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dock.io: decentralized data exchange protocol

The dock.io protocol is an open network revolutionizing how apps access user data and communicate with one another

stage Ended crowdsale

4.4 Rating

by 9 users


    • Employees12


    man Nick Macario


    Nick is a multi-time founder and technology executive with an exit. His previous company was branded.me, a professional networking site which grew to millions of users and was recognized for many awards and publications.

    man Elina Cadouri


    Elina is a multi-time founder and veteran marketplace operator. Her previous company was Outsource.com, a freelance marketplace transacting tens of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue.

    man Stenli Duka


    Stenli is a seasoned full-stack engineer and has led
    multiple teams. His passion is machine learning, natural language processing and complex algorithms. He previously spent time at Motive Metrics as the Director of Engineering.

    man Evgeniy Zabolotniy

    Lead Blockchain Engineer

    Evgeniy brings over 10 years of experience as a systems architect, developer and security specialist. Previously he worked with Nick at branded.me as part of the founding team, and has been a core team member for over 3 years.

    man Todd Scheuring

    Head of Design

    Todd brings over 10 years of design and interactive development experience. Prior to dock.io, he was a senior UX designer for Honeybook and led design for the network and growth teams


    man Avish Bhama

    Strategy advisor

    Founder and ceo, sonia.ai

    man Charlie Shrem

    Strategy advisor

    Bitcoin Pioneer & Founding member at Bitcoin Foundation

    man Christopher Heymann

    Technical advisor

    Advisor to: Request Network, Apex, FundRequest

    man Lasse Clausen

    Fundraising advisor

    Advisor to: Request Network, Apex, FundRequest

    man Lester Lim


    Advisor to: Selfkey, Coinfi, Ink Protocol


    Crowdsale details

    Distribution of tokens
    • Token Sale (30)
    • Ecosystem Incentivization (30)
    • Team (2 year vest) (20)
    • Cold Storage (2 year lock) (10)
    • Investors (6)
    • Advisors (2 year vest) (4)
    Details Indicators
    Token Symbol DOCK
    Full Token Name DOCK Token
    Crowdsale Start February 21st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or February 28th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $20000000
    Domain registration date 2011-02-25
    Domain owner Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC

    Cost of the token

    1 token for 0.07 $

    Price without discounts

    Accepted currency

    • Ethereum
    • Fiat

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    Relevance of the problem and Market size

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    Rate the project by other users

    Phil Zander April 06, 2018
    Rating of project


    Risks and disadvantages


    Xiuli Wang April 05, 2018
    Rating of project


    Risks and disadvantages


    Lisa Dominguez April 05, 2018
    Rating of project


    Risks and disadvantages


    Natsumi Iwata April 05, 2018
    Rating of project


    Risks and disadvantages


    Kate Konovalova March 31, 2018
    Rating of project


    The project already has an implementation, and the team consists of professional people. It will be possible to manage your data safely and conveniently.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Will the revenue be high, since there is no innovative idea, and you should immediately attract both users and applications.


    A clear model of tokenization, with its token DOCK. I think the project will be able to be competitive in this area.

    Denys Serhiichuk March 28, 2018
    Rating of project


    The team is experienced one. They have already alpha version and agreements with the following partners:Remote.com, FundRequest and SmartRecruiters, which is a good sign.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The Dock protocol is a two-way market (applications and users). If the protocol can not quickly attract users from both sides, the effect of the network will be reduced.


    Although the idea of the project is not new in the professional industry, I believe that the team is well prepared to fulfill the vision of the project and lead the project to success.

    Leysan Gilfanova March 20, 2018
    Rating of project


    It`s good to see a successful and experienced team on board.
    The working version of a product is already available.
    The concept of cross-profile management is simple and effective.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Goals of this project aren`t very huge, so one shouldn`t imagine significant income.


