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Envienta: Open Source Everything

The supporting system for sharing the know-hows and developed solutions via online and classroom sessions
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Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, co-founder
Architect and IT engineer, keynote speaker. Project leader at SensePower, Kent Holdings, Docler Holding and Universal Basic Income Europe – established by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). Responsible for trend research, strategic partnerships and open source hardware development.
Chief Operating Officer, communication, co-founder
Manufacturing and supply chain process engineer at NCR and Sanmina SCI in partnership with IBM, HP and Dell. Marketing manager at Kent Holdings, co-founder and COO at VixT. Responsible for manufacturing partnerships, distribution and communication.
Platform project manager
More than 20 years experience in operational and strategic IT projects. Conception and implementation support of ERP systems, planning & consolidation of processes. Responsible for project/program management and architecture management.
Lead software developer, blockchain expert
Chief developer at MTA SZTAKI – Hungarian Academy of Sciences, [email protected] and several startups. Responsible for platform development, token ecosystem and business planning.
Software & multimedia developer
Graduated in multimedia design and communication at Erhvervsakademi Sjælland, Denmark. Spent 3 years at ENVIENTA including internship. Responsible for UX/UI, frontend development and media materials.
Organizational developer, innovation hubs
Co-founder and CEO of NetEasySoft, chairman of Eletfa Foundation and Kozos Pont Association. Responsible for organizational management and establishing makerspaces.
Lead hardware developer
Co-founder and lead developer of Special Software. Responsible for open source software and hardware development, smart home systems, renewable energy, IoT and robotics applications.
Education manager
Training project referent in Ministry for Home Affairs, Hungary, community manager at National Cultural Institute. Responsible for education programs and curriculum development.
Legal adviser
International lawyer specialized in legal aspects of A.I., robotic technologies, international IP & IT law, international commercial contracts, energy law, media and entertainment law. Responsible for licenses and smart contracts.
Market research manager
International public keynote speaker, blockchainer, technical-evangelist, investment relations & international community relations manager. Responsible for market research.
Community and event manager
Social media influencer and creative director at Adore media and marketing agency. Responsible for community and event management.
Supply chain manager
Ten years of experience in logistics and supply chain management of automotive industry – Robert Bosch Automotive Steering, ZF Lenksysteme – in multinational environment.
Seed stage startup and blockchain investor, Network Society Ventures, Singularity University, Thiel Fellowship
Entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, and thought leader of the global technology landscape. Founder of Network Society Ventures, a seed stage global investment firm focused on innovative startups at the intersection of exponential technologies and decentralized networks.
Former Executive director of UBS, principal DLT strategist of SCTAG and CAPCO
Prominent figure in blockchain, tokenization and securities. As a digital veteran, he is passionate about providing strategic blockchain solutions that enable businesses to move into global markets with minimal risk.
Peer-to-Peer theorist, researcher, director and founder of the P2P Foundation
Writer and conference speaker on the subject of technology, culture and business innovation. The P2P Foundation is a non-profit global organization of researchers working in collaboration in the exploration of commons-oriented peer production, governance, and property.
OSCE Days member of board, co-founder at Stop Reset Go, Institute of Future Living, Ingienous Designs
Co-founder of Institute of Future Living and Stop Reset Go, a special project of IFL focused on develop citizen-centric, rapid whole system change and collective action solutions for the globe. Currently resides on the Board of the Open Source Circular Economy Days movement.
Ecological economist, researcher, professor, Corvinus University
After spending time in public administration, she took part in international projects as an expert, consultant, project manager. She is a well-known degrowth advocate and backcasting researcher, designing systems with more sustainable environments and more equitable society.
Founder and director, Social-Digital Innovation, Berlin Institute of Technology
Founder and director of Social-Digital Innovation Initiative, with 8+ years of experience in project design, implementation and management with a focus on start-up acceleration and incubation.
Program evangelist, Social-Digital Innovation, Innovation Support Officer at ITU-D Innovation
Expert in international organizations and relations. Currently, focusing on projects related to innovation management, crowdsourcing, community management, data management and analysis, social media, youth and technology.
Community business developer, trainer, organizational developer
Lecturer, keynote speaker, founder and executive member of Inspi-Ration and Polyan Association, focusing on the community-based enterprise as a new organizational model and the organization development methodology of our supportive nature.
