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#Blockchain, #Healthcare All projects

EarthCycle: an international decentralized resource pool for positive change businesses

EarthCycle Coin is backed by business revenues in a way that gives this currency an exponential growth rate without speculation

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees15


man Dakota Kaiser

Center Coordinator

Dakota Kaiser is a humanitarian blockchain activist, a business and technical director, and a founder and architect of 8 decentralized autonomous organizations. He works with and employs a team of 45 dedicated professionals and partners working on a variety of projects. More information on his employees at the bottom of this bio.

Dakota believes that through combining blockchain voting technology with intentional communities and green cooperative businesses we can effectively create a paradigm shift from a planetary culture of scarcity, pollution, and poverty to a global culture of abundance, health, and peace.

Dakota began serving Intentional Communities in 2007. The first 40 communities he served were all urban communities located inside of the greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area. After 5 years of service Dakota moved upwards to Oregon and began serving Rural Communities for another 4 years. During his 9 years of service to intentional communities Dakota learned about every aspect and element of community. From culture, to communication, farming, homesteading, construction, agriculture, business and politics.

While traveling to and serving communities, in 2012 Dakota started the Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty (ToAS for short). A decentralized autonomous network of intentional communities. Over the years the ToAS grew to include nearly 200 intentional communities across the world.

In 2015 Dakota started the Permaculture Action Guild (PAG for short), A Decentralized Autonomous Organization that specializes in offering intentional community land development services. From natural and commercial construction, to permaculture food forestry and traditional large-scale agriculture. In the year of 2016 PAG employed over 100 people while developing two commercial ecovillages in Bakersfield California and Glendale Oregon.

The majority of profits from PAG went into developing the Awakening Sovereignty Collective (ASC for short); a DAO investment hive-mind hedge fund dedicated to funding humanitarian businesses that were creating positive systemic change. The ASC in turn funded Sovereign Technologies Acquisition and Development Agency (STADA for short), a DAO dedicated to acquiring and developing technologies for the benefit of humankind. Over the course of 4 years STADA developed a software intelligence system capable of replicating human behavior in a way that is indistinguishable from a live human operator. This technology was and is used to promote the ToAS, the ASC, the Earth Nation, and several other paradigm shift organizations.

In 2017, While working as a community leader/foremen for the Circle of Children and New Haven community networks, Dakota founded the Earth Nation (EN for short). A DAO alliance dedicated to connecting and empowering paradigm shift organizations across the planet. The EN grew to include leaders from 20 world changing organizations included Ubuntu, the Conscious Media Coalition, Numundo, the Guardian Alliance, Noomap, S-7, Astralship, Terra Frutis, COEO, and more.

In 2018 Dakota teamed up with several large green/humanitarian business owners to launch the EarthCycle Coin.

Following are partners and employees Dakota works directly with on a regular basis.

Paul Dean. Cofounder of Equality Keys and the Earth Nation Ava Intentional Community Network. Dakota and Paul work together closely on a multitude of projects.

Jay Kaiser. Founder of Terra Frutis and Rawtopia, Two intentional community networks in Central and South America. Jay and Dakota work together closely to develop and expand the EN Community Networks.

Prism Pantaz. A director of a web development agency employing graphic design artists. Prism works with Dakota to implement graphics for the Earth Nation and associated projects.

Andy. An animation studio director called happy trails that frequently works for disney and marvel comics. Andy and his team of 6 top-end artists develop custom animations for EN Projects.

Donovan Guerra. A talented writer that creates content for EN organizations on behalf of Dakota.

Lila Star. One of Dakota’s main partners in the EN. Lila and Dakota work closely together to coordinate a combined team of about 50 employees.

Charles Taylor. A network security specialist and co-owner of a internet providing corporation based out of Florida. Charles works with Dakota to develop, manage, and protect STADA’s and EN’s software systems.

Michal Stefanow. A programmer specializing in blockchain technology. Michal consults with Dakota on all things blockchain related.

Jon Caldwell. A financial specialist. Jon works with Dakota to obtain credit based financing for EN people and projects.

