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#Blockchain All projects

Cryptocup: The first Blockchain World Cup

The World Cup prediction game in the blockchain. Players are able to build their own tokens by setting their predictions

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees9


man Federico Goldberg

Project Lead

Federico has a degree in Industrial Engineering, he worked for a cargo airline company for 6 years in the US and discovered the cryptocurrency world in 2015. Since then he quit his 9 to 5 job to launch his own startup and dedicate more time to blockchain projects. Goldberg loves football and has attended 2 world cups (South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014). He won the betting tournament at his office for the 2014 world cup thus earning 1500 usd.

man Martin Nagelberg

Blockchain engineer

Martin is currently finishing his degree in Software Engineering. Along with Nicolas they launched a software company.
Nagelberg discovered Bitcoin in 2015 and soon become an enthusiast, since then he has been helping new people understand blockchain.
Got tickets to the 2014 World Cup by creating an autobuy bot.

man Nicolás D'Onofrio

Blockchain engineer

Nicolas is completing his degree in Software Engineering. He co-founded a software company with Martin. Nicolás got into crypto in 2015 and has always been into cybersecurity. Nicolás attended his first world cup at only 5 years old (France 1989) and then again in Brazil in 2014. Got his name because his father was a fan of Nicolás Anelka.


man David García


Serial StartUp Entrepreneur. He is the current SVP and Co Founder of BitPagos, the leading bitcoin company in South America. Managing Partner at CAF (Crypto Assets Fund), the biggest cryptofund in LATAM.

man Lucas Verra


Verra has been a Bitcoin enthusiast since 2016. He left his 9 to 5 job to build a startup which is currently working with AirFrance. Right now Lucas is adapting blockchain to different types of businesses.

man Pablo Yabo


Pablo began working in the computer security field in 1997. Since then he has been responsible for designing a variety of security-related products and leading product development teams, first at Core Security Technologies and later at Nektra Advanced Computing which he co-founded with Sebastian Raul Wain in 2003.

man Julian Alterini


Motion Designer at Lisk. Discovered Bitcoin in 2016. childhood going to the stadium and trying to rescue Peach on his Gameboy. Almost an Ambassador, he lived in BsAs, Gold Coast, Melbourne and currently Berlin.

man Santiago Siri


Serial Entrepreneur. Democracy Earth Founder and YC alumni.
Chosen as Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum.
Football and World Cup Fan.

Crowdsale details

Details Indicators
Full Token Name CryptoCup token
Crowdsale Start May 10th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End June 13th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Domain registration date 2018-01-16
Domain owner Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC

Cost of the token

1 token for 0.27 eth

Price without discounts


The price structure is
Week 1: 0.08 ETH
Week 2: 0.14 ETH
Week 3: 0.21 ETH
Week 4: 0.27 ETH
*Prices may slightly vary when sale starts

Accepted currency

  • Ethereum

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What do I need to play Cryptocup?

Use a computer with Chrome or Firefox
Install Metamask
Get ethereum to fund the wallet

How do I install Metamask?

To play Cryptocup you will need to install Metamask and send ETH to the digital wallet.
When installing, keep your seed words in a piece of paper and set a strong password and write it down on a piece of paper.
You are dealing with ETH which have value, so please do not store passwords and seed words on your computer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NS8rLZVhlv4

Metamask is locked, what is going on?

Sometimes, Metamask locks automatically after a period of time. Just click unlock on the Metamask addon and enter your password

How Can I buy Ethereum?

Check your local exchange to buy ETH and then transfer them to your Metamask wallet.


What is Cryptocup?

Cryptocup is a World Cup prediction game with ERC 721 token.

How does Cryptocup works?

Cryptocup is a game based on the prediction of the World Cup matches result in the Ethereum blockchain.
Each participant will earn points depending on his predictions and the winners (top positions) will win a percentage of the accrued pot.

How much is the ticket price to participate?

The price structure is
Week 1: 0.08 ETH
Week 2: 0.14 ETH
Week 3: 0.21 ETH
Week 4: 0.27 ETH
*Prices may slightly vary when sale starts

How do I know I won the game?

When sending your ETH to the smart contract and fill out your predictions, you will receive a ERC721 token.
During the World Cup, there will be a webpage where to check the standings of each token.

What happens in case of draw?

Although each token is unique as it is a ERC721, which means that every player has different predictions,
there's a chance of a draw at the end of the game. In case of a draw, prize will be split.

Are winners the only ones to be rewarded?

Plese click here por the payouts structure.

How do I accumulate points during the World Cup?

You will earn points by predicting the winner of each match, the results of the group stage and there are a few bonus points predicting the number of Yellow and Red cards.

Is there a presale?

No, there will be no presale. But sale will open May 10th

When are you launching the game?

We are working on the Smart Contract audit and the prize allocations. Sale will start on May 10th and will last 4 weeks till the World Cup begins
Testnet launches on Sunday 8th April

When are you distributing the prize?

Prize allocations will be distributed on July 23rd.
Players holding the winning tokens will redeem the prize through the Smart Contract

How much is the prize pot?

Prize pot will increase each time a ticket is sold. We kindly ask you once you participate to help us promote the game to increase the pot.


Can I sell my token once the World Cup begins?

An exchange will be available for you to sell your token during the World Cup.
Market will determine how much a token is worth.

What is the right price to sell/buy a token?

There is not a right price. Market will determine the price of the token.Actually, you should set a price taking into consideration the prize pool, your current points and your future predictions

Are you charging a fee for buying/selling in the secondary market?

Yes. 5% commission fee is taken from the transaction which goes directly to the prize pool.


Can I participate with an exchange address?

Game is played through metamask, so you can't play from an exchange address

Can I use credit card to play?

No, only with ETH. You can buy ETH on a local exchange on your country.

Can I play on my phone?

We work with Metamask which is not possible to run on your phone. You need a computer or laptop to play

How are you making money?

We are taking 25% from the total pot prize to pay for expenses.
When operating the exchange, each transaction has a 5% fee.
Fee goes directly to the pot.

Why is it so difficult to play?

Cryptocup is a blockchain game. As it is a complete new technology, it can take some time till everybody understands.

Is this a Scam?

No, it is not. We worked extremely hard to build an amazing game. Our names, linkedin profile,
audit company is revealed for any player to check our real identities.
We are also banned to participate as part of the team.

Can I contact the Cryptocup Team?

Sure! Send us an email to [email protected]
You can also reach us through our Linkedin profiles and other communication channels such as Telegram, Discord, etc.