    It is very assuring that the working version of the app already exists.
    The modern professionals would appreciate an opportunity to centralize and safely manage their data.
    Personally, I don`t see any problem with the team that runs 2 projects at one time - that says a lot about their competence.

    Veronika Arbisman March 19, 2018
    Rating of project


    Was created to connect people profiles, reputations, experiences with privacy and security. Main aim of the platform is providing solutions for "data hoarding". Reduce lost opportunities as information is updated in case of uploading it even in other platforms. Helps to keep data and its sharing under control. Information is controlled only by user. No cost to use it , more over it provides possibility of earning by inviting other users.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Diminishing of network effect in case of non attraction users from both sides.


    Besides, holders can introduce proposals and vote on the future development road-map. Team already have experience of working together on other projects and platforms in relevant area. Good token valuation. Confident "Yes".

    James Young March 16, 2018
    Rating of project


    So impressive project and I am very enthusiastic about that. Sort of Global Active Directory based on the blockchain with less encryption where possible.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The key risk would be a transmission of non-encrypted data across the network, so comprehensive explanation needs to be provided for end users.


    There is a lot of hard work ahead but I convinced the Team should be fine.

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    Will there be a token sale?

    Yup! You can read about the details here, but here’s a brief summary:

    1. Token sale date: February 21st

    2. Whitelist date: Opens Feb 8th (KYC required). Check the dock.io website. You’ll need a gov’t issued document which will be encrypted when you submit it.

    3. Token distribution: Within 30 days of the Token sale

    4. Who can participate in the Token sale? China and Hong Kong are the only regions that are restricted from participating.

    5. How many tokens will be created? 1 billion.

    6. Is there private presale? Yes but it is closed now.

    7. Is there a minimum or maximum cap for the Token sale? Yes. It will be determined after the whitelist.

    8. What is the price per token for the Token sale? $0.07 per token.

    9. Is there an airdrop? Yup. https://dock.io/airdrop

    How will the token(DOCK) be used?


    Token holders can introduce new proposals and vote on the future development roadmap of the protocol.

    Govern data transfer:

    Tokens are required for applications to pull data from the protocol.
    Tokens are rewarded when applications push data to the protocol, and the data is accepted by other applications in the network.
    Tokens will be burned when multiple platforms request the same data.

    Why is a token necessary?

    The DOCK token allows us to provide a decentralized governance, as the token prevents spam or gaming of the network, as well as rewarding validated participation. The DOCK token also provides further decentralization by using voting to introduce new proposals and vote on the future of DOCK development.

    How will this help people?

    The dock protocol will empower people all over the world to become more successful on the web and truly own their information. All information about a person can now be connected across the web seamlessly at the full control of the user. Earning a credential, updating a work experience, adding a connection — all of these pieces of information can be updated seamlessly across the web, with complete control of data. This is currently not possible as platforms restrict access to your information — the dock protocol will change this.

    What is the state of development?

    Our team has been building solutions in this space for several years, which gives us a big advantage. We are making excellent progress on the dock protocol.

    The dock app will be announced and deployed in early January 2018. The dock app will be one of many apps living in the ecosystem and an early catalyst for large scale user adoption.

    How will the dock protocol manage my data?

    All data is by default encrypted and only decrypted by the parties exchanging the data. The user is the only one with ability to access or decrypt data to share it with applications, unless they authorize an application to have this ability.

    Data is stored off-chain via the IPFS Network and accessed through a hash. This decision was made to avoid congestion of the Ethereum network and to provide a more scalable solution.

    What type of apps will be integrated with the dock protocol?

    The dock protocol is extendible beyond apps that exist today, and will be used for many new platforms in the future. Common use cases today are:

    Job boards: job applications require resume/cv data
    Professional networks: connections and contacts are the core of the network
    Freelance marketplaces: job history and reviews dictate hires
    Application tracking systems: job seeker information is collected and served to companies hiring through these platforms
    HR solutions: employee information is standard across these apps
    eLearning platforms: any site you can complete a course, certificate or skill assessment.