Lucinda Loves. A temple priestess and healer. Lucinda works with Dakota in creating sound healing temple spaces at events the Earth Nation attends or promotes.

Teahna Kaiee. A writer and coordinator of the EN’s writer’s guild. Teahna trains and facilitates writers creating content for EN Projects.

David Roscher. A SEO specialist. David works with Dakota to boost the SEO ratings of all EN’s partnered sites.

Aleksandr Kwaskoff. CEO of Golos.io, a fork of steem. Kwaskoff manages 4 employees on behalf of Dakota that are developing another form of steem called EarthShare.

Keegan Meade. A permaculturist and builder. Keegan works with Dakota to develop intentional communities.

Kukui Roundtree. A permaculturist and gardener. Kukui works with Dakota to develop communities.

Nikhil Bailey. A talented programmer developing a series of technologies for the Earth Nation on behalf of Dakota. Nikhil designed the EN Marketplace and is now developing a custom fork of loomio designed to facilitate DAO decision making.

Андрей Ивасько. A talented programmer developing Earth Nation Partnered websites on behalf of Dakota.

Maximillion Van Diik. A Nodejs programmer specializing in Steem Applications. Max works with Dakota to develop Steem and Earthshare bots.

Denys Kurganskyi. An extremely talented designer. Denny’s employees a team of 3 specialized artists that work in a team together to create all manner of graphics.

Ali Ishan. CEO of Frag Games, a video game development company.

Zaair Hussain. Managing operator of Frag Games.

Fatima Afzhal. Team Leader of the Realms of Light branch of frag games.

On behalf of Dakota Kaiser, Zaair and Fatima manage a team of 8 video game programmers in developing a MMO Strategy game called Realms of Light.

Raymond Paul Ramos. Operational Manage of Maverick Heroes; an agency employing 5 graphic artists creating 2d and 3d art, logos, and animations for EN games, sites, and projects.

man Cari Bivona

Center Coordinator

Lila Star, Center Coordinator of EarthCycle and The Earth Nation, with a Masters degree in Strategic Leadership for Sustainability, is a new paradigm holistic systems visionary and director. She is also the architectural designer and visionary of Earthcycle’s Chrysalis Holistic Health Care Center.

Beyond triple bottom line economics, where good business is measured by service and care for people, the planet, and profit, Lila weaves the wisdom and practice of Love into every business interaction. “When humanity understands that Love is the bottomline, everyone shall thrive.” Seven years ago when Lila met Luke Staengl, founder of Pesco-Beam, and core founder of EarthCycle, the purpose and potential of her life mission took root, in awe of a man who both lead a large and successful global environmental solutions business and intentional thriving ecovillage. Business and heart, wasn’t only possible, it was the way forward.

EarthCycle Coin, with its strong aligned team of specialized world changers, and its purpose to create large scale impact for the world’s most pressing challenges, is a dream come true for Lila. Six years ago in meditation, Lila received guidance that she would channel large sums of money to distribute to the most ethical, integral, beyond sustainable and innovative solutions for humanity and the planet. She saw a exponential regenerative funding model that would systematically solve the world’s biggest problems, and called it Funditfwd. Her humanitarian heart exploded in joy as the foundation grounded for how profitable business was the mechanism to heal the exploitation, corruption, and abuse of an outdated paradigm, while creating peace, health, and abundance. The time has come to bring this vision and mission to the world, through EarthCycle Coin. Through aligned synchronicity of merging missions, hearts and genius minds, Lila is honored and grateful to be working alongside a stellar team of innovative business and technical professionals, each playing a perfect key role in the success of EarthCycle Coin.

