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An opportunity for everyone to contribute to green initiatives and projects while maintaining control over their funds
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Dr. Jon Gruda
Founder, Chief Strategist

With a background in management research as well as professional experience in start-ups, Jon Gruda is one of our founders. Jon brought us all together here at LEAF: from Germany to India to the Middle East; he holds a truly international and cosmopolitan mindset.

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Thomas Dierckx
Co-Founder, CTO

When it comes to tech and all tech aspects, we trust in Thomas, our go-to-technical-lead. A computer scientist and blockchain developer in mind, spirit and at heart, he knows everything about the technological revolution that is blockchain! Happy to have you onboard Thomas!

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Arnaud Feron
Co-Founder, COO

Arnaud is a trained chemical engineer with over 14 years of professional experience in industrial project management in France and China. Having recently completed his MBA at IE Business School he is looking for a new challenge. We’re very happy to welcome him onboard!

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Uta Gruda
Par tner, Chief of Projects

Coming from the IT sector, Uta has gained a lot of start-up experience. Her own company, GCCGBI, has been in charge of conducting investment promotion and consulting for almost a decade now. Her vast experience in consulting and the start-up scene is key to our project development.

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Dennis Vangenechten
Digital Marketing

Dennis has been studying commercial communication with an interest in IT and marketing for quite some time. Experienced with designing and creative processes from arts school and following an initiative supported by Google sparked his interest in online marketing. He now works at a better and greener tomorrow.

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Stephen Trayno
CCO, Legal Exper t

A pioneer in his field, Stephen brings legal expertise to the Blockchain space. Whilst attaining his BCL and LLM degrees in law, Stephen has worked with some of Ireland’s best FinTech, Crowdsourcing, and Data Protection lawyers. Stephen’s depth of knowledge across the legal and crypto sphere will be invaluable to the cryptoLeaf team going forward. Welcome on board Stephen.

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Solidity Developer

A young Irish innovational figure in the blockchain industry. Samuel has an intrinsic knowledge of Ethereum’s Smart Contract IDE along with skillsets to construct client-side applications in React.JS. Having gained previous experience working with Reddcoin and Samuel has strong motives of integrity and determination to get the job done.

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Miikka is our Strategic Marketing Advisor, as well as ICO Bench ranked advisor. He is a founder of and websites. He is an experienced marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working and executing projects in the internet industry projects relating to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), investments both VC and angel investments, E-commerce Optimization, Sales, Initial Coin Offerings, Crypto Currencies and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. He has his own internet marketing company Triplex Trading OU, which specialized in highly targeted SEO based affiliate marketing in the financial space and has grown exponentially in the last few years.

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