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#Blockchain, #Impact Investments All projects

CoTrader: Transparent investment funds marketplace

"The killer blockchain app" that, using smart funds, provides proof of investment fund performance

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees25


man Gary Bernstein


Tracking blockchain since 2011, and is a crypto & ICO investor himself. Gary began working on CoTrader in 2017, when he invented and architected CoTrader's use of zk-SNARKs to perform the combination of functionality he saw as critical to a successful cotrading marketplace. Gary is a serial entrepreneur who's held top technical and executive roles in several ventures. He has over 20 years of software development experience, from applications on real-time operating systems to algo-trading cryptos and digital assets. Computer Science, University of California, Santa Barbara.

man Eliezer Steinbock


Previously the CEO of Draft Fantasy with over 150,000 users, and the popular Ethereum based CryptoFighters.io collectible game, Eliezer has extensive experience as both an entrepreneur and as a full stack and blockchain developer. He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and served as a developer in the Israeli Defence Forces.

man David Benchimol


David has a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and works on the CoTrader platform backend and its integration with the Ethereum blockchain.

man Pasha Kaza


7+ years of experience in DevOps, QA automation and system/network administration. Strong video production and editing skills as well and an artist's eye. Self learner, strong work ethics with a broad systematic view and focus on results. Team player and people’s person, able to work efficiently in dynamic environments. Native speaker of Hebrew, Russian and English.

man Samuel Guigui


With an MBA from the Technion, Samuel heads the business development for CoTrader forging partnerships with other companies in the crypto space.


man Eric Zeng


Eric Zeng advises on algorithmic trading and data science. Recently he helped launch Hywin Capital Management in New York as a Managing Director. He started his career as a researcher in Bell Laboratories and later became senior staff engineer with Harman International. He has held senior positions in Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Millennium specializing in high-frequency trading and quantitative machine learning. He's earned an MS in Yale University and a BS from Tsinghua in Electronic Engineering. He holds two DSP patents.

man Elad Peled


Elad is the CEO of Senno. Senno is a blockchain rewarding work that performs sentiment analysis for crypto. Senno will therefore be able help us with market signal insights. We already share information and lessons during the product development and ICO process itself, and help each other work through strategic decisions with what we find in the market.

man Barak Ben-Ezer


Barak is the Founder & CEO of Neema / SOV, the world's first declared crypto-currency, by law of a UN member nation. This means, according to the IRS in 2014, that the USA and others should not treat it as an asset, but as a currency. That's game-changing. Neema was a Y Combinator company, and Barak is an early blockchain investor. Barak helps us hone our product and message. His company, Neema, shares CoTrader's aim to radically improve the financial freedoms of our respective users. Neema is a financial inclusion mobile app to serve underbanked people worldwide. Barak developed his dual background in both Economics and Computer Science at Columbia University.

man Ori Levi


Ori was Gladius' Head of Marketing, and led Gladius to reach their hardcap. Before founding his own marketing agency, Block51, Ori was a VP at Market Across, another premier boutique ICO PR firm agency. Ori helps CoTrader with all aspects of strategic marketing planning, from events., bounties, token structure, industry connections and more.

man Jimmy Naraine


Jimmy helps us with key branding strategy decisions. Jimmy was an analyst at Goldman Sachs before going on to found COOLifeDesign and become a celebrated and award winning Udemy instructor with 100,000+ students. He excels in personal development and brand messaging coaching. He was formerly a Senior Executive at HR Tech World, where he honed in on his talent in understanding people and their motivations, and has gone on to leadership development at global speaking events.

Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens
  • Crowdsale (20%)
  • MM + Bounty + Air (10%)
  • Operations, 4 years vesting (50%)
  • Team, 4 years vesting (20%)
Budget allocation
  • Development (25%)
  • Marketing (25%)
  • Join Venture (20%)
  • Legal (10%)
  • Administration (10%)
  • Incentive (10%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol COT
Full Token Name CoTrader Token
Crowdsale Start August 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or August 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $10000000
Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, $2000000
Domain owner Individual

Cost of the token

10000 tokens for 0.001 eth

Price without discounts

Accepted currency

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

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Product competitiveness

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Founders, Team & Advisors

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Budget allocation and roadmap

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Token economy, Tokenization & Business model

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Distribution & Lock up of tokens, Discounts for early buyers

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Frequently Asked Questions

At what stage is the project? Is it working?

Yes! CoTrader's MVP is live on the testnet on demo.cotrader.com even before its ICO. Imagine that!

What's the usage value of the token?

The main token utilities of the token relate to staking, fees, profit buy-back, burns, cross-platform interoperability, and shielding fund managers’ investment strategies and portfolio details from their investors.

What will CoTrader do with all those massive platform profits?

The plan is to use all platform profits to buy back CoTrader COT tokens, and burn at least half of them by default. Remaining COT would be held until directed by DAO to be used to progress the platform further.

Does the CoTrader protocol have cross-blockchain support for all smart contract platforms?

Yes! The CoTrader anonymizable smart fund protocol may interoperate on any smart contract supporting platforms from Ethereum, to EOS, NEO, WanChain, Hashgraph and others!

Does CoTrader support all cryptos, and stocks, options, and other derivatives?

Yes! The CoTrader protocol supports all tradable assets whatsoever by automatically tokenizing all assets traded on any exchanges using our smart escrows and master accounts. CoTrader thus supports cryptos, stocks, shorts, options, derivatives and more.

Does CoTrader support onchain ICO trading (without requiring trust and IOUs)?

Yes! CoTrader supports trading ICOs. Smart funds may contain ICOs, which really represent future tokens that the issuer will send or unlock later. Since smart fund shares are also tokenized and tradable, CoTrader is the world's first true onchain ICO trading marketplace!

Does CoTrader support mobile and other non-web access points?

Yes! Mobile is also supported. Any ERC20 token supporting wallet is enough. Whitelabel access of any sort is possible.

Does CoTrader also plan it's own blockchain?

Yes! CoTrader is researching a distributed ledger protocol that would be fast and secure with support for privacy preserving smart contracts without a trusted setup.

Is CoTrader a platform, protocol, infrastructure or marketplace?

Yes! CoTrader is a platform, protocol, super-DEX infrastructure, and investment funds marketplace. It's a platform to launch smart-funds. It's a protocol to extend privacy to any DEX (including our own) and standardize tokenization and compliance. It's an interface into smart funds on our Super-DEX. It's a marketplace for cotraders to consume the investment funds service products of fund managers.