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#Blockchain, #Finance All projects

Modern Finance Chain: Bridging the cryptocurrency gap between merchants and consumers

MF Chain is building the future of blockchain which begins with our consumer-merchant payment solution and rewards program

stage Ended crowdsale

3.9 Rating

by 6 users


    • Employees15


    man Viacheslav Shybaiev

    Blockchain Lead

    In addition to Viacheslav’s Master’s level degrees in Computer Science, Business Management, and Business Administration, he has over 20 years of experience in designing, developing, and supporting international enterprise IT initiatives and mobile solutions. Viacheslav’s is focused on creating business value through systemic process improvements via direct collaboration with developers, operations, marketing, and sales. Additional areas of his expertise include blockchain development, product management, big data, and software development.
    Master of Science (M.S.) Computer science
    Master of Science (M.S.) Business Management
    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    man Benamara Oualid


    PhD in Mathematics with expertise ranging from algorithms and complexity theory to Matlab and cryptography. Benamara has worked on cryptanalysis projects which led him to developing advanced algorithms for cryptography and security.
    PhD, Mathematics
    Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A.), Mathematics

    man Piers Lawrence

    Applied Mathematician

    Dr. Piers holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics where, during his Postdoctoral research, he focused on developing the linearization of matrix polynomials. As such Dr. Piers has made several breakthrough discoveries that significantly generalize and simplify a stability analysis. Furthermore, he has developed methods for the stable computation of the roots of polynomial equations expressed in Hermite and Lagrange bases, as well as for barycentric rational interpolation.
    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Applied Mathematics
    Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Mathematics

    man Kat Campise

    Data Scientist

    Kat is a full-time data scientist and technical writer whose academic degrees incorporate a multitude of disciplines including computer science, journalism, and learning science. Her professional experience is equally diverse and encompasses the worlds of education, fintech, machine learning/AI, and psychology. Her doctoral research led her to an invitation by Carnegie Mellon to help construct and test cognitive tutors which further intensified her interest in the field of machine learning and AI. She has written white papers, blogs, and articles for hundreds of clients ranging from small tech start ups to large, well-known industry leaders.
    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Educational Psychology – Learning and Technology
    Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Computer science
    Master of Science (M.S.) Data Analytics
    Master of Arts (M.A.) Journalism
    Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Master of Arts (M.A.) English
    Master of Education (M.Ed.)

    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

    man Jeff Green

    Market & Legal Research

    Professional and academic background include a JD, MPH and PHD.
    Combined 13 years of legal practice and higher education instructional experience in legal process, constitutional law, government, international law, health policy and criminal law. Produced general content, blog articles, e-books and white papers for numerous clients on many topics. Consultant for startups and existing ventures conducting market research, proof of concept, and strategic planning services.
    PhD Political Science
Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

    Juris Doctor


    man Bogdan Fiedur

    Blockchain Expert

    Bogdan Fiedur is a full stack developer, smart contract developer, crypto-investor, entrepreneur and President of Blockchainexperts.io. He has over 20 years of IT experience in building e-commerce websites and has been involved in blockchain development during last 3 years.
    He is also an ICO advisor working with 10+ successful ICOs to date and deeply involved in offering presentation and workshops on blockchain and smart contrat programming in his local crypto community of Winnipeg.
    Bogdan now focuses on the Blockchain industry and offers advice, consulting services and connections to Blockchain experts. Most recently Bogdan has cofounded ‘Bitjob’, a freelancer blockchain platform for studens and participated in several ICO projects as a team member.
    Through these projects Bogdan acquired intimate knowledge with inner-workings of ICO development from conception to execution.

    man Naviin Kapoor

    Blockchain Expert

    Naviin Kapoor, a block chain consultant and a business transformation leader with more than eleven and half years of experience in project management and business analysis and more than one year of experience in ethereum, bitcoin, hyper ledger, EOS, consensus protocol and distributed/shared ledger technology. He has also attained various industry certifications such as PMP, CBAP, ITIL & Professional Scrum Master Level 1.
    He had worked on various banking transformation projects – “sustainable and disruption”, which were initiated in various domains such as Retail Banking, Cash Management, Integrated Liquidity Management (ILM), Corporate Banking, Asset & Wealth Management, Financial Messaging, Regulatory Sanctions Filtering and Local and International Payment Systems.

    man Hristo Piyankov

    Blockchain Analytics

    Hristo is a blockchain consultant in the intersection of his two main interests – analytics and blockchain. He has a 13+ years experience in the banking and finance sector, with majority of the time spent on machine learning, analytics, financial models and making sure data works for the business and not the other way around.
    Now, he is helping blockchain companies make sense of their data and economy models; plan their investments; manage their risk and revenue; or build the occasional machine learning model.

    man Matyas Zaborszky

    Marketing & PR

    Over 15 years of experience in Marketing and PR, with specialism as strategic advisor to ICOs. Additionally is a university lecturer and fintech coach, and the author of 6 Proven Steps to Attract ICO Investors. Studied in Santa Barbara, and University of Hertfordshire, and has previous investment banking experience at Salomon Smith Barney, Los Angeles.

