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#Blockchain, #Consumer Products All projects

Genuine Fashion: Disrupting the Global Forced Fashion Industry

Genuine Fashion Token brings consumers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers together in a single decentralized network.

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees8



Sam Wijnen

Founder/ CEO

Pankaj Jaiswal

SEO and Digital Marketing

Priyal Patidar

SEO and Digital Marketing

Parnasree Chowdhury

Lead Developer

Iman Kalyan Mallick

Lead Developer

Julius Mallik

Lead Developer



Alex Mathai


Frank Wijnen


Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens
  • Crowdsale (51%)
  • GFT Platform (29%)
  • Team Pool (15%)
  • Advisors (2.5%)
  • Bounty Program (2.5%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol GFT
Full Token Name Genuine Fashion Token
Pre-crowdsale Start July 27th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Pre-crowdsale End September 24th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Start September 24th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or December 24th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $76000000
Domain owner Individual

Cost of the token

6000 tokens for 1 eth

Price without discounts


Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
99% July 27 — September 24, 2018
Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
50% September 24 — October 24, 2018
25% October 24 — November 24, 2018

Accepted currency

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Fiat
  • Other

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Token economy, Tokenization & Business model

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does GFT stand for and what is it?

Genuine Fashion Token. It is a utility token based on Ethereum technology that can
also be used as a unit of account between drivers, customers, partners, and users
in a new, blockchain-based delivery and services platform. The token is not a digital
currency, security or a commodity.

Are GFTs transferable? Where are GFTs traded?

GFT is a utility token meant for use in the GFT platform. It is transferable. While we
are aware that the token is currently being traded on the exchanges listed here and
elsewhere, we have not encouraged or facilitated this exchange trading in any way.
We provide the foregoing information solely as a means of reducing the inquiries we
receive directly.

What do GFTs represent?

The utility tokens are intended for use on the GFT platform, a new Blockchain-based
delivery and services platform. Ownership of the tokens carry no rights other than the
right to use them as a means to obtain services on the GFT platform, and to enable
usage of and interaction with the platform, if successfully completed and deployed.
The tokens do not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security
or equivalent rights, or any right to receive future revenue shares, intellectual
property rights or any other form of participation in or relating to the GFT platform,
and/or its affiliates. The tokens are not refundable and are not intended to be a
digital currency, security, commodity or any other kind of financial instrument.

Where will GFT be used?

We are building the GFT platform with a GFT wallet and related blockchain-attested
functionality. The utility token is for conducting transactions and obtaining services on
the platform.
Given the open-source nature of the project, however, we also envision that as we
develop the GFT, third-party developers may come up with new and novel uses for the
These apps must be fraud-resistant if they are to participate.

Why generate a distinct token, as opposed to using Bitcoin?

GFT is not a digital currency, it is a utility token. It can be used as a unit of account
between drivers, partners and users on the GFT platform, and can be utilized to
directly measure, exchange, and verify attention. Bitcoin would not enable this
distinct, in-platform problem solving. Also, an integral part of the token sale was the
creation of the GFT which will be used to incentivize users to join the GFT platform.
Finally, using GFT on Ethereum allows for faster scalability than using Bitcoin.

How do I view GFT tokens in my wallet?

You can view GFT token balance in your non-hosted Ethereum wallet that supports
ERC20 tokens by watching the GFT contract.
• GFT Smart Contract address: ??
• Number of Digits: 18
• Symbol: GFT

Which wallets can be used to store GFT?

GFT is an ERC20 token, and can be stored in ERC20 compatible wallets. We do not
recommend a particular product, but some users report storing their GFT using a
Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.

What is the roadmap?

The GFT version 1 Roadmap is available ??? (link)

I transferred some GFT from one wallet to another and it never arrived. Can you help me?

We don’t maintain, or have any control over, the wallets where you choose to store
your GFT, so we can’t help you directly. However, we suggest that you contact
the wallet provider for both the source and destination and ask for their help. In
particular, if you have a transaction-identifier (txHash) we suggest you include that in
your query.