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#Blockchain, #Real Estate All projects

Elements Estates: Token of Your Real Estate Opportunity

Be a part of the unique blockchain-based project with underlying real estate!

stage Ended crowdsale

3.9 Rating

by 3 users


    • Employees16


    man Peter Gorinšek

    Chairman & Founder

    Peter has 15 years of experience in the financial industry having been involved in asset management and advisory in many investment management companies in former Yugoslavia. He is also a member of several supervisory boards in the region and serves as advisor to the Board of Qwest investments plc. Peter received his bachelor’s degree in Economics at Ljubljana University. He is also the holder of Japan’s International Cooperation Agency certificate for increasing business competitiveness. Peter is Principal in Elements Capital Partners Ltd., a member of the Supervisory Board of Neta Capital Croatia, ZIF Bosin and ZIF BLB Invest, a member of the Board of Directors of Proinvestments A.D and a Director in Profinance a.d.

    man Žiga Silič

    CEO & Co-founder

    Žiga has more than 10 years of experience in the financial and real estate industry.
    For more than 7 years he has been working for the esteemed SEE financial institution Raiffeisen Group and has also served as Managing Director of a leasing
    company that placed more than EUR 200 mln of assets in real estate. There, he gained invaluable experience in running, restructuring and managing a company, working with distressed assets and restructuring different types of real estate. Through his knowledge and professionalism, he contributed to the successful
    completion and restructuring of several real estate projects. He is a supporter of a decentralized and sharing economy

    man Grega Mulej

    Development Manager

    Grega has over 15 years of experience as manager and advisor in the real estate development industry in SEE region and Middle East. He worked also as bank consultant for optimization and evaluation of real estate projects for one of the leading Austrian banks with a strong presence in the SEE region. Currently Grega is managing director of real estate asset worth over EUR 100 million and a board advisor at Alpen Opportunity Property Fund. Grega holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

    man Matej Grum

    Chief marketing officer

    Working in the field of marketing for the past fifteen years, Matej has focused primarily on strategic business development and operations for the last ten. A graduate of the Faculty of Economics at Ljubljana University, he applies branding and positioning strategies to assure project success. He started
    out in an advertising agency, where he worked for various clients. Then he moved on to one of the Akrapovič companies as one of the key marketing persons. Since 2010, he is a CEO of a business and marketing consulting company Magnituda.
    He is also a co-founder of one of the first mobile marketing agencies in Slovenia and a member of Mensa Slovenia who enjoys speculative fiction.

    man Tal Navarro

    Brand ambassador

    Tal Navarro is an entrepreneur and a pioneer at the digital marketing arena in Israel. Social Media Speaker & Consult, lecturer in Israel and abroad, Navarro is one of the strongest social media and activists in Israel, with exposure to tens of thousands of people following her personal blogs and activities on different platforms. With more than 10 years of experience at the internet industry and 9 years of experience in management, customer service and developing computer skills, Navarro has built the web-based knowledge, specialize at the Internet social networking arena, while traveling between different countries and continents.


    man Savvas Liasis

    Financial Advisor

    Savvas has more than 18 years of institutional investment experience and was the founder and CEO of Easybroker International Ltd, based in London. Easybroker was one of the largest independent institutional electronic equity brokerages in Europe with a client base of 400 Institutional clients in over 30 countries. Savvas is a founding Partner of Elements Capital Partners and Chairman of the Supervisory Board in Elements Capital Management Inc. He has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of DDM Holdings AG, a publically listed company that has acquired EUR 1.2 billion of face value retail NPLs in the region. Savvas holds a BA and an MSc from City University Business School, London.

    man Uroš Grujič

    Real estate advisor

    Uroš is Head of Investment Properties for CBRE South Eastern Europe based in Belgrade. He is responsible for attracting international capital into the SEE region to expand the investment business line. Before joining CBRE, Uroš was Head of Capital Markets for JLL overlooking the SEE region positioning the company as the market leader for investment advisory for the past six years where he advised on deals totaling north of EUR 850 million across the SEE region. Uroš completed his bachelor’s degree in the US receiving a Business Degree at Wright State University, and later acquired an MBA in Economics from the University in Barcelona, EU.

