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Helix: World’s 1st Cognitive Distributed Ledger

A decentralized and cognitive ledger that enables people to transact, collaborate and exchange value without intermediaries

stage Ended crowdsale

2.0 Rating

by 1 users


    • Employees29


    man Oliver Fohrmann


    Software Engineering

    man David Neville, PhD

    Cognitive Sciences

    Machine Learning
    Artificial Intelligence

    man Marcel Fohrmann


    Managing Director
    Design Thinking

    man Luke Tudge, PhD

    Cognitive Sciences

    Researcher in Cognitive Psychology
    Deep & Reinforcement Learning

    man Daniel Cook

    Cognitive Sciences

    Computational Neuroscience
    Cognitive Security

    Pravin Rasalingam

    ICO Analyst Astrophysics


    man Matthew Niemerg, PhD


    High Performance Computing
    Applied Mathematics
    Formerly IBM Center of Excellence
    Tennessee, USA

    man Prof. Jean-Pierre Seifert, PhD


    Scientific Advisory Board Member
    Technical University of Berlin
    Cryptography and Theoretical Informatics
    Berlin, Germany

    man Nihan Kara, PhD


    Scientific Advisory Board Member
    Senior Scientist, BD Biosciences
    Cold Spring Harbor Lab, NY
    San Francisco, Bay Area, USA

    man Alex Ng

    Technology Advisory Board Member

    Former CTO at Zcoin (XZC)
    PhD Cand. in Machine Learning
    Berlin, Germany

    man Noor Sweid


    Business Advisory Board Member
    Managing Partner Global Ventures
    Chief Investment Officer
    Dubai Future Foundation
    Member of the Board MIT Sloan
    School of Management

    Crowdsale details

    Details Indicators
    Token Symbol mHLX
    Full Token Name Helix token
    Pre-crowdsale Start September 15th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-crowdsale End September 29th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Start September 30th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or November 11th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, 10000000 €
    Domain owner Individual

    Cost of the token

    1 token for 0.02 Euro

    Price without discounts


    Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
    25% September 15 — 29, 2018

    Accepted currency

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum

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    Denys Serhiichuk August 26, 2018
    Rating of project


    The project has advisors, which can be considered as the pros. Thus, there is motivation for people to participate in the tokensale as soon as possible on the form of bonuses.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Despite the fact, the Roadmap contains precise explanation of platform development steps, there are no dates, where they are supposed to be finished. A crucial drawback is the absence of any alpha or demo version. Thus, there are no partners mentioned on the website.


    I am not sure whether the projects becomes a successful one. The aim looks general and at the same time unclear for investors. Digital ecosystem that is characterized by one fundamental trait: public trust cannot convince people to invest in the project.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Helix?

    Helix Cognitive Computing GmbH is a Berlin-based strategic tech company, dedicated to creating a cutting-edge digital ecosystem for interconnecting Everyone and Everything. Helix aims to challenge the status quo by eliminating the need for intermediaries and central authorities, at virtually no cost. For more information you can visit our website at www.hlx.ai.

    What problem is Helix solving?

    Helix solves problems associated with centralized systems and management. Rather than blindly relying on third party promises, Helix builds trust by adopting public consensus mechanisms. Thus, it fosters the creation of endless new relationships and businesses that are more ‚direct‘ in nature. Helix enables the use of end-to-end encryption to emit secured data streams, implying that you can fully control which parties are authorized to access your messages or data.

    By eliminating intermediaries, Helix enables trustless transactions. It is no longer required to blindly trust any intermediary, whether it is a storage or financial service provider, such as banks. An example includes the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) that are direct, peer-to-peer and organize their company through digital voting systems. This could be achieved for any organization using the HelixFramework involving no payment fees to Helix. The Helix Consensus Protocol is leveraged to achieve data integrity (see section 6, 7 and 25-30 for further information on the HelixTangle), i.e. transactions that have reached agreement are serialized to the ledger and are immutable.

    What makes Helix different to others?

