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Crosspays: The Global Marketplace and Social Network

The self-regulating marketplace and social network. Economy justige. Income for everyone.

stage Ended crowdsale

3.1 Rating

by 4 users


    • Employees12



    Technical Director

    Kharkiv Academy named after Zhukovsky (Russia) + Space Academy named after Mozhaisky (Russia) + Tsiolkovsky Aviation Institute (Russia) + Coventry University (England) = rapid development of Crosspays


    Strategic planning, the headmaster

    Analysis, planning, development and implementation of strategic concepts and ideas capable to change the surrounding space



    The head of the Design Department. Guru in the field of graphics: design of the System, animation film, WhitePaper and ICO Crosspays — his hand work


    Chief Financial Officer

    As a successful Chinese venture investor and specialist in the international finances and capital, Wang knows exactly where to invest. Thank you, Wang!


    PR Departament

    Expert in the field of journalism, advertising and internal communications. In this already convinced: JTI, Mars, the agency Brands & Journalists...

    Crowdsale details

    Distribution of tokens
    • Crowdsale (70%)
    • Adversing ICO Crosspays (20%)
    • Team motivation (5%)
    • Reward (5%)
    Budget allocation
    • Development (40%)
    • Markeng (30%)
    • Unforeseen circumstances (20%)
    • Other (10%)
    Details Indicators
    Token Symbol CPS
    Full Token Name CPS token
    Pre-sale Start April 5th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-sale End April 20th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-crowdsale Start May 14th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or June 24th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $50000000
    Pre-crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, $5000000
    Crowdsale Start July 2nd, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or August 5th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $200000000
    Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, $50000000
    Domain registration date 2017-10-20
    Domain owner Privacy protection service - whoisproxy.ru, PO box 99, whoisproxy.ru, Moscow, Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION

    Cost of the token

    1 token for 0.5 $

    Price without discounts


    + Розыгрыш Tesla Model X.
    + 15% токенов на сумму покупки от $15 000
    + 10% токенов на сумму покупки от $1 500
    + Розыгрыш $50 000, $30 000 и $10 000 в токенах CPS
    + Золотая карта Crosspays

    Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
    35% May 14 — 20, 2018
    30% May 21 — 27, 2018
    25% May 28 — June 03, 2018
    20% June 04 — 10, 2018
    15% June 11 — 17, 2018
    10% June 18 — 24, 2018
    Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
    8% July 02 — 08, 2018
    6% July 09 — 15, 2018
    3% July 16 — 22, 2018
    1% July 23 — 29, 2018

    Accepted currency

    • Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin Cash
    • Ethereum
    • Litecoin
    • Other

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    Alexandr Gonchar July 25, 2018
    Rating of project


    The project represents a community of businessmen and consumers united in the world's first self-regulating decentralized global trading space, search systems, economic and social network, covering local and international markets of goods, services and entertainment with a usage of Ethereum blockchain technology. The project offers a unique global service and enables you to earn money with Crosspays community analog support. Crosspays unites all world markets of goods and services in one place and thereby businessmen successfully overcome economic barriers created by monopolies and sell products directly to end users.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The project brings a good idea, but the team is trying to cover too many market sectors by linking them to a decentralized blockchain system and furthermore, as has been said before, all decentralized organizations performed themselves poorly in real markets.


    I think that despite a large number of shortcomings, this project can be interesting for investors in the long term. This project has a lot of ideas and concepts that will be relevant in the future because they can be incomprehensible to consumers right now, but after a while, the project can become very popular.

    Anne Bryn May 13, 2018
    Rating of project


    The video presentation is interesting. The lottery of Tesla cars is planned to occur. Probably the project will attract attention to ICO.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The project aims to occupy all the niches and to involve all the people... I wonder if the team really understands where to start from...


    The team informs us what they want to achieve, but don't say how they plan to do it. Marketing budget is considerable and probably the team will be able to inform the world about their project. But it's not enough. They will also need a reliable business plan.

    Sofia Medda May 08, 2018
    Rating of project


    Many experienced professionals in different fields are involved in the project.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Budget allocation is questionable. Unforseen circumstances and other expenses are 30% of the budget. But this is 60 MIL $. And the whole budget is 200 MIL $. Whereas other projects intend to do the similar things (marketplaces) for much less.


    As I can see this project has no clear goal. I think this is the reason why team plans to raise these huge sums of money not having a proper budget allocation. But I`m not sure it will help. What this project really needs are a good idea and a detailed strategy.

    Jordan Semanda May 07, 2018
    Rating of project


    Many investors holding different cryptocurrencies will be attracted to this project because of the existing opportunity to accept a variety of cryptocurrencies. Investors that would want to profit after a short period of time shall be able to do this once the token is placed on the exchange they sale off the tokens at a high price and get quick profit. A fair share of project development has been considered for future expansion.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The nature in which the bonuses are offered might bring the success of the pre ICO and also bring about the failure of the ICO because les bonuses are offered. There aren't any bounty tokens shown in the token allocation this brings uncertainty o the success for the awareness initiative which is a key requirement.


