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From Found: Ethical Fashion Empowering Women

A not-for-profit fashion social enterprise that encompasses style and quality with ethics and sustainability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the women we are employing?

We employ women from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds. We actively seek women who have lower levels of english, and who are at higher risk of isolation, but have other skills such as sewing and creativity to contribute to From Found.

What is From Found’s philosophy?

Our mission is to bring creative, ethical and sustainable clothing to the mainstream fashion market through the employment of refugee and asylum seeker women. We hope to see these women, empowered with further skills and training, transition into the mainstream workforce in Australia, and to educate and inspire consumers to choose sustainable and ethical fashion.

As you’re a not-for-profit, where will the profits from your sales be going?

All profits from our sales will go back into working towards our main mission, which is to see women newly arrived in Australia empowered with further skills and confidence to thrive in our community. As we grow, we want to impact not only the women we employ, but also other women from refugee backgrounds or who are seeking asylum. We hope to do this by providing other social support services, and running creative recreational groups which allow the women to support one another and share creative skills. With the profits we hope to also be able to subsidise on-site childcare, opening up the possibility to even more women who are at risk of isolation.

Who is the From Found girl?

The From Found girl is fearless in her individuality. She isn’t one to follow trends. She is a trendsetter who moves ahead of the fashion game with a conscious step. Creative by nature, her unique style and love for colour captivates people as she walks down the street. She values quality over quantity and actively supports ethical and sustainable labels. We are for the groovers who like to stand out from the crowd and stand up for what they believe.

Where do you source your “found” fabrics?

Sourcing found fabrics is a labour of love. We seek remnants from projects never completed, bolts of fabrics leftover from collections and old or damaged clothing that is made of good quality fabric. There is and never will be just one source for our fabrics but there are plenty of existing textiles in the world to create beautiful, high quality pieces.

When and where can we purchase From Found pieces?

You are invited to join us on our journey by following us on Instagram and Facebook, and signing up for our newsletter via our website. Our clothes are currently available online through this website. Collections of the clothing will be released in drops- keep an eye on our social media to be up to date on when those drops will take place.

Do you accept donations of fabric?

Currently we are at capacity with the amount of fabric we have and are unable to accept donations at this time.

What sizes do you make?

Our clothing is available in sizes 8-18 for women.

Do you need volunteers?

We love volunteers at From Found, and require people with many different skills from business to manufacturing. We will advertise any volunteer positions on our website and social media.