Two years ago, Lila joined forces with Dakota Kaiser and the Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty, helping to co-found the Awakening Sovereignty Collective, and Earth Nation, where Lila found herself completely at home with Dakota’s full spectrum vision and unstoppable work ethic, laying out the foundation for a “New Earth” paradigm that would provide humanity with empowering systems for collaboration and fair distribution of wealth and decision making. Using blockchain technology for our collective success, enslavement to corrupted governing bodies, banks, and corporations could be eliminated. As an Earth Nation center coordinator, Lila uses her strategic systems thinking, knowledge of sustainability, delegation mastery, care for culture, facilitation of group synergy, talent for empowering purpose, passion for creative design, and visionary sight to co-steer an alliance of solutionaries and leaders towards win-win-win partnerships. She is honored to be directing a talented international creative team.

Including animator/filmmaker - Veva Burns,
architectural design drafter - Irina Rizova,

writer/researcher - Donovan Gueverra,

ecovillage community designer - Stirling Cova,

writer/researcher - Greg Manning,

logo/web designer - Sean Young,

writer/graphic designer - Awen O’Conner,

creative director - Prism Pantaz,

logo/ website designer, - Denys Kursiv,

operational director - Jami Parker.

For 20 years, Lila has been on a mission to create a thriving world. Graduating from Middlebury College in Vermont, with a year abroad in Australia at University of Queensland, Lila began her adult life pursuing sustainability. After graduation she immediately moved onto Tomten Farm, a self-sustainable permaculture farm in Telluride Colorado, and learned how we could live in harmony with the earth. Following her heart, she began to teach about these topics at Squaw Valley Academy, and The Desert Sun Science Center, while also starting a local high altitude garden club called HomeGrown Truckee in Lake Tahoe, California. She continued to pursue sustainability arts from San Francisco Institute of Architecture, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, studying ecological design, and sustainable architecture. Then pursued a permaculture design certificate from author and activist Starhawk’s Earth Activist Training, and worked for visionary architect Eugene Tsui, as a natural builder with Vital Systems, a sustainable interior designer for Spirit Design, and landscape designer for Aspen Grove. Pursuing LEED green building certification and conducting sustainability audits on homes and businesses, Lila felt called to step beyond building into the world arena of social and business sustainability.

After a solid foundation in physical structures, in 2006, Lila pursued a Masters in Strategic Leadership for Sustainability from Sweden’s Blekinge Institute of Technology, in a country far beyond her own in collaborative social systems, smart ecological design, and sustainable practice. With an international student class, she learned how to strategically move humanity and the earth towards sustainable practices, and how to approach business and solutions from a win-win-win, mutual benefit perspective, where collaboration trumps competition. The course also heavily focused on how to be a servant leader, and facilitate thriving community models for humanity. While in Sweden at Blekinge, Lila focused on why ecovillages and intentional communities fail and succeed, extensively studying the most impressive intentional community Damanhur, in Italy.

Competent in addressing world issues - the metagame, and strategic business, Lila also saw that humanity at large needed healing. No matter, how good a strategic plan was, if unhealthy suffering humans operating from outdated programming were at the center, these ideas could not succeed. In 2007, she began pursuing yogic and healing arts, becoming a yoga teacher from Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, Advanced Theta Healer, and massage therapist from Body Being Massage and Esalen Institute both for her own healing and for supporting others in becoming happy, healthy whole humans. Still passionate about creating a new way, where life is celebrated, and people know peace on an abundant planet, she purchased land in Pavones, Costa Rica to build a sustainable community. She is now operating from Costa Rica.

Having served fifteen intentional communities from Colorado, California, Costa Rica, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, Mexico, Sweden, Bali, to Kauai and producing awakening potential new paradigm events from ten to three hundred people, Lila is also adept at empowering new paradigm environments where personal and planetary responsibility and harmony is the foundation of a thriving culture. Some events Lila produced are Djedi Ostara Rising, Elevating Elevate, Mountain Wellness Playground, The Dream Awakening Circus, Dance Camp, and The Divine Playground, where she merged the arts of spirited empowered culture, new paradigm holistic systems education, and human potential facilitation to muse the best out of her clientele.

