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#Blockchain, #Finance All projects

Omnitude: Make the online retail marketplace more transparent, profitable and secure

We aim to revolutionise eCommerce and supply chains with blockchain technologies

stage Ended crowdsale

4.3 Rating

by 10 users


    man Chris Painter

    Founder & CEO

    12-years’ of running a design and build web-agency in the eCommerce space, Chris is perfectly placed to help steer the industry of online transactions onto the Blockchain.His ferocious appetite for improvement will ensure that Omnitude is relentlessly innovative and delivers its promise to revolutionise the way online retailers use the phenomenal power of the blockchain.

    man Robert Belgrave

    Founder & Advisor

    As founder and CEO of cloud services company Wirehive, Robert and his team support some of the most inspiring and innovative tech companies the UK has to offer.He is also chair of BIMA South, co-creator of the Alexa Stop! podcast and now adds the title of founder & advisor of Omnitude to his already impressive CV.Robert’s unique background in cloud consultancy and blockchain services has only strengthened his and Chris Painter’s vision to revolutionise the world of eCommerce.

    man Benjamin Van Every

    Blockchain Consultant

    Benjamin is an expert senior quant engineer (Python, C#, C++, Java, and R), with a solid background in software development, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, trading, artificial intelligence, web scraping, physics, mathematics, engineering and research. He is a serial technology entrepreneur, former investment banker, and senior wireline field engineer. He has been involved in several coding and business start-up projects related to blockchain and crypto assets/coins, where he has gained diverse and varied hands-on experience. He has degrees in Physics (MA, University of Oxford) and Petroleum Engineering (MSc, Imperial College, London). His native language is English, although he also speaks fluent Spanish.

    man James Worthington

    Hyperledger Consultant

    James' career has focused on the creation, capture, collection, dissemination, consumption, manipulation, and utilization of data to make substantial bottom-line contributions to successful data-driven organizations.He has held a variety of internal, external, and independent business and technical positions including Director of Materials Management for an acute care healthcare facility, Director of Enterprise Analytics and Reporting Strategy for an international IT consulting organization, IT Solution Architect for one of the world’s most recognizable media companies, and Senior Engineer for the inventor of multi-dimensional database technology.He has used his strong functional, financial, operational, and technical background and capabilities to deliver data solutions and provide exceptional business value to a diverse portfolio of startups and Fortune 500 companies spanning many verticals, including healthcare, media, software, life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, food services, energy, and apparel.He is now using those skills as founder and CEO of Belltane, a full service Hyperledger blockchain solution provider.

    man Ben Bennett

    Operations Director

    Ben is a widely experienced commercial professional with a proven history of building, coaching and developing high performing teams. Outside of Omnitude he is Director of two consultancies which are focussed on the commercial development of start-ups and the support and development of young people in the workplace.With 14 years of management experience within FTSE 100 companies, he is incredibly well placed to ensure delivery of the Omnitude vision, both technically and commercially.


    man Sally Eaves

    Governance & Education Advisor

    Sally combines a depth of experience as a Chief Technology Officer, Practising Professor of FinTech, Founder and Global Strategic Advisor, specialising in the application of disruptive technologies for both business and societal benefit. She is an award-winning thought leader in innovation, digital transformation and emergent technology, notably blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning.A member of the Forbes Technology Council, Sally is an accomplished author with regular contributions to leading business, technology, press and academic publications and a new book ‘Edge of Disruption’ confirmed for 2018. She is an international keynote speaker and respected online influencer across multiple channels - consistently rated in the top 20 for blockchain and social media influence worldwide, including 64K followers on Twitter.Sally strongly believes in technology being an enabler for social good which is reflected in her recent shortlisting for the UK IT Woman of the Year Business Role Model Award 2018 alongside active roles as a global STEM ambassador, trustee and mentor. She has also founded Aspirational Futures which seeks to help guide and support the next generation of technology talent.

    man Michael Donald


    An accomplished disruptor and thought leader in the payments and innovation space Michael lead the payments and wallet strategies for Bank of America in the UK being the first organisation to launch Apple Pay with Amex, Visa and Mastercard simultaneously and subsequently Samsung Pay plus Android Pay. Michael served on the board of Visa UK from 2011 – 2017 and was involved in the development of numerous emerging payments strategies.Michael has extensive merchant acquiring experience and is an expert on retail and payments trends. His international background saw him driving change in senior positions for American Express, IKEA, retail banks in the Middle East, MBNA and Bank of America. His ability to secure major partnership deals with leading brands is something he excels at having launched payment and loyalty programs with Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Etihad, Manchester United, Intu and AEG Entertainment. He is currently the CEO Insignia the World’s most prestigious Ultra High Networth payments and lifestyle company and founder of ImageNpay.

