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LivingOffset: Big changes start with small change

LivingOffset offset your carbon footprint.

stage Ended crowdsale

3.5 Rating

by 5 users


    • Employees13


    man Chris O’Shea


    Chris joins the board as Chief Executive Officer. He is currently a director of Arranmore Financial Services, Ireland’s agent company for KBL Limited, London, a full-service wholesale financial markets firm. Arranmore Financial Services trades with bank treasuries and investment firms around the world.

    Along with fellow-board member, Kevin Gahan, Chris successfully managed the setup of IFSB, a very profitable wholesale financial services company. Over his 30-year performance-driven career, Chris has also worked with Kyte Broking, Cantor Fitzgerald, NCB and Caradas. He brings considerable entrepreneurial skills to the team.

    man David Boles

    Chief Process Officer

    David was introduced to carbon markets while studying for a Graduate Diploma in Green Technologies at UCD. Later he established his own niche business, supplying intel services and trading capabilities to EUETS (European Union Emission Trading Schemes) participants, and worked with energy companies, including clean energy start-ups. ESDLife is David’s brainchild.

    In his earlier life, David studied Civil Engineering at UCD and worked in project management roles on major infrastructural projects, such as roads, multisensory buildings and Dublin’s light rail system (Luas).

    man Léonie Khan


    Having graduated from UCD with a Degree in Commerce, and an MBS in Marketing from UCD’s Graduate Business School. She began her marketing career client side, with international brands such as Vodafone and bmi british, before moving to the ad agency BBDO Dublin, where she spent 10 years, rising through the ranks to become an award-winning Senior Account Director. Currently Léonie is working as a senior marketing consultant, a proven strategist and project manager, she has a deep understanding of what it takes to build brands and audiences from the ground up.

    man Ian McKeown


    As the board’s Chief Financial Officer, Ian brings over 28 years of commercial, corporate finance and management experience to the role. Since 2001 Ian has been self-employed, trading as McKeown & Associates. Previously he worked with Mazars Chartered Accountants, specialising in corporate finance, mergers, acquisitions and disposals. Ian has also spent five years as a financial controller in industry and five in public practice. Ian is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

    man Paul Cryan


    Paul is one of co-founders of LivingOffset and with Ian McKeown is co-designer of the LivingOffset ‘ICO tokenomics’. He has been working in IT for over 30 years, specialising in technology for banking and finance.

    He has held senior Corporate Finance IT roles in Ireland, the Netherlands and the USA, and has led large IT teams at General Electric, AIB and RaboBank Group (De Lage Landen). Paul also has significant experience in IT start-ups. Paul has a BSc in Computer Science/ Maths from University College Dublin (1987) and completed the Leadership Development Programme at the Centre for Creative Learning in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels.


    man Nick Ayton

    Nick has spent 30 years working in the technology sector, holding a number of senior executive and management positions for Siemens, CapGemini and CSC.

    An accomplished writer, speaker and blockchain business architect, Nick has spent the last few years helping organisations with their blockchain strategies, designing blockchain solutions and propositions and advising on ICOs while also writing for the market leading online cryptocurrency magazine Coin Telegraph as their London correspondent, where he is known as The Sage of Shoreditch.

    man Dmitry Koval

    Dmitry obtained his MSc degree in mathematics in 1997 and built his career around information technologies and information security.

    But, with the emergence of cryptocurrencies and the possibilities that Blockchain represents, Dmitry submerged himself into this new world, starting his first crypto project in 2014 – the renowned Bitcoin Futures platform & trading exchange Crix.io.

    Recognising a lack of industry expertise Dmitry started Blockwise – a consultancy and software development firm focused on evaluating blockchain use and implementing blockchain to solve real-world problems.

    man Dr Renou Wilson

    Dr Florence Renou-Wilson (PhD, M.Sc. (Ag.), Dip. EIA&SEA Mngt) is a lecturer and research scientist in University College Dublin, where she is also a lecturer and director of a Masters of Science in Global Change: Ecosystem Science and Policy. She has investigated peatlands for more than twenty years in an integrative way at the crossroads of ecology, forestry, agriculture, climate change and sustainable management.

