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Cannalytics Research Center: Setting the Standard for Cannabis Testing

We are a regulatory, compliance, scientific testing and analytical firm, with our focus in the cannabis industry
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We are a regulatory, compliance, scientific testing and analytical firm, with our focus in the cannabis industry
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Scott Begraft
Founder / CEO

Scott Begraft is the Founder & CEO of the Cannalytics Research Center and Cannabis testing laboratory. Mr. Begraft Started his first business at the age of Fourteen (14). After graduating High school, he went on to study business management, business law and psychology. Mr. Begraft has created multiple companies in different industries. Mr. Begraft has also Served on the board of Directors of the Crandon Lakes Country Club as the Vice President as well as the Crandon Lakes Association for Property Owners as the President. Mr. Begraft has extensive experience in unique and innovative industries. His recent activities include working with public officials and the New Jersey Legislative assembly to implement procedures and protocols for the State of New Jersey’s Cannabis testing regulations. As an Chief Executive Officer Scott’s skills include Business development Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning, Operations Management, and Strategic Planning. Scott frequently attends Cannabis related events, hearings and meetings at municipal, state and local levels within the cannabis space, and serves as an Advisor to multiple startup companies within the industry. he has devoted himself to the cannabis industry as he sees the medicinal value of cannabis and has a great concern for Public safety & wellness, along with Quality control and regulations currently being defined within the industry.

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Arun Kulkarni

Over 40 year Experienced Industrial Pharmacist, who Founded a multifaceted service organization (10-PhD Associates in Dec 1996) with pharmaceutical consulting in the Regulatory, Compliance, Validation, QA/QC, product development as the principal activity supplemented with cGMP Training Institute. Domestic and international for strategic planning, developing business plans to turn around companies with regulatory, manufacturing / technological problems into successful compliant and a profitable business. Performed due diligence and found appropriate partners for acquisitions, merges, product licensing, contract manufacturing and outsourcing. Filed several successful ANDA’s,carried out Clinical. Submitted Facility (Type I) & Bulk Drug (Type II) DMFs for international clients. Expertise in compliance, auditing, manufacturing processes, validation, Purified Water system. Has helped design the eCTD XML backbone ANNDA submission software. Successfully developed & approved five ANDAs & six products in pipeline. Generic Drug Development laboratories (Product Development, Analytical & Microbiological Testing labs,) with state of the Art modern Analytical instruments.

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Jeff Shapiro
Chief Strategic Adviser

Mr. Shapiro is a cannabis subject matter expert. He has advised and consulted for cannabis businesses as well as local governments and state governments. Mr. Shapiro is the CO-Founder of Tagleaf, Inc. Mr Shapiro provided cannabis expertise to the Pennsylvania State Legislature bipartisan drafting committee that was tasked with writing Pennsylvania’s cannabis laws. Furthermore, he has led teams through successful document review processes and on-site inspections under state licensing programs, particularly in the state of Massachusetts. Mr. Shapiro also has extensive experience in cannabis cultivation. On the west coast, he built and managed a patient-run medical cannabis collective boasting high grade products. In addition to cannabis, Mr. Shapiro is an expert in the similarly highly regulated food industry. He has designed large-scale food production facilities, brought food products to mass market, and served as the Executive Chef in high-end restaurants.

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Arlene Matos
Vice President

B.A. Business Administration, Finance, Executive Director, Director of Operations, Project Manager. Areas of Experience include project management, budgeting, planning, Client relation management, human resources and customer service. 10 + years’ experience.

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David Cunic

David has been involved in the cannabis industry for over five years and he quickly made his mark; he is one of the original pioneers in the toughest testing lab market in the US. David has consulted with many start up cannabis companies helping them grow into today’s cannabis goliaths. He has also worked with several SME’s cannabis executives ensuring and enhancing their success within their respected focus, ranging from testing labs, growers, dispensaries, and numerous ancillary services. A unique aspect of David is his vast knowledge of the rules and regulations regarding cannabis as they vary from state to state, he has worked with companies in over eleven different states. David empowers and educates private investors, rea estate owners, farmers, physicians, and more, on smart and safe ways to get involved in this ever changing sector.

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Gaetano G. Lardieri
Scientific Advisory Board

BA Philosophy, Psychology, Social Work, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ. Solution-Oriented Program/Project Management Professional with a broad spectrum of Healthcare /Oncology experience, conducting clinical trials in the academic/hospital and pharmaceutical settings. Motivational Team leader who generates ideas, energy and action at both the international and sub-team levels. Project Management Certification | Master Project Management, American Academy of Project Mgmt.
Business Management Certification, Becoming a Leader, Jack Welch Management Institute, Chancellor
• Six Sigma Certification, Overview/Lean/Muda Elimination, 6-Sigma USA
• Six Sigma Certification, White Belt, Vector International
• Six Sigma Certification, Green Belt, Vector International
OSHA-10 General Industry Safety Certificate ID 5450_1128196 Advanced Online Solutions

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Where will revenues come from?
Revenue platform is split between multiple platforms which include revenue from Testing Cannabis, Software Licensing, and Advertising
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