And finally, previous to becoming a center coordinator with Earth Nation and EarthCycle, Lila Star, aka The Lovepreneur, consulted entrepreneurs on new paradigm systems, servant models of leadership and transparency, co-creation dynamics, vision mapping, strategic planning, and empowering ones purpose into stepwise manifest action. Honored to be co-steering the EarthCycle ship, a life dream come true, Lila invites you to come aboard, and be a change agent and leader in a world that truly serves humanity and our shared planetary home.

man Justin Booth

Center Coordinator

Justin Booth is the co-founder of Conscious Media Coalition, strategic partnerships at Collective Evolution and EarthCycle, Ambassador for timicoin.io, founder of the Global Unity Project, CEO/founder of ISellGrass.com and co-founder of Crypto Booth.

Justin is a visionary leader, speaker and consultant, collaborating around the world with corporations, small business and entrepreneurs to assist them to “uplevel” their businesses through his extensive global network of resources.

With great passion and dedication, he provides guidance in all areas of business consulting, including research and development, marketing, sales, strategic alliances, customer acquisition management, operational efficiency, customer service and will act as a brand ambassador. As a driving force for collective global awareness, Justin also guides others to practices connected to mental and physical health, opening up doors to optimize the human experience without pain and suffering.

man Luke Staengl

EC Partner Business CEO

Luke is a visionary pioneer in many fields of human endeavor – from learning to understand the human psyche, sociology, as well as practical solutions to some of the worlds pressing problems of resource conservation, environmental preservation, and the development of thrivant renewable energy systems for communities.

Luke works with and employees more than 100 skilled professionals in many fields. More information on Luke’s team available at the end of this bio.

Luke founded an Intentional Community in the Blue Ridge Mountains (Anahata Bio-Community) and a revolutionary education center (Anahata Education Center) which focus on personal growth, interpersonal relationship, new ways of accessing and processing our unconscious contents, and understanding human behavior and motivation. Another aspect of these centers is the study and application of renewable energy, symbiotic systems and permaculture, as well as other evolutionary modalities and technologies.

Because of his interest in a different approach to education he co-founded Blue Mountain School in the early 80s, and is a strong supporter, both with his time and his money. He serves on the Blue Mountain School Board of Trustees.

From 1979 – 1990 Luke was also the leader in several renewable energy projects which produced ethanol, methane, feed and fertilizer, as well as a variety of high value polymers, from agricultural and industrial wastes. To this end he co-founded the Bio-based Materials Center at Virginia Polytechnic Institute which focused on producing these high value substances from biomass.

In 1991, Luke founded Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company [PESCO]. As president of PESCO he has led it from modest beginnings to a company with international recognition. PESCO systems are recycling everything from acetone to xylene and motor oil, in locations ranging from Australia to Virginia.

In 2007, Luke and two Partners formed another company – PESCO BEAM Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in Chennai, India, combining PESCO’s knowhow with its long term fabrication and engineering partners, Beam Engineering, Pvt. Ltd. PESCO-BEAM continues to develop state of the art environmental and recycling equipment and systems for deployment all over the world.

Luke also served as Board Member and Vice President of Sustain Floyd Organization (SFO – www.sustainfloyd.org) which focuses on creating a sustainable resilient Floyd economy, through the development of local industries which will provide markets for local crops, and creating value added industries for local raw materials, resources and talent.

Luke has given lectures and talks on a variety of subjects, often focusing on what we can do to implement sustainable practices and technologies, symbiotic systems and other related topics.

John J. Winnicki, Chem E - Head Engineer:

John graduated from Virginia Tech in 1984, and has been working with Luke in his various companies since then. He helped design, build and operate three Ethanol plants in Virginia and since then has designed, supervised the construction of, and helped commission many different

John Garst, Chem E – Design Engineer:

The proud father of triplets, John joined the PESCO-BEAM design team early in 2008. Coming from a background of Automotive and Industrial Design, which included saw mill and food processing systems. John is a welcome and much needed addition to our staff.

Pat Therrien, PESCO-BEAM Program Coordinator

Pat has been working with distillation and alternative fuels systems since the mid 1980’s, operating, troubleshooting, managing and improving distillation systems and support components.

Pat helps facilitate numerous aspects of PESCO-BEAM operations from publications to project tracking.