    She is a Lead Author for the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change for the Supplement to the 2006 Guidelines on Wetlands (2014). She is also member of the Scientific and Policy Advisory Group to the Peatland Council set up by the government to assist Ireland to respond to the requirements of EU and domestic law relating to the protection of important peatland habitats.

    man Colm Byrne

    Colm Byrne is a full time energy specialist and a part-time music maker. His passion lies in bringing off grid solutions to communities with little or no access to power.

    man Nick Holden

    Nick Holden is a Professor of Biosystems Engineering and a global leader in food chain sustainability. He is on the editorial board of Nature Scientific reports, is an EPD verifier and an academic reviewer of 28 journals. Nick’s research focuses on the sustainability of agriculture and food chains, which includes:
    -Life Cycle Assessment;
    -Soil Quality (Sensing and Visual methods);
    -Agricultural Systems Technology.
    He is a PI in 3 H2020 projects (AgroChemWhey, AgroCycle and Valumics), being a work package leader for two (AgroChemWhey and AgroCycle). Nick is also deputy leader and sustainability platform co-leader for the SFI Beacon Bioeconomy Research Centre.

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    Distribution of tokens
    • Crowdsale (65%)
    • Reserve (9%)
    • Advisors (3%)
    • Founders (12%)
    • Future Staff (6%)
    • Referrals (5%)
    Budget allocation
    • IT Rollout and Ongoing Opex (24%)
    • Marketing and Global Rollouts (48%)
    • Carbon Reserve (6%)
    • Group Operations (13%)
    • ICO Cost (9%)
    Details Indicators
    Token Symbol LOFF
    Full Token Name LOFF token
    Pre-sale Start April 25th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-sale End May 9th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-crowdsale Start July 2nd, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-crowdsale End July 9th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Start July 18th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale End July 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Domain registration date 2017-12-12
    Domain owner Kevin Gahan

    Cost of the token

    1 token for 0.2 Euro

    Price without discounts


    18th – 31st July Main Sale (20% Discount on the first 25M Tokens)

    Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
    40% July 02 — 09, 2018
    Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
    20% July 18 — 31, 2018

    Accepted currency

    • Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin Cash
    • Ethereum
    • Fiat

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    Alexandr Gonchar July 26, 2018
    Rating of project


    It is the first user-oriented platform, that allows users to compensate carbon emissions caused by their everyday activity. Working together, as a community, people, using that platform can fight climate changes.
    The project actually is a simple platform for mobile applications, that will transform human actions to combat climate changes. LivingOffset has unique capabilities to manage all aspects of carbon emissions that are compensated by human activities, including synchronization of wallet functionality, updating balances of participants, recording transactions on the distributed register, with necessary infrastructure and information for social responsible economy

    Risks and disadvantages

    The project cause very serious area and issue, like carbon emissions and climate changes. Despite the urgency of the issue it is hard to imagine, in what way, such a small company could solve the climate and environment problems.


    I think, that under certain conditions, the project could become popular (on long period), but the team have to unite big community around itself, that can influence this global problems. But it will happen not so far, so investors will not get a profit in the near future.

    Sofia Medda June 23, 2018
    Rating of project


    There will be possibility to track the progress of the ICO on ICO website. The platform is designed to show people how their daily decisions can reduce carbon emissions. The project has a strong and reliable team.

    Risks and disadvantages

    LOFF tokens, which belong to the team, founders and advisors aren't locked and I think it is a potential risk for investors.


    The team expects that the project will grow very fast and I think there is a certain demand for a product like this. A big share of tokens is allocated to marketing. I suggest proper marketing strategy will help the team to achieve their goal.

    Anne Bryn June 22, 2018
    Rating of project


    The project has established partnerships. Once the ICO campaign is over, there will be no possibility to buy LOFF tokens from LivingOffset, which means if the product is popular there will be shortage of tokens.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The project doesn't have a bounty program. There is no hard cap for ICO.


    There is a growing interest to ecological projects. I think much depends on partnerships and promoting. Since there is no hard cap, this project shouldn't be considered as a short-term investment.

