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#Blockchain, #Internet All projects

Imigize: Contactless Shoe Fitting in on-line shopping

Ecosystem of the global online market of footwear and clothing based on 3D Contactless Fitting Service

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees21


man Valery G.Chernik

CEO, Imigize Group, Everbright Innovations Hong Kong

Founder, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Physicist, businessman with experience more than 25 years

man Mike Tchernik

Director, Everbright Innovations Hong Kong

Founder, the businessman with experience more than 20 years. Global Sales and Marketing. Lean Production Expert

man Sergey Gavrilyuk

Chief Operating Officer, Imigize Group Everbright Innovations Hong Kong

Founder, businessman with 10 years of experience. Crisis management Expert, International Marketing and project management

man Dmitriy Borodin

CIO Blockchain Technology

Co-Founder, Software Architect of HighLoad/Web 2.0, Blockchain Expert businessman with 15 years of experience

man Oleg Lebedev

CIO Measuring Complex

Co-Founder, Software Architect, Biometry, Computer Vision, Neural Network, AI. More than 15 years of experience in Biological Statistics


man Nikolay Nazvin


Co-Founder, CEO of several companies. Businessman with experience more than 20 years

man Elena Novikova

Investor, Business advisor in the global footwear business

Co-Founder, CEO of a commercial company since 1998. Managed her own chain of 200 shoe stores


man William Wong

President Federation of Hong Kong Brands

When I first got to know IMIGIZE, I thought this is too good to be true. After more than 30 years in the footwear industry, I have come to know many technologies about fitting and measuring. Most of them are way too complicated to be commercialized. Our foot is not as simple as most people think. There are so many bones and joints in our foot and each person walks differently. So, it is almost impossible to get perfect fitting.
IMIGIZE has a completely different approach. They use a simple app from mobile phone and scan our feet in a few steps. Then it recommends us for the best possible fit available. This is really a great innovative idea.

People are buying more and more shoes online nowadays. And the number is increasing drastically. Yet, the return rate is high due to the fitting problem. This is costing the retailers or the brand owners huge amount of money, not simply the courier charge, but also the labour cost at the distribution centers. And this is also a significant impact to our environment as approximate 30% of the shoes sold online were returned.

I believe IMIGIZE can reduce the return rate drastically. This is not only making the online retail of shoes more efficient, but also helping us to save our planet as well.

Since I founded the Global Footwear Sustainability Summit in 2011, I get to know that there are so many things we can do with our shoe industry to help to protect our Mother Earth. IMIGIZE is one of the greatest projects I have ever come across. I am confident that all the online footwear retailers will be using IMIGIZE very soon.

man Avishai Ziv

СЕО Alignment Blockchain Hub

When choosing a project to work with the Alignment Group take many aspects in to consideration at a board level panel built up of the top company executives. Aspects taken in to consideration are - the technology, the team, the concept and the potential in the market. We on average select 1% of viewed projects to be associated with.

What i liked about the Imigize concept is real 3d technology being used for commercial application which in turn has the potential to revolutionize the online shopping experience and success rate. When meeting with Dr Valery G Chernik and Mike Tchernik i felt fully assured that both men are truly passionate about the technology and the future of the company, which made selecting Imigize as a working partner very easy to do.

The Alignment Group focuses its time, knowledge and experience to ensure great ICO's come to the market and survive the market volatility facing any ICO at the moment. In time token value will be determined by the strength of the technology and Imigize is at the highest.

At Ernst Young as Senior Manger in the High-Tech Practice team (the largest in Israel), I got to provide Ernst Young services to hundreds of businesses from start-up to multinational level over an 8 year period, whilst gaining a real education as a part of one of the largest accounting firms world wide.

As a Management Consultant I have been able to provide clients with services - Growth/profitability, corporate structure, strategic planning, corporate level fundraising and development services at start-up and SMB level. I have also aided in numerous IPO’s on the NASDAQ as well as numerous European Indices and the Tel Aviv 35.

