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#Blockchain All projects

JSEcoin: Building the future of blockchain on the web

Simplifying cryptocurrency, commerce, mining and user adoption through a browser

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees14


man James Bachini

Founder and CEO

James has a history of building successful digital marketing businesses. With 8 years experience in the ad-tech industry.
Experience in developing high volume applications and websites. Wrote his first program on a Commodore64 and has been hooked ever since.
Responsible for overseeing business development and marketing campaigns.

man John Sim

Co-founder and CTO

With over 15 years of IT experience - John presents regularly on Full Stack Development, Innovation, User Experience and Cloud Architectures at key Global IT Tech and App conferences.
His core focus at JSE will be leading and advising the development team as well as working closely with the Design and UX teams on improving the cryptocurrency User Journey and Experience with the new JSE platform.

man Dave Mallett

Co-Founder and COO

Dave heads up our technical support and social channels where he provides technical knowledge, patience and assistance to our users.
You will see him active on the forums and social sites, helping, guiding and actively promoting JSEcoin.

man Tracey Howard

Co-Founder and CFO

MAAT accredited accountant. 20 years experience in the financial management and accountancy. Previously directed the finance department at a mid-cap IT solutions provider.
Responsible for completing the monthly management accounts which are published on the website and carrying out cash-flow forecasting and projections.
Tracey brings a wealth of financial experience to the team.

man Amr Gawish

Enterprise Blockchain & Cloud Architect

Hailing from the dunes of Cairo; Amr is a true Technology Nekkyō-sha!
With a bachelor's degree in Math and Computer Sciences and is currently pursuing his master's.
Amr is passionate about technology and is always pushing the limits of the technologies he uses.
His focus at JSE is on Ethereum, solidity and web3 integrations with a future look at EOS platform.


man Kyle Headley

ICO Advisor

Experienced leader with a demonstrated history of success in the technology industry. Skilled in customer service leadership, continuous improvement, technology transformation, and operational strategies. Strong experience working within Global Technology environments and leading business enhancing evolution. Blockchain enthusiast, advisor, investor and spokesperson.

man Oliver Bachini

Marketing Advisor

6 years experience in online advertising and affiliate marketing. Ran a full service digital marketing agency for 4 years. 6 years full stack development experience. Image and digital media editing professional. Recently returned from an around the world trip to help with the JSEcoin project.
Oliver will be responsible for managing the affiliate accounts and helping with front end developments and media production for social networking accounts.

Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens
  • Crowdsale (50%)
  • Ten Year publisher mining distribution (20%)
  • Referral and bounty program (15%)
  • Ten Year platform mining distribution (10%)
  • Team Allocation (4%)
  • Advisor Allocation (1%)
Budget allocation
  • Development Allocation (40%)
  • Marketing, PR & Customer Acquisition (25%)
  • Business & Administration Costs (15%)
  • Infrastructure (10%)
  • Legal expenses (5%)
  • Market maker fund (5%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol JSE
Full Token Name JSE token
Crowdsale Start July 11th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or October 11th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, 2147483647 tokens
Incorporation Details Cambridgeshire
Domain owner Individual

Cost of the token

1 token for 0.006 $

Price without discounts

Accepted currency

  • Ethereum

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Token economy, Tokenization & Business model

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Distribution & Lock up of tokens, Discounts for early buyers

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Summary rate the project

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Are you planning to release a wallet?

We are currently integrating the platform with an ERC20 compatible Ethereum smart contract. This will be compatible with all 3rd party ERC20 compatible wallets such as myetherwallet, metamask, parity etc. For most users we recommend storing your tokens on the web platform and using strong security practices on your account such as unique passwords and two factor authentication.

I've lost my two factor authentication code, what can I do?

If you have lost your phone or access to your 2fa codes we recommend reinstalling Google Authenticator or Authy on a new device and signing in with your gmail account to access your codes. If this doesn't work we will require photo identification matching the name and address used when you signed up for an account along with answering some security questions. Please note 2fa is a security feature and we reserve the right to decline requests to reset it if we are not 100% satisfied that the case is genuine.

Why should I use a unique password for the JSEcoin platform?

You should use a different password for every platform that you register with. Users who use the same email address and password for every account risk having their accounts hacked. This is because high profile hacks leaked databases of email/password combos which are now available to hackers. Yahoo, Linkedin, Sony, AOL, Equifax have all been breached in the past and user account data is in the hands of hackers. Financial platforms are particularly targetable by hackers for obvious reasons. Take care of your account, use a unique password and setup two factor authentication using an application like Google Authenticator. This advice goes for all platforms across the web and not just specifically JSEcoin.

