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#Internet, #Blockchain All projects

FRIENDZ: Connect brands with their target audience

Taking advantage of the most powerful marketing tool ever: the word of mouth on social media

stage Ended crowdsale

4.4 Rating

by 9 users


    • Employees32


    man Alessandro Cadoni


    Master Degree in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and LIUC University Alessandro is the Head of Community Division - he is responsible for the communication with users: he establishes
    the guidelines and is involved in the management of a wide range of tasks from engagement activities, to social media communication, to customer care, together with the Community Team.

    man Cecilia Nostro


    Graduated in Economics and Management at Università di Torino in Italy, with a Double Degree in Management in Switzerland and Argentina
    Cecilia is Head of Marketing and Sales Division - she is responsible for the communication with clients: she meets clients and makes them fall in love with Friendz. She manages the relationships with clients from the initial brief to the final report. Moreover, she always has an eye open on marketing and PR activities, working closely with the Marketing & Sales Team.

    man Daniele Scaglia


    Master Degree in Industrial Process Engineering at Politecnico di Milano Daniele is the Head of Operations
    Division - he is responsible for internal processes and communications: he organizes the workflow making sure that everything runs perfectly. He is also in charge of managing campaigns’ creation process together with the Operations Team.

    man Giorgio Pallocca


    He has refined and improved his technical skills over the years. Some of the relevant professional experiences that are worth mentioning are his role as the head of development at Ohmygoodness Inc. (a Palo Alto startup managing about 500.000 users per day), and later as the of CEO and CTO at Dexma and Netlex. Netlex has since been acquired by TeamSystem, a european software company with a turnover of about € 350m per year.
    Giorgio Pallocca is Head of Development Division - he is responsible for the system and blockchain architecture: he is in charge of developing the platforms, smart contracts and together with the Development Team takes care of the system security

    Dario Dantino


    Flavio Lanternini


    Mario Soprano


    Alessandro Serafini


    Silvia Romano


    Simona Fontana


    Martina Pirisi


    Francesca Bianchi


    Roberto Addeo


    Ornella Di Bonito


    Sahir Parmar


    Christina Dente










    Crowdsale details

    Distribution of tokens
    • Bounty Program (2%)
    • Team (5%)
    • Liquidity Fund (5%)
    • Advisors (7%)
    • Partners (11%)
    • Reserve Fund (20%)
    • ICO (50%)
    Budget allocation
    • Business development & marketing (50%)
    • Personnel and professionals (20%)
    • Development (15%)
    • G&A (10%)
    • Others (5%)
    Details Indicators
    Token Symbol FDZ
    Full Token Name Friendz Coins
    Crowdsale Start March 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or March 21st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $50000000
    Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, $3000000
    Token type utility token
    Incorporation Details Via Serafino Balestra 6, 6830 Chiasso
    Domain registration date 2017-12-20
    Domain owner Whois Agent, Domain Protection Services, Inc.

    Cost of the token

    1 token for 0.067 $

    Price without discounts

    Discounts and Bonuses

    Discount Dates Minimum purchase amount
    40% March 01 — 01, 2018
    20% March 01 — 01, 2018
    10% March 01 — 09, 2018

    Accepted currency

    • Ethereum

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    Rate the project by other users

    Phil Zander April 06, 2018
    Rating of project


    Risks and disadvantages


    Xiuli Wang April 05, 2018
    Rating of project


    Risks and disadvantages


    Lisa Dominguez April 05, 2018
    Rating of project


    Risks and disadvantages


    Natsumi Iwata April 05, 2018
    Rating of project


    Risks and disadvantages


    Kate Konovalova March 31, 2018
    Rating of project


    The described scheme for the implementation of the blockchain is quite detailed. The company's development plans speak of its professionalism and serious plans.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The road map is designed for a long time ahead, perhaps something will change and a newer solution will be needed.


    The given project already brings profit, therefore I think there will be investors who will want to get a token of FDZ, and to take advantage of discounts and bonuses.

    Andrew Robinson March 30, 2018
    Rating of project


    The project is really useful for the promotion of products as evidenced by the figures of its popularity and profit. The introduction of blockchain technology will help the company to reach a new level and possibly capture the market.