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Denys Serhiichuk
August 31, 2018
Advantages: The website contains quite lots of information about founders and advisors. Thus, there are also partners available. Roadmap contains lots of steps of platform development starting from 2014. It is outlined in the precise way. Besides, Whitepaper, there is also Light Paper. In addition, there are bonuses for investors, who participated at the early stages of the pre-ICO or ICO.
Risks and disadvantages: When entering the website, one can see that its connection is not secured. Marketing could be better managed. There is no information about Bitcointalk thread, Youtube channel or Reddit. A significant drawback is the lack of the working product.
Comments: Overall, despite the fact, that the project could look difficult for understanding, the team managed to do a huge in terms of platform development. To my mind, the MVP is the only thing it needs for now.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Main goals of ENVIENTA project?
Open Source hardware development: the main goal of ENVIENTA project is to boost open source hardware development and to propagate open source. We believe that if knowledge is a common property, everyone can have the best of it in long-term.
That’s why our slogan is: Open Source Everything.
Decentralised production: Transportation and production costs might be declined by decentralised production of open source hardwares. The cooperation with local manufacturers might occur boom in the region, increasing employment rate mediately. Beside price reduction, the ecological footprint might be decreased, too. Local economy might increase, generating significant social benefits.
Solutions for social problems and sustainability: Since its start, ENVIENTA project pays special attention to solutions of actual social challenges. We are aiming to provide solutions for everyone, via the above mentioned components (open source and decentralised production), such as low-cost and sustainable living, local food and energy production or global water shortage. We believe that solving these challenges is possible and we want to be part of it.
Why does ENVIENTA’s ecosystem provide better than a traditional startup method, protected with patents?
In case of an average startup each and every single task and problem have to be solved by the startup. The company has to develop and produce, as well as to do the marketing and the sale. ENVIENTA works project-based and with ad hoc communities. There is no fixed company structure or fixed people. There might be overlaps among projects. Our functioning and working structure is fully dynamic. Each participant concentrates on what he/she has to do and good at. The transactions are done by contracts, excluding human factors.
The ENVIENTA platform supports the implementation of the project, such as searching participants, organising production and sale of thel the products. All these make project owners’ life easier. Furthermore, due to open source philosophy we work together with the buyers from the beginning of products’ planning. They can make suggestions, tests and they can support the project via community funds or other ways.
Blurring the boundaries between the participants reduces the risk of the project. From the buyers side it ensures that the product keeps produced, as it might be continued by anyone due to open source approach.
Why do we need crypto tokens to complete our goals?
ENVIENTA is a cross-border, global project with many different participants. Using a system based on cryptocurrency makes much easier the transactions.
Another goal is to keep ENVIENTA’s inner economic system the most independent by other economic systems.
Beside economic benefits cryptocurrencies have many technological advantages, as well. Processes are automatised by smart contracts, and an automatic reputation system can be created. It is totally autonom, trustless ecosystem, owned by noone (neither any company nor anyone)
Why has ENVIENTA chosen raising capital via ICO?
ENVIENTA is an open, community project, since it has started. In case of a project, such as this one, traditional venture capital investment (VC) or going public (IPO) was not a solution for us, as having neither a company nor a closed production process (software, patent, trademark etc.) that could serve as a business share. ENVIENTA Foundation will spend all the money that comes in via ICO on establishing the ecosystem, with the ENV token as money inside the system. The created ecosystem will not be owned by ENVIENTA Foundation. The ecosystem runs and works independently from ENVIENTA Foundation, in an autonom way.
Why do we sell only 42,5% of the tokens during the ICO?
The aim of the ICO is to build the base of the ENVIENTA ecosystem: completing the platform and educational materials, finishing the maker spaces and tutorial centers, preparing collaborations with local manufacturers etc. The launch of the ecosystem is only the first step. The rest of the tokens can be taken out via token mining, through activities that serves the creation of the ecosystem. Through the functioning period of the system will be clarified which are those activities. So, with the rest of the tokens we will support promising open source projects, establishing new production places, further development of the platform, etc., according to experiences gained during functioning, and in cooperation with the community.
What kind of a blockchain will serve ENVIENTA’s ecosystem? What kind of a token is ENV?
ENVIENTA’s ecosystem will run on the Ethereum blockchain. ENV is a standard ERC20 token that can he hold in any Ethereum wallet.
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