    William Anderson May 07, 2018
    Rating of project


    Many early buyers will be registered so as to take advantage of the existing opportunity of getting bonuses. There is variety in the acceptable cryptocurrencies so the LOFF token is more stable compared to the projects accepting one currency.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Lowering the emissions does not guarantee the safety of the environment because the emitted substances accumulate and destroy the ozone layer. The competition this project is to face is offering quite unique solutions compared to this one. Getting a large market share will be a challenge to the project.


    Its advisable to keep the investors in check of the occurances of the business progress in this way more investments will be realized and the out flow controlled.

    Jordan Semanda May 07, 2018
    Rating of project


    Environmental conservation shall be enforced all over the world. The initiative benefits a global market so those into environmental conservation will potential investors. From the move to reduce on emissions the members of the platform will be able to earn coins which also benefits them.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The reserve is small and might not be relevant when it's needed. Luck of a press team will affect the awareness of the project to the public.


    Its quite evident this project is more or less unique compared to the similar projects, so its wit this competitive advantage that the project should focu on utilizing its competitive advantage to win a sizable market share.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does LivingOffset do?

    LivingOffset is a newly created marketplace; an immutable blockchain forum where climate citizens can engage together in the knowledge that they are fighting for the security of the planet. If you are responsible for a carbon emission you can offset this in LivingOffset against your neighbour’s emission reduction. Your neighbour can be next door to you or in Tanzania. A farmer in Tanzania changes from kerosene lamps to a solar light system will reduce emissions by approximately 10 tonnes. An office worker can offset the emission profile of their lunch against that farmers action. This helps the farmer fund the cost of replacing his kerosene emissions – we have developed a system where this process is applied across all GHG emission reduction actions across all geographies.

    How can I use LivingOffset?

    Using LivingOffset could not be easier. Offsetting will be actioned via our mobile app which will be available on the android and apple stores. LivingOffsetters will be prompted to take their part in the fight against climate change via location services prompting from our retail partners and also by gamification and rewards in the LivingOffset community. The offset journey within the app/online widget will be short and concise where the offsetter can pre-ordain what projects are favoured. Those who take emission reduction actions can apply to have those reductions certified within the system. So someone changing from a fossil fuel car to an EV can potentially record and certify this emission reduction over the life of the EV. The forum is designed to get all of societies stakeholders engaged in making a difference.

    What happens to my data?

    Customer data will be kept securely and data protection will be of paramount importance for the executive of LivingOffset. The system will be built to conform to Directive (EU) 2016/680 of the European Parliament that legislates for the protection of personal data. Members of LivingOffset will have control of their data and the IT team have built the system in a way the requires a minimal amount of data input from our customers. The data we do hold will be securely held and the security protocols will be monitored and updated on a regular basis to protect that data from nefarious intent.

    What is your business strategy?

    We need to engage and educate individuals; educate them on how their choices have an impact, that the choice to drive to the supermarket instead of walking has a far reaching impact across the globe, especially when aggregated with their peers; engage them to offset the unavoidable carbon cost associated with their lifestyle choices. That will involve a marketing campaign to create the conversation that will breed a community of LivingOffsetters – we have a strong marketing team to build this conversation and community. We will also build relationships with corporate organisations – the executive firmly believe that our ecosystem fits in perfectly for CSR policies, it creates a societal purpose that is an important customer draw for corporates. So corporates who find themselves lagging in their CSR duties will be able to partner with the LivingOffset ecosystem to deliver a material change for good and become part of the community. The white labelling of our app will enable corporates to empower their customers to become climate citizens. They will be able to reward their customers for become participants in the fight for the planet, to become LivingOffsetters.

    Is your business already operating?

    LivingOffset is not operating at the moment – we decided to hold back on our MVP because we realised that it was a global business that needs to be built to scale and although we have an operational system, it is currently built for a maximum of 10,000 users. We were going to run with a pilot system for the months December 2017 through to June 2018, but because the system is a totally new innovation the important thing was to be able to scale rapidly. The traditional route of piloting and then VC funding a scaling of operations would mean that an app based business would have a time gap in funtionality. App based businesses cannot afford that kind of gap in operations, so the executive decided to seek funding for a full scale build of a global product.