    Risks and disadvantages

    There are no visible risks, but there is a risk of not meeting the deadline.


    This tool is useful for many companies and products, and with the introduction of blockchain technology the project will get new opportunities.

    Leysan Gilfanova March 20, 2018
    Rating of project


    This project is not a fraud, or idea, or model. It's a successful business and is already showing results.
    Social media marketing has been one of the most vibrant sectors in sells for last few years, and it is expected to increase further.

    Risks and disadvantages



    I think that the chance to participate in a successful business should be welcomed at any time. A highly competitive market is not to be considered as a threat in this case. In sells, the most valuable weapon is a client (or users) base, and this project already has it.

    Denys Serhiichuk March 19, 2018
    Rating of project


    Friendz coins will enrich the user interface in the application: the community will use the new features and services that will be acquired in the application, simply using coins. New features will be developed to increase the degree of interactive interaction users.

    Risks and disadvantages

    There are already similar projects, like Adhive, for example, which aims to connect brand with end-users. The team also seems not experienced one in running projects


    I opt to think that the following platform has future, if its team will keep working and improving its product.

    Veronika Arbisman March 19, 2018
    Rating of project


    Connecting of the brands with their target audience is valuable addition. Achieving a break-even point just in 18 months and increasing of revenue on 310% during one year is more then impressive results.

    Risks and disadvantages

    "Word of mouth" is a strong weapon not only for promotion, but for ruining reputation as well.


    Really powerful marketing tool. Great potential both in B2B and B2C sectors. Already operating for 2 years, what considerable reduce project risks.

    See more reviews



    What is Friendz?

    Friendz is a tool that lets multinational companies involve a community of users on social networks for marketing purposes. Users get rewarded for creating contents for brands and sharing these contents on their personal social network profile. Friendz has an already working product, €1.2m in revenues, 200 clients (multinational companies) and a community of 200k users.

    Business model

    Client companies purchase marketing services form Friendz. Friendz involves users in the creation of contents for those companies. Users share the contents on their social network profiles and get rewarded with virtual money. A network of skilled users, called approvers, checks every content before it is published. Users and approvers can spend their reward to get gift cards and vouchers or in Friendz online store.


    - Working product: app available for iOS and Android devices and desktop version
    - 4 offices: Milan, Rome - Italy , Madrid - Spain, Chiasso – Switzerland (headquarter)
    - 35 team members
    - 2 years of activity
    - €500k first round of financing
    - 200+ brands clients, mostly multinational companies
    - 1.2M$ Revenues 2017
    - 200k crazy app users
    - 3M+ published contents
    - 1.5Bn audience reached

    Community online and media

    Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/B3IVIERTfwUcNdiPtJIqYw

    Medium: https://medium.com/friendz

    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/FriendzICO/

    Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/friendz

    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/friendz-app/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/friendzglobal/?brand_redir=825848444153399

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Friendz_ICO

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/friendztheapp/

    Website: https://friendz.io/

    Web-app: https://web-app.amazing-friendz.com/

    Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.friendzapp.friendz



    Friendz decentralizes the online marketing industry, elevating the final user to a central position, where he can monetize its contribution to the digital advertising process. Unlike famous influencers, users generally do not get rewarded through the advertising process, even if they contribute with sharing brands’ posts on social networks and interacting with companies official pages. Friendz let users monetize their actions online in a democratic way, depending on their skills and influence.

    The idea

    Friendz was born at the end of 2015 with the idea of finding a solution to a problem that companies faces in doing digital advertising, that is reaching and engaging their target audience in the communication and sharing of the companies values and message. Friendz infrastructure can control and manage a huge number of contents published, reducing costs for companies and providing strong efficiency.


    Friendz introduced a revolutionary marketing concept, leveraging the peer-to-peer communication on social networks and the power of word of mouth. Friendz users are not influencers with a big audience, but normal people that use social networks everyday. The size of the audience reached is the same, but consists of the close connections of thousands of micro influencers. In this way, the advertising message shared on their profile reaches their friends in a genuine and natural way and is much more effective.