    Matyas has been reading self-developing materials and business-related books since the age of 16. Dedicated to self-improvement and creating value. Through his own experiences he interprets human mechanisms and way of thinking, which is the central scope of his interests and activities.

    He was engaged in some work already during his studies to build his business ambitions. Besides Hungary he has been working in the USA. Has worked for an investment bank in the US, has been part of a successful startup in San Francisco, where his shares have been purchased. In terms of setting up a business he aims at creating an innovative business structure which is simple, automated, and the attitude of its workers fits the customer’s needs. Thereby aiming the maximum profit and creating value. He implements his own ideas to which he gets his inspiration throughout the world.

    Crowdsale details

    Distribution of tokens
    • Crowdsale (57%)
    • DEVELOPMENT (19%)
    • REWARDS POOL (16%)
    • DEVS & ADVISORS (8%)
    Budget allocation
    • TEAM (5%)
    • LEGAL (5%)
    • MARKETING (35%)
    • DEVELOPMENT (35%)
    • OPERATIONS (10%)
    • INCUBATOR (10%)
    Details Indicators
    Token Symbol MFX
    Full Token Name MF Chain
    Pre-crowdsale Start May 5th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-crowdsale End May 25th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Start May 25th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or June 25th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, 33000 ETH
    Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, 2500 ETH
    Token type utility token
    Domain registration date 2016-11-24
    Domain owner Private Registration, 2635 Walnut Street, Denver, CO, UNITED STATES

    Cost of the token

    8500 tokens for 1 eth

    Price without discounts


    Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
    10% May 25 — June 25, 2018 10 ETH
    15% May 25 — June 25, 2018 20 ETH
    20% May 25 — June 25, 2018 100 ETH

    Accepted currency

    • Ethereum

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    Alexandr Gonchar June 23, 2018
    Rating of project


    The project is a digital economy of its own, where consumers can buy goods and services with any cryptocurrency from any seller. A platform on which developers support multilingual compatibility and a library of intelligent contracts designed to quickly develop and deploy innovative solutions.

    Risks and disadvantages

    This project, like many others, repeats the same idea of creating its own cryptocurrency for one ecosystem in which it will be possible to make money transfers and purchases quickly and without problems. But I didn’t pay attention to the need to obtain licenses for this type of activity and high competition with already working projects.


    I do not think that this project will succeed for a number of reasons, some of which have already been listed above. High competition in this market segment and the lack of agreements with regulators will not allow the project to develop with good dynamics, which in the end will lead to the closure of this project after a while. Digital economy, where consumers can buy goods and services with any cryptocurrency from their favorite traders. A place where visionaries and creators can work together to launch innovative distributed applications in a world that relies on simple transactions in any currency of their choice. A platform on which developers support multilingual compatibility and a library of intelligent contracts designed for rapid development and deployment.

    Dan Jones May 22, 2018
    Rating of project


    Business model is not just cryptocurrency payments. MF Chain has built a success plan around launching ICO projects and providing them value by adding them to their payment app which adds a ton of value to those launching projects. MF Chain is really the first project that has an entire plan built around driving adoption of all cryptocurrency projects, not just their coin - interesting.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Risks are the same for all cryptocurrency. Increased adoption of cryptocurrency as payment in conjunction with the rewards program does place MF Chain in a solid spot.


    Overall I see MF Chain as both a solid short term and long term position. Team has focused on development, announced an exchange listing partner and has hit all milestones referenced in the WP. One of the highest rated under the radar ICO's on the market, early investors will benefit greatly.

    William Anderson May 02, 2018
    Rating of project


    The projects effort to reach out to the expected market has been shown by the following in the different social media pages which will enable it yield the desired results as far as attracting potential investors is concerned.

    Risks and disadvantages

    In this case the MFN token has a low value because of the acceptance of only one cryptocurrency. The token price without discount might create a high number of token circulation on the market which will not be a favourable factor for the growth of the token in terms of value.