    man Nathan Christian


    Technical expert in blockchain-based accounting and financial applications. Serial entrepreneur with over 40 start-ups in his portfolio. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) strategy, development, venture capital investment, consulting and advising.Top ranked member of the ‘People of Blockchain’ (currently ranked at #30 / 1000).Accomplished blockchain and fintech public speaker. MBA from the Ohio State University.

    man Simon Cocking


    Simon Cocking is Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews, and freelances for Sunday Business Post, Irish Times, Southern Star, IBM, G+D, and other publications. He is a top ranked member of the ‘People of Blockchain’ (most recently ranked at 1/1000).He is also a business mentor and advisor working with 25+ successful ICOs to date. He also been named on 10 global Twitter influencers lists in the last 12 months.Simon is an accomplished public speaker at events including TEDx, Web Summit, Dublin Tech Summit, and overseas in Dubai, Singapore, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Tbilisi, Riga, Porto, Dublin and Helsinki in the last 12 months.He has been based in Ireland for over 22 years and has co-founded or founded six successful companiesWe are incredibly excited to be working with Simon.

    man Antony Welfare


    Antony joins the Omnitude team as Retail Advisor. Antony is a Retail and Digital Finance professional with over 10-years’ physical retailing experience, combined with a further 10-years’ ecommerce and digital expertise, running dotcom businesses and driving online business units. Following 20 years of hands-on experience in such global retailers as M&S and Dixons, Antony is now pushing the boundaries of cutting edge retail technology.In addition to this, Antony is a serial entrepreneur and author, having authored several books including – The Retail Handbook: Master omnichannel best practice to attract, engage and retain customers in the digital age – the second edition of which is out this spring.

    Crowdsale details

    Distribution of tokens
    • Crowdsale (50%)
    • Team & Advisors (12%)
    • Omnitude Foundation (33%)
    • Pre-sale Investors (5%)
    Budget allocation
    • MARKETING (20%)
    • LEGAL (5%)
    Details Indicators
    Token Symbol ECOM
    Full Token Name ECOM Token
    Crowdsale Start March 28th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or May 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $20700000
    Domain registration date 2017-10-09
    Domain owner Chris Painter, Pixel by Pixel, 15 Liverpool Gardens, Worthing, West Sussex, UNITED KINGDOM

    Cost of the token

    1 token for 0.46 $

    Price without discounts

    Accepted currency

    • Ethereum
    • Fiat

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    Distribution & Lock up of tokens, Discounts for early buyers

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    Rate the project by other users

    Lisa Dominguez April 03, 2018
    Rating of project


    Risks and disadvantages


    Natsumi Iwata April 03, 2018
    Rating of project


    Risks and disadvantages


    Phil Zander April 02, 2018
    Rating of project


    Risks and disadvantages


    Xiuli Wang April 02, 2018
    Rating of project


    Risks and disadvantages


    Nancy Edwards March 30, 2018
    Rating of project


    Creating an own solution for the blockades, the undeniable advantages of this project. The systems are interdependent, will bind each other and help to reach a new level of quality of electronic sales and overall commerce. Blocking will develop and the creation of new applications will lead to even greater distribution and puplariness.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Perhaps you need to create an Omnitude platform security and a personal cabinet, where each participant must be verified in order to avoid fraud and deception and reduce too free access.


    Unfortunately, it's very difficult to fight online fraud, but it's done. It is necessary to prescribe more complex codes and hashes, create multi-level protection and data processing. Ask users for maximum information, passport details and photos.

    Sofia Medda March 29, 2018
    Rating of project


    This project can solve many problems. The whitepaper is very detailed and informative.

    Risks and disadvantages

    It is said in the whitepaper that members "will require ECOM, crypto currency or FIAT to participate in the Omnitude ecosystem". So I think I have doubts. Won`t ECOM be out of use after some time?


    The project is very promising, yet as I said there are some doubts.

    Ladislava Chernik March 28, 2018
    Rating of project


    Possible reduction in eCommerce fraud.
    Perspective of a single customer identity for use across any connected eCommerce site.
    Provides crypto currency based payment method that replaces gateway provider fees with lower block chain transaction fees.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Does not support other online transactions like booking for accommodation and air-tickets.
    A merchant pays to a customer for leaving a review. That may influence the latter to leave a positive review.
    But these are disadvantages of platform for users, not for investors


    Omnitude offers to solve some of the pressing and specific problems in the e-commerce and supply chain. Instead of promising peace in the whole world and feeding all the hungry.

