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#Blockchain All projects

SupplyBloc Technology: Supply-chain infrastructure

Blockchain integrated system that offers complete transparency & optimization of interactions within a supply-chain network

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees19




Mr. McNulty is a strong advocate of frictionless business and disruptive technologies. His current focus is on the streamlining of transactions using blockchain with applications ranging from cryptocurrencies to smart contracts. Mr. McNulty is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 35 years of significant experience in specialty retail, e-commerce, branded consumer products, retail start-ups and developing new concepts and technology platforms for utilization
in the retail industry. Earlier in his career, Mr. McNulty founded Shopping.com and served as its President and CEO. Shopping.com was the world’s first online retailer selling a comprehensive range of consumer brand name products on the Internet in 25 major categories while offering 2,000,000 SKUs. Shopping.com was eventually acquired for $220 million in an all cash transaction by Compaq Computers. Prior to Shopping.com, Mr. McNulty founded Home Club and served as its Chairman and CEO. Home Club was a fast-growing chain of home improvement warehouse stores for contractor-trade and do-it-yourself customers, servicing U.S. western states with 38 stores. Most recently, Mr. McNulty founded
ibuyrit.com, a SaaS technology site selling turnkey online store platform solutions.



Rudy Brathwaite brings more than 20 years of logistics & supply-chain technology solutions to the SupplyBloc team. Over the course of his career, Rudy has worked on delivering breakthrough technology & performance results to private and public-sector clients. He focuses exclusively on serving clients in logistics & supply-chain that require technology Innovation, software developments, transportation management systems, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. In 2015, Rudy utilized his vast knowledge of the industry and founded LoadExpress, an integrated freight matching and transportation execution platform that enables shippers and carriers to execute and manage their freight and transportation directly with each other. LoadExpress was later sold for an undisclosed sum in an all cash deal. Rudy has addressed a variety of issues for his clients, including growth strategies, customer loyalty, large-scale cost reductions, software development, and organizational transformation. He has also provided successful implementations of domestic and international logistics & supply-chain software solutions, designs and optimization. Rudy specializes in logistics IT systems development and implementation, vendor relations and compliance, and has strong experience in logistics administration & management.



Jeff is a high energy individual who is widely recognized as a fiscally accomplished executive well suited for undertaking and managing early stage and dynamic growth entities. Although a seasoned financial executive, Jeff has an extensive entrepreneurial background in business operations. In 2003, Jeff became President, CEO, and a board member at Diasys Corp., a publicly traded business on the OTCBB and Amex exchanges where he served until 2007. Since leaving Diasys Corp., Jeff has undertaken financial and operational positions in both private equity and public company sectors. Jeff spent 8 years as an audit manager in midtown Manhattan for boutique public accounting firms and earned a degree in Business Administration in the field of accounting from Adelphi University, NY.



As a marketing and communications strategist, Meredith focuses on translating high-level company goals and initiatives into creative content that reflects brand directives and engages a wide user audience. Meredith has 11 years of success in leading communications for a retail headquarters through integrated marketing strategies, product launches, promotional campaigns, management of large-scale events and trade shows, and daily directives of company initiatives to expansive employee populations. With a background in Mass Communications and Journalism, much of Meredith's work focuses on the development of creative content, as well as measuring success of various strategies to constantly adapt methods of communication to match the audience. As a collaborative leader, Meredith is devoted to applying her communication skills to giving back and have served in the Women’s Leadership Development for The UPS Store, Inc. in various roles since 2011 including Secretary & Treasurer, Event Management Co-Chair & Event Management Coordinator. Meredith has most recently held the role of Fundraising Coordinator for SDX (formerly San Diego Ad Club).



Everett has extensive experience providing technical leadership in the definition, design, and execution of software systems architecture and strategy. He is experienced with managing teams to develop successful technology solutions aligned with business-oriented and organizational goals. Everett carries excellent communication, presentation, and executive level influencing skills. His ability to work collaboratively and effectively with leadership teams within IT and across the enterprise has allowed Everett to bridge the persistent divide between business and technology. Everett is capable of translating difficult technical concepts into understandable business terms to executive management, as well as the management of functional business units. These unique and versatile skills have enabled Everett to grow into a results oriented team player with demonstrated success in recruiting, motivating and mentoring staff.