    Who is the team?

    Chris O’Shea, David Boles, Leonie Khan, Paul Cryan, Ian McKeown, Kevin Gahan, Andreos Klering, Ian McColl (See profiles section)

    Will you add more people to the team?

    We will add to the team when we achieve our funding targets. IT will add developers and programmers. Operations, under Kevin Gahan will build a team to manage the operations of the business. Ian McKeown will add to the finance division where necessary, but first on the list will be a tax expert to manage the multi jurisdictional element of the business. David will add to the procurement team – an important element is building the inventory of emission reductions that are used to offset against. These will need to be multi jurisdictional for success (an Englishman is more likely to offset against an English GHG reduction project – it is likely to be even more parochial, Kent a Kentish project, Canterbury and Canterbury project — this mindset applies across all geographies). Léonie and Ian will be expanding the marketing team again with a view to a global brand roll out. Assuming a successful ICO, we will employ an experienced treasury experts – we will want an experienced trader team to maintain price liquidity in LOFF, as well as managing the FX exposure from the various countries that LivingOffset develop.

    How did you come up with the idea?

    Chris O’Shea and David Boles first met when Chris was working for Cantor Fitzgerald. David had come in to talk to about setting up and intermediary business in EUA’s , European Union Allowances – that is the cap and trade system that the EU set up for the industrial sector. Because of the economic recession almost every non-utility company in Europe had ended up with a glut of free allowances – essentially free cash from the EU. But that is going to change in 2020 and Chris & David thought that these companies were and probably still are unprepared to manage that risk.
    Out of that discussion and David’s passion to cut GHG emissions in line with the Effort Sharing Decision (EU legislation binding countries to GHG emissions reduction targets), LivingOffset was born. At the heart of the LivingOffset ecosystem is PPP – Polluter must Pay Principle. Chris and David realised that LivingOffset was a global solution to a global problem – everyone has to be involved. So the idea of offsetting the carbon cost of your cup of coffee, the 250g unit that is now at the core of the LivingOffset ecosystem, was born from that journey. LivingOffset was formed in April of 2016 and we set about building the solution of offsetting lifestyle choices.

    Paul, Andreos and Ian joined the team to undertake the IT build. Since then we have designed and built the LivingOffset ecosystem, an app and portal that empowers personal responsibilty but focuses that responsibilty towards improvement in the globes GHG emission profile. Now we need to fund a full scale global system capable of handling billions of transactions on a daily basis.

    What is your roadmap?

    Nov 2017 – Jun 2018: ICO Preparation. During this phase we have partnered with Chainstarter and Blockwise to further define the detailed tokenomics of the system and how precisely to define the Livingoffset investment security token. We have engaged Blockwise to develop out the underlying blockchain requirements and crypto-currency management.

    July 2018: ICO Token Sale. In parallel with the ICO phase, we intend completing out the LivingOffset “Carbon Widget”. This widget will allow carbon offsetting to be embedded within mainstream e-commerce websites. Accelerations of partnership discussions with corporates and retailers. Inventory build via purchase and certification.

    May 2018 – Aug 2018: Post ICO, we will incorporate a bespoke Ethereum bespoke blockchain as the part of our product handling the crypto wallet needed within the App and needed at the backend. We will also commence development on our Analytics Engine. Operations and sales staffing completion. Marketing to our chosen geographies.

    November 2018: Launch of system globally including all supporting company processes in Operations/Finance. Simultaneously, we will launch the global brand campaign.

    How do you acquire customers?