    Crosspays has a vivid future in the current market of being successful with its funding however it should be noted that strategic creation of awareness to masses is much needed and the success partly depends on it.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Crosspays Community?

    Crosspays is the first self-regulating decentralized global trading marketplace in the world, the search engine, economical and social network encompassing and including local and international B2B, B2C and C2C markets of goods, services and entertainment using blockchain technology Ethereum.

    Crosspays, exactly as Bitcoin, suggests the unique service in the world-wide scale and gives the opportunity to earn money for hundreds million people with analog of mining- support of Crosspays Community.

    - Crosspays unites all the world markets of goods and services in one place, whereby businessmen successfully break economical barriers created by monopolies and deliver their goods directly to the end- users.
    - Consumers and manufacturers get the universal trading marketplace to supply and demand goods and services without necessity of multi-application site working.
    - The users of Community are not to pay the enormous percentage to intermediaries, so they get the opportunity of direct delivering and accepting various services, such as taxi, logistics, real estate lending and renting and thousands of others.
    - The Crosspays Community Members receive income from the giant profits of corporations selling advertisements in the Internet and earn in the Crosspays community in hundreds of ways, doing the usual for themselves actions.
    The Crosspays community opens up really unlimited opportunities to the Users in the field of sell and purchase, exchange, communication, consuming goods and services for any kinds of crypto and fiat money, and also the possibility to earn money in this system using different methods and getting income from the life of the Community.

    Through the structure of markets, Crosspays would absorb the target core of audience of large corporations which earn hundreds million dollars on advertising and automatically redistribute the income in the direction of Crosspays Community Users.

    The Users of Crosspays Community would distribute and range the categories of goods and services, ads, participate in deals, moderate the system getting grants in CPS Tokens, and one of most important aspects — they directly deliver different services to themselves without enormous commission payments!

    In fact, Crosspays and the Users of the Community would abolish the monopolies of large companies, transnational corporations and intermediaries which have conquered the markets of taxi services, estate rent and lending, travel, work and many others!

    Unlike other trading systems and social networks that belong to corporations and consider end- users as a cash cow, the team of Crosspays chooses the way of financial justice. That is why since the moment of ICO start, Crosspays would automatically share the billions income with its Users in various ways. Ever. We hope on your support and help!

    What is the uniqueness of the CPS token?

    The economic value of a digital or fiat currency depends on two components: demand, driven by uniqueness and supply- when the number of coins is limited.

    Crosspays, exactly as Bitcoin, suggests the unique service in the world-wide scale and gives the opportunity to earn money for hundreds million people with analog of mining- support of Crosspays Community.

    In the global trading system Crosspays, users can use any crypto-currencies and fiat funds. But only the CPS token can be used for calculations inside the system, transaction fees, rewards to users online and offline.

    The uniqueness of the Crosspays token- CPS over other narrowly segmented crypto-currencies is that CPS token is constantly used in thousands of different, rather than one or more economic transactions.

    Demand for a CPS token is growing dynamically due to the need of users to constantly use it or earn in the Crosspays Community, this automatically increases the capitalization of the CPS token.

    Since the number of CPS tokens is limited and no additional tokens are released, Crosspays additionally generates demand for a token, buying its own tokens for settlement with Community Users.

    In fact, the Crosspays Community acts as a huge mining pool, in which users do not need to have deep knowledge of IT and their own expensive equipment. Anyone who has a smartphone or computer can earn, spend or sell a CPS token on exchanges.

    How to buy a Crosspays token here and now?

    During ICO, you can purchase CROSSPAYS tokens only in your account at www.crosspays.com We made the process of purchasing CPS tokens intuitive, easy and simple.

    Tesla Model X, prize CPS tokens and Bounty

    From the very beginning of its development, Crosspays uses a new economic model based on the Mutual Benefit Concept, therefore a part of the collected funds and CPS tokens from the Crosspays advertising fund will be directed towards the new friends of the Community. This step will allow Crosspays to attract additional attention to the ICO, and the new Community Users will have an opportunity not only to win valuable prizes, but also to earn CPS tokens. For the first time of crowdfunding campaigns and ICO, Crosspays raffles 3 cars Tesla Model X, as well as prizes in cryptocurrency!

    Win Tesla Model X!
    Two Tesla Model X cars or equivalent of their value ($ 150,000) in any cryptocurrency will be held among the ICO Crosspays participants who participated in the Crosspays Community Support Campaign at PRESALE and ICO stages. Attention! The lottery of Tesla cars will occur only when the Soft Cap stages of the ICO are reached.

