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Paititi: The strange mummies of Peru

We is mobilizing to put in place this large-scale expedition whose objective will be to confirm, or not, the presence of Paititi


  • Employees12


man Thierry Jamin

Searcher and French explorer, president of the Inkari Institute Cusco, person in charge of the project "Paititi 2018", Thierry Jamin (Curriculum Vitae) is awarded a diploma of History and Geography at the French universities of Tours and Toulouse. Since 1998, he dedicates his searches in the South of Peru to the study of the permanent presence of the Incas in Amazonian forest. His next book, published in France, in March, 2014, in the Editions of Treasure, tells about its last years of exploration on the tracks of the lost city of Paititi. He reveals finally the wonderful archaeological discoveries realized by his group since 2009. Thierry Jamin is persuaded, the discovery of the sacred city of the Incas is imminent.

man Hilbert Sumire Bustincio

Professional archaeologist of Cusco (National Register of the Archaeologists N° BS - 0855), Hilbert is the official Director of the archaeological project presented to the Ministry of Culture. We have already worked together on several projects, in particular in 2012 to the inca ciudadela of Machu Picchu. (Currículum Vitae)

man José Benigno Casafranca Montes

José is Thierry Jamin's right hand. Redeemed of the National Police Force of Peru, he fought during fifteen years against the Shining Path. It was up to the Unity of Rescue in High Mountain of Cusco. It is a man with practical experience whose experience is very profitable to our team during the expeditions. Vice-president of the Institute Inkari - Cusco, he takes care of the organization of bivouacs and of the base camp during our campaign.

man Daniel Ángel Merino Panizo

Daniel is a Spanish archaeologist of the Complutense University of Madrid. Resident in Peru for several years, he participated in numerous operations of restorations in the North of the country, in particular in the site of Chan Chan. Specialist of archeological sites in funeral context, he integrated the Inkari Institute in 2011 as Executive Secretary. Daniel works at present in the Archaeological Museum of Sican, under the authority of Doctor Carlos Elera.

man Edward Valenzuela Gil

Managing to Cusco of the TV production company Neviza (www.nevizatv.com), Edward is the official cameraman of Thierry Jamin's team since 2009. A man really any ground and very professional ! Edward is also the Secretary responsible for Public relations of the Institute Inkari.

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