    Denys Serhiichuk March 27, 2018
    Rating of project


    Thanks to introducing Blockchain into e-commerce level of fraud will be reduced or eradicated at all. Minimization of human influence will make the field more transparent and accessible to more users.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Merchants won't enter such volatility at once. As the team wants to use its own token,I doubt whether customers will accept it, as price of token will be changeable, because it is going to be traded.


    The team looks professional, however there is no working platform yet. There is a great competition in the field of e-commerce as such giants as Ebay or Amazon also planning to introduce Blockchain in their businesses.

    Jordan Semanda March 24, 2018
    Rating of project


    Its reducing on the risk investment rate encountered by merchants and suppliers which increases the investment by these people.The low fees on transactions will lead to more transactions and increase in Token value

    Risks and disadvantages

    Alot is still desired in creating ads for the project.
    A serious press team needs to be adopted to create awareness otherwise the project might not see the climax in its PLC (Project Life Cycle). Their are economies prevailing on production of counterfeit products this project only puts them out of market which they might have to fight against, in the same way many retailers benefit from the counterfeit products.


    The issue of counter fait goods is allover every supply chains it will require more than just a blockchain to deal with them. The idea is however a big step forward away from counterfeit goods and fraud on the world market and hence having value for customers money and prestige of the brand.

    Veronika Arbisman March 23, 2018
    Rating of project


    Will provide the means to reduce the most usual fraud - Identity Theft. Reduce the use of credit cards will minimize the risk of Charge-back Fraud.Reduce Merchant Fraud by staged way of payment based on stage of delivery.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Database are at the risk of "hacking". Delivery as one of the biggest part of the problem.


    Delay reducing by minimizing differences between clearing systems will make it all work more efficient. Nowadays online shopping is slowly but confidentially replacing real time shopping as it saves time. By making it more transparent, efficient, safe and delivery unproblematical new business opportunities will be opened. Both by quality and by quantity sides.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the contract address?

    So you've completed your KYC and it has passed, that's great!
    After you've successfully hi-fived someone, if no one is near a self hi-five is acceptable! the next question might be what next?

    You will now be able to 'claim' tokens and send your tokens to an ERC20 compatible wallet HUZZAH!
    You will most lilly need the following info:
    Contract address for MEW/Metamask - 0x171D750d42d661B62C277a6B486ADb82348c3Eca
    Symbol- ECOM
    Decimals- 18
    The journey of Omnitude is more than just storing Tokens in a wallet however, we would love to hear your thoughts, your concerns and most of all hear you in our community come say hi!

    Omnitude Platform

    Who will use the Omnitude platform?

    Any business who has an eCommerce offering and wants more trust and control over their supply chain and public offering or who wants to adopt blockchain technology.

    We envision vast adoption of the Omnitude technology so that your average consumer will never know they are using an Omnitude application, but benefit from the excellence of the technology, be it privacy, security, transparency, and ease of use.

    Did this answer your question?

    What makes Omnitude different?

    Omnitude aims to bring blockchain technology to the masses, enabling fast adoption of blockchain technology to any business that wants it. We will provide the platform and integration capabilities for any solution to become manageable, viable and functional, with a fast route to market for a whole host of potential customers.

    we would highly recommend that you look at our intro video - https://vimeo.com/254527681

    How will Omnitude address the difficulties of trying to integrate physical real world goods with a digital system? E.g. discrepancies between what’s on the blockchain and what actually exists.

    We’ve been handling complex integrations through our enterprise eCommerce agency for years. Omnitude is borne from this agency and formed to address exactly these types of issues — integrations of many different systems — all with the blockchain and all correlated to one version of the truth. eCommerce stores deal with the same issue of correlating their warehouse stock and what’s on their website all the time. With Omnitude, this will be much easier to handle.

    How does Omnitude differ to, and plan to compete with, existing enterprise platforms/systems?

    We have seen an enormous amount of Blockchain companies formed to fix everyday solutions, yet all seem to solve only one problem. Omnitude is a blockchain connectivity ecosystem and will be able to work with any other blockchain service providers (including so-called competition).

    Because Omnitude is an ecosystem, rather than an app, we see community members designing, building and releasing their own applications via Omnitude.

    We’ll also be releasing our own applications on the Omnitude platform to deliver the use cases outlined in our whitepaper so as to promote the growth and adoption of blockchain solutions for the eCommerce and enterprise space.

