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MakingOceansPlasticFree: We support you towards Making Oceans Plastic Free

We are passionate about the conservation of our oceans and it is our aim to preserve this gift to pass on to the next generations.
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Paritosha Kobbe
Cultural Anthropology, PhD Candidate

Pari is an expert in biology and cultural anthropology. The diversity of fields represent well his curiosity and talent to take on the different aspects of a new challenge.

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Lia Nirawati
Product Designer and Artist

Lia studied design and has a never stopping flow of great product ideas and the skill to bring them to life.

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Roger Spranz
Environmental Behavior, PhD Candidate

Roger has found many exciting results on environmental behavior change in his PhD research project on "Reducing plastic bag use in Indonesia".

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Adith Nugroho
International Development Consultant

Adith has worked for seven years in an international environmental program for cleaner production in Indonesia. He believes in the power of social and ecological enterprises.

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