Why is my ad-blocker/anti-virus software is blocking JSEcoin.com?

Some ad blockers and anti-virus companies have bundled us in with hidden background mining scripts that mine on a users PC without them knowing. We are actively campaigning and lobbying the organisations that are blocking our domains. If you would like to help please contact your software provider and ask for an exception to be made.

How can I earn JSEcoin cryptocurrency tokens using just my PC?

There are a number of ways to earn JSE. You can try the self-mining which runs a mathematical hashing process on your laptop in the background while you work. Rewards are distributed via a lottery system to the miners. If you have a website you can earn JSE by placing the code snippet on your site and getting visitors to mine for you while you sleep. You can refer friends and colleagues using the affiliate links available via the platform, there's even a simple social share button to tweet or share on Facebook. Finally you can help our team develop the platform by completing the small jobs listed here .

I'm new to the platform; is there anywhere I can find an overview of how everything works?

Yes. We have a video walkthrough guide which can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgoYhUPgqlY

Should there be a specific page you are after you can jump to the following timings.

Transfer 1:05
Export 2:45
Mining 4:16
Publisher 6:46
Investors 9:45
Referrals 10:00
Settings 11:33

Do you have a rough guess at what the ICO price to BTC will be?

No and we wouldn't like to take a guess at this because it relies on external factors out of our control. It is an extremely volatile market where values can change by large amounts in very short spaces of time.

Pre-ICO tokens were sold at a value of 1JSE = $1, what will be the value for your ICO?

It is difficult to say at this stage but the value will be determined by demand and market conditions at the time of the ICO. We are working hard to create a platform that will be in high demand and deliver a good return to all early investors.

If JSEcoin is a coin on its own, is it listed on Coinmarketcap?

JSEcoin is a cryptocurrency on its own but we are not listed on Coinmarketcap yet because we haven't listed on the exchanges. We will look to list on exchanges following our ICO later this year.


Is there a wallet available to store coins?

Currently it is only possible to store JSEtokens via the online wallet at https://platform.jsecoin.com We have tested an integration with ERC20 Ethereum smart contract which would allow for 3rd party wallets to be used. This will not be released until we have finalized the exchange/ICO technology which could well change between now and when we ICO.

How do I get paid and convert JSE to USD or my local currency?

You are rewarded in JSEcoin tokens which are cryptocurrency tokens for placing the code on your site which will get your visitors to carry out mathematical equations in the background which help secure the blockchain.

Unfortunately for all of us JSEcoin tokens are very new (launched publicly in August 2017) so there is currently no way to cash out your JSE. We are targeting an ICO and exchange listing in 2018, you will then be able to transfer JSEcoin to the exchanges and swap for Bitcoin/USD etc. While there will never be a better time to mine cryptocurrency because competition is low, you wont be able to spend the earnings until JSE is listed on exchanges. Also worth noting is that if something goes wrong with JSE or the cryptocurrency markets in general we may never reach the liquidity stage and the tokens will be worthless. This is the risk that early adopters are facing.

Which exchanges are/will you be listed on?

This will be confirmed following our ICO; as this will be dictated by funds available and popularity of the JSE Platform.


How do I setup an account and place the code for my site?

Simply register for an account at https://platform.jsecoin.com and then visit the publishers page. Enter your website domain name and click the "Setup Site" button. This will generate your unique script. The code will pop up in a new window and you can either copy and paste it above the closing tag or paste it into the JSEcoin wordpress plugin.

Normally the best place to put the code is in a template file (so it runs across all pages of the site) or index file (so it only runs on the front page). Alternatively if you have a static site you can copy it to each and every page if you wish.

How do I install the JSEcoin snippet on my wordpress site?

There's installation instructions and a video here: wordpress-plugin-available

How do I know if the code is correctly installed on my site?

You can see it running by opening a console log window. To do this visit your web page using Firefox or Chrome and in Firefox hold down CTRL + SHIFT + K, and in Chome press CTRL + SHIFT + J

A console logging window will open which will show background processes and you will be able to see the script collecting block data and working on hashes.

The privacy notice will only show once per hour (so it doesn't load on every page as a user browsers through a site) and there is a 15 second delay on it after page load.

Does each website need to have its own snippet (including the domain name), or can the same snippet be laced on multiple websites?