    To take part in the lottery, please fulfill the following terms:

    Buy CPS Tokens in your personal account at www.crosspays.com
    At least once, show any positive activity towards your beloved Community - post, repost, retweet, mentioning of Crosspays on your YouTube channel, comments in blogs, forums, any social and media networks, in the account of representatives of monopolies and intermediaries, blog article, etc. In general, all that you think to be necessary.
    Be sure to record your activity in the Personal Area on the Crosspays website in the "Activities" section.
    Within a week after the completion of the ICO phase, the Winner will be determined randomly by the automatic program. The Crosspays team will contact to you directly to award the Prize. The winner is obliged to publicly provide with the evidence of receipt of the prize.

    Prize CPS tokens
    In addition, during each of the ICO stages (Private presale, PRESALE, and ICO), three prizes in CPS tokens (equivalent to $ 50,000, $ 30,000 and $ 10,000) will be raffled among the 1,000 most active supporting campaign participants of Crosspays. To take part in the lottery, fulfill the following terms:

    Buy CPS tokens in your personal account at http://www.crosspays.com
    Subscribe to the official Crosspays accounts in social networks: twitter.com/crosspays, fb.com/crosspays and the group in Telegram - t.me/crosspays before the end of the ICO.
    In your account on the Crosspays website in the "Accounts" section confirm your account in Telegram, Facebook or Twitter.
    During the ICO phase, make at least three reposts and retweets from the official Crosspays page in twitter or facebook with the #crosspays tag.
    As often as possible, show any positive activity in relation to our beloved Community in Telegram, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Vkontakte, Medium, Reddit, Livejournal and in any other social and media networks. Each constructive post, repost, retweet, mentioning of Crosspays, for example, on the YouTube channel, comments in blogs, forums, any social and media networks, in the account of representatives of monopolies and intermediaries, article in the blog, etc. increases your chances to win. Do not use spam.
    Be sure to record your activity in your personal account on the Crosspays website in the "Activities" section.
    Within a week of completion of the ICO phase, the Crosspays team will select the Winner basing on a system analysis of activity statistics: the number and quality of Users actions aimed to support the Crosspays Community during the ICO phase. Crosspays will contact you directly to award the Prize. The winner is obliged to publicly provide with the evidence of receipt of the prize.

    The terms of the Tesla Model X lottery and prizes in the CPS tokens for participants of the Crypto community will be published on the website www.bitcointalk.org, the actual raffle will take place immediately after the completion of the ICO.

    Why is not Crosspays a regular fraud?

    The idea and architecture of Crosspays are described in details in Whitepaper and Presentation.
    The content is shown in Video.
    The demo of the MVP version of Crosspays is available here.
    The smart contract code is available in the GitHub repository.
    In April, a press conference for journalists will be held.
    Bounty campaign on Bitcointalk.org has begun!
    At the moment, the Crosspays system is being actively developed.
    What is the fundamental difference between Crosspays and competitors?
    Crosspays is a complete concept of a self-regulating multinational economic system based on the Idea of Economic Justice and Mutual Benefits. Please read carefully Whitepaper and you will understand that the Crosspays Community has no competitors.

    How does Crosspays make money?
    Crosspays earns as well as the largest search engines, exchanges, social networks and trading platforms. Only Crosspays, due to Blockchain, automatically directs part of the profit to the income of the members of the Community and distributes it among them, depending on the degree of activity in the Community.

    Why will the CPS token grow?
    The number of users and calculations in Crosspays grows, and since the number of CPS tokens is limited and additional tokens are not released, the capitalization of the CPS token increases. Additionally, Crosspays generates demand for a token, buying its own tokens on the exchanges in automatic mode at the most favorable rate for settlement with Community Users.

    Is there a release of CPS tokens in the future?
    The release of CPS tokens is limited. Additional emission is not provided.

    What are B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B?
    Crosspays uses all major economic models for the sale of goods or services:

    B2B or business - businesses focused on the sale of products or services to other companies.
    B2C or business-to-consumer is a type of commercial transaction in which enterprises sell products or services to consumers.
    C2C or consumer-to-consumer is a business model that facilitates the movement of goods or services between customers.
    C2B or consumer-business - enterprises reward consumers for some services, for example, providing data for marketing analysis of the company.
    Which consensus algorithm is your currency made on?
    Currently, the CPS tokens use the Ethereum Consensus algorithm - Proof-of-work (POW).

    How do you plan to solve the scalability problems in Ethereum, as well as the rising fees?
    At the moment, the most optimal Blockchain platform for running Crosspays.com services is Ethereum. In case of a scalability problem, Crosspays will complain to Vitalik Buterin and if the problem is not solved, the Community will switch to any other block chain using Smart contracts or create its own.

    For which countries will Crosspays make localization first?
    For countries with the largest gross national product.