    Investors should be prioritized at all times because the success of the ICO and the PRE ICO depend on the number of them that have been attracted. An effort towards market capture on a large scale should be done.

    Jordan Semanda April 25, 2018
    Rating of project


    Investors are very much interested in liquidity an effective use of their funds at will which is provided by this project this i must say is a step towards its success. the advisers are experienced and have knowledge about the digital currency which is not the case with most ICO startups so it makes it an advantage for this particular project. Avery unique marketplace will be created for both sellers and buyers to benefit from buying and selling. All currencies can effectively be used on this platform which definitely means that even the acceptance of the project will be wide.

    Risks and disadvantages

    In the current market for effective publicity a press team is crucial meaning that shortage of this continuity is largely affected.


    Modern finance has a very clear path to take control of the market and benefit with limited competition but it will also grow with time as its acceptance from the relevant parties to take place in this trading might take time before actual results are received. On the brighter side it's a good investment project.

    Anne Bryn April 25, 2018
    Rating of project


    Team's and advisor's tokens will be unlocked for a year on a slow rolling quarterly release. 50% of ICO funds will be frozen. It guarantees to the investors that certain milestones will be reached.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The project has no publications in media. I think the team shoudl develop their marketing strategy.


    I think success of this project will depend on development and marketing. Since well skilled technical and blockchain specialists are involved in the project, I belive they will succeed in development. But probably marketing strategy should be revised.

    Sofia Medda April 22, 2018
    Rating of project


    The platrorm is multilanguaged. The Whitepaper is informative and well-articulated. The project has a rewad program for consumers and merchants. The video content is good. The project has a growth potential.

    Risks and disadvantages

    I didn`t find any information about the founders. Alfa version is not available now, but it will be released soon.


    There are projects with a similar idea and a similar roadmap. This project has a strong team and advisors. Still it won`t be easy for them to create a better platform.

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    What is MF Chain?

    Modern Finance Chain (MF Chain) is building the future of cryptocurrency. By partnering with processors and merchants, MF Chain will build upon the value of zero merchant fees while offering innovative rewards for consumers and merchants. MF Chain is specifically designed to build value for all parties involved in merchant transactions. We are helping to build a digital economy where consumers will have the ability to buy products and services via any cryptocurrency. This is facilitated through the implementation of a collaborative platform that includes app developers who will find a supportive environment with multi-language compatibility and a library of smart contracts available for deployment.

    Is MFX a Security?

    MFX token is not a security by common definition. Although the MFX token may have multiple use cases, by design MFX is a utility token used to facilitate a rewards program for merchants and consumers – much like the many very popular credit card rewards programs in existence today. MFX does not offer ownership or shares in any organization. MFX does not pay a dividend nor does MFX offer profit sharing of any kind whatsoever. MFX is not a speculation mechanism.

    What is MF Mainnet?

    MF Mainnet will be like no other blockchain, catapulting its capabilities directly into the stream of commerce and allowing ICO and dApp projects to tap directly into this wealth. With a dBFT/POS hybrid consensus method, MF Mainnet will achieve consensus with minimal energy consumption and in an eco-friendly manner. Using an incentivized masternode offering, MFM will achieve decentralization with thousands of globally distributed nodes.

    Why is the USA banned?

    MF Chain complies with all local restrictions and limitations. We don’t simply ban only the USA. There are several other countries that are banned such as Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Cuba, Congo, Cote d’ Ivoire, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe to name a few. We have decided to ban certain regions based on various reasons ranging from government regulations to high risk terrorist regions. These decisions are final and we use the best technology available to restrict any contributions from these regions. If you attempt to participate in the Modern Finance Chain ICO from a banned region, you will receive a notice and your access will be restricted.

    Where is Modern Finance Based?

    We have team members located across the globe and Modern Finance Chain is domiciled on the lovely island of Nevis in the beautiful Caribbean Ocean. Why? We’re glad you asked. The Caribbean is a cryptocurrency hotspot with a rapidly growing and thriving crypto community. A simple Google search will help you find out more about Cryptocurrency in the Caribbean.

    What is required for your KYC Process?

    MF Chain requires KYC (Know Your Customer) process for all ICO participants.
    ICO participants contributing 5 or more ETH are required to submit a government ID with their KYC request. Participants contributing less than 5 ETH will need to submit their name, geo location and email address to conduct a light KYC. All participants are screened against OFAC, PEP, PSFI, EU and Freeze Lists.