Startup Entrepreneur and Advisor

Rhett McNulty has 20 years of experience in early stage startups, building teams and creating innovative solutions to complex industry problems. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts from the University of Miami. His passions lies in innovative technological developments, rapidly growing and emerging markets, and general customer acquisition. Rhett was a founding team member at Shopping.com, which was acquired in 1999 by Compaq Computers [HPQ] for $220 million. As the COO and co-founder of Shopit.com, Rhett lead their team to become the largest e-commerce provider within Facebook in 2007. Shopit was sold to Atrinsic [ATRN] in July 2009. Most recently, Rhett acted as the
Chief Revenue Officer at younity, a prominently funded media-server startup, and was responsible for a 97% decrease in customer acquisition costs over a 9-month period.


CEO M. Dyer & Son, Inc.

Anthony is a supply-chain, logistics, transportation executive and technology innovator. He has expertise in directing all facets of supply-chain systems, logistics, ocean transportation, NVOCC, air freight, transportation-operations, warehouse operations, insurance, risk-analysis and business-management. Anthony is always ready to provide outstanding service and successful leadership to the enterprises and people he serves.


Click Here Publishing

Bo White is an Internet entrepreneur having about a quarter of a century worth of experience in pioneering digital companies. Some of his success includes the meteoric rise of the digital agency he founded in the early 90's, Click Here Publishing. Bo's experience involves running his growing digital firm, private consulting, serving as Chief Operating Office for Beyond Commerce (a Las Vegas-based publicly-traded tech startup), and acting as co-founder and President of NewOrleans.com. Bo also is an active investor in several other dot-com projects and companies. He has
worked closely with major automotive groups & OEM's, Government Agencies, major hospital systems, high profile attorneys and law firms, as well as industry giants Google, Facebook, Adobe and Microsoft.


Director, Quality Assurance at Mirum Agency

As Director of Quality Assurance for North American Operations within a Global Digital Agency, Steve has been providing fluid direction and recommendations across accounts, projects, and client teams to mitigate risks and ensure integrity of deliveries for the last 13 years. Prior to putting his stamp on established QA practices in the digital realm, Steve was the Sales & Marketing Coordinator with a small reverse logistics firm in Minneapolis where he was responsible for lead generation and contact management practices. While there, Steve concentrated on awareness of merchandise returns program solutions while internally refining sales cycle processes. Steve previously held positions in entertainment software, radio broadcast sales and announcing. He has continuously leveraged his skills and education gained by earning a degree in Radio & Television Broadcasting at Brown Institute in Minneapolis and Business Education at the University of Minnesota.


Director, Risk Management, NetApp

Lee Wolfe is a collaborative leader who quickly converts ideas into solutions. Lee has a successful track record of launching highly-impactful programs. He has a strong ability to quickly gauge leadership team’s appetite for growth, speed, or cost. His primary experience involves driving new models with cross functional business units and board members. Lee has worked in supply-chain management for over 13 years through his involvement in Verari Systems, ViaSat, NetApp, and now SupplyBloc Technology. With a focus on enterprise risk management, cyber security, insurance management liability, corporate social responsibility, and emergency management, Lee has a firm understanding of the ins and outs of optimizing supply-chain and logistical networks.

Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens
  • Crowdsale (60%)
  • Team (25%)
  • Advisory team (5%)
  • Initial buyers (5%)
  • Bounty (5%)
Budget allocation
  • Product development / R&D (45%)
  • Business development (25%)
  • Marketing (20%)
  • Operations (10%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol SUPX
Full Token Name SUPX token
Crowdsale Start September 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or October 28th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $40000000
Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, $1000000
Incorporation Details 8275 S. Eastern Ave, STE 200-715, Las Vegas, NV 89123
Domain owner Individual

Cost of the token

1 token for 0.25 $

Price without discounts


Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
25% September 01 — 12, 2018
20% September 13 — 24, 2018
10% September 25 — October 05, 2018
5% October 06 — 17, 2018

Accepted currency

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

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Relevance of the problem and Market size

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Budget allocation and roadmap

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What is SupplyBloc Technology and what problem does it solve?

SupplyBloc was founded with the mission of solving the greatest problems that business face in the global commerce and e-commerce, namely those involved with supply-chain management. The most poignant issues in supply-chains today involve a lack of transparency, the absence of proper tracking capabilities, and fragmented systems for managing logistics, transactions, and other forms of multi-node interactions.

