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#Ed-Tech, #Blockchain All projects

Extra Credit: First Educational Cryptocurrency

The Worlds First Cryptocurrency dedicated to the Education of Blockchain Technology

stage Ended crowdsale

4.1 Rating

by 5 users


    • Employees5


    man Curtis Smith

    Co-Founder / CEO

    Curtis' experience includes knowledge of digital currency, how to manage a highly skilled team, building relationships and driving the company forward.

    man Zayaan I

    SEO Manager

    Zayaan has over 8+ years experience as a Digital Specialist with various skills ranging from development but not limited to marketing. Cryptocurrency is his passion, and believes in contributing for a better world.

    man Ralph Bibby


    Ralph has over 12 Years of Computer Engineering Experience under his belt and is fluent in over 11 Coding Languages. He also holds a degree in Engineering.

    man Morris G

    Head Of Marketing

    Morris has been within the blockchain and crypto space for the last 2 years, with excellent online research skills. He has 5 years of exceptional writing and research skills.

    man Jennifer W

    Social Media Manager

    Jennifer West-Granahan is a Real Estate Investor/Mentor who works with aspiring wholesale investors. Jennifer also holds a BBA in Marketing from Berkeley.


    man Pranav Jain


    Pranav Jain is a crypto-trader, an aspiring lawyer, and a soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces that will help Bitcoin Homework deliver its services efficiently so that students can retain information with ease. He has also been in the crypto space since 2014.

    man Marcel W


    Marcel has been in the cryptocurrency space since 2012. He has a degree in Marketing and Economics, and a big entrepreneur at heart. He is a pioneer in the online shopping and sales industry and offers a great deal of experience to the team.

    man Connor McClanahan


    During college 2012 Connor became interested in crypto and got into mining as well as trading. He initially saw crypto to pay off student debt as well as an upcoming industry that would disrupt everything. Since then he has set up multiple mining farms and started a Crypto currency hedge fund as well as a money remittance application utilizing blockchain technology.

    man OgNasty


    OgNasty is well known for his involvement on BitcoinTalk.org - Cryptocurrency Forum. He has escrowed over 19,000 Bitcoins for users in the crypto community dating back to June 2011. He has donated over 10 BTC to the BitcoinTalk and is one of the highest ranking members in the world. He also runs his own casascius coin mint, and mining pool on NastyFans.org . He will be working as an advisor, side by side all the BitcoinHomework team members.

    Crowdsale details

    Distribution of tokens
    • Bug Bounty & Promotions 5M Xtra (0.8%)
    • Extra Credit Team 150M Xtra (25%)
    • Pre Sale 100M XTRA (16.7%)
    • Pre Sale Bonus 20M XTRA (3.3%)
    • ICO Referral Program 5M Xtra (4.2%)
    • Public Token Sale 300M XTRA (50%)
    Details Indicators
    Token Symbol XTRA
    Full Token Name XTRA Token
    Pre-crowdsale Start March 19th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or April 19th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $10000000
    Crowdsale Start April 20th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or April 30th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $30000000
    Domain registration date 2017-11-15
    Domain owner WhoisGuard Protected, WhoisGuard, Inc.

    Cost of the token

    1 token for 0.1 $

    Price without discounts

    Discounts and Bonuses

    Discount Dates Minimum purchase amount
    5% April 20 — 30, 2018 1000-9999 tokens
    10% April 20 — 30, 2018 10000-99999 tokens
    20% April 20 — 30, 2018 100000+ tokens

    Accepted currency

    • Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin Cash
    • Ethereum
    • Litecoin
    • Fiat
    • Other

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    Kate Konovalova March 29, 2018
    Rating of project


    The project will be successful, because it will withstand any competition. Holders of the XTRA token receive good discounts, plus there are special bonuses.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Highly qualified advisers, but the team seems to be beginning.


    In the road map, everything is available written. What determines the growth of the token is not visible. Minimal risk with investments.

    Jordan Semanda March 29, 2018
    Rating of project


    Token holders have lifetime discounts from the project will encourage a large number of people to engage on the market at initial pre sales of the ICO the project also provides extra tokens for the users that take up the academic courses. The project allows the students to learn from experienced and well informed personnel in the crptocurrency platform. The public token sale is relatively high which provides for future profitability. It will provide necessary knowledge to the prospective interested parties. It provides a solution to solve the lack of skilled talent

    Risks and disadvantages

    More ads are needed for effective growth. The project accepts only one crpto currency which limits the potential growth


    The project aims at solving the major obstacle of the improvement and progress of the digital currencies The project provides a vivid profitable future for the development of cyptocurrency it will make more people get involved in the crpto market its a very profitable venture for an imaging market. The project is very competitive in the market which will guarantee its success. Acceptance of a variety of cryptocurrencies will provide a wide market for the project to prosper. It will create minim risk in new potential investors. A more diversified press team will ensure effective success of the venture.

    Andrew Robinson March 21, 2018
    Rating of project


    You can learn more about Cryptocurrency, learn how to easily manage and invest. The market really needs qualified specialists.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Whether the project will be competitive. This is a new technology, you need to interest people.


    It's interesting to learn something new, I think there are users for this platform. Activity will depend on the quality of the material provided on the courses.

    James Young March 17, 2018
    Rating of project


    The project looks enthusiastic and the Team has a clear vision of the market demands on specialists. Furthermore, they are looking ahead in terms of how to address that.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The concern raised in the previous feedback is sensible, however, it very much depends on the complexity, moreover, the team has enough time frame to reassess gaps in terms of Asian markets engaging.


    A unique solution indeed, something really new.

    Veronika Arbisman March 16, 2018
    Rating of project


    So, what are the opportunities of the project? Big pool of people to give knowledge of investing and managing crypto currencies to. Non covered markets, such as Africa and partly Asia. Global shortage and evolving of block-chain technology.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Betting on covering Asia partly is quite ambitious. There are Chinese developers, which will be able to provide analog with the half price. Few questions on traffic statistics going down and the reasons behind that.


    Having the most current information that is available is really an attractive side. As the field is developing all over the world, more and more people would be eager to study this. Probably that is worth of investing. However, do not forget to keep your hand on the pulse and pick up the right moment to get your profit, before the market will not be saturated with equivalent products.



    How does early access work?

    Early access guarantees you a share of ExtraCredit. Please remember that we have a total of 600M Extra Credits once they have been sold they are gone! If you contribute during our PRE-ICO / PRE-SALE you will receive 20% BONUS. We will not be releasing the tokens until the PRE SALE and ICO are concluded, this ensures a healthy begining to Extra Credit.

    Who is ExtraCredit targeted at?

    Extra Credit is targetted at people looking to advance or start their path in the Cryptocurrency world. We feel that it's moving at such a speed, a speed that is truly unbelivable and it now needs an Educational Cryptocurrency and learning platform to support its progress.

    Requirements or restrictions?

    Any individual can participate in ExtraCredit. We offer learning for all ages, we have tailored courses to age groups helping the least computer savvy person become a Cryptocurrency expert!

    Which address should I send the money to?

    Once you have determined which Cryptocurrency you would like contribute with using our Calculator, It will then present you with an Address where you must send your money to. If you have any questions or issues whilst doing so please contact our support immediately and we will be happy to assist you.

    What is Bitcoin Homework?

    Bitcoin Homework is our Learning platform, which is here to aid people looking to learn about Cryptocurrency, this includes the positive and negative points, the invesment opportunities and the technical sides of Cryptocurrency, we are looking to educate the public and to also educate business' about how they can implement Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies to their platform maximising profits and minimizing risk taking away the fear of the unknown!