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#Blockchain, #Mobile & Gaming All projects

U Run It: New Era in Gambling Industry

The gambling platform 100% managed by its community.

stage Ended crowdsale

4.7 Rating

by 7 users


    • Employees31


    man Roman Grushkovsky

    Co-founder, CEO

    Experienced entrepreneur. Has extensive experience in the field of software development, team management and business management.

    man Max Vaschuk

    Co-founder, CMO

    An expert in marketing; managed marketing departments of the major companies in Ukraine.

    man Leonid Rubin

    Co-founder, COO

    Entrepreneur. Excels in an environment where quality, aggressive development schedules are expected. Demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities and works great as part of the team.

    Lyudmila Vasilyeva

    Lead Mathematician

    Maria Sokolovskaya


    Liudmila Ivashchenko

    Photo and Video Producer

    Irina Kolkova-Grushkovsky

    Strategy Development Manager

    Shay Dvir

    Chief Technology Officer

    Nikita Yeryomin

    Development Team Leader

    Anna Thais

    UI/UX Senior Designer

    Amit Bhagwat

    Performance Test Analyst

    Yevgeniya Bayura

    Web Developer

    Sergey Dobryak

    Back-end Architect

    Valerii Anosov

    Head of Cybersecurity

    Sergey Kasyanuk

    Financial Director

    Roman Bairak

    Head of Law Department

    Alexander Cherednichenko

    Full Stack Developer

    Alex Orlov

    SEO specialist

    Yogesh Padsala

    Blockchain Developer

    Hira Siddiqui

    Blockchain Developer

    Oleksandr Oliynyk

    Community Manager


    man Pankaj Gupta

    ICO Adviser

    One of the top ICObench Experts. Has over 11 years of experience in business development and strategic marketing both in North America and Asia. Founder of Renewable Energy & Healthcare startups and highly successful investor with expertise in blockchain, global marketing, healthcare, renewable energy.

    man Timo Trippler

    Investment Adviser

    Member of Blockchain Advisory Council.There are very few experts in the world who can compare with Timo when it comes to ICO fundraising and risk management. He has advised various successful ICOs and managed several Crypto Fund Portfolios.

    man Jeremy Khoo

    ICO Adviser

    An international blockchain entrepreneur, founder of few successful venture funded companies. He is currently Group CEO of retail conglomerate iFashion Group and is co-leading MC Payment's public listing on the SGX. Jeremy is heavily involved in blockchain projects and has been instrumental in the sale of more than 100M USD in tokens for 8 companies.

    man Jason Coles

    Community Adviser

    Blockchain adviser with many years of experience. Has launched his own successful ICO and helped 75 different companies develop and release their own cryptocurrency. Jason is maestro of ICO community building and an expert in business strategy and relations.

    man Dmitry Pshenin

    ICO Adviser

    Expert in ICOs, blockchain, SAFTS, fund offerings, and business development strategies. Founder of ICOBoard (peer to peer network for institutional investors, family offices, ultra high net worths, limited partners, and funds). Dmitry’s experience, knowledge and understanding of global markets are truly impressive.

    Crowdsale details

    Distribution of tokens
    • Crowdsale (75%)
    • Reserved fund for platform development (7%)
    • Founders (6%)
    • Team (5%)
    • Advisors (2%)
    • Bounty (5%)
    Budget allocation
    • Platform development and infrastructure (30%)
    • Marketing (45%)
    • Legalization and licensing (5%)
    • Stabilization fund (15%)
    • Consulting services (5%)
    Details Indicators
    Token Symbol URUN
    Full Token Name URUN Token
    Pre-sale Start May 15th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-sale End June 30th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-crowdsale Start July 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-crowdsale End August 15th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Start September 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or December 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, 60000000 tokens
    Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, 4000000 tokens
    Token type utility token
    Domain owner Individual