Please track different sites separately. We need to know where the code is running to avoid fraud and our automated checks may return a false positive if the siteid does not match the referral domain. In the future you may wish to see stats by individual sites etc.

How are publishers rewarded for running the script on their sites?

Rewards are distributed via a lottery system where publishers earn lottery tickets for unique visitors, page views and hashes found. 50 x 2 JSE are then randomly distributed to ticket holders. This lottery repeats with each 30 second block delivering 288,000 JSE tokens in total each day.

Is it possible to increase the cpu usage on my visitors device?

No! We don't want to give publishers control of how much of a users cpu the mining uses. Currently it is set to use the minimal amount so that it does not have a noticeable impact on their browsing experience. We wouldn't want webmasters to be able to increase the cpu usage as this could give JSEcoin a bad reputation. Webmasters earnings are dependent on visitors, unique visitors as well as hashes found and so cpu usage is set to the minimum required in order to secure the blockchain.

Is it possible to prevent the JSEcoin banner from appearing on my site?

This is actually the privacy notification. It is important for us that this notification must appear when a user first visits your site (and once per hour after that) as we want to operate in a transparent way so that users are clearly being told that the mining is taking place, and that an opt out is available. We feel that this is important for legal and ethical reasons and that this openness will help the idea become more widely accepted. It is one of our terms of use that publishers must display the notification and not make any attempt to hide it.

Is there any specific legalese we need to put on our site?

This is new technology, we haven't had any legal issues or guidance to contend with. The privacy notice is displayed by default and is essential because it contains the option to opt-out across the entire network. If you wish to place something in your own website terms this would help with transparency.

Something along the lines of MySite.com uses background cryptocurrency mining.
To opt-out please visit Privacy Policy .

I saw your code on another site and I am trying to understand how it really works and what does the site publisher gets out of it?

We are an early stage cryptocurrency which is based around webmaster mining. Our system is similar to traditional cryptocurrencies but instead of big server farms we carry out the hashing algorithm in website visitors browsers. This is unobtrusive and runs behind the scenes (except for a privacy notification) so it does not negatively affect the user experience or page load speeds for your website visitors.

The site publisher copies our code snippet to their website and is rewarded in payment of JSEcoin tokens to their account.

Platform mining

Is it possible to mine on multiple computers logged into the same account? If not, should one set up multiple accounts with same owner/email address?

No, we are trying to avoid both scenarios. Basically the self-mining is meant to be a way for individual users to get involved with cryptocurrency and be fun for everyone. We want to avoid going down the path of multiple user accounts and multiple devices because this will eventually lead to server farms, bot nets etc. and wont benefit everyone. You risk having your account(s) closed and we take active measures to prevent this kind of activity.

How many tokens are available each day and how are they distributed?

Finding valid hashes earns you a ticket into into a lottery system where 50 winners get rewarded a 1 JSE token. This lottery takes place every 30 seconds, with a new 50 x 1JSE available each time. This adds up to 144,000 JSE available each day.

Why does the hash rate drop significantly when I visit other tabs?

To overcome this we recommend that you open the mining in a new browser with no other tabs open. If you then want to continue to different sites instead of opening a new tab, you should open up a new browser. This should stop the drop in hash rate. Try different browsers, your optimal browser will depend on your system. Chrome and Firefox are both recommended. We are currently finishing off a desktop app which users will be able to use to mine which will also completely solve this problem.

What is the Hash Rate Accelerator?

This is a simple slider function that allows you to increase or decrease the amount of cpu power that you dedicate to the mining process. If you want to continue using your computer then you may want to turn this down, or you can crank it up if you have nothing else to do on your device. Please note that at present there is no real benefit to earnings by going over 10K h/s and so setting the hash rate accelerator to deliver more that this is not recommended.

If my flatmate and I both mine at the same time are earnings affected as we are using the same IP address?

As part of our fraud prevention and to ensure server farms can’t take over JSEcoin, we have had to put IP restrictions in place. We have limited it to one lottery ticket per block per IP address. This means that multiple users will be able to mine in the same location, however potential rewards will be split between them.


How can I earn JSE for referring other users?

Simply log into your account and head to the referrals page. Here you will find various unique referral codes that you can distribute. Please make sure you read the rules regarding qualifying referrals before you put time and effort into distributing your links.

How much will I earn and are there any rules?