As the CEO of Alignment Group which has become the largest collective of ICO/Blockchain/Token companies worldwide, covering all aspects of any given ICO process.
I have the ability to apply my experience and knowledge in to the technical revolution. If the IPO is the past and future is the ICO which gives us the chance to remake the world with real technology that will improve our day to day living.

man Robert Hiley

Former Vice President Timberland Footwear at VF Corporation

I have chosen to work with the Imigize Group because they are a highly skilled team of professional innovators, who have a great ability to use their advanced technical knowledge to bring practical solutions to businesses. They have a unique approach of partnering with industry experts and executives to channel great innovations, that can help businesses excel in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing marketplace.

Whilst eCommerce is rapidly gaining ground over traditional brick and mortar retailers, selling footwear online is challenging when the fit is so critical to making a successful purchase. I am therefore excited to work with the Imigize project because it’s an innovation that will ultimately benefit consumers worldwide, to help them confidently make their purchases online, with the knowledge that the internal dimensions of footwear they choose, will be appropriate for their feet.

Mr. Robert Hiley is a seasoned executive and 30-year veteran of the footwear industry. Robert is a passionate shoemaker and product expert and has provided his expertise to many footwear brands and companies around the globe.

Robert recently established his own management and supply chain consultancy company called Sourcing and Supply Chain Solutions, specializing in the footwear sector, providing advice on product, marketing, supply chain, sourcing strategies and manufacturing. Robert’s clients include some of the world’s largest shoe manufacturing companies and leading footwear brands.

Prior to this Robert worked for VF Corporation, which is one of the largest footwear and apparel companies in the world, where he was employed for 10 years. Robert’s role at VF was Vice President of Product Supply for Timberland footwear, where he oversaw the development and manufacture of 25 million pairs of shoes per annum.

Robert has a passion for building a responsible, sustainable and optimized supply chain in an ethical manner and he has been a strong advocate for driving and improving Corporate Social Responsibility within the industry.

One of Robert’s major achievements has been to pioneer and support the development of the Bangladesh footwear industry. This involved building world class manufacturing facilities capable of producing 5M pairs of high grade footwear for Timberland

Robert originates from the United Kingdom where he studied Footwear Manufacturing and Management.

man Sean Brizendine

IIB Council Certified Blockchain Professional

I am honored to be an Advisor to Doctor Valery Chernik and the Imigize Project on the Ethereum Blockchain. Imigize will revolutionize the way we order shoes and eventually apparel online thanks to the immutability of Blockchain Technology and its ability to securely store personalized 3D anthropometric data from buyers from unauthorized access. In 15 years 95% of all people on this planet will order their shoes and clothing online and Imigize will be the application they use to do so.

Sean Brizendine Industry Veteran since 2011. Netcoin Core Team achieving a $6 Million Market Cap in its first 100 days in Fall 2013.
Former Moderator CryptocoinTalk. Rated 5+ POD (Proof of Developer) by the CryptoAsian.
Former 'Biz Dev' Vanbex Group which in 2016 was the largest End to End Blockchain Development Group in the World.
Current Blockchain Expert ICO Bench.
Certified Blockchain Professional IIB Council.
Wall Street Advisor Small Cap Nation.
Advisor to some of the most successful Blockchain Startups such as TraDove, Mandala Exchange, SVPER, Multiven, On.Live, Futurocoin, Give Foundation and many others.

man Miikka Saloseutu

Co-Founder & CEO Triplex Trading OU

As an advisor, the first thing I always look at is what kind potential the ICO have. Working as an e-commerce field many years I know how challenging is to sell footwear online, fit is very important part of buying process, so brick and mortar retailers have been able to keep their position on the market pretty well during the recent years.

When I first read about IMIGIZES unbelievable innovative 3D technology (You can use their mobile app to scan your feet in a few steps), I immediately realized how much potential it has in commercial use. Just such revolutionary innovations, are the ones that the e-Commerce market needs to grow and even more distinct from the brick and mortar retailers.

