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Coding Autism: Online coding academy specifically designed for autistic learners

Our mission is to help empower autistics to reach their maximum potential in their careers, studies, and lives
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Oliver E. Thornton
Founder/CEO of Coding Autism

When Oliver was two years old, he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome shortly after his older brother was diagnosed with Autism. Throughout Oliver's adolescent years, he struggled with his speech, making friends, and lacked self confidence in his intelligence and ability to succeed. Through the motivational forces of autism influencers such as Temple Grandin, Oliver transformed his mentality of what it truly meant to be a person on the autism spectrum. With this newly adopted mentality, Oliver drove himself to success in his college years at California Lutheran University (CLU), where he obtained his Real Estate Salesperson License, co-founded CLU's professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, and won CLU's 2016 New Venture Competition. Since Oliver's graduation, Oliver has devoted himself to his real estate representation at Compass in Beverly Hills as well as building up Coding Autism.

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Director of Autism Specificity and Soft Skills

Mellissa’s youngest brother was diagnosed with Asperger’s when Mellissa was 16 years old. Mellissa immediately became involved in her brother’s development through helping with school work, community involvement, and bringing her brother along with her everywhere. Within three years Mellissa knew that she wanted to devote her life in some way to improving the lives of individuals with ASD. Mellissa obtained her B.S. in fitness and wellness and then went on to obtain he M.S. in Developmental Disabilities from Nova Southeastern University. Mellissa took her knowledge and passion gained through personal experience and academics and applied it to helping adults with disabilities find and maintain employment through her work as a certified supported employment specialist and job skills trainer. Mellissa has earned an Autism Specialty professional endorsement from the University of North Texas and a Leadership and Advocacy in Developmental Disabilities professional endorsement from Nova Southeastern University. Mellissa continues to push the possibilities for individuals diagnosed with Autism.

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Ian Earley
Director of Technical Mentorship and Career Counseling

Prior to his role at Coding Autism, Ian was a coding bootcamp graduate of Bottega where he took a mentorship role within the bootcamp to help dozens of other Bottega students successfully complete their programs. In addition to his mentorship for Bottega students, Ian was hired as a software developer for Nikola Motor Inc. where he has worked on various projects from their company website to the onboard systems that power the infotainment program for each vehicle. At heart, Ian wants to become a coding instructor and mentor for students who want to transition their lives into becoming coding professionals, just as he did.

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