Pat is also responsible for the PESCO-BEAM lab facilities, assessing the chemical characteristics and distillation performance of clients’ potential recovery streams to determine either how they will run in the distillation system, or what type of design features will need to be incorporated for a successful PESCO-BEAM fabrication project.

John Bain, Electronic Controls Engineer

John is responsible for the design, development, and supervision of all aspects of the electronic control systems, that operate, monitor and control the recovery equipment and systems, as well as, the installation and technical support of the PLC based hardware and software, and HMI systems for all PESCO-BEAM designed projects.

A. Subramaniam, Mech E, Managing Director of PESCO-BEAM:

Mr. Subramaniam, originally the owner and Managing Director of the Beam Engineering Pvt. Ltd. facility in Chennai, India since 1990, has built numerous solvent and oil recovery systems to PESCO’s design specifications. Before forming Beam Engineering, he was a staff engineer at Larsen & Tubero, India.

Now he serves as the Managing Director of the PESCO-BEAM Environmental Solutions, Inc. continuing and expanding the environmental work already accomplished by the long standing partnership between PESCO and Beam Engineering.

‍A. Shankar has been the Executive Director of Beam Engineering Pvt. Ltd. working together with Mr. Subramaniam since 1990 to bring Beam Engineering to its present level of excellence just prior to the successful merger with PESCO to form PESCO-BEAM.

Shankar serves as the Strategic Business Development Director for the new company, bringing his years of experience and education to benefit all new client projects.

L.Krishnan - Manager - Quality Assurance

Mechanical Engineer with over 12 years experience in quality assurance in the manufacturing industry. Has worked with Larsen & Toubro ECC. and Hindustan Construction Company at the Nuclear Power Corporation as Quality Control Engineer. Is a lead auditor for QMS-ISO 9000 by Bureau Veritas Certification. Spearheaded the U Stamp certification of PESCO BEAM India, by ASME.

S.Umashankar - Manager - Manufacturing

Mechanical Engineer with over 19 years of experience in the field of production, fabrication, maintenance, quality & operations. Worked as Fabrication Engineer with the overseas MNC Warren Enterprises Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya, managing the fabrication & maintenance of storage tanks, heat exchangers, stainless steel branch pipes & process plant equipments.

M.Deivasigamani - Manager - Materials

Qualified Mechanical Engineer with 13 years experience in operations & projects in FMCG Industries. Prior to this company he had worked as Factory Manager In Sara Lee H & BC India P.Ltd and Pondy Personal Care Ltd. wherein he had successfully commissioned new projects at various locations in India.

S.Kirubasankar - Assistant Manager - Production Planning

Qualified Mechanical Engineer with a degree in Business Administration. Carries with him 8 years of industrial experience. Worked in Zamil Steel Industries in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a production engineer in charge of day to day production activity.

R.Saravanan - Design Engineer

Qualified Chemical Engineer. Successfully commissioned the used oil recycling plant supplied to DURE Oil in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Heads the design engineering team in PESCO BEAM India.

G.Thangadurai - Assistant Manager - Instrumentation & Control

Electronics & Communications Engineer.Has 9 years International experience in project management and in the installation and commissioning of plants across various industries. Successfully commissioned the used oil recycling plant supplied to DURE Oil in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Has previously been involved in the erection and commissioning of close to 70 sugar and power plants in Latin America and Bangaladesh.

M.Somu - Quality Assurance Engineer

Mechanical Engineer with additional qualifications in refrigeration and air conditioning. Has worked in companies like Larsen & Toubro Limited as a Quality Inspector. Was actively involved with the U Stamp Certification of PESCO BEAM, India.

R.Vinoth Kumar - Quality Control Inspector

Qualified Mechanical Engineer with work experience in heavy steel fabrication and mass production manufacturing industry.

O.K. Venkatasubramanian - Production Engineer

Qualified Mechanical Engineer with adequate work experience in the automobile industry managing service operations and acting as service advisor to customers. Currently working as maintenance and production engineer in PESCO BEAM, India.