    Cost of the token

    1 token for 0.00125 eth

    Price without discounts


    Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
    40% May 30 — June 14, 2018
    30% June 15 — 30, 2018
    Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
    20% July 01 — 31, 2018
    15% August 01 — 15, 2018
    Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
    10% September 01 — 15, 2018
    7% September 16 — 30, 2018
    5% October 01 — December 31, 2018

    Accepted currency

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Litecoin
    • Other

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    February 12, 2019
    Rating of project


    На игровой платформе URUN, все игры, столы, покер-румы, игровые автоматы, лотереи контролируются геймерами, они сами размещают игры и получают большую часть прибыли.
    Это также единственная игровая платформа с постоянно уменьшающимся количеством токенов.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Для игроков ничего не изменится, прибыль будут получать не казино, а другие игроки, размещающие игры. Для держателей токенов лучше равное распределение прибыли, нежели выборочный джекпот.


    Игровая индустрия сверхприбыльна, т.к. много азартных людей!

    Ivan Golushko February 07, 2019
    Rating of project


    Obviously, the market has huge potential. The problem, however, is that the rules of gambling have remained unchanged for centuries. Without a doubt, casinos and other companies are constantly trying to attract new customers with a new above: awards, bonuses, prizes, beautiful images, etc. Technologies are also changing: from simple wooden tables and slot machines to online games and the latest block-chain technology

    Risks and disadvantages

    I do not see any drawbacks in this scheme of work, and if the team will be able to fulfill all the decisions, it will be a truly revolutionary breakthrough. Great idea


    It is time to change the rules of the game in the gambling Universe.

    November 01, 2018
    Rating of project


    URUNIT - единственная игровая платформа, на 100% управляемая ее сообществом! Игроки контролируют игру и получают основную прибыль. Абсолютно все игры, покер-румы, карточные игры, турниры, игровые автоматы, лотереи и т.д. контролируются игроками в этом казино. Жеребьевка - это самый простой способ дать каждому пользователю возможность стать владельцем игры. Игрок определяет параметры игры или турнира, хозяином которого он является на данный момент. Во время этой аренды владелец игры выполняет основные функции модератора. В конце периода аренды владелец игры получает большую часть прибыли, полученной во время аренды. Чем больше игрок играет и чем больше его ставки, тем выше его рейтинг. И чем выше рейтинг игрока, тем вероятнее, что он станет владельцем игры.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Проект представляет собой очень интересную и обновленную концепцию игровой платформы. Децентрализованная технология blockchain позволяет запускать систему, в которой любой пользователь может вести и смягчать игру. Недостатков я не вижу.


    Я думаю, что этот проект может быть рекомендован инвесторам для размещения своих средств. Игровой бизнес приносит очень высокую прибыль и учитывая, что этот проект объединяет все новейшие технологии (в том числе децентрализованные), это должно принести высокую степень доверия и популярности на эту игровую платформу и принести хорошие дивиденды всем участникам.

    Ivo Burdizzo October 14, 2018
    Rating of project


    In gambling the bank always wins, so giving players the chance to manage the games is certainly an innovative and winning idea.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Online poker has had a downturn in recent years, so I think it will not be easy to attract many players to have many tournaments, variations and high prize pools.


    I think it's a project to follow and that can have a good evolution in the coming years.

    October 03, 2018
    Rating of project


    URUNIT это казино владельцем которого можешь стать ты! Заманчиво? По моему очень!
    URUNIT это платформа для азартных игр управляемая самими игроками! Большая часть дохода этой платформы-казино идет игрокам. Любой игрок этой платформы может стать на какое то время владельцем игры или целого турнира. Чем выше рейтинг игрока тем больше у него стать владельцем игры. По окончанию игры или турнира большую часть прибыли этого стола получает игрок владелец. При этом владелец так же выступает администратором и модератором игры. Он может сам выставлять правила и ограничения.

    Risks and disadvantages

    Я не вижу недостатков в этой схеме работы, и если команде удастся выполнить все решения, это будет действительно революционный прорыв.


