowed in 24 hours.
3. In order to accelerate speed of exchange, permissioned blockchain will be built in RE APP. The problem of slow exchange like BTC or ETH will not occur.

Can the comment be corrected? Will reward be changed if the comment is changed?

Comment can be corrected, just like Google. But BIRC will be delivered only after the first interaction. In order to reinforce the quality of shops, the goal of this design is focused on the products and service quality of shops.

Will there be any ceiling for BIRC transfers to RE reward cash?

Now there is no related regulation in Taiwan, so there is no ceiling. But in some countries real neme verification will be needed for people who keeps crypto more than designate amount. BIRC will be adjusted according local regulations and laws. All owners of BIRC and RE reward cash can use them freely and legally.

WIll it be possible to earn complete one BIRC after interaction?

One coin of BIRCwill be the unit of delivery in early stage. After early stage BIRC from interactive mining will be decreased progressively according PoI formula, just like BTC and ETH. The earlier you join interactive mining, the more BIRC you will earn.

In which countries will you develop RE's business?

Please check the roadmap in the whitpaper for reference.

What is the relation between BIRC and RE?

BIRC and RE complement each other. For example, inTaiwan RE first and the then BIRC, but in other places interactive rewards and APIs can go first.

Why don't we just name it "RE Coin"?

Reward cash is only for RE APP, but BIRC suits for the various walks of life. In the future planning we will make BIRC as an application coin that will replace current reward system; on the other hand, the name of RE - Red Envelope - is not so popular in markets of western countries, so we create a brand new CIS "Business Interactive Reward Coin(BIRC)."

When will various interactions rewards be online?

Please check the roadmap in the whitpaper for reference.