S.Vignesh - Project Engineer

Qualified Chemical Engineer. Involved in the execution of projects for Indian majors like Asian paints Ltd., and SRF. Also involved in marketing.

S.Nithiya Kumar - Design Engineer

Qualified Mechanical Engineer. Mechanical design engineer in PESCO BEAM India responsible for implementing ASME code calculations for the U Stamp certification of the company.

P.Loganathan - Drafting Engineer

Qualified AutoCad professional. Has been associated with the company for 15 years with hands on experience as a fitter and subsequently as a draftsman in the detailed engineering department of PESCO BEAM India. Was involved in the erection and pre-commissioning of the used oil recycling plant supplied to DURE Oil, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Provides active customer support by commissioning plants supplied to majors like Asian PPG, SRF, EICL, etc.

A.Gnanaprakash - Drafting Engineer

Qualified AutoCad professional. Mechanical draftsman involved in translating design requirements of PESCO BEAM's US office into engineering drawings.

U.Kartikeyan - Quality Control Engineer

Qualified Mechanical Engineer. Is presently the quality control engineer. Involved in sub-vendor inspection.

P.Sankaran - Foreman

A Graduate from the Industrial Training Institute. Has executed jobs as a contractor for Coromandel Steels. Was the first employee of the company, being in charge of manufacturing for 20 years.

V.Mani - Quality Control Engineer

30 years experience as a production and quality control supervisor in companies like Coromandel steels, in addition to PESCO BEAM India.

P.Thomas - Technician

Technician with 45 years experience in assembling Rotating equipments like mixers, dryers etc.

man Casey James Carlson

EC Partner Business CEO

Casey has spent the last 14 years exploring green trends and technologies. In 2005 he launched an NGO called the Green Society Association. It’s focus was to develop a digital complimentary currency that traded green products and services, with the profits put towards developing Eco-Village concepts for living and working.

He moved to Asia in 2011 and created Eco Built Systems, purposed to create high quality eco-friendly housing, food systems and complex custom and prefabricated structures. The company established itself in Hong Kong and then expanded operations into Shenzhen/Qianhai China as a (WOFE) Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise.

Currently the factory is 3,000 SQM in Shekou/Qianhai. It acts as a production area for assembly of the housing panels, a showcase for the product line, experimental zone and warehouse. It is the largest privatized prefab builder makerspace in the Shenzhen.

Casey works with a team of 20 to design and manufacture Ecobuilt systems.

Key Attributes

Computer Literate – Solidworks Technician, Excel, App Development, Web Design, Adobe Photoshop, Computer Network Control (CNC) Machines – 3D printer, Milling Machine, Laser Fibers, Mould Making, Mixing

Problem Solving – Inventing custom parts to create complex structures

Teamwork and Communication – Runs an International Internship program designed to bring engineering students to Shenzhen China to work on projects. Has several international projects in development.

Detail Orientation – With over 200 hundred custom products made with millimeter tolerances for connection details

Ability to work under pressure -- Constantly looking applications for building design and programs


man Paul Dean

Financial Advisor

Paul Dean moved around extensively all over the United States attending a different school each year. Still, he managed to graduate near the top of his class and received a four-year full ride scholarship for his academic achievements. He traveled overseas for almost two years and then settled down and started to further his passion for the alternative health industry.

After seeing discrepancies in what was promoted in marketing and what was actually occurring, in late 1998 Paul decided to start his own alternative health business that was focused on superior quality. Over the years he built a multi-million-dollar business that included over thirty employees. In 2015 he retired.

During this time, Paul also became very passionate about finding solutions to systemic world problems and about assisting people to become more spiritually aware. This lead to him being given authority in 2009 to start up his own non-profit Native American Church that currently has over 350 members.

Upon his retirement, Paul became a partner in a local food center that promotes sustainable farming and quality nutritious and organic food. He also is a partner in the 2Konnect business that currently is dealing with hundreds of thousands of customers support them in connecting to business opportunities.

