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#Blockchain, #Advertising & Marketing All projects

Varanida: Fair & Transparent Digital Ecosystem

Building a better Internet through a decentralized advertising and content solution.

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees27


man Anji Ismaïl

CEO & Co-Founder

Anji co-founded DOZ.com, a marketplace for marketing campaigns, thus he has over 10 years of digital marketing experience. He is also an early blockchain enthusiast who bought his first Bitcoin in 2012. Anji is also an investor and advisor in few blockchain projects.

man Faouzi El Yagoubi

CTO & Co-Founder

Faouzi co-founded DOZ.com, a marketing software. Faouzi is a Network & Infrastructure architect and full-stack Engineer, who contributed to many open-source and blockchain related projects. He also worked four years at Michelin as a Technical Lead.

man Thomas Schmider

COO & Co-Founder

Thomas was Co-Founder, CFO, and later CEO of Infogrames/Atari, managing a company of 3,000+ people and $1B+ in revenue. He also founded Prozone, which launched SUP, a leading software for sports team analytics that was sold in 2014. He was also President of the soccer club ‘AS Saint Etienne’.

man Mickael Crozes

System & Software

Mickael has over 6 years of experience in managing complex technical infrastructures at Amazon. He has been involved in blockchain development and crypto-assets mining since 2012.

man Pierre-Antoine Meley

Blockchain & Software

Pierre-Antoine is an Engineer with an electronics, IT, and signal processing background. He has worked on various Internet projects and browser extensions. With a strong interest in cryptography, financial engineering, and monetary theory, he has closely followed the development of blockchain technology since its inception.


man Jean Christophe Conti


Jean Christophe is an experienced Sales and Partnerships leader with a demonstrated history of successful positions as Vice President of various divisions at AppNexus and Yahoo!

man Thomas Hessler


Thomas is the Co-Founder and former CEO of Zanox. In 2007, the company was acquired by the German newspaper publisher Axel Springer and Swiss PubliGroupe. Thomas is also an investor in many startups, and an early blockchain enthusiast.

man Hen Tekle


Hen is a blockchain angel investor, token sale advisor, and crypto-assets fund manager. Hen is a regular speaker, and can be seen at various conferences around the globe, discussing the future of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

man Elie Galam


Elie Galam is Chief Investment Officer at Eastmore Group, a New York based alternative investment firm. He holds a Master’s in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University and an Engineering Degree from Centrale Paris. Elie is advisor to successful blockchain projects such as Bancor and Fusion.

man Ouziel Slama


Ouziel is the CTO and Co-Founder of Legolas Exchange, and is an outstanding blockchain engineer. Prior to Legolas, Ouziel lead development teams at Symbiot.io and Counterparty.

Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens
  • Crowdsale (67%)
  • Team (15%)
  • Company Reserve (12%)
  • Advisors (3%)
  • Community (3%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol VAD
Full Token Name Varanida Token
Pre-crowdsale Start June 25th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Pre-crowdsale End August 15th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Start August 15th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or September 30th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, 39700000 €
Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, 8000000 €
Domain owner Individual

Cost of the token

1 token for 0.072 Euro

Price without discounts


Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
50% June 25 — July 15, 2018
30% July 16 — August 15, 2018
Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
10% August 15 — September 15, 2018

Accepted currency

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

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Budget allocation and roadmap

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the team behind Varanida?

The experienced team that is building Varanida is working hard to build a better Internet.

You can meet the team here: https://www.varanida.com/about-team/ or drop us a line if you want to get involved.

What is Varanida?

Varanida is a transparent and decentralized digital ecosystem.

Our mission is to improve the Internet through a better distribution of value among users, advertisers, and publishers.

We also want to create a system that respects the rights of users to control their own data.

Can I transfer my VAD tokens to other currencies? (BTC, etc.)

At the moment, the Varanida tokens (VAD -- ERC-20 tokens) are virtually created and stored in your Varanida Wallet. After our ICO, we will hold a KYC (know-your-customer) procedure. Then we will hold our Token Generation event. 2 to 3 weeks after the Token Generation Event, you will be able to export your VADs, transfer them to a different ERC-20 wallet, go through an exchange, or use them with applications built on top of the Varanida Protocol.

How do I keep up to date with the current news about Varanida?

To get the latest news about Varanida, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter: https://www.varanida.com/newsletter-signup

You can also follow us on Social Media.

Where are your offices located?

Our main office is in France, 55 rue de la Villette, 69003, Lyon. We’re a distributed team, with people working all around the world.

Where can I store my Varanida tokens?

During the prototype phase, VAD can be stored in any ERC-20 compatible wallet.

When the Varanida Protocol is released, VADu and VADm (Varanida’s Utility Token and Stable Token) will have to be stored in Varanida-native wallets.

What can I use Varanida tokens for?

When the Varanida Protocol is released, VAD will allow users to access premium content on certain sites.

Additionally, advertisers will be able to offer exclusive product promotions or offers that can be redeemed by using VAD.

VAD can also be traded on various exchanges, just like any ERC-20 token, though details of that process will be announced at a later date.

How are Varanida tokens earned?

Users earn Varanida Tokens (VAD for Verified Ad) any time they block an ad during the prototype phase.

After the prototype phase, users will be rewarded any time they are exposed to an ad, or help qualify an ad by voting on it (Good / Bad).

Publishers earn VAD any time an ad from the Varanida Network is displayed on their site.

When the Varanida Protocol is released, publishers will be rewarded by their audience.

Users will be able to spend VAD to access premium content, or to send a VAD tip to the publisher’s wallet if they like what they read or see.

What are the benefits of using Varanida?

Users who install the Varanida browser extension can use it to block (or allow) advertising as they browse the Internet.

In the future, users will be rewarded for their attention when they see advertising, and they will also be able to control how their data is shared (sharing is always done in an encrypted way), or prevent their data from being shared if they want to remain private.

Publishers can use the Varanida network to display advertising that is relevant to their content, and be compensated fairly for doing so.

Advertisers can use the Varanida network to promote their products and services, and improve the performance of that advertising by allowing more budget to go towards ad performance, as Varanida doesn’t take a commission on advertising spend.

Advertisers who use Varanida will be part of a transparent and trustworthy decentralized network.