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Eric Dechaux
Founder