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Social Impakt: Affordable Water Filtration Technology for Rural Indonesia

We provide high performance ceramic water filters to improve access to clean drinking water for rural communities in Indonesia


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Jeroen van Overbeek


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long this water filter can last?

The water filter candle lasts up until 7,000 L or approximately 2 years of usage. Dirty water will reduce the lifetime of the filter candle. After each time the filter is cleaned, it will become thinner. The filter comes with a measuring tool to check if the filter has become too thin to use when the diameter is less than 5 cm.

What is the filter made of?

The candle is made of ceramic impregnated with silver and activated carbon.

What kind of activated carbon is used in the Nazava water filter?

Coconut based activated carbon.

What are the functions of the different materials in the filter ?

The Ceramic has small pores not more than 0.4 micron (0.0004 mm) that helps to filter particles such as cysts, parasites, fungi and other microorganism. The silver is impregnated with nano-silver particles that inactivate bacteria and other microorganisms. It is like bacteria killer. Activated carbon reduces level of harmful (organic) chemicals material in the water such as pesticides and chlorine. In this way, it improves the taste of water.

What is exactly activated carbon do, scientifically in this filtration system?

Activated carbon only removes some unwanted taste and odor from the water caused by some chemicals that are absorbed by the activated carbon. Activated carbon is suitable to remove organic substances from water including trace elements of pesticides. It also removes chlorine. Activated carbon works that well because the activated particles have a very large surface. One little grain of activated carbon can have a surface of more than 20 soccer fields !

What is the material of the plastic buckets?

BPA free plastic. The plastic is made from PP (polypropylene) plastic from 100 % plastic grains made in Indonesia and is food grade.

Is the plastic water filter housing safe to use for a long term usage?

According to The Green Guide, a website and magazine devoted to greener living and owned by the National Geographic Society, the safest plastics for repeated use in storing food are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE, or plastic #2), low-density polyethylene (LDPE, or plastic #4) and polypropylene (PP, or plastic #5). Highly respected brands are using PP plastic like Tupperware and Dopper (a brand of high quality drinking water bottles).

How do you maintain your Nazava Water Purifier?

You can maintain your Nazava by cleaning it regularly, around every 3-4 days or when the water flow is insufficient for your daily needs. Clean the candle without soap, you can use a sponge or a brush. When you are cleaning the candle, make sure the nozzle points downwards so the dirty water will not go inside the candle. The candle will get thinner and thinner over time and you can use the measuring tool to measure when to change your candle. For cleaning the buckets, please use a soft sponge so the plastic will not get damaged. It is safe to use mild dish-washing soap to clean the buckets, but you need to rinse it well. After cleaning, dry all of the parts with a clean cloth and you can use your Nazava again.

Which minerals can be filtered using Nazava?

The Nazava water filter is designed to filter out dirt, mud and bacteria. The activated carbon filters out (organic) chemicals. Dissolved minerals like Sodium, Potash and Calcium are not filtered. So filtered water still contains minerals, which are good for health.

Is Water filtered by Nazava water purifier safe for babies? How do I know that it is safe?

Young babies should drink mother milk. Water filtered by a Nazava purifier is safe to consume by babies or to make milk because it is free of bacteria. If you would give the water to your baby after boiling, it is also safe to give it to your baby after filtering. Filtered water is cleaner than boiled water.

Is Nazava certified?

Nazava is a registered trademark. Water from Nazava Water filters has been tested in over 20 labs all over the world with good results.

If my water originally has color, can I use Nazava?

If your ground water is yellow(ish) or brown(ish) you can use a Nazava Purifier to make your water clear and safe to drink.

How do I clean my filter? How often?

The filter candle needs to be cleaned at least once every two weeks. In order to clean the filter candle use a sponge or fine brush. Do not use detergent, soap, or any other chemicals. Simply scrub the filter with a sponge or brush under running water.

What pH does safe drinking water have?

Between pH 6 and 8.