    - The Helix Consensus Protocol (HCP) enables efficient and secure transaction processing at virtually no cost, opposed to legacy blockchains.
    - We are building an application by the name of HelixComposer. Helix assigns great importance to usability and accessibility by providing an interface for people who do not have prior knowledge in cryptocurrencies or computer sciences. The HelixComposer and its graphical user interface provide the middle layer or rather the “interaction layer” between users and the network infrastructure. It enables interactive guidance and tools to designing own decentralized applications and defining smart contracts.
    - We have a community service, the HelixFoundation. The HelixFoundation assures the sustainability of the HelixNetwork. The HelixNetwork consists of Nodes (Computers) executing HCP and overlay networks (such as Flash and MAM), that are leveraged to achieve greater scalability and privacy. Further, the HelixFoundation is dedicated to creating educational workshops in the realm of Distributed Ledger Technologies, as we feel a great need of educating interested people and promote young talents

    Is Helix an active player in the Blockchain space?

    Helix is active in the Distributed Ledger Technologies DLT space with its own Peer-to-Peer P2P network protocol – not based on Blockchain principles. The Helix Distributed Ledger is modeled as a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), a well-known data structure with excellent properties in terms of scalability.

    What does „decentralization“ mean?

    Decentralization is a term used in network topology to describe the relations between different node types. Centralized systems typically consist of a client-server architecture or slave nodes listening to a coordinator.

    What is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)?

    Distributed Ledger Technology encompasses a large database consisting of synchronized digital records. Examples of records maintained by DLTs include monetary transactions (e.g. Bitcoin Blockchain), titles and rights to intellectual property, creative content, music, votes, healthcare records, and other sensitive or confidential material.

    What is a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)?

    A Directed Acyclic Graph is a particular type of graph consisting of nodes connected to each other by directed edges. The term ‘Directed’ refers to the idea that edges have directions (like a street map), while ‘Acyclic’ implies that it is not possible to walk from a node X and return to X without going back on a previously used edge (for example no U-turns!).

    What is a P2P Network?

    The architecture of most computer applications on the internet is two-tiered. In a two-tiered architecture, there is a clear division between clients and servers. For example, a typical banking application allows a client to prepare transactions on his/her local machine, and upload the transaction to the bank‘s centralized server or database. In contrast to the two-tiered architecture of centralized applications, P2P systems equally distribute all aspects of the application across participants, which enables workloads, resources, and values to be shared, and additionally, eliminates the need for peers to trust central authorities.

    What is “cognition”?

    The word cognition derives from the Latin term cognosco which means ‘to conceptualize’. Cognition can be defined as the mental act of acquiring and understanding knowledge through senses, experience, and thought.

    What does “cognitive computing” mean?

    Cognitive computers imitate human intelligence by processing data with a set of rules and procedures that can be updated iteratively, based on the value of the incoming data on an as-needed basis. Cognitive computing systems can provide highly accurate descriptions of visual and linguistic data, just like humans. A developing cognitive computer system relies on machine learning strategies, and the scientific study of biological systems, including their cognitive abilities that sustain autonomous, self-driven learning.

    How is Helix funded today and do you plan an ICO – when?

    Currently, Helix is funded by various early-stage private investors – both individual and institutional. Now (as of June 2018), Helix will continue its private sales in a pre-ICO fashion. On a first public sales round, 12% of the entire token supply will offered for a short duration. We aim to provide global ownership of Helix tokens and universal access to the HelixPlatform. Our timing for the ICO will be announced corresponding to market needs, the interest of the community and the uncertainty surrounding various countries‘ regulators on how to treat severe undertakings in DLTs versus speculators in the crypto space. Based on the approximation of these parameters, we may launch an ICO in September 2018.

    What is a cryptocurrency after all?

    A cryptocurrency is a digital means of payment created and transferred using cryptographic principles, to enable a decentralized and secure payment system.

    What is HLX?

    HLX is the cryptocurrency developed by Helix Cognitive Computing.

    Why is HLX called "Cognitive Cryptocurrency“?