A few months after his retirement he first started to become educated about cryptocurrencies. After discovering the positive world-changing possibilities, Paul purchased his first group of Bitcoins at just over $170.00. Somewhat discouraged by the current and potential problems with Bitcoin, Paul diversified and currently manages over seventy-five different cryptocurrencies that he feels confident about.

Upon understanding the future of cryptocurrency and the potential for people to use it to assist the world on many different levels, Paul joined with others with the same world-changing passion. The EarthCycle coin is the direct result of Paul's and many others joining together to create a cryptocurrency that was decentralized, useful for goods and services as a medium of exchange, could address and fix world's problems, would increase in value over time, and have backing from sustainable businesses and non-profit organizations. The EarthCycle coin takes the vision of making the planet a better place for future generations into reality.

man Jon Caldwell

Financial Advisor

Jon Caldwell is a credit and finance consultant. He is also the Center Coordinator for the EN Financial Education Team. He currently live on the Island of Maui with my beautiful wife, 18 year old son and 10 year old daughter. He has been in the banking and finance industry for over 15 years. He started out in the mortgage industry as a licensed salesperson helping people get loans to buy homes. He worked in one of the most successful branches of CMG Mortgage and our office was right on the water in Larkspur California. That is where he learned to read credit reports and qualify people for loans. He also worked for one of the largest mortgage banks in California. That is where he learned to underwrite loans and I also was able to see how banks were able to issue loans based on the rate that they were able to borrow money direct from the federal reserve bank.

When the housing market crashed in 2008 he was already in the process of starting his own business by using the information that he learned by helping others get loans to start their own businesses. In that time he noticed that the average person was never educated on how money really works. He found a loophole in the system that still allowed people to get financing based on their good credit and not the strength of their income. So he made it his goal to help educate people on how money works and how to separate your personal from business credit.

In 2014 Jon realized that cryptocurrency was the future and started diversifying his portfolio into a wide selection of top cryptocurrencies. Soon after he started invested into ICOs while flipping currencies at high and low points according to chart data.

Everyday Jon constantly gathers information about the changes coming in our financial system so that he can help keep our collective knowledgeable about how to take advantage of the biggest transfer of wealth we have ever seen in our lifetimes. He wants to help bring the money from the old system into the new paradigm where our decentralized autonomous organizations can thrive and support the people that care about turning this planet into the paradise it was supposed to be.

man Gabriel Nones-Newman

ICO Advisor

Role: CEO and Founder of Cryptomcruise - Computational Asset

Chief Innovation Officer of Machine Halo

AI company with sensors on the edge, via gpu and such

Alma Mater: Tufts University; BSCS

‍Organization(s): Hephaestus Project, Cryptomcruise, Machine Halo

‍Specialties: Disruptive tech--VR/AR, Blockchain, Energy, 5G, Graphics... Public Speaker at Blockchain and other Technology Events

Bio: Ten years ago, as an impoverished teen, Gabe rose above numerous challenges and went on to attend Tufts. He has been a star performer on stage with the Kyroman, as a Robot. As well as he has been a significant role in a handful of corporations which has given him deep insight on how to stay ahead of the game. Poking holes, and pontificating on ways to push his dollar and time, towards higher rewarding results than his peers and initial upbringing. He delved into the bleeding edge of 3D tech after school. He currently dedicates his time to solving complex social and technical problems. using Tax Havens, Social Engineering, Game Theory, and Technology.

man Amateo Ra

ICO Advisor

Amateo Ra is a serial entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, Creator of the Crypto Virtual Summit, and the CEO of Avant Terra. Avant Terra is a coaching, consulting and marketing firm for evolutionary entrepreneurs, businesses and blockchain technologies leading the transition. Yes, he got his name from Burning Man.

Amateo has had thousands of people register for his online courses, ran several six-figure 3-day seminars, marketed successful fundraising campaigns and has been the secret weapon of influence and profitable growth for the most badass coaches and entrepreneurs in the World.

