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#Blockchain, #Energy/Transport All projects

Swytch: Kicking the energy revolution into high gear

Built on secure blockchain technology, Swytch tracks and rewards the production of clean, renewable energy in real-time

4.2 Rating

by 4 users


    • Employees17


    June, 2017

    Token Commons Foundation formation · Initial Funding · Swytch Development partnerships and technology development

    December, 2017

    Core technology partnerships · Design and Build Proof of Concept, Dashboard, Data Estimator · Pilots



    Evan Caron

    Cofounder and Managing Director

    John Redpath


    John Clippinger

    Cofounder and Head of Token Innovation

    Andrew Pearsons

    Managing Director

    Youngsook Park

    VP of Business Development

    Eric Miller

    Director of Product and Lead Blockchain Developer

    Shawn Harmsen

    Senior Fullstack Developer

    Troy Martin

    Director of Compliance and Governance



    Brad Hardin

    CTO, Black and Veatch

    Thomas Hardjono

    Technical Director, MIT Internet Trust Consortium

    Peter Hirshberg

    Chairman, Maker City Project

    Steve Jurvetson

    Venture Capitalist

    Marcia Kadanoff

    CEO, Maker City Project

    Kent Larson

    MIT Media Lab – Director, City Sciences

    Curt Lefebvre

    CEO, nDimensional

    Mickey McManus

    Visiting Research Fellow at Autodesk, Senior Advisor at BCG, Co-Author, Trillions

    Tony Seba

    Stanford University – Clean Energy Expert

    Crowdsale details

    Budget allocation
    • Token Sales (55%)
    • Core Team Founders (15%)
    • Foundation (14%)
    • Grants & Energy Partnerships (10%)
    • Token Commons Project Fund (3%)
    • Bounties/Affiliates (3%)
    Details Indicators
    Token Symbol SET
    Domain registration date 2017-07-08
    Domain owner Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC

    Cost of the token

    1 token for 1 $

    Price without discounts

    Accepted currency

    • Ethereum

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    James Young May 06, 2018
    Rating of project


    One of the most relevant project with an already implemented technical side (considering the github sources). The Team was able explicitly describing the whitepaper providing a step-by-step narrative of why are they doing this and how it's going to be implemented.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Although the whitepaper covers everything in very details, I would recommend revealing more details about advisors, obviously, this is one of a key element of the project as the Team itself consists of management and practical specialists.


    Generally speaking, I don't see any major sore points of this project, going forward, I would only recommend adding more details about advisors and funds distribution.

    Alexandr Gonchar May 04, 2018
    Rating of project


    Production of clean and renewable energy with the use of a blockchain is a promising, very interesting and rapidly growing branch of the economy. Though the system only coordinates the system of interaction between the producers of renewable energy themselves.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The project repeats the error of many teams who bet on their own token, fixing initially its price and tying the entire project economy to it. The team absolutely do not realize, that the price of altcoin is determined by the market (or we can say crypto-exchanges), so predict the coin price is simply impossible.


    Projects like that already exist and operate, and the most successful of them do not use their tokens in the system, but with the help of a blockchain effectively redistribute power from various suppliers to the consumer.

    Jordan Semanda March 28, 2018
    Rating of project


    The project provides the preservation of the environment. The token sales are relatively. The project has API;s which will be easily adopted from existing devices. The direct interaction of the projects site by the internet users shows positive results. T he project can easily be accessed remotely through mobile applications.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The project might a long term since many governments rely on HEP energy which might bring in bureaucracy. The project is likely to face stiff competition from the existing companies on the market for example wepower. The project has low statistics according to the traffic. The SET token ratio to eth is very low. Allowing only one cryptocurrency limits diversity and potential growth. The mining process might attract lee people to the project since it requires alot to carry out.


    Etherum is a rapidly growing technology in the crypto market and it has many ICO's accepting it as a medium of exchange this will enhance on the transactions across different platforms so i think the projects strategies are efficient in terms of long term development.We at an era of migration to digital currency and the company will develop more since it has been initiated at the start of this period. More ads have to be created for awareness. The project once handled strategically will bring a whole new era to the face of energy through blockchain system. The token value is relatively low which affect the future progression.

    Veronika Arbisman March 25, 2018
    Rating of project


    Track and reward the production of clean, renewable energy. Token incentive awards are calculated based on total worldwide demand of energy. Limitation of total maximum supply of tokens.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Barriers market in the text plus barriers from other market players.


    Sustainable and equitable energy future in the era of global question of energy resources gives really good chances to the project.



    What is Swytch?

    Swytch is an incentive mechanism, data aggregtion source, and protocol for renewable energy production in the form of an ERC20 utility token. Producers of renewable energy create Swytch by generating solar, wind, and other forms of renewable energy. The production is validated using Swytch's Proof of Production protocol.

    Why was Swytch founded?

    Swytch was founded to help scale and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy in order to mitigate the impact of climate change and encourage energy development in the areas of greatest need. The founders of Swytch have extensive backgrounds in both energy markets and emerging technologies and believe that current incentive programs and related technologies are insufficient to drive the changes needed to build a sustainable energy future.

    Who is your target audience?