    Every transaction initiated in the HelixTangle results from the process of cognition. Helix uses cognitive scientific methods for purposes of security and validation in the network. For example, in order to approve or validate a transaction, Helix introduces the first ever transaction ledger in the crypto world, which secures transactions using artificial intelligence techniques such as decentralized deep learning, a unique ability to understand, reason and learn about cyber-attacks and threats.

    Who can use HLX?

    HLX is for everyone and everything. You do not need to create a large valued transaction to use the HelixTangle. And since there is no fee, both people and machines can attach their micro-valued trans- actions to the HelixTangle. Thus, the HelixTangle can be used for machine-to-machine settlement, person-to-machine, or machine-to-person payments.

    Who needs HLX?

    The HLX token is the means of digital exchange in the HelixTangle.

    How can I mine HLX and how expensive are the transaction fees?

    You cannot „mine“ the HelixTangle because the Helix protocol does not require intermediaries like miners. The upshot is that the HelixTangle does not waste valuable resources like energy or natural space. Regarding transaction fees, there are none!

    How are HLX created?

    The HLX amount was set in advance by a human council. The sum is set in advance in the code and implemented in the HelixTangle. The Token cap is calculated from (244 * 244).

    What is the maximum number of HLX tokens that can be in circulation?

    Our maximum amount will be 4,292,493,394,837,504 HLX or 4,292,493,394 mHLX. We also tend to say, in short but imprecisely: “The total total supply is approximately 4,3 petaHLX”.

    Is the HLX supply infinite?

    The HLX token supply is finite, not infinite. In other words, there are a limited number of HLX tokens. In contrast to the Keynesian economic models of most states, the HLX token supply is not inflationary because no-one can “print money” as they need it, and arbitrary tokens are never generated.

    On which exchange platforms for trading HLX will be available?

    To be announced after the ICO.

    Where can I store my HLX?

    Once the HLX tokens are prepared for transfer to third parties, you can store your HLX inside the HelixWallet software that will be provided in time for the token transfers.

    Is Helix' focus on the HLX coin or the Tangle?

    First and foremost, Helix is not about the cryptocurrency but rather a protocol for introducing next generation technology in decentralized distributed computing. It can be said that the cryptocurrency HLX is a necessity to our peer to peer network. To be able to tap the full potential of the HelixTangle you need currency. It is not possible to pay with fiat money on the Tangle, and this is not a future plan.

    Is the HelixNetwork better than a Blockchain P2P network?

    Yes. Advantages of the HelixNetwork over traditional Blockchain P2P networks include:

    - Cost – Transactions in the Tangle are free of charge and occur at a far greater speed
    - Scalability - Transaction confirmation speed increases linearly with the numbers of tps
    - Decentralization – The Helix Tangle eliminates the need for mining or miners
    - Environmentally Friendly – E.g: No waste of electrical energy
    - Can be used by the emerging machine economy (=IoT and sensors).

    Why is a Tangle faster than a Blockchain?

    New transactions in the Tangle confirm two previous transactions. This makes the Tangle infinitely scalable. Blockchain, on the other hand, sees several transactions packed into one block and these blocks are charged every ten minutes.

    What is unique about the Tangle?

    The HLX token can be used like any other cryptocurrency. The network protocol was specially designed to connect devices. Companies and people gather data every day with a myriad of devices such as weather sensors or sensors in machinery and healthcare. But almost every piece of information is not used or recycled. The HelixNetwork can tackle it in two ways: It can save data in a way, such that no one other than yourself has access to the data. Moreover, it allows a free transaction between the owner and the one who wants to acquire the data. While we already realize how relevant data is at the present, in the future, data will play an even more significant role.

    How is data stored in the tangle?

    Suppose you want to send a JPG file to someone. First, your picture will be split into several parts and stored in a special field of various Helix transactions.