    From the idea of the 3 co-founders (Alessandro, Daniele and Cecilia), the team has grown to 35 people, covering the different areas of the company

    Community team - that takes care of the communication towards users
    Marketing and Sales team - that builds relationship with clients
    Operation team - that creates an deliver the activities proposed
    Development team - that builds the tech infrastructure and smart contracts
    Spanish team - that develops the business in Spain

    Expansion goals

    Friendz goal is to expand its business abroad, getting to the main European markets by 2018 and to American and Asian markets by 2020. We plan to increase revenues from € 1.2m (december 2017) to € 200M and the community from 200k (december 2017) to 20 millions international users. We will attract new clients, develop new services and expand our offer to B2B industries. To do this, we will need to further develop the technological infrastructure.


    How does the app work?

    Users download the app, login with their Facebook account and see the activities available. They choose to participate and read the guidelines provided. Users create a content following the guidelines and upload it in the app. A network of skilled approvers checks that the content complies with the requirements: if it is good the content is automatically published on the user’s social network profile, if it is not good the content is rejected and the user is invited to upload a new one. Approvers are rewarded for their activity of content validation. After the publication, the user is rewarded for the activity of content creation. The reward can be spent on the special section of the app, purchasing vouchers and gift cards that can be spent on online stores.

    How does the decentralised validation system work?

    Highly qualified users, called approvers, manually screen contents on a dedicated dashboard and check their compliance with the activity guidelines. In particular they check that the content is original, high quality, has the right caption and hashtags. If one or more rules are not respected, the content is rejected and the user should upload a new one. Otherwise, the content is automatically published on the user’s personal social profile. Approvers are ranked according to the accuracy of their approvals and rewarded for every content validated.

    What are credits?

    Credits are a scoring system that tracks users’ participation degree to campaigns. Credits have a fixed equivalent value in euros that allows the definition of campaign size. Credits are the reward the community of users and approvers get for their support. After collecting a sufficient amount of Credits, it is possible to convert them into Friendz Coins in a specific section within Friendz app. The amount of credits received depends on the effort required by every activity proposed.

    How do you make sure that users social networks will not become a marketplace?

    We offer to our users the possibility to participate to engaging activities and to create and publish contents that do not contain advertising messages. These contents are not requested by any company, but Friendz reward users for participating as well as branded contents.

    How do you retain users?

    We provide our users with activities that increase their engagement, through a gamification system: users can see the pictures of other users in the app, rate it and interact with other Friendz. Users are ranked basing on the average quality of their contents and are encouraged to increase their quality while having fun.


    How does Friendz model integrate with the blockchain?

    Friendz model is based on the use of a virtual money and relies on a decentralised network that validates contents. The model has been already validated off-chain. With the blockchain, we will substitute the existing virtual money with a real utility token and the validation system will become autonomous.

    What are the blockchain advantages?

    With the blockchain we will be able to upgrade our platform and decentralize it. Transactions towards users will be registered on the blockchain and client companies will be able to track their marketing spending, in a transparent, trustworthy and safe system.

    Why a new token?

    1. Friendz users consider the coin as a fundamental and integrating part of Friendz “game”. The use our own token increases the community engagement and enjoy of our platform.
    2. Clients will have a unique tool to purchase marketing services globally and recognize Friendz as the media channel to engage and reward communities on social media.
    3. The increase of the value of Friendz tokens related to the growth of the community will benefit those who believed in the project from the beginning.

    What is Friendz Token utility?

    Friendz tokens (FDZ) are a utility token, ERC20 based on Ethereum blockchain.

    - Clients and multinational companies will be able to purchase our marketing services from our platform paying in Friendz tokens, with a discount.
    - Users will be able to gain tokens using the app and to spend them to purchase special features in the app that increase their engagement using Friendz tokens.
    - Users can purchase products and merchandising from our ecommerce and our partners online stores paying in Friendz tokens.
    - Users can take part to online games and contests which rules are set on the blockchain, using Friendz tokens.
    - Users can access premium features and games that require to stake a certain amount of tokens for a determined time span.
    - Friendz tokens can be transferred to external personal wallets

    What is the link between credits and coins?