    As far as we know, no other solution integrates and works with blockchain systems and traditional enterprise technologies to create an ecosystem, like Omnitude does.

    Token Sales

    Where is my token?

    We will be releasing the tokens after the main sale and when KYC is verified per participant.
    You will be able to select an ERC20 compatible wallet when you are able to transfer

    When will the KYC start?

    We will be starting KYC as soon as the pre-sale ends and processing it as quickly as we can. If there is an issue we will be in touch. You will be able to claim tokens once the main sale is complete and you pass KYC.

    Can I send from an exchange?

    You can but we do not recommend this as many exchanges share wallets which means any problems we would not be able to send you tokens back, we highly recommend using an ERC20 compatible wallet. If you have any questions get in touch with one of the team and we can clarify.

    Is ETH/BTC in real time rates?

    Yes, our system shows the real rates from Coin Market cap.

    How do I use the referral system?

    To use the referral system, navigate to the referral link section of your dashboard: My Dashboard
    On the referral page you will see a link that is unique to you. Anyone that contributes using this link will earn you 5% of their contributions.
    further down the page you can also see how many people have signed up using your referral link.
    Sharing is caring!

    Why are my tokens 'pending'?

    If you have participated in the token sale, first off, thank you!

    You might be wondering why the tokens (or KYC) are stuck on 'pending'
    You do not need to worry, your tokens are secure and subject to verification.

    They will be held until the end of the token sale at which point they will be verified and then released.

    Which currencies may I use to contribute?

    Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) or Wire transfer (if previously arranged with Omnitude Team).

    What is the circulating supply of ECOM?

    Once the public token sale is complete the full circulating supply will be 55 million ECOM

    When and in which exchange it’s going to be listed ?

    This is yet to be announced, but we will make this information available when confirmed.

    When does the main Token Sale end?

    Our main token sale will end within Q2 2018

    Will there be a KYC for participation?

    Yes, the verification of documents will take place after the public token sale. This is being handled by our dedicated software during the sale.

    Can US residents participate?


    When will the ECOM utility tokens be available to trade?

    We will issue tokens within two weeks of the token sale ending.

    When will tokens be transferable?

    ECOM Tokens will be drawn down into personal wallets through our token sale platform. This drawdown will take place within two weeks of the completed sale.

    How can I help this project?

    We would love as many people to help us and be a part of the community as possible. From an awareness perspective, we are running a Bounty, and more information on that can be found here:


    We will also be running a referral system for the main token sale, details of which will be released ahead of the sale.

    If, however, you are looking to join the Omnitude team, please email us on [email protected] and let us know what you can bring to our business!

    What are the expected dates for pre-sale and the public sale?

    The pre-sale will be January 30th 2018 at 11am (GMT) and the details for the main sale will be released in Q1/Q2 2018

    Is there a minimum or cap on pre-sale purchase?

    The minimum order in the pre-sale is 0.1 ETH

    Now that the initial pre-sale has completed, the personal maximum contribution is $20,000.

    When does the token sale start?

    The main token sale will be in the first half of 2018.

    Is there any bonus?

    Presale price is $0.40 and the main sale is $0.46. Therefore a 13% discount will be applied for the presale.


    How do I register for the airdrop?

    Update (Feb 18) We've used our airdrop allocation for the presale now.

    In our token sale platform (https://tokensale.omnitude.tech) there is a airdrop tab.
    Follow the steps and enter in details if needed ( e.g. usernames).

    Are you related to Peculium?

    We are not in anyway related, we use the same software to help our token sale 'TokenGet'. This might look the same but each system will be custom configured and is completely secure and safe. If you do have any concerns please let us know and we'd love to put your mind at ease.

    How do I invite my friends into Telegram ?

    Whilst we don't actively support 3rd party help we often get asked this too, you will find the following a helpful resource -

    How do you see Omnitude reach market/network effects?

    We have a robust go-to-market strategy and an already existing list of enterprise clients who are interested in using Omnitude services. We will release further information on our clients and partnerships when we are able to do so.

    Any plans to have an AMA with YouTube influencers?

    Absolutely, we are always looking for ways to connect with our community and are planning to do this. We already have some interviews for you. Here is our latest video interview.

    Is there any relationship between Omniture and Omnitude?

    None at all. Omnitude is a completely stand-alone company from Omniture, which for those of you who are unaware, is a web analytics product by Adobe.

    When will the road map show dates and when was proof of concept, company formation achieved?

    We have a new roadmap, which has more specific timelines and details — see here - https://omnitude.tech/roadmap.html for the updated roadmap. All of the above information is included.