    To send data or communicate with someone on the Helix Tangle, you store data in the shared, public version of the Tangle for a limited amount of time. When you, or someone else you authorize, retrieve the data, you are reading the data directly from the Helix Tangle in its most current state. The transactions containing your data will not be removed until a snapshot, which is like sending data off into oblivion. After the data has been forgotten, all transaction objects valued at 0 are deleted from the shared, public Helix Tangle. If someone would want to read your data from the Helix Tangle, that would mean that they must take the exactly same walk through the graph you already did and only then they would recover the original walk, or message, or data. To simplify this process and stay up to certain privacy requirements, we use a module called Masked Authenticated Messaging. It enables a private, public or restricted encrypted data stream, where in the restricted scheme for instance, a channel identifier key and a private key would be required to access the data stream.

    Is the data stored in the Tangle or does the data only pass through the Tangle?

    To be certain of correctness of your data, in other words to achieve data integrity, it is mandatory that data is stored in the tangle. Due to Proof of Work requirements and confirmation times, this could lead to problems in a scenario like a messaging app, where remotely instant data transfer is required. In these cases it is recommended to use an overlay network like Flash. Flash enables the creation of a multi-signature wallet (that holds a balance predefined by the parties) by two or more parties that trust each other. Transactions in a flash channel are almost instant, with delays only associated to network propagation. When the channel is closed by the parties, the last state of the balances of the parties is synchronized to the tangle. This procedure eliminates a lot of overhead, supports scalability of the overall system, i.e. the HelixNetwork and enables a tremendous throughput of transactions.

    How is data sent?

    You can use the interface provided in the official HelixWallet. Using the Interface, you will be able to publish data into the Tangle and restrict access to your needs.

    What are possible use cases for the HelixTangle?

    Just to give a few examples:

    - BioDataMarketplace; Helix BioSphere
    - Recording diagnostics
    - Supply Chain Transparency (Manufacturing)
    - Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Energy & Utilities (The era of micro grids)
    - Public transport (Train, bus)
    - Licensing (Music, movies)
    - Votes (Government)
    - Post- shipping companies (UPS, DHL)
    - Food Industry (Food tracking)

    Do I need HLX to use the Tangle?

    It is not entirely necessary to own HLX to use the Tangle. In the future, you will be able to use the Helix Tangle to store and send your data to other people securely.

    When will the HelixTangle / Network be available?

    Mainnet launch is scheduled for 2019 Q1.

    How can I synchronize with Helix' progress?

    To keep up to date, you can follow our Social Media Accounts, or get informed through our Blog and Discord server.

    What are Helix' intentions regarding Post-Quantum-Cryptography?

    Helix' proof of work is minimal which means the difference of performance between a quantum computer(qc) and a normal computer is minimal (~qc would be roughly 100 times more efficient than a normal everyday computer, in blockchain a qc would be 14billion times more efficient than a high end mining pool). The difference is great. Helix uses Schnorr, a signature scheme based on the discrete logarithm problem. It achieves high performance and privacy standards and is widely studied and accepted in the industry. The problem is it's susceptibility to quantum computations (to be more specific Shor's algorithm implementation on qcs).

    Although we see the quantum era as a huge threat to existing cryptographic methods, we are sure of the fact that certain attacks, which are currently only theoretically modelled, will need a few more years to become practical enough for sufficient incentive of an adversary.

    While Helix is determined to come up with solutions that are prepared for the quantum era, we decide to take a route quite different from our predecessor. Instead of publishing 'quantum proof' algorithms (that the scientific community obviously hasn't had chance to study yet), now in a time where there is no practical qc attack, seems kind of premature. In a realm, where trust is the highest good, seems premature.

    The general idea is to use, what achieves best performance and security standards today, while initiating the research needed to sustain all of the computing eras that lie ahead.

    Helix is active on the following Social Media Platforms:

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/hlx_foundation/
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/foundationhelix
    Discord: https://discord.gg/HPKSfm
    Telegram: HelixFoundation (https://t.me/joinchat/EKuQ804rmjol1yIFgJ-DOQ)
    Blog: www.blog.hlx.ai

    What Helix areas and brands are worth to know?

    - HelixTangle
    - HelixPlatform
    - HelixEcoSystem
    - HelixWallet
    - HelixVirtualMachine
    - HelixComposer
    - HelixBioMarketPlace
    - HelixWetStorage
    - HelixFoundation
    - HelixCognitiveComputing
    - HelixHLX