    Our target audience is any organization, city, or individual with an interest in building a sustainable energy future. This may include Fortune 500 companies with aggressive sustainability targets, city, state, and municipal governments who would like to encourage environmentally responsible behaviors, owners of large corporate data centers, large commercial renewable projects, as well as owners and/or installers of residential solar installations.

    What comes after the crowdfunding stage?

    Swytch will use the funds generated from the Token Generation Event (TGE) - often called an initial coin offering - to finance the scaling of the Swytch network. This will include business development, marketing campaigns, technology development, bounty programs, and strategic partnership development. The Swytch TGE will also be used to fund Swytch's parent organization, the Token Commons Foundation (TCF). The mission of the Token Commons Foundation is "To build a more sustainable and equitable future through the creation of a commons-based blockchain protocol." The TCF protocol will leverage a commons governance structure that enables autonomy and self-determination and encourages cooperation and inclusion. The Foundation will support open-source research and development of technologies and applications to build the protocol. As a non-profit, TCF will seek to coordinate and organize efforts but will not seek to concentrate interest in favor of any individual or entity. THe TCF will encourage our partners to collaborate and cooperate in the spirit of the commons and work together to capture the collective potential of our global community.

    What is the revenue model for Swytch?

    Swytch will not include a substantial revenue generating clause in the token smart contract (~5% of minted tokens go to Swytch). Rather, the Swytch and TCF teams will fund their operations through the TGE and have a small pool of treasury tokens to provide additional funding.

    What are your customer acquisition plans?

    Swytch already has an impressive set of partners, including energy experts, top-tier global cities, and renowned academic institutions. Using these partnerships, Swytch will build out both the supply and demand sides of the market place. At a more tactical level, Swytch will continue to build relationships with governments to accept Swytch as a form of Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) and/or a reserve currency for local cryptocurrencies. Swytch will also work with new and existing partners in the energy infrastructure development space to build out the network of producers and large corporate partners to create demand for the energy and RECs producers create.

    What partnerships does Swytch already have?

    Partners include: Black & Veatch, E2M, and large cities. A full list is available on our website.

    Where is the Swytch team based?

    The Swytch team is primarily based in Boston, with offices in Austin and Korea as well. Our goal is to build a global team so additional offices will be created in the future.

    Who are the advisors for Swytch?

    Swytch has a number of academic, environmental, technological, and legal advisors. Please see the full list on our website.

    How will you measure success?

    Swytch will be successful if the network of token producers and users reaches critical scale and provides a sufficient incentive to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. Swytch also aims to be the best repository of renewable energy production data that will be open-source for all network participants


    How will the funds from the TGE be allocated?

    Allocations will be reserved in the token commons foundation and used primarily for further technology development, marketing, partnership development and other activities critical to the success of the network.

    Will there be a pre-sale?

    Yes, qualified investors will be able to participate in a pre-sale from November 2017 - February 2018.

    Why do you need so much funding?

    To impact the global energy market place our organization will need significant resources. Our fundraising goal may seem relatively large for TGE standards, but in comparison to the multi-trillion dollar energy industry it is relatively small.

    Will Swytch be approved by the SEC?

    While Swytch will function as a utility token, and we're confident that regulating authorities will conclude this as well, no official judgment has been rendered by the SEC or other governing bodies. We have proactively reach out to FINMA, the Swiss regulator, for their certification of our utility status.

    Will this TGE be available to US citizens?

    Only pre-qualified US citizens and organizations will be able to participate in the TGE. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to learn more about the pre-qualification process.

    When does the TGE begin?

    The whitelisted portion of the TGE has already begun and will run through early February 2018. The public TGE will begin in Mid-February 2018 and run through March 2018 or until we have reached out hardcap.

    Search Is there a hardcap on the pre-sale or TGE?

    Yes, our hardcap on the TGE will be $125M.

    Search Which cryptocurrencies will you accept during the TGE?

    We will accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

    Will you be able to buy into the TGE with fiat?

    Fiat investments will be restricted to pre-approved investors. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to learn more about the pre-approval process.

    Will we have to provide KYC information to participate?

    Yes, Swytch will require participants in the TGE to adhere to all KYC/AML regulations

    Are there any countries that are not allowed to participate?

    Yes, citizens of any country where investment in a TGE is illegal will be banned form participating. Additionally, citizens of any country included on relevant sanction lists will be banned from participating in the TGE.

    What will be the total number of tokens generated during the event?

    365M Swytch tokens (10% of total) will be generated during the TGE.

    How many will be mined total?

    The maximim limit of Swytch tokens created will be 3.65B tokens


    What will the Swytch coin be used for?

    The primary use case will be to access data within the network, engage in "oracle" modeling activities, and register nodes on the network. Additional use cases will be developed shortly after the TGE.

    How do I get Swytch coins?

    Swytch tokens may be generated during the TGE or through the production of renewable energy on registered assets.

    How can I earn Swytch?

    Swytch tokens may be generated during the TGE or through the production of renewable energy on registered assets.


    Will you use your own blockchain?

    Swytch is developing a proprietary, permissioned blockchain for the Proof of Production protocol that captures requisite information off of IoT devices. This protocol will evolve over time to layer in consensus building on the edge of the network. Swytch tokens themselves will be ERC20 tokens.

    When will you have an MVP?

    Swytch will launch a live pilot in January 2018

    When will your app be released?

    Our app will be released in Q1 2018.