    man Filip Vucagić

    Real estate advisor

    Filip has been with Colliers for many years working as a Consultant with a focus on valuations for various investments and development purposes, including financial reporting for company balance sheet in accordance with IFRS, loan-security and property sales/acquisitions. Now being a Director his engagements cover also involvement in key investment sale projects and selective search for strategic partners in large scale developments. Filip holds Master’s degree of Finance from the Faculty of Economics and Business. Further, he completed MBA Real Estate and Construction Study at University College of Estate Management and gained his RICS accreditation in Property Finance and Investment.

    man Cal Evans

    Legal & business advisor

    Cal is the lead consultant of the team, a UK lawyer and US Litigation Consultant with experience working in top law firms in both the California and London. Cal undertook advanced IT at a junior college and received the top AVCE recognition award before then undertaking his undergraduate in Law. Cal passed law school in England specializing in business and corporate law. In 2015 Cal undertook his certificate in financial markets with Yale. Cal is poised to become one of the leading individuals on cryptocurrency and ICO compliance. Few people have the technological, legal, and financial expertise needed to tackle the crypto-currency market and Cal certainly is one of them. He has experience working with companies across the globe including some of the largest tech compas nies during his time working in California.

    man Gregor Gololičič

    Blockchain Advisor

    Senior software architect with more than 12 years of programming experience and a driving passion for FinTech. Early bitcoin adopter and involved in cryptocurrency companies for the last 5 years, including mobile development of iOS and Android application for Bitstamp LTD, initial development of GateHub LTD platform involving heavy blockchain development where later also acted as the CTO. In the last year advisor to several very successful ICOs such as Quantum Project LTD and Tokens LTD, along some ongoing ICOs yet to be published.

    Crowdsale details

    Distribution of tokens
    • Crowdsale (60%)
    • Liquidity pool - Tokens locked (20%)
    • Business costs, Team (20%)
    Budget allocation
    • Marketing (20%)
    • Management (20%)
    • Prpmotions (20%)
    • Development (15%)
    • Reserve Fund (10%)
    • Legal (10%)
    • Advisors (5%)
    Details Indicators
    Token Symbol ELES
    Pre-crowdsale Start December 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-crowdsale End December 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Start January 3rd, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or January 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, 364489 ETH
    Domain owner Individual

    Cost of the token

    1 token for 0.55 $

    Price without discounts


    Public pre-sale price
    0.40 USD

    Public crowd sale price

    Price for the first 7 days: 0.45 USD

    Price for the next 7 days: 0.50 USD

    Price for the last 7 days: 0.55 USD

    Accepted currency

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum

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    Matija Spasovic December 02, 2018
    Rating of project


    Idea of project itself is perfect! Again one more crypto making this world equal and fair! Middle man must be cutted off, solving big problem with frauds and scams in the estate branch is priceless, if this platform could see some light out there, it would be big boom for small people like us! Team looks like totaly legit with a lot of years of expiriance! Token allocation is solid so there are still profits to be made! White paper looks great as website !

    Risks and disadvantages

    Marketing and advertising today is really important, if team can handle with that, this project is on the moon! Eatherway will fail for sure.


