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Grow Your Mind: Helping children & their communities flourish

We want to equip young children, their schools and their families with the knowledge of ways to flourish
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Alice Peel is an accredited primary school teacher and a mother of three. Alice holds a Masters in International Public Health from the University of Sydney and has been trained in positive psychology and by Mindfulness in Schools USA. Alice has spent the last 7 years using a combination of Bounce Back, MindUp, Smiling Mind and her own researched initiatives to embed messages of resilience, courage, mindfulness and neuroscience in children aged 4-12 years.

Alice has taught predominantly in low socio economic schools as well as some private and alternative primary school settings. Alice noticed early on in her teaching career that poor mental health does not discriminate. Alice believes wholeheartedly in teaching young children about the importance of emotional health.

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Kristina is a passionate, generous, intuitive Chinese Medicine practitioner, with particular love for acupuncture and its power in aiding the body to find wellbeing and vitality. With over 10 years experience, Kristina is highly experienced and University trained (Bachelor of Health Science UTS). Kristina is particularly recognized for her approach to women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, mental and emotional health support.

“As a mother of 2 young children I am very aware of the realities and impact of everyday stress on both individuals and families, and the benefit that comes from finding equilibrium.”
Currently Kristina is doing further training in an area close to her heart, Paediatric health and enjoys helping children through health issues and tricky developmental milestones.
Previous to her work as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner Kristina was a dancer with bodyweather performance company, De Quincey Company. Bodyweather draws from both eastern and western dance, sports training, martial arts and theatre practice. During this time Kristina ran creative workshops and classes for children with a particular focus on movement and drama. Grow Your Mind has offered an exciting opportunity for Kristina to draw on her knowledge as a health practitioner, her creative experience and her experience as a mother of two.
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A constant crafter and podcast listener, Jane is thrilled to combine her love of all things art and design with her ongoing interest in child development. Having babysat in her teens, nannied through her twenties and now with two children of her own, her observation of child development has been constant. Jane has a Diploma in Visual Communication and Graphic Design and is delighted to be able to combine her two passions in this exciting, innovative and essential social venture.
“What a wonderful thing. To gift our children with this knowledge in such an original, interactive and memorable way. To give them a mindful tool-kit that they can dip in and out of for the rest of their lives”
If you would like to enquire about the Grow Your Mind artwork and view more of Jane Hunt's design work you can contact her

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