    Эта платформа уникальна! Я не вижу никаких существенных недостатков. Конкуренции практически нет! Дорожная карта хорошо сбалансирована. Команда достаточно профессиональна.
    Еще один плюс для держателей токенов. Каждый владелец токенов может участвовать в ежедневных, еженедельных и ежемесячных джекпотах. 70% всех токенов, собранных платформой, будут использоваться для джекпотов.

    Alexandr Gonchar September 21, 2018
    Rating of project


    URUNIT is the only gaming platform that 100% managed by its community! Players control the game, accept all games and receive the main profit. Absolutely all games, poker rooms, card games, tournaments, slot machines, lotteries, etc., controlled by the players in this casino. Every game is placed by a certain player. The draw of lots is the easiest way to give each user the opportunity to become the owner of the game. Winners need to pay a small fee in the URUN tokens to confirm their right to own the game. The player determines the parameters of the game or tournament that he hosts and he becomes the owner of the game at the moment. During this rental, the owner of the game controls not only things that happen but also performs the basic functions of the moderator. At the end of this period, the game owner receives a big part of the profits received during the lease. The more a player plays and the bigger his bets thus his rating become higher. And the higher the player's rating, the more likely that he will become the game owner.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The project represents a very interesting and updated concept of the gaming platform. Decentralized blockchain technology allows you to launch a system in which any user can lead and moderate the game. The higher the player's rating the better the chances that he will get the right to manage the gameplay. I don't see any shortcomings in this scheme of work and if the team succeeds in implementing all decisions, it will be a truly revolutionary breakthrough.


    I think that this project can be recommended to investors for placing their funds. The gaming business brings very high profits and considering that this project integrates all the latest technologies(including decentralized ones) so this should bring a high degree of trust and popularity to this gaming platform and bring good dividends to all participants.

    James Young September 20, 2018
    Rating of project


    First of all, the project has a massive support from a big players, such as LAToken, ZClassic, etc. The Team has also considered a lot of major things, such as new platform advantages, legislation side and subsequently explained that in the white paper. So, reading the white paper is quite exciting and I like the manner of how things were explained. One pager also helps a lot and give the opportunity to save the time for busy persons. Considering the technical part, I found it revolutionary, and as it was correctly mentioned by the Team, current casino players are reached out the dead end and don't have a clear understanding of how to progress further. So, such type of projects will appear more and more.

    Risks and disadvantages

    There is a GitHub repository released for the public review, so I would recommend to keep this up to date to avoid any odd interpretations of the investors.


    Overall, the platform looks impressive and promising, so I am expecting this will be a "game" changer. Another key success factor is the Team which runs this project, I have no doubts about the Team's capacity and expertise. The white paper is self-explanatory and easy to understand and the platform concept is quite reliable.

    See more reviews



    What is “U Run It”

    U Run It is the only gambling platform 100% managed by its community.

    Players control the house, host all the games and receive most of the profit.

    What problems does “U Run It” solve?

    - based on our surveys, casino customers are very venturous people who are constantly looking for action and novelty; they get bored quickly, and are forced to move from one casino to another constantly looking for something different
    - it is very difficult for the casinos to attract new players, and they are forced to spend significant part of the profits on advertising, bonuses, affiliate programs and other gimmicks to attract customers
    - no matter how much money casino spends to keep customers for as long as possible, it doesn’t work - customers simply won’t stay for long

    What solutions do you offer for these problems?

    The solution is an entirely new type of casino, the casino managed by the players, who host all the games. In other words, absolutely all games, card tables, poker rooms, tournaments, slot machines, lotteries, etc. in this casino are controlled by the players themselves. Each game is hosted by a certain player. This player determines parameters of the game or tournament he is hosting and becomes the owner of the game for the time being. Let’s say, each game is leased to one of the players for a nominal fee.

    How long I can be an owner of the place for?

    The place can be leased for an hour, a day, a week, or a month.


    What is your legal structure and where are you located?

    U Run It Limited (CN: 2666919) is registered in Hong Kong. Company’s address:




    Here is our business registration certificate: BRC 2018-2019_U Run It Limited.pdf

    And this is our certificate of incorporation: CI_U Run It Limited.pdf

    You can also find information about our company at the Hong Kong government website: https://www.icris.cr.gov.hk/csci/cps_criteria.jsp

    What will happen with unsold tokens in case hard cap is not reached?