Our solution rests on a foundation of blockchain technology and involves data-registration on a decentralized ledger, smart contracts for optimizing transactions and exchanges, and software development tools for creating customizable user-facing applications.

What is an ICO?

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for the utility tokens, which represent services or units of services, is a way to fund projects of shared infrastructure. In an ICO, issued cryptocurrency (tokens) is sold in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Can US citizens participate in this ICO?

Yes! After a careful legal analysis by a U.S. licensed attorney, it has been concluded that SupplyBloc (SUPX) is a utility token and not a security, so we have been able to open up to U.S. contributors.

What would you consider to be a success with this ICO?

We will consider this ICO as successful if we reach our soft cap equal to 1 million USD. If we do not attain this minimum threshold, all collected funds will be returned to token purchasers. We have set a maximum amount of 40 Million USD, in which case over half of the tokens will be distributed to token purchasers. We are aiming to spread our project throughout the world, but our plan is to start in the USA.

What is the timeframe of the ICO?

The pre-STO sale starts on May 15 2018 and ends June 15 2018.
The main public sale begins on August 1 2018 and will be held until September 1 2018. The sale will terminate early if we reach our maximum limit.

Can I trade SUPX tokens at an exchange?

We plan to list the SUPX tokens on all reputable token exchange platforms. However, there is no guarantee of liquidity. There is no guarantee that you will be able to sell tokens for a price equal to or greater than purchasing price.

When can I sell tokens?

After the STO, you will be able to sell SUPX tokens once they become of no utility to you. We plan to sell them on token exchanges that are designed specifically for utility tokens. However, there is no guarantee of liquidity as well as there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell it for a price equal to or greater than the price that it was purchased.

What separates SupplyBloc from competitors?

SupplyBloc is focusing on providing small to mid-sized businesses with the power of blockchain technology in an effort to level the playing field through supply chain optimizations. Unlike many projects in this space, SupplyBloc is a tokenized platform that is offering both turnkey solutions and application development tools (API, SDKs).

Our solution is meant to coalesce with existing operational systems and will tie together individual participants within a single supply chain. So, each entity can maintain operational control while still having the opportunity to create efficiencies wherever they please. This allows partners to hand-pick the areas of concern that they wish to apply SupplyBloc’s solution to.

What happens to unsold tokens during the presale?

They will be stored in our reserve account and used for bonuses within the SupplyBloc Ecosystem.

Is there a minimum purchase amount?

The minimum purchase amount is equal to 1000 SUPX Tokens

What is the role of the SUPX token?

In the SupplyBloc ecosystem, multiple rewards will exist in the form of SUPX tokens only. Furthermore, SUPX tokens will also serve as one of the accepted method of payments on the platform. SupplyBloc will eventually roll out acceptance of SUPX tokens as a means for payment on the auxiliary platforms of SupplyBloc partners and other service providers.

SUPX transactions will be fast, efficient, and highly secure. This will ensure optimized and transparent exchanges across borders that will ultimately save money and time for all parties involved.

What is the price for tokens during ICO?

There will be 5 purchase rounds. Each round will have a different Token purchase price.

Round 1. 1 SUPX Token=0.18 USD
Round 2. 1 SUPX Token=0.21 USD
Round 3. 1 SUPX Token=0.24 USD
Round 4. 1 SUPX Token=0.27 USD
Round 5. 1 SUPX Token=0.30 USD

How is blockchain technology implemented in your solution?

SupplyBloc is positioned to be the self-sustaining IT infrastructure relying on the network of nodes run by the participants of the supply-chain process. This creates an ecosystem in which all participants have an equal say in the functionality of the system and can democratically determine how their implementation of the blockchain will function on their individual supply-chain.

Who are your users?

Technology Developers, Growers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Transportation Service Providers, Regulatory Agencies, Retailers, and Consumers.

How can I purchase SUPX Tokens during STO?

It will be possible to make a purchase with Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC). You will need to have these coins readily available in a non-exchange wallet.

Why can’t I make a purchase through the exchange wallet?

You can’t complete a purchase through the exchange wallet as your tokens will be sent to the address you bought from. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE WITH EXCHANGE WALLETS. We have a few wallet recommendations that you find here.

Have you made an airdrop?

We have decided to coordinate an airdrop to increase community engagement and participation across our various social media channels and networks