We pay 200JSE per confirmed users who registers an account having clicked through your personal referral link and meet the following criteria:

-They are from one of our accepted countries as listed on the referrals page. These countries are US, CA, GB, IE, AU, NZ, ZA, DE, FR, CH, SE, NO, FI, BE, NL, LU, DK, AT. This is due to the lack of technical support and site translation we are able to offer to non English speaking countries. Once the site is fully developed we will look at translating the site into most languages at which point it is likely that we will reintroduce the affiliate bonus for these countries.

-There isn't already an account registered to that IP address. Duplicate IP accounts aren't paid the bonus as this would leave the system open to abuse.

-They are a genuine user and not paid to click or bot generated traffic.

Why has my referral been declined?

This could be for 2 reasons;

your referral is not from one of our accepted countries as listed on the referrals page. These countries are US, CA, GB, IE, AU, NZ, ZA, DE, FR, CH, SE, NO, FI, BE, NL, LU, DK, AT.

your referral already has an account registered at the same IP address. Duplicate IP accounts aren't paid the bonus as this would leave the system open to abuse.

Why have you restricted the affiliate program to only reward english speaking sign ups? Will this ever change?

This is due to the lack of technical support and site translation we are able to offer to non English speaking countries. Once the site is fully developed we will look at translating the site into most languages at which point it is likely that we will reintroduce the affiliate bonus for these countries.

My referral is from a qualifying country and is not a duplicate account but I still haven’t received the bonus. Why could this be?

It is most likely that the user hasn’t yet confirmed their accounts. As soon as they do this you should receive the bonus.

The platform

I'm new to the platform; is there anywhere I can find an overview of how everything works?

Yes. We have a video walkthrough guide which can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgoYhUPgqlY

Should there be a specific page you are after you can jump to the following timings.

Transfer 1:05
Export 2:45
Mining 4:16
Publisher 6:46
Investors 9:45
Referrals 10:00
Settings 11:33

Something isn't working in the platform what should I do?

We are pushing out a lot of updates and resetting the servers frequently at the moment. It could be a browser cache issue, try logging out then pressing F5 or refresh a couple of times to reload the latest version of the platform. If that doesn't work please send us a note at https://jsecoin.com/support/community

I’ve lost my password. What can I do?

Simply visit the login page and click the “forgot password” link which is just below the login button.

It says there is no matching account for my email and password in the database. What should I do?

Please try entering your details again ensuring that they are correct. If the problem persists, try resetting your password. If you are still unable to access your account please raise a ticket using our contact form

I keep being asked to confirm my account, but I haven’t received the confirmation email.

Firstly please ensure you have checked your spam/junk folders. If it’s not there please try adding [email protected] to your email address book and re-requesting the email. Any further problems please raise a ticket using our Community

I keep being logged out of the platform, and asked to log back in. Is this normal?

This shouldn't be happening to the platform. The 2 common reasons users find that cause this are;

Refreshing the page to check on earnings. By refreshing you are effectively leaving the page and reentering and so will be required to log in again. This is a fairly standard security feature.
You are signing into your account on a second device. Users are limited to one device, and as soon as a second login is made you will be logged out of the first account.

I’ve heard a lot about people having their cryptocurrencies stolen, are my tokens safe in my JSEcoin account?

Yes, they are safe. As there is currently no wallet available coins can only be transferred to other JSEcoin accounts, and we have a record of all transactions. We recommend making your account more secure by setting up 2 factor authentication, but in the event of anyone entering your account and removing your tokens we would be able to track where they went and return them to you. The wallet will be available before we get to ICO but not until we are much closer to this.

What is 2 factor authentication (2fa)?

2fa requires you to enter a randomly generated code from a mobile app into your JSEcoin account after you have entered your username and password. 2 common apps that the platform supports and have been fully tested are Authy and Google Autenticator. Simply download one of these apps, and the next time you log into your account go to the settings page and click to turn on 2fa. You will be prompted to scan a qr code with your phone and your first 6 digit code will be generated. You will then need to enter a code each time you log into your account. You should read instructions carefully regarding backing up your phones 2fa account in case you should lose or damage your phone.

I’m having problems with 2fa, can you help?

Yes, but we’re afraid it’s not a straightforward process. Start by raising a ticket using our Community You will then be required to complete some steps towards proving your identity. Remember that this is purely to secure users accounts. It may seem annoying, but you’d be more annoyed if we allowed someone to access your tokens by not showing due dilligence. If you have properly backed up your 2fa account then this shouldn’t really be a problem.