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#Blockchain All projects

Pitch Apply: Reshaping the recruitment landscape

We reshape recruitment. Our airdrop is live. Secure your pch tokens

stage Ended crowdsale

3.4 Rating

by 5 users


    man Mark Duiker


    An entrepreneurial Human Resources professional. He has contributed to several startups in the finance, sustainable energy and recruitment sector. He is a block chain enthusiast and learned the HR trick of the traits at a top HR consultancy firm. He currently holds a seat in the supervisory board of two medium sized organizations. Through his studies he is specialized in Finance.

    man Anthony Doerga


    One of the product owners at Booking.com and responsible for the iOS and Android app Data Science/Machine Learning team. Prior to developing several career coaching ventures, he was active at renowned companies as Shell, ABN AMRO and Google. Through his studies he is an innovation expert, and his software developing skills are improving by the day.

    man Paul Goedkoop


    A seasoned entrepreneur with an extensive track record and holds a large network of business executives. He has a professional mindset and he works as a personal coach and HR professional ever since. Paul values personal growth and he ambitions to further help others finding their own motivation and ambition in life and guiding them in this process.

    Crowdsale details

    Distribution of tokens
    • Core Team (150000000)
    • ASSUMED 5000 airdrop participants (250000)
    • Users (140000000)
    Budget allocation
    • Development (60%)
    • Marketing (15%)
    • Administration (10%)
    • Contingency purposes (15%)
    Details Indicators
    Token Symbol PCH
    Full Token Name Pitch Token
    Crowdsale Start February 15th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or March 8th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, 12000 ETH
    Domain registration date 2017-08-11
    Domain owner Mark Duiker, Prinses Margrietstraat 57, Ridderkerk, NETHERLANDS

    Cost of the token

    6667 tokens for 1 eth

    Price without discounts


    Minimum purchase - 0,1ETH

    Accepted currency

    • Ethereum

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    Relevance of the problem and Market size

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    Product competitiveness

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    Founders, Team & Advisors

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    Budget allocation and roadmap

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    Token economy, Tokenization & Business model

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    Alexandr Gonchar May 15, 2018
    Rating of project


    The project uses the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence for the recruiting agency. A good and perspective idea, which will enable many people to find the required work, and employers to get a good professionals.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The project has many competitors in this area, at the moment a large number of start-ups are trying to solve the problem of finding a job using the blockchain technology.


    The team needs to make a push to make their project visible in the recruiting market. This project allocates additional use of artificial intelligence in the selection of necessary candidates, which saves time and improves the work quality, but it can’t get its share of this market without additional investments.

    Natsumi Iwata April 06, 2018
    Rating of project


    Risks and disadvantages


    Xiuli Wang April 05, 2018
    Rating of project


    Risks and disadvantages


    Jordan Semanda April 04, 2018
    Rating of project


    The project has a high number of crowd sale which will enable it achieve the hard cap target. The founder team are ambiguous and hold a large share of the tokens which shows their readiness to stick to the project until its success. The project provides a large portion in the budget for development which will contribute to investor retention. The project has a short execution period for the road map which portrays relevance f the team.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The team lucks a team of experienced advisers in this particular filled which will cost the team a lot in terms of decision making and the success of the project. The project accept only one cryptocurrency which limits potential investors with alternate cryptocurencies it also limits the value of the token which increases the risk for loss. The project does not offers less bonus token's to referrals and marketing campaigns which will hinder effective publicity, it also lucks a press team which will affect the image of the project and not attract investors i the long run. The road map is not elaborated well the details of the road map which makes it look shady.


    The use of video and graphical content contribute to enticing investors to invest for a project to succeed the preceptors need to consider the founders of the project who are the investors and consider their interests carrying of continuous development of the product. the project can also send its members to attend different conferences and workshops so as to display their project to potential investors. The project should consider getting a press team that will avail it press time and also publicity.

    Denys Serhiichuk March 30, 2018
    Rating of project


    Creating a recruitment platform without mediators is a great idea.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The whole idea looks vague and unprofessional. Team has no working product. The role of the token is unclear.


    I would not suggest people to invest here. The idea is not new and there are already projects based on Blockchain, which offer jobs and recruit people.


    Important Information about Pitch Apply and the PCH token

    What is the total token supply?

    The total supply of the Pitch Token is 1,500,000,000 PCH(1.5 Billion).

    How many tokens are you offering during the Airdrop?

    We are offering 200,000,000 PCH (200 Million) tokens during the Airdrop.

    Why have you chosen for an Airdrop instead of an ICO?

    We believe that an airdrop of this scale will help us to reach our potential users better. It is also a way for us to provide more people with the opportunity to become part of our mission.

    How can I donate?

    We accept whatever you can miss in BTC, ETH, LTC or BCH to the following addresses:

    Our Bitcoin BTC address is: 1AMbgz5pdni7EJqP8Kdx1eExJxDSdQSMtv

    Our Ethereum ETH address is: 0xee4d53c162f06cc38104ae0240f3084d9e33c281

    Our Litcecoin LTC address is: LRQRvrqXCxtvRStDzYbzcKo1i1aswt25xr

    Our Bitcoin Cash BCH address is: 1JuW6Mb3wonrmMASwhCnhNn1k1vkNuCUZW

    Did you cancel the ICO?

    No we did not, the ICO contract is programmed and will run untill the 8th of March. That means that whoever is interested in investing in the PCH token can still contribute and automatically receive their tokens. The current rate is 1 ETH=6667 PCH. Untill the 15th of March there will be a bonus of 10%. Minimum contribution is 0.1 ETH. You can contribute the funds to our contract address:


    The tokens including the bonus tokens will be issued to you automatically.

    What speculative value does the token have? Why would the token price grow in a month, half a year, a year?

    Our model is based on users. The more users that we have on our platform, the more companies and recruitment organizations will be interested to learn more about the users. Users can make use of the Pitch Tokens to further improve their profiles and increase their chances for success, therefore with the growing amount of users the demand for Pitch Tokens will increase.