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#Blockchain, #Cleantech All projects

CCET Project: Innovative Platform to Save the World

Carbon emissions token. Extend renewable energy and blockchainify carbon emissions to solve problem.

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees19


man Jun Yeon Byun


He graduated from Korea University with degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked in fields of nuclear, thermal, hydro, and solar energy projects across Asia and Middle East for more than 30 years. He was a former vice president of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), a head of Korean Energy Development Organization (KEDO), played a key role in UAE’s power project and also an advisor to Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Currently, he is an advisor at Clearbrook of USA-based investment company.

man Jae Soo Yoo (Paul)

Vice Chairman | Founder & CTO |

He has a master in CDM & Renewable Energy Galileo Master at European Energy Centre and has dedicated during 2 decades as a CDM Specialty Developer and accumulated various experiences including working for a subsidiary agency of UNFCCC. Additionally, he has abundant experience direct or indirect CDM projects in Europe and Southeast Asia and developed the first ever CDM methodology utilizing livestock manure in the world. He possesses several technical patents in reducing greenhouse gas using climatic and suitable environment for the local climate. As the 1st generation of CDM & CERs technology, he has high-end technical scenarios for Big-Grid, Micro-Grid and TTN (Trans-Transport-Network). He is a key person in CDM field with such capabilities, especially in quantifying greenhouse gas reductions and converting it into carbon emission credits.

man Heon Gyun Bang (William)


He has MBAs at KAIST and UPENN and is an expert in developing innovative technologies while offering to the entertainment systems, streaming media and mobile platforms for social media. He was a CFO of Internet Broadcasting System of internet streaming R&D company and a Marketing Director in William Co-Founded Mayer-Bang Production of independent film & distribution company. He was also appointed as a member of Board Directors for UIP-CIC Korea, Inc. of film distribution company. He also established GR Tech in May 2016 which was invented a burner and brazier for utilizing the wasted plastics into energy. After graduation at Wharton School in USA, he has excelled in management over 20 years which is involved in the ITs, environments and green energy industries capable of multi-lingual with Thai and English.

man Jeong Mi Lee (Jaime)


She graduated from Southwark College with BETC Higher National Diploma in Public Service Studies in London of the United Kingdom and has spent the past 7 years as a Chief Administrator of the CDM project in monitoring and supervising and administrative issues. She is a Chief Administrator of the CDM project in Southeast Asia working for interconnecting Micro-Grids to enhance involvement of prosumers in the carbon markets. She is also working for marketing and public relations asan expert analyst in the CDM projects and CERs markets.

man Soon Hyuck Jung (Kenneth)

Executive Director

He has a master in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh, a course aimed at developing a carbon market expert with over 7 years of business experience in the sustainable & renewable energy industries and 3 related degrees. He has also actively involved in “Linking Carbon Market in Energy Sector”, research project of UK-China (Guangdong) in CCUS Centre and market analysis of international carbon offset. He has been working as an advisor for several blockchain start-ups. He is also a panel member at Blockchain Climate Institute (BCI) based in London, UK.


man Wayne Sharpe

Global Exchange Markets | International Emissions Trading Sector |

As a specialist in international carbon credits trading and PM development, he has helped to shape the concept of international and intercontinental transaction method. He is also CEO and Founder of CTX in the UK. He has invented and operated a special platform that is automatically registered to offset by inter-working with ITL of UNFCCC. Also, he invented a technology that unify different carbon credits from all different countries as one unified format so that the credits can be mutually tradable through networks. CPE Cell Co., Ltd. of CCET Project Team has contracted 5 years long exclusivity for the program and platform and he will provide full support for interlocking carbon credit trading, registration methodology and PM.

man Josh Brown

Carbon Trading Exchange | International Emissions Trading Sector |

He is an expert and specialist in UNFCCC-ITL platform for Offset in obligatory carbon credits market. He is also an advisor with business in encryption carbon credits.

man Tuomo Tiitto

Trade Maker International | CDM Project Technology Sector |

With MBA in business management, he has worked as a technical director in OMP group, Finland. As a CERs developer, he has 20 years of technical experience in CDM technology and also he is widely known as Micro-Grid developer. Currently, he is an expert SWAP technologist in renewable energy (node field of Micro-Grid) and in energy delivery system.

man Stefano De Clara

IETA | International Policy Sector |

He is carrying out a part of Policy Initiative and Regulatory Public Relation of IETA (International Emissions Trading Association). He directs international seminars in order to discussing issues of carbon market among countries and continents, and promoting better transaction system to support policy amendment and improvement for efficient and transparent carbon markets.

man Jee Woong Shin, Ph.D.

EAN Technology | Micro-Grid Sector |

He majored in Architecture at Yonsei University, Korea and is an expert in Safety & Design in energy saving and Micro-Grid (buildings, residential house and etc.). He is especially specialized in window system for energy saving and eco-friendly ecological construction of buildings.

Crowdsale details

Details Indicators
Token Symbol CCET
Full Token Name CCET Token
Crowdsale Start September 20th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End October 20th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Domain owner Individual

Cost of the token

10 tokens for 0.00143 $

Price without discounts

Accepted currency

  • Ethereum

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