    Users can transform the credits they receive as a reward into Friendz tokens, after exceeding a set threshold. This can be done in a special section of the app. The credits scoring system has two advantages:

    - Users activity corresponds to an amount of credits that do not change with market conditions.
    - As of today, the blockchain cannot bear the amount of transactions required by our community (around 12,000 contents are uploaded daily on the app, and rewarded). The introduction of a threshold reduces the number of daily transactions performed.

    How does the token model run?

    Brands can purchase Friendz marketing services using tokens they get participating to the ICO or from the market. Friendz rewards users for participating to the activities proposed. Brands can pay Friendz also in fiat money. In this case, up to 30% of the revenues can be used to buy back tokens from the market and reward the constantly increasing community of users and approvers.


    When does the ICO starts?

    ICO event will start on March 1st

    Is your token working on the Ethereum blockchain ERC20?

    Our token is ERC20 (ETH based) with 8 decimal places.

    Which will be the total supply of tokens?

    The total supply of tokens will be 1,500,000,000 FDZ.

    Which will be the amount of tokens available during the ICO event?

    750,000,000 FDZ, that is 50% of the total supply.

    What it the price of Friendz tokens?

    This is the conversion rate
    ICO Power Hour: 1 FDZ = 0.048 USD (locked)
    ICO Day 1: 1 FDZ = 0.056 USD
    ICO Week 1: 1 FDZ = 0.061 USD
    ICO Week 2 and 3: 1 FDZ = 0.067 USD

    What is Friendz ICO hard cap?

    The hard cap to be reached is 750.000.000 FDZ.

    What is the minimum goal?

    The minimum goal to be reached is 50.000.000 FDZ. If it will not be possible to accomplish our goal, the funds received in the form of ETH will be returned to investors.

    What is the token distribution breakdown?

    - 50% of all tokens created is available during the ICO event.
    - 20% of the tokens will be assigned to an internal Reserve fund, to create a deposit that will be used for future financing.Those tokens will be locked for 12 months and released proportionally every month.
    - 11% of the tokens will go to our partners
    - 7% of the total amount of tokens will be provided to the advisors and it will be locked for 12 months, released proportionally.
    - 5% of the tokens will go to the liquidity fund
    - 5% of the tokens will be awarded to the team in the future for increasing their commitment.
    - 2% will provided to contributors through Bounty programs

    Is there a public pre-sale?

    No, there isn't any public presale. The ICO event will start on March 1st.

    Will other tokens be created after the ICO event?

    No other tokens will be ever created.

    What will it happen to the unsold tokens?

    Unsold tokens will be destroyed.

    Is there a bounty program to join?

    Yes, registering to the website it will be possible to receive an email with a personal referral code that provides 5% bonus to you and 5% to people referred by you.

    Where is your company based?

    Friendz SA is based in Switzerland and has other three offices in Milan, Rome and Madrid

    Do you have funds and early investors?

    In 2015 we received €100k funds from a Business angel and another €400k in 2016 from Triboo Group, a public company listed on Milan stock exchange.

    When will the coins be available?

    The Coins will be released instantly after successful transfer of ETH Friendz tokens for advisors, reserve fund, team and ICO power hour will be locked for 12 months and made available proportionally (1/12 every month).

    When will the coins be listed?

    Friendz coins will be listed soon after the ICO on the exchange The Rock Trading. Others among the top exchanges are coming soon.

    What is the minimum ticket to participate to ICO?

    0.1 ETH

    Is there be a buy-limit on ico per person?

    No limit

    Do you forecast whales pump and dump?

    No, we locked tokens for advisors, reserve fund, team and ICO power hour in order to avoid pumps and dumps when we hit the market.

    Do you accept bitcoin?

    No, for the ICO event we will accept only ETH.

    What happens if the hard cap is not reached?

    If the hard cap is not reached we will keep the funds raised. All the unsold tokens will be destroyed.

    What happens if the minimum goal is not reached?

    If the minimum goal is not reached we will return the ETH to investors.

    What is your company target by dec 2020?

    We want to be present all over the world, with a community of 20 millions users.

    Can I send ETH from Coinbase?

    No. You should not send ETH from exchange platforms such as Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, Binance, HitBTC etc. You should send only through your ETH portfolio that runs ERC20 tokens.