    By sharing the LivingOffset story and showing the power LivingOffsetters can bring when they collaborate. Our marketing drive will be supplemented by a strong online presence that will answer any questions that people have. Our partnerships with retailers and corporates will empower both them and their respective customers to make a difference. 95% of European citizens, according to an EC survey conducted in 2016, understand that collaboration is key to combatting climate change. That number in the USA is 67%. Doubtless people suffering the debilitating effects of smog in the big Asian cities are looking for solutions where they can materially help. These concerned global citizens have been searching for a way to be involved – an easy, simple, low cost and integrous way to get involved. That is what LivingOffset provides for them. Corporate CSR policy creates the backdrop for partnerships with LivingOffset. We will provide widget/white label solutions for corporates that wish to engage with their own customers. They will be able to build community based programmes funded on the offsetting of the carbon cost of the products they sell – together they can have real impact. That is our message, a win for LivingOffset and its members is a win for the world.

    What are your main business risks?

    Its hard to ascertain what the main risks are to a business that is breaking new ground. But with all new marketplaces the perception is that the main risk is replication. A simple and yet brillinat idea, LivingOffset’s main asset is its first mover status – we will have to maintain our strong innovative mindset to keep ahead of the expected mimics we will get. Another risk is putting the right structures in place in our development team and in the operations team. A business whose main interaction with the public is via an app cannot afford to have any glitches. Therefore app design, development and functionality are delivery risks.

    Is there a team of people working on this full time?

    Yes there is a team working on the business full-time. It is the executive , the team will be added to assuming a successful ICO to deliver the milestones and a fully scaled, global solution.

    What is your addressable market?

    Our addressable market depends entirely on the ICO phase. We have targetted 8 main markets to harness the power of LivingOffset.
    The UK & Ireland, Europe, China, the USA, India, South Korea, the Nordics and Russia. The addressable market is hard to ascertain because we have created a new marketplace, but we are launching our ecosystem at a time when the 2 biggest conversations happening in the world currently are crypto currencies and climate change. The LivingOffset ecosystem is at the centre of both these conversations.

    So the addressable market is those people that are involved in either or both conversations. The design of the LOFF tokens (pinned to the business performance) logically implies that buyers of our limited issuance crypto are motivated to become users of the app and active evangelisers within the LivingOffset community – it is in their interest to promote the ecosystem. Depending on the amount of money we raise we will address each of the above mentioned jurisdictions – priority will be ordered depending on the marketing information we receive during the build out phase between March 2018 and our launch in July 2018. Our conversations with the addressable markets will shape where we focus or efforts.

    What market share are you aiming for?

    Our financials, a snapshot which can be seen in the WP, budget for a percentage of population adoption of 0.20%. The forecast in that scenario is very healthy. However, in a vista where (i) the news conversations revolve around the price of bitcoin and how volatile it is, (ii) the dramatic effects of climate change on global weather and living conditions are becoming more acute and (iii) where the vast majority of developed world citizens agree that we need to collaborate to combat the disastrous effects of global temperature increases, the internal target for the team is to exceed the forecasts. As first movers and creators of a new market place the executive believe it is an achievable goal and are targetting adoption through to a tipping point that will ensure longevity for LivingOffset.

    How quickly will you grow?

    Rapidly – marketing is key to rapid growth. But given the backdrop to our launch and the conversation that will revolve around LivingOffset we expect to grow very quickly. This is the reason for an ICO, to raise the funds to scale the LivingOffset system so it can handle the global scale of the business.

    Who are your competitors?

    There is no one with an app that creates our marketplace. Other companies have been moderately active on social media promising a blockchain based solution for offsetting – however they have only promised to offset against developing world emission reductions and have yet to show any IT solution. There are many websites around the world where a person can offset their carbon footprint. However these sites also only use developing world emission reductions and are cumbersome to use and the education tool is not product/lifestyle specific.

    How are you differentiated from the rest of the market?

    The USP for LivingOffset is the app based delivery of offsetting and the lifestyle & product specific carbon footprints that will inform our customers on the impact of their choices. Also the ability to offset individual products because we have developed algorithms that fractionalise wholesale carbon tonnage into product specific sizes.
    In conjunction with offsetting lifestyle items, we have developed a certification process that will enable mitigators (those who take GHG reduction actions) to commercialise their actions; this will help with funding of the mitigation projects.

    What prevents others from copying you?