But the biggest reason why I have chosen to work with IMIGIZE Group is the unbelievable technical knowledge they have. Dr Valery G Chernik and Mike Tchernik's professional skills and expertise are the main factors that made me absolutely sure that this project will achieve great success in a near future. I could not be happier to be involved in this project

Experienced marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-commerce Optimization, Sales, Initial Coin Offerings, Crypto Currencies and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. Founder of IcoTokenNews.com.

Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens
  • Crowdsale (58%)
  • Stimulating fund for internet retailers (15%)
  • Imigize Team (15%)
  • Referral programs, markering seed investors, advisors (10%)
  • Bounty (2%)
Budget allocation
  • Building Imigize Measuring Centers (China, Vietnam, Thailand and S. Korea) (55%)
  • Reaserch & Development (27%)
  • Integration with largest online retailers (15%)
  • Imigize Service Blockchain Platform (3%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol IMGZ
Crowdsale Start September 20th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or October 20th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $60000000
Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, $1000000
Domain owner Individual

Cost of the token

1 token for 0.00010147 eth

Price without discounts


Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
15% September 20 — 27, 2018
10% September 27 — October 04, 2018
5% October 04 — 11, 2018

Accepted currency

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

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Budget allocation and roadmap

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Token economy, Tokenization & Business model

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Distribution & Lock up of tokens, Discounts for early buyers

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Summary rate the project

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Basic information

What does Imigize Service Blockchain mean?

Imigize is a contactless footwear and clothes fitting service, based on innovative inner volumes 3D measurement technology. Customers can choose a fitting by size and comfort footwear (clothes soon) online using the mobile app.

The Imigize Service Blockchain platform creates an open and connected data protocol generated by the service: clothes and shoes fitting degree and comfort, customers’ anthropometric data, digital profiles of items, service ratings, market analysis, etc.

All the market participants: customers, sellers, suppliers, manufacturers, rating, consulting, investment will obtain an access to this new information within the created ecosystem.

What is an Imigize token (IMGZ)?

Imigize tokens (IMGZ) are tokens of Etherium network ERC-20 standard that are used on the Imigize Service Blokchain platform. Firstly, Imigize tokens (IMGZ) are the utility tokens and are used to pay for the Imigize service and its individual information components by all members of the ecosystem.

We assume that settlements in all economic transactions between all Imigize Service Blockchain ecosystem members can be made indirectly by granting discounts to token holders. That way of using the ecosystem may take place in different jurisdictions, where payment in tokens is not yet implemented.

What are the ways of using Imigize Tokens (IMGZ)?

Imigize (IMGZ) token is designed to stimulate the interaction of clothing and footwear manufacturers, online retailers and online buyers.

Imigize (IMGZ) token is used by online stores as compensation to the buyer for access to his personal anthropometric data and his comfort profile.

The buyer, receiving tokens Imigize (IMGZ) applies them as a discount when buying clothes and shoes in any store connected to the Imigize service.

Online stores gain the ability to:
1. Stimulation with tokens Imigize (IMGZ) of their existing customers.
2. To attract new buyers from among those who have never bought shoes online before, to use contactless online fitting and thereby increase the number of online sales of shoes and clothing.

Manufacturers of clothes and shoes, including their dealers and distributors, also can stimulate with Imigize (IMGZ) tokens potential customers, but indirectly through their online sellers, transferring tokens from Imigize Service Blockchain when completing transactions for the needed for the production service analytical information

End customers receive tokens Imigize (IMGZ) as compensation for the purchase of goods:
1. for providing their personal profile with size fitting degree and comfort that Imigize service users create by means of a 3D foot / body scan at points equipped with Imigize scanners or using the Imiscan mobile application
2. for the consent to receive advertising messages in the framework of digital marketing (emails, push notifications, retargeting, display of goods in the catalog, etc.) from online stores in the form of recommendations for models of shoes and clothing, selected on the basis of their individual comfort.

What can the end-buyer do with Imigize Service Blockchain?

