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Elevated Solar: Solar Energy like efficient central air-conditioning and LED lights

Solar energy on parking lots throughout the USA,we develop, design, fabricate and build carport solar everywhere.
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Solar energy on parking lots throughout the USA,we develop, design, fabricate and build carport solar everywhere.
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William Adelson

Bill Adelson is recognized as one of a handful of experts in the California solar carport industry. Combining an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business with high-level training in architecture and construction, Bill has been at the forefront of Californias evolution into solar carports over the past 10 years.

Following a degree in Architecture from Princeton University, Bill trained on design teams for high-rise office building projects throughout the USA. After moving to California in 2004, and recognizing that Californias school systems were openly adopting these systems, Bill joined with the most advanced steel fabricators in California to investigate, adopt, and deploy the most efficient solar carports on the market, while still maintaining the high level of integrity necessary for projects built near and around schools.

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Tuan Nguyen
VP Operations

Tuan leads the construction and field operations for ESP. Tuan began his career as a framing contractor (a carpenter), and he continuously advanced his career over nearly 20 years, rising to a foreman of complex building crews. In the recession of 2008, Tuan moved to the solar industry, becoming the general foreman for one of San Diegos premier solar installers. Tuan holds a General Building B License, an Electrical C-10 License, and a C-46 Solar Installers License.

Tuans work previously at the Temecula Valley Unified School District established him as Californias leading builder of solar carports. At Temecula, Tuan and his teams installed 6.0 MW of carport canopies, on 18 sites, in 7 weeks. We are unaware of any DSA school district project matching the scope and speed of this installation.

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Jon Silvester
VP Technology and Business Development

In 2008 Jon Silvester began his career in renewable energy developing utility-scale projects for Edison Mission Energy, First Solar, and other multi-national firms.

In 2011 Jon started JDS Power to pursue commercial projects. JDS Power developed some of the first working solar + storage proformas and battery cycling algorithms to demonstrate the feasibility of these projects with readily available and inexpensive battery chemistries. In 2015, Jon brought together Tigo Energy and Sunpreme to create the worlds first bi-facial smart panel one of the highest yielding panels available today. Later iterations have just recently won a prestigious award from Frost and Sullivan for the Most Innovative Solar Product of 2018. In 2018 JDS Power joined forces with Elevated Solar Performance to augment ESPs turn-key construction and development capabilities.

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