    The platform we have developed is extremely complex and it would take some time and largescale investment to replicate certain aspects of the system – particularly the IT platform and carbon certification process. A large impediment to a business copying LivingOffset is the available Certified Emission Reductions. The available emission reductions are mostly from the developing world – LivingOffset’s certification process will enable certification in all jurisdictions.

    Why are you doing an ICO?

    We have exciting plans for the future. We have decided that the best way for us raise money is through an ICO. We need to scale the business to launch globally, that requires significant investment in IT development, operations, inventory build, sales and marketing.
    Traditional investment routes, which we were originally pursuing, are cumbersome and slow. Also, the essence, feel and passion of the founders can be lost when VC investors inevitably try to take control. With an ICO, as well as potentially getting significant funding, the core personel in the business remain at its heart and can drive their vision. Finally, because LivingOffset is a collaborative community designed to have far reaching benefits for humanity, an ICO makes sense because we want to build a community; the large number of participants in an ICO feed into the building and broadening of the ecosystem that is LivingOffset.

    How is the price determined?

    We set the price in Euro so that each LOFF Token is set at €0.20 each with a minimum purchase of €300. It is also possible to purchase LOFF Tokens using ETH, BTC and BCH. The exchange rate will be set on a daily basis.

    How do I participate in the pre-sale?

    You can participate in our pre-sale by signing-up to our pre-sale whitelist via our website.

    What is the difference between a pre-sale and the ICO?

    The Tokens in the pre-sale and the main ICO are the same. We are conducting a pre-sale to give discounts to our existing supporters. Early accessors will be able to participate in our pre-sale at a discount of 40%.

    How do I know where to send my money?

    The Tokens in the pre-sale and the main ICO are the same. We are conducting a pre-sale to give discounts to our existing supporters. Early accessors will be able to participate in our pre-sale at a discount of 40%.

    How do I know where to send my money?

    When you participate in the ICO you will be sent an individual address to send money to.

    When are the pre-sale and ICOs starting?

    The pre-sale is from 2nd to 9th July 2018. The main sale is from the 18th to 31st July. The pre-sale may finish earlier than the planned two weeks if the 12.5 million Tokens allocated at a 40% discount are sold sooner.

    The first 25M Tokens sold during the main sale will be discounted by 20%.

    What is the expected value of LOFF?

    The future value of the tokens may rise depending on demand for the tokens.

    What kind of token is LOFF?

    LOFF is a utility token.

    What wallet can I store LOFF in?

    We will send tokens to any ERC20 token address/wallet which you provide to us in the ICO.

    How do I contribute to the ICO?

    To participate in the ICO you will need to visit our ICO website when the ICO opens. The process is very simple. You will need to register on our website and then will be sent an address to which you can send your funds. You will be asked to provide a return address which we can return those funds to in the event the ICO doesn’t reach its soft bottom. You will also need to provide an ERC20 address to which we can send the tokens.

    Where can I see my tokens?

    Your tokens will be sent to the address you provide in the ICO. Tokens will be distributed after the close of the ICO.

    What happens if the ICO doesn't meet its soft-cap?

    When you participate in the ICO you will be asked to provide a return address. In the event that the ICO does not meet it’s soft-cap your funds will be returned to the address you provide.

    Is this a scam?

    Please only use our ICO website to send funds. Do not send funds to any address provided to you in any other way. Each address is created for the individual purchaser so you cannot use an address given to another person. You can see from our website and whitepaper that we are entrepreneurs with a genuine product. If you have any questions or any doubts about the project, please contact us at [email protected] or on our telegram group.

    How do I know my tokens are secure?

    We use a state-of-the-art issuance system designed by experienced blockchain developers. We monitor & record all incoming transactions to each address added to the Smart Contract, as well as the amount of each transaction, and all confirmed transactions appear on the Blockchain. This Register of Purchasers is captured and tokens are automatically distributed to purchasers as soon as data is fed into the Smart Contract, even Pre-ICO Tokens.

    Is there a bounty program?


    Can I send [ETH] from an exchange?

    Yes. Our system unlike many others means you can send funds from anywhere because the ICO tokens are sent to an address you specify.