Liquidity: you can buy or sell your Imigize tokens through exchanges.
For Imigize tokens you can buy products with a benefit in the stores connected to the Imigize Service.
To buy tokens and then to exchange them for branded items is a good investment.

Which wallets work with ERC20?

You will need an Ethereum wallet that runs with tokens.
These are known wallets that work with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard):

MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
Mist (Desktop)
Parity (Desktop)
Parity + Ledger (Hardware wallet)
imToken (iPhone)
imToken (Android)

Why are Imigize tokens (IMGZ) valuable?

Because Imigize tokens (IMGZ ) are blockchain-based (ERC20 ), they can be traded from and to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum and to fiat currencies. People can freely buy and sell these tokens, and many hold in anticipation of increased purchasing power for various Imigize related services.

Does the project have a Road Map?

The Imigize Service Blockchain Road Map is available in the WP.

Which mobile app supports the Imigize service?

A working version of an app for customer’s feet 3D scanning is currently available at Google Play and the App Store.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imigize.imiscan
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/ro/app/imiscan/id1358331891?mt=8

Who is in charge of Token-Sale? Where are they?

Imigize Foundation Limited (Hong Kong) is a legal entity that is in charge of IMGZ token sale. Imigize Foundation Limited was registered in 2018. It is located in Hong Kong and operates under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong.
Company registration number: 2637391. Address: UNIT 19, 7 / F., ONE MIDTOWN NO.11 HOI SHING ROAD, TSUEN WAN HONG KONG


Is KYC required for the ICO Imigize Service Blockchain? If “yes”, then why do you need the KYC process?

The “Know Your Customer” is standard in the investment industry. It allows investment consultants to know details on clients’ risk tolerance, investment knowledge, and financial status. In addition, the purpose of KYC is to prevent theft, fraud, terrorism financing and money laundering. This helps to ensure that our clients are not involved in any of the above, hence suppliers will not have problems with regulators.

IMGZ sale, distribution and use.

How does ICO work?

ICO (initial coin offering) is a crowdfunding, where IMGZ tokens are purchased with cryptocurrency. See more on ICO in our WP.

What cryptocurrencies are accepted during the sale?

Ethereum (ETH), (bitcoin (BTC) – on request)

How can I participate in IMGZ tokens distribution?

You will only need any Ethereum wallet corresponding with ER20 standard tokens to participate in IMGZ tokens distribution. Please, do not send ether ("ETH") directly via exchange platforms for cryptocurrencies, use wallets ETH compliant with ERC20 standards.

What will ICO be used for?

The first step of the ICO is the construction of the first Measurement Center in China, where is the main production of world brands of footwear, and at the same time integration of service with some of the largest online retailers of footwear from the USA and China. This will attract the necessary attention of the entire world market and will open the way for further scaling of the project and creating a global ecosystem based on the service of the contactless fitting of clothing and footwear.

How will the tokens distribution proceed?

IMGZ tokens are immediately allocated after its purchase. IMGZ tokens will be distributed after the main token Sale ended.

What is the price of each IMGZ token?

The nominal price of the token: 1 IMGZ = $0,069 or 1 IMGZ = 0,00010147 ETH.

The cost of the token in ETH was recorded on April 28, 2018, in the 7:30 pm (UTC) with the cost of ETH of $680 dollars. One day before the start of each Token Sale round, the final prices of the token are aired and don’t change.

Currently, the ETH rate has dropped significantly, we recommend purchasing ETH as soon as possible if you don’t have it, to avoid higher investment costs in the future, as analysts predict a possible further increase in the ETH cost.

Are there discounts or bonuses during the Imigize Token Pre-Sale?

The constant 25% and large transactions volumes bonuses can be SUMMED UP. The maximum bonus for purchasing from the amount of ~200 ETH is 45% (ETH sums are given for the exchange rate ETH/USD=$1247.).

Do we get tokens instantly during the sale?