    Great platform recomened to invest

    Sune Tristán Sommer November 29, 2018
    Rating of project


    when real estate is own property, i see many opportunities.. one of them is way off topic :-) here it comes..
    Not just rent and buy, which is the Ooold fasion way of thinking limited, but looking at this buisness in owning real estate, it must be taken further...
    ... to get the outskirts of many contries, which is "dying" because it lag's work for the people, it could be promoted as to coorporate in joint ventures.. suggesting healthy veggie production, yogacamps, tai chi camps etc.. pay the instructors in ELES.
    Making or suggeting people to make joint ventures and when the property becomes the crypto-accesspoint then make more access points via the customers that join for these different interest they might have, that will be exposed in the Element estate(the actual house or bulidings)

    people are strong together.. together could gather around lets say healthy food production with distribution to end user. That will make the property serve a good pupose for the people living there, and for them who transports the goods, paid in cryptoes for their effort(the job itself)
    assets in "bricks" can always be used for many purposes..

    or even when all yogacamps or whatever is established, then unite with the different volunteer distributers, and get them inhouse for a piece of the cake.... in for example make a kind'a'like 'Help-X" super platform, where X-helpers(on top of free roof over the head,a bed and food) get paid in ELES, for the free help they provide to the specific property..
    i see also the idea from the whitepapers of rent and buy, sure thing..

    Risks and disadvantages

    Eles needs to spread faster.. the clients must come in the thousands quick..
    what is in these days? Yoga? tai chi? self development retreats really.. something that can attract a flow of people..

    renting out, buying houses etc. for holders of ELES cryptoes ..
    yeah well.. in the long term idea, its cool.

    i see a need for tons of people enter/exit lets say its some kind of attraction like a tivoli or zoo...

    get more people in is the hard part together with the real world attachmentissue(like most project really)


    Get the binoculars! this ball is gonna fly for long..Is it going in the hooole..
    well, time will tell.
    My feedback will once again be from a level of perception which is related to get down to physical world, of what to do, to implement it in life, Real Life.
    Real estate have always been an interest, and so it will need good implementation in the world as we know it today, it must be accompanied by willfast people.
    these must have ideas to implement it in the "real World"...
    To buy or to rent, will still need people to actually know what is blockchain, how does it make a token and coins as a value.. geeky wallet with key etc is still to geeky( all project has this disadvantages, implementation to the public in the "normal" world issues), BUT with assets in real estate there is a physical place, which can always make some kind of value, so the Element estate could well benefit from "an open housewarming" through before mentioned Help-X or one of the many other vulunteer organisations..

    Denys Serhiichuk August 31, 2018
    Rating of project


    The project has 3 major components: experienced team, advisors and partners. Among the last ones, there are such companies as Bus Kings, Gresham International and others. What is more vital is the available working product. It is good, that only 10 % are in the reserve fund. So, it will not be easy for founders to manipulate token rate. Thus, there are bonuses for early investors.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Roadmap looks vague. According to it, it is unclear how the platform will be developed. Another disadvantage regards to marketing. There are not so many social platforms. For instance, nothing mentioned about Bitocintalk forum or Youtube channel.


    The idea of connecting blockchain and real estate is not. There are lots of rivals in that field. REAL and Brickblock are the vivid examples.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What currencies are accepted during crowd sale?

    During public crowd sale, only Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance will be accepted. In the private sale, fiat money is accepted as well.

    What country citizens can participate?

    USA, China, South Korea, Russia, Philippines and Singapore citizens are not allowed to participate in ICO. Citizens of other countries are welcome to participate.

    How can I participate in the crowd sale?

    The easiest way is to get on our whitelist and you will be informed in time.

    What are distressed assets?

    Distressed assets are underlying assets (in our case, properties) that are used as collateral for non-performing loans, which can be acquired mainly from financial institutions and via different liquidation processes.

    Why should token’s value grow?

    On one side, the portfolio of real estate will increase, while on the other side, with every transaction (selling or renting service of real estate), half of the tokens will get locked and taken effectively out of circulation, which will have a positive effect on the token value.

    What kind of real estate will you develop under your ELES platform?

    New and modern, from residential (villas, houses, flats) and touristic facilities to commercial properties (business offices).

    Do I need a special wallet for your tokens?

    ELES is an ERC 20 token, which means that it is compatible with all the ERC20 wallets such as Myetherwallet and others.