    All unsold tokens, issued for sale during Closed pre-Sale, pre-ICO and ICO campaigns will be distributed proportionally among those who bought our tokens during pre-Sale and ICO stages.

    How many tokens will be available for sale?

    Maximum number of tokens during the public sale stage will be 75% of all the emitted ones, which equals 60 million.

    What is soft cap and hard cap in token sale?

    Our minimum goal (Soft Cap) is 4,000,000 tokens

    Our maximum goal (Hard Cap) is 60,000,000 tokens

    When does the ICO start and end and what are its stages?

    URUN token sale will take place in three stages:

    closed pre-sale (May 15th – June 30th)
    pre-ICO (July 1st – August 15th)
    ICO (September 1st – October 15th)

    What will happen if you don’t get a soft cap?

    If the soft cap is not reached, all the collected funds (less marketing expenses) will be returned to the investors.


    What are the parameters of the token sale?

    URUN token sale will take place in three stages:

    closed pre-sale (May 15th – June 30th)
    pre-ICO (July 1st – August 15th)
    ICO (September 1st – October 15th)

    40% - May 30th – June 14th
    30% - June 15th – June 30th


    20% - July 15st – July 31st
    15% - August 1st – August 15th


    10% - September 1st – September 15th
    7.5% - September 16th – September 30th
    5% - October 1st – October 15th

    What is a minimum transaction amount?


    1 ETH – May 15th – June 14th
    0.3 ETH – June 15th – June 30th


    0.05 ETH


    0.05 ETH

    How many URUN tokens can I buy for 1 ETH?

    The base price of one token is 0.00125 ETH (1 ETH = 800 URUN). But you can get more if you are buying during pre-Sale, pre-ICO and in the first 20 days of ICO

    What wallet can I use for purchasing URUN tokens?

    You can keep URUN tokens in any Ethereum wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. Do NOT send ETH directly from exchanges multi-sig wallets, or from other smart contracts, in this case you will not be able to access your URUN tokens.

    The following wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC20 standard):

    - MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
    - MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
    - Mist (Desktop)
    - Parity (Desktop)
    - imToken (iPhone)
    - imToken (Android)

    Will URUN tokens be available on crypto exchanges?

    Yes, we plan to list the URUN token on several crypto exchanges.

    When will I get my URUN tokens?

    If you pay for tokens with ETH, URUN tokens will be sent automatically to your Ethereum wallet.

    Also you can purchase URUN tokens using the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Ripple. In this case, please transfer your coins to the relevant address. Then send us an email to [email protected] with the coin type, amount sent, transaction ID and your Ethereum wallet address. After we receive your e-mail, the tokens will be sent manually by our administrator to your Ethereum wallet address within 24 hours.

    How many URUN tokens will be issued in general?

    A total of 80 million tokens will be emitted. Maximum number of tokens during the public sale stage will be 75% of all the emitted ones, which equals 60 million.


    Do I need to register in order to participate in tokens sale?

    Yes, you have to be registered to buy the tokens.

    Do I need to pass the KYC during the registration?

    KYC means Know Your Customer. These are standard procedures requiring basic ID information from ICO contributors for compliance with current rules and regulations on Anti-Money-Laundering (AML). We understand that people don’t like to pass through KYC because it contradicts the spirit of the crypto currency. Also, people are afraid that the documents they send can get into wrong hands. We understand and respect these reasons, but unfortunately governments and banks toughen their rules and policies all the time and we have no choice but to abide by this rules and require the KYC procedure.

    How safe is my information?

    Your documents are stored securely by U Run It for the sole purpose of KYC verification for the URUN token sale. All documents are reviewed only by direct employees of U Run It and will be deleted immediately after KYC is completed.

    Will my information be sold or shared?

    No. Your information will never be shared with anyone other than our lawyer and the bank.