As soon as you confirm your right to participate in Imigize Service Blockchain pre-sale, you must transfer ETH from your Etherium wallet. After the ETH transfer, You will get a confirmation e-mail, that will acquire an information on sent sum and amount of received IMGZ. IMGZ ERC 20 token will be issued and allocated immediately after the purchase .

You will not get it instantly after the investment (pre-sale). After the ain Sale finishes, all early investors will receive tokens to the Ethereum wallet automatically.

What is the maximum margin of tokens?

The approximate number of tokens for sale: $60 000 000/$0,069= 869 565 217 IMGZ

I am a US citizen. Can I participate in ICO?

Imigize Service Blockchain ICO takes place all over the world and is open to all, but takes place within the framework of national legislation. Investors need to check for themselves if they can invest.

On what exchanges will IMGZ be traded?

This will happen in mid-2018. We will hold talks with the top 10 stock exchanges and report about it. Our goal is to achieve exchange on the most popular broker's boards to ensure maximum liquidity.

Can we transfer IMGZ after the purchase?

No. Only after the Main Token Sale. Tokens will be blocked to avoid parallel market and keep the initial price of tokens. They will be unlocked a few days after the end of the Sale once the token hits the exchanges.

Is there a transition period for tokens of the team?

Yes. There will be a transition period for the team’s tokens. Tokens distribution will also have a transition period of one year (the tokens will be “frozen” for the team).

Basic information about the project

Who are your main competitors? What methods of fighting them for market share have you developed?

These are vFit (vfitshoes.com) and Mifitto (mifitto.com)

The methods used by these partners are designed either to try on the shoes of individual brand manufacturers based on data provided or based on 2D measurements of the maximum length and width of the internal volume of the shoes. This does not allow them to be cross-functional (not suitable for all shoes) and isn't fairly accurate (The important parameters are not presented. It does not take into account the instep of the foot, the position of all the toes, heel.).

The method of 3D measurements used by Imigize removes all restrictions: high accuracy by taking into account all the basic parameters of comfort, versatility-all kinds of shoes produced by any manufacturer.

What is your business model?

Cost-per-Sale is 3-5% of deductions from each pair of shoes sold from online stores using the “Imigize contactless footwear fitting” technology, which is an average of US $2.5 for each pair sold.
Sale of panoramic photos (360°x360°) of shoes, for US$5 for every shoe model.

Why do you use blockchain technology in the project implementation? How much do you need it? Was it possible to go without it?

Imigize Service Blockchain creates a new ecosystem in the online footwear and clothes market, based on customers’ verified anthropometric data, size fitting degree and personal comfort profile.
These data are decentralized and protected by the blockchain technology, which gives a possibility to all participants of the ecosystem to independently manage their ownership rights of personal and commercial information.

How realistic is the workflow chart that you have presented? After all, there are very serious events considered. Do you have the potential to implement all?

We are informed of the complexity of the challenges. The basis of success is our team, the initiators and builders of the business project. But when the project starts to scale, we cannot go without the involvement of third-party companies. For example, the immediate task now is to build and launch the first measurement center in China. Here we intend to involve Chinese partners in a form of a joint venture in the creation of it (see about the meeting with representatives of the Russian-Chinese investment Fund (RCIF) and TUS Holding https://blog.imigize.ru/?p=217) by giving them part of the responsibility and functions of the project.

We will do it at each stage of the project development.

Is there a way to protect your token from depreciation? Is the issue of your tokens limited?

Following factors protect IMGZ tokens against the depreciation and limit the volume of their offer on the exchange:
Limited issue of IMGZ within crowdsale, which will not exceed 870 million tokens
The growth of the number of ecosystem participants (buyers). As the service is very convenient and profitable, it has received a positive assessment from all buyers familiar with it.
The growth of the number of stores where the service removes the main problem of costs and increases revenue.
The growth of the number of manufacturers for whom the service data on the size fitting degree and comfort allows to produce desired items by the buyer.

All this will increase the demand for tokens and will not allow them to devalue.

Do you have a team of qualified advisers? Are there authorities among them in the field of online retail and blockchain technologies?

