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Digital Degree: Decentralized education platform

Provides variety of online courses for the students
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Christopher T. Gray
Master of Information Technology and author of several publications related to the IT project management. More than 12 years of experience of working in the IT industry, including management of IT projects, system analysis. He has key experience in the interaction with blockchain technology.
Ernesto H. Spalding
Ernesto is Investor in stock market since last 15+ years. Winner of Best Innovative Start-up awards in 2016 by the National Research Foundation at Singapore. Ernesto is the member of many cryptocurrency Union.
Eric Sisk
Chief Technology Officer(CTO)
Eric is CTO and well established senior blockchain developer of smart contract. He sets the platform’s strategic direction and future growth. He is software engineer with more than 8 years of experience and Eric has developed many blockchain smart contracts. He has been involved in variety of software projects dealing with crypto currency payment gateways.
Kathy J. Turner
Marketing Manager
Kathy has more than 4 years’ experience in online marketing and social media marketing as well. She has run and manage many digital marketing projects in online service industry. Kathy has experience in organizing and managing community events and startup & entrepreneurial initiatives.
Gloria I Kim
Gloria is a professional designer and currently contributors with graphic and web design. She has years of experience as a freelance artist and strives to incorporate her artist vision into her professional life.
Mark D. Clemens
Lead Blockchain Developer
Mark is working as lead blockchain developer since last 10+ years. He is an experienced full-stack developer with a penchant for helping emerging technology companies design, develop and launch their products under demanding timeline.
Michael L. Barley
Chief System Engineer
Michael Barley has a doctorate in System Engineering with an emphasis on optimization and control of decentralized systems. He is experienced with applying data to business decision-marking applications.
Ralph J. Thompson
Software Developer
Ralph Thompson is an experienced full-stack developer in various industry more than 6 years. He is passionate problem solver and technology enthusiast. He is working on many web and mobile application with several projects.
Amber E. Fahey
Senior Advisor
Amber is project management and organizational innovation specialist. Amber has 6+ years of experience as a project manager in various blockchain projects including smart contracts.
Kelly R. Todd
Blockchain Advisor
Kelly Todd has huge experience in blockchain technology. He has worked with many blockchain projects and implementation of technology solutions in B2B applications.
Ronald P. Murphy
Blockchain Advisor
Ronald is working as blockchain advisor since last 5+ years. He has experienced with blockchain based identity management systems. He is also experienced with IT infrastructures, architecture and cyber security.
Kristi E. Taylor
Finance Advisor
Kristi has 8+ years’ experience in banking and finance department. She has working on strategic projects for processes improvement and automation as well as lending operational outputs. She is passionate about bringing a bright future for the education and mastery of the Generations.
Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens

Crowdsale (70%)
Bounty/referral (5%)
Team (10%)
Reserved (15%)

Budget allocation

Platform Development (40%)
Sales & Marketing (20%)
Course & Job Portal Development (20%)
Operational (10%)
Reserved (10%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol
Full Token Name
DD Coin Token
Pre-ICO Start
August 15th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Pre-ICO End
August 29th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
ICO Start
September 5th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Hard cap is reached or October 10th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
ICO Hard Cap
Fixed, $80000000
ICO Soft Cap
Yes, $30000000
Domain owner
Cost of the token
Price without discounts
1 token for 0.09 $
Discounts and Bonuses


Discount Dates Subject to a purchase or investment of
22% August 15 — 29, 2018
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Budget allocation and roadmap
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Advantages of the project
Risks and disadvantages of the project
Jordan Semanda
August 13, 2018
Advantages: The CEO of the project has prior expirence and has expirence in establishing startup ventures in a compititve market this makes the project highly profitable. Bounties and referrals are very important and will be partly responsible for the awareness program
Risks and disadvantages: The team has a relatively low number of tokens they are holding and this shall affect the authenticity of this project especially now that the market is filled with allot of uncertainty and increased scum.
Comments: More detailed and short descriptive documents can be attached to the platform so that the investors can be able to peruse threw it without getting deep into information they might not need.
Denys Serhiichuk
August 09, 2018
Advantages: The team has active accounts on Linkedin, which is a positive sign for the project. Thus, there is a system of bonuses, where investors can get more tokens, if they invest at the early stage of the tokensale.
Risks and disadvantages: 15 % of all tokens from the pool are kept for the reserve. It could be better, if that index was smaller. In that case, It would be difficult for the founders to influence the token rate. In addition, there is no information about the partners. What is more important is the lack of the working product. Roadmap has only 4 steps of platform development.
Comments: Overall, I have not seen any advantages of Digital-Degree over other existing projects aimed at education, like Corsera, Edex and others. Those projects are more popular, so it would be difficult for the following platform to succeed.
William Anderson
August 08, 2018
Advantages: This start up is very compititve, offering education services in the filled of crypto currency is a good move to bring awareness to masses about this ever growing market. People with expirence will be offering formidable assistance through lessons to the community members. The benifits to be obtained are many especially because of the distributed investment opportunities.
Risks and disadvantages: This project cannt be highly anticipated because of the increased market uncertainty remarkable results in form of traction have to be obtained before many people pick up on this digital degree
Comments: The chances that many people will be interested are high because of the need for people to know more about the details and specifics of the block chain and crypto currency associated topics which include mining trading and proper investing.
Anne Bryn
August 06, 2018
Advantages: DD token will be the only means of payment on the platform. The variety of courses which will be available on the platform is presented on the website.
Risks and disadvantages: The startup tries to promote itself, we can see that there are several publications in press. But there are much more things to be done. I didn't find information if the startup participates in conferentions, activity on social media is low, no events are planned.
Comments: Combination of blockchain and educational services is a promising solution. And this is a specialized platform, which focuses on providing service for people who want to get knowledge on blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. I think we can expect that it will be high quality solution in this specific sphere. Unfortunately marketing and promotion are not the key strengths.
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What payment method do you accept?
We accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payment option to buy the DDCoin.
How do I make more money with DDCoin?
Using DDCoin one can complete the online courses on Digital Degree platform and get the certificate. This certificate is valid for getting job in various profile and earn money.
How can I get DDCoin?
You can participate in Digital Degree token sale program and buy the DDCoin with bitcoin and ethereum payment option.
When DDCoin will be distributed?
Once the DDCoin ico is completed, you will able to claim your DDCoin in your wallet. Mean While you can see your DDCoin in the dashboard of DDCoin official website.
Where should I send my funds?
You only need to send your funds in DDCoin official tokensale platform. Please do not send any amount at any other platform.
Where I can use DDCoin?
You can purchase any course available on Digital Degree platform with your DDCoin. You can also trade your DDCoin in future in various exchange.
How Digital Degree is different apart from BitDegree and Odam?
Digital Degree is not only providing a online course or tutorial. We ensure our candidate to complete our online course and get a certificate provided by Digital Degree. This certificate is verified by blockchain technology and can be use to get job based on your skill.
What will be the fees of certification?
Each certificate will be different based on the different course. Digital Degree provides many courses in various technology and fees for that course may be different. You can check the fees on digital degree course platform.
How I can get the job?
We will create a platform for companies where job providers can list out their business requirement. A business owner can contact directly to the certified professionals through the digital degree business platform and you can get job based on your skill.
3.1 Ended ICO
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