Blockchain, Consumer Products

Please: The travel revolution

We promote decentralization and progressively take it mainstream through the travel industry.
Stage: Upcoming pre-ICO
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Romain Barissat
CEO - Full-Time
Romain’s career spans for over 15 years in the digital space where he quickly progressed through many roles ranging from engineering to marketing. Prior to starting, Romain worked with various top-tier enterprises including the likes of American Express, Technicolor, Blackberry, Sony Playstation, Atos, and helped with their digital marketing, social media and digital transformation. Romain deployed his first Smart Contract in 2016.
Vladimir Kokovic
CTO - Full-Time
Vlad has over 11 years experience in managing and developing various technologies. He got involved with blockchain in 2015 and immediately immersed himself into the technology. Vlad founded CoinView, a platform that thrives by solving the coin tracking problems for high-frequency traders. He greatly appreciates the open source community, where his contributions can be traced as far back as 2007.
Kristi Brown
Marketing Director - Full-Time
Kristi has over 15 years of marketing and communication experience, which includes leading team for well-known companies like The Disney Companies, MGM Grand and Living Social. Prior to joining the team, Kristi founded a boutique digital marketing agency, which she grew to just under $4 million in revenue in 4 years.
Sarper Horata
Product Manager - Full-Time
Sarper is a travel industry veteran and takes care of product development at His 10 years of product management includes working with reputable and successful companies such as HotelsPro and The Coca-Cola Company. This experience has taught him exactly how to make a rockstar product.
Marcel Akiyama
Product Designer - Full-Time
Marcel has created usable and delightful digital experiences for more than a decade. He has a unique skill set of design strategy, user research, information architecture, UX design, user interface design, and usability testing. Prior to working as a Product Designer at Please, he was an art director at Dentsu designing solutions for leading brands like Bridgestone, Toshiba, Canon, Columbia, Hisamitsu, Sharp, Western Union, Honda, Greenpeace, and Lexus. Marcel has been a tokenomics and Blockchain enthusiast since 2017
Jaydeep Solanki
Full-Stack Engineer - Full-Time
Jaydeep brings 5 years of development experience and his vast Node.js and Cloud knowledge to team. He achieved early success as he was selected for Google Summer of Code program in college and was also the 2nd place winner in Google’s Cloud Developer Challenge.
Florent Thurin
Partnerships Manager - Full-Time
Florent has more than 3 years experience as a business development manager for startups. Originally from Bordeaux, France, Florent has lived in five different countries while pursuing his studies. He has a Bachelor's Degree in management and economy from Kedge Business School and a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and Strategy from the Catholic school of Lisbon, where he currently lives. Florent is highly creative and people-oriented, which makes him the ideal Partnership Manager for Please. He has been facscinated by Blockchain since 2015 when he wrote his thesis on Social Capital and covered early usage of tokenomics.
Anupam Varshney
Content Marketing Strategist - Full-Time
Anupam is a content marketing strategist. His career spans just over 5 years and includes working for Blockchain-centered companies like IBC (International Blockchain Consulting). He’s also assisted several ICOs in raising funds (private and public). Before joining he co-founded, a site where Bitcoin price is compared with traditional assets like Gold and Silver.
Facundo Matteo
Full-Stack Engineer - Full-Time
Facundo has been developing websites and games since his childhood. At Please, he brings 5 years of experience as a full stack developer. His portfolio includes companies like Taringa, largest social network in Latin America. For the last four years, he has been working with React and helping startups launch their products, whether it be a Facebook Messenger bot for a store or a community platform with over 30 million users. In his free time Facundo likes to set up aquariums or play football.
Vibhor Jain
Operations Manager - Full-Time
Vibhor has been involved in the blockchain industry for over 4 years. He has worked with one of the top crypto exchanges in India and founded Qrypto, an all-in-one Bitcoin NFC card. Prior to working with Please as the Operations Manager, he was spending his time building a payment routing system. He believes in Blockchain big time and loves to collect anything related to crypto.
Olivier Ducroux
Full-Stack Engineer - Full-Time
Olivier is a self-taught full stack developer. He’s profoundly skilled in C, Python, React js,, Angular js, Python, Java, Scala and the list goes on. Whether it be front-end or back-end, he’s successfully donned many hats as a developer in his decade long development career. Before starting with Please, Olivier has founded Cryptos Market
Denis Zabelin
UX Designer - Part-Time
With 5 years of experience, Denis successfully analyses user behaviour to decide how to build successful UX processes and stunning designs. His expertise lies in scaling the products’ user interface with the help of key metrics like user success and engagement rates.
Nicolas Girardot
Solidity Developer - Part-Time
Nicolas is a Solidity developer with more than 4 years of experience in Android and Java. He had the opportunity to be part of a team that built a VR bike game that was displayed during an exhibition at the National Museum of Sports in Nice, France.
Antoine Garcia
Full-Stack Engineer - Part-Time
Antoine has three year experience as a developer with skills and knowledge in various technologies including Solidity, Swift 2/3, C, C++, and C#. His high performance and unparalleled work ethic makes him stand out as a developer.
Emmanuelle Morice
SVP @ Atos - Non paid
Mrs Morice has spent her career working in tech. She is working for Atos as a Senior Executive helping the world's biggest corporations throughout their digital transformation journey. She was also formerly working at SAP as a Senior Executive.
Laurent Allias
CEO @ Josiane - Non paid
Mr Allias is founder and CEO of renowned advertising agency Josiane. He is a serial entrepreneur and has also founded a digital marketing agency, a network of more than 5,000 executives and startups, and a renowned festival for creative agencies.
Geneviève Blin
Senior Executive Coach - Non paid
For the past 12 years, Mrs Blin has been coaching top executives leading the world's biggest companies. She was formerly a top executive and managing director.
Alan Hochman
Management Consultant - Paid for all his work on the business plan and white paper, non paid as an advisor
With many years of corporate and startup experience, Mr. Hochman’s experience includes software development, marketing and sales in both B2B and B2C, and corporate and international management. He served as Vice President/Executive Vice President of several technology companies in the US and Europe, co-founded a company sold to Kodak, and founded two companies of his own.
Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens

Crowdsale (65%)
Global Reward Pool (19%)
Team (15%)
Bounties (1%)

Budget allocation

Marketing (35%)
Product (35%)
Partnerships (20%)
Admin (5%)
Legal (5%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol
Pre-ICO Start
November 22nd, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Pre-ICO End
December 6th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
ICO Start
January 3rd, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Hard cap is reached or January 29th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
ICO Hard Cap
Fixed, $18200000
Domain owner
Cost of the token
Price without discounts
1 token for 0.03 $


Bonus Dates Subject to a purchase or investment of
20% November 22 — December 06, 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Blockchain?
Blockchain is a distributed database that maintains a list of records, chained together to protect against revision and tampering.
What is a Smart contract?
Smart contracts are computer protocols that automatically facilitate, verify and enforce the performance of a contract.
Who is funding you? Any VC's?
We are a 100% bootstrapped startup, which means that every single dollar used to build our project so far has come from our pockets. No Angels, no VC's!
How will the value of PLS be determined on the website after the token sale?
The value of PLS will be determined by the average value on exchanges weighted by volume in an attempt to reflect the most appropriate market value.
Who can participate in the token sale?
PLS are considered as utility tokens as opposed to an investment. As such, anybody can participate unless purchasing/ownership of digital tokens is forbidden in your country. As such, individuals from China cannot participate.
Is there a private sale?
No, our token sale only consists of our PreICO followed by our ICO.
Why do you have no Soft Cap?
As opposed to the majority of ICOs, our project WILL GO LIVE even if we sell 0 PLS, hence why we have no soft cap. We sell our tokens in order to raise funds to speed up our development and to scale our project.
How many tokens are allocated to PreICO/ICO?
650m tokens are allocated to our PreICO and ICO combined. If all of them are sold during our PreICO, there will be no ICO.
When can I start using my PLS?
- PLS purchased through our website will be usable on our centralized website from the moment they are purchased.
- All PLS, aka the ones purchased through our smart contract and through our website will be transferable on the blockchain within two weeks after the token sale ends.
Will there be a bonus during the ICO?
No. If you want a bonus, you should participate in our PreICO and receive 20% bonus.
Will you require participants to KYC/AML?
As required by many regulations and financial institutions who may work with us, we will require all participants of our token sale to undergo KYC/AML verifications.
Will you mint/create more PLS?
No. The total token supply is fixed as specified in our smart contract.
What are the min/max amounts to participate in the token sale?
In order to ensure the majority of our users can participate, we have set a low minimum participation amount of 1,000 PLS ($36 during the ICO or $30 during the PreICO). There is no maximum.
Which currencies can I use to participate?
We use Coinbase Commerce to process payments on our website. Coinbase Commerce supports payments in BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC. Participations in our Smart Contract can only be made in ETH.
Which company will be conducting the token sale?
The token sale will be conducted by Please SEZC, registered in the Cayman Islands at Third Floor, Landmark Square, 64 earth close, PO Box 707 Camana Bay, Grand Cayman KY1-9006, or one of its subsidiaries.
Where can I find information on your Bounty campaign?
We are running our Bounty with the help of BountyHive. On their website, you will find information on our bounty campaign and our Telegram airdrop.
When will PLS be listed on exchanges?
We have been already talking with some exchanges and while we cannot give a definitive date, we are confident that we will be listed on public exchanges soon after our ICO ends.
Upcoming pre-ICO
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