We involve several specialized experts who specialize in areas relevant to project tasks for the role of consultants the team Imigize. These are experts in the field of blockchain technology development, finance and investments, legal support of blockchain projects during ICO; world-class professionals in the field of footwear production and retail:

William Wong, President of Federation of Hong Kong Brands , Avishai Ziv, CEO Alignment Blockchain Hub, Robert Hiley, Vice President Timberland Footwear at VF Corporation, David Drake , Chairman LDJ Capital, Roger V. Hardy, CEO and Chairman Hardy Capital Partners.

Who can be you partners working with blockchain and cryptocurrencies?

Alignment Blockchain Hub is one of these companies. Alignment Blockchain HUB has developed some very successful ICO projects such as Bancor-ICO priced at 153 million of dollars, Sirin Labs - $157M ICO, Stox-ICM priced at 33 million of dollars.

According to Avishai Ziv, the funds raised through the ICO will reach $5 billion in 2018.
The "Imigize" project and its ecosystem were highly rated by Alignment Blockchain Hub.

Do you want to change the global footwear and clothes market? Don’t you have too big of an ambition?

We assume that the market itself will change. Our technology is in demand in the market fot buyers, as well as sellers and manufacturers. The first ones are done with the inappropriate size of the goods. The second ones are extremely disadvantageous to the constant returns and the production of them to the warehouse.

The first launch of the contactless fitting technology on the Russian market showed great interest on the part of stores and enthusiastic reception on the part of buyers. We believe it will also receive the support of all its players during scaling of the project to the world online market.

What is the dynamics of the Development of IMGZ Token?

To involve online stores around the world in the tokenized economy, we implement several strategies that help raise the value of the IMGZ token:

1. 15% of IMGZ tokens will be allocated to stimulate the launch of the service (Stimulating pool).

2. According to the contract, online stores pay 3-5% for the service in fiat from the cost of each sold part of clothes or shoes or pay fixed price based on the contractual tariff plan (for 12/18 months or the number of digitalized goods etc).

3. Imigize Service Blockchain will offset 30%-50% of the amount of contracts with online stores to buy tokens from free circulation and from the stimulating pool (50%/50% pro rata) and return them to internet stores.

4. Online stores transfer IMGZ token to their customers as compensation for the access to their personal anthropometric profiles and participation in the loyalty programs.

This approach will allow Imigize service to be implemented as quickly as possible among online stores and give the user value to Imigize tokens (IMGZ) not only for tokens holders, but also for the main users of tokens - buyers of clothes and shoes in online stores.

Is your innovation patented? In which countries?

Intellectual property rights for inventions (patents) are confirmed by WIPO/PCT (International patent system). We currently have a patent priority and place our patent application in

USA, China, EU, Russia and Japan as these are the countries where we want to primarily implement our service and connect players of the online market.

Your goal is clearly to develop the Internet market and earn on it. But how will ordinary shops, suppliers and retailers react to your project?

We hope to spark an interest in regular footwear and clothes stores. Multichannel promotion is today’s trend of the trade development. Regular stores use Internet technologies for their sales. As you can see, all branded stores have also Internet departments. Stores will be able to use our service as a part of the usual sales by installing portable scanners in the showrooms of stores to obtain an ID and then bringing from the warehouse suitable shoes for fitting and purchase. Subsequently, the buyer with the ID will be able to use the online department of the store and will become a permanent member of the club buyers.

What are the immediate tasks to improve the measurement of shoes and clothing? Which types of footwear and clothes are hardest and easiest to measure?

At this stage, we can guarantee the work of the service with all models of low-heeled shoes.

The next step is all high-heeled and so awaited by the female half shoes. And then, any footwear, produced by any manufacturer.

There are no restrictions on size, height, the complexity of lasts, types of materials or ways of production for our technology...

About clothes. We’ll start with the simplest: costumes, shirts, pants. It will be more difficult to measure women's dresses, because of their design. But there are already thought-out ideas in this regard.