Amateo has spent hundreds of hours researching cryptocurrency, invested thousands of his own money, and has a huge community asking him for more information - so he decided to create the ultimate cryptocurrency resource.

man Jeff Ferguson

ICO Advisor

Role: Technologist, Team Builder, Co-Founder, Bridging Networks

Founder of KO-STARS Agency, Events, Marketing and Talent Scout

Prior: Developed video games @ Microsoft, and comes from a background in Networking and Systems Engineering (Technological - Physical and Digital). Recently funded and brought to the public a Passenger Drone and has garnered millions of views. Started a project funding platform and begun funding a Social/Technological theme camp 3 years ago at LoveBurn and has been going to Burningman for a decade.

‍Organization(s): KO-STARS, Cryptomcruise, Ferguson & Associates, Outside Consultant and Contractor for Third Parties such as Authentic Vision Consulting, From the Heart, and T.I. Websoft,

‍Specialties: Whole(istic) Systems Thinker, Evangelising, Disruptive tech--VR/AR, Blockchain, Energy production/distribution, 802.11 3/4/5G/Whats Next/100's of Gbps, Graphics, Distributed Systems, Immersion Experiences, Experiential Designer, Vaatsu/ Feng Shu, Interior Designer, Customized and personalized packaging of projects, people, places, and production. Purveyor of Services and Goods (Broker). Yachting Industry.

‍Bio: The Ferguson family, brought "Jeff Jr" up in the Yachting world of South Florida and Seattle. He studied law briefly and has a passion for the political landscape through his Uncle Jack Ferguson. He's been a part of the seed to sale side of the hemp and manufacturing/merchandising industry as well as built his own physical and digital devices. As a world traveler in his youth, Jeff (Phoenix) started grounding into the corporate world at a young age, before starting his wireless business Optimera (optimizing technology for a new era) in Dutch Harbor, Alaska at 21. Learning to jump through the bureaucracy of slow-moving larger organizations, he found ways to overcome the burdensome processes and challenges at Microsoft, as well as in the wireless and startup sector. He became confident in raising capital and curating quality talent to succeed at projects. Not quite a project management professional or your average manager, but the Charismatic fire starter, finisher or juggler that shows up when there is a call for help. He is a Wilderness First Responder and an avid participant of Outward Bound and team building exercises.

‍After his first exit: He began journey' ing around the world and came back to the United States and attended Burningman and similar events in 2007/8. His passion for life accelerated towards being the go-to guy, as a purveyor of services and goods, yacht broker, marketer, you name it... he aligns towards mutually beneficial causes makes things contagious/happen. Anything him or his clients could drum up and desire from art cars to building a mobile festival on board a 92-foot boat, that he sold. He tends to circle round and corral the conscious community into fortuitous collaborations, currently building a framework for "The Manifestations" a 600+ acre self-sustainable smart city project. Dialing in his broad interests, he focuses his energy on solving complex technicalities; to provide win/win social and technological/social solutions for everyone involved. He's lived in Panama, Peru, and throughout Central and South America, the Caribbean, and resides on both the East and West Coast. of the U.S. He can be found traveling to or hosting Blockchain and other events. You'll find him investing in crypto, funding people and projects while figuring' ing out the through a learning process, what he ought to bring back to his teams. He began using Tax Havens, Social Engineering, Game Theory, and Technology to bring success to himself and whomever he passed along the Midas touch to. He actively pursues top talent as he works on his "Phathom.us" platform and KO-STARS Agency.

Jay Kaiser

Financial Advisor

Keith Bliss

ICO Advisor

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Distribution of tokens
  • Crowdsale (70%)
  • EC Nonprofits (30%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol ECE
Pre-crowdsale Start July 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Pre-crowdsale End July 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Start September 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or February 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $500000000
Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, $12000000
Token type cryptocurrencies
Domain owner Individual

Cost of the token

1 token for 0.8 $

Price without discounts


Minimum investment 1 USD

Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
5% July 01 — 31, 2018

Accepted currency

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

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Founders, Team & Advisors

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Budget allocation and roadmap

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Token economy, Tokenization & Business model

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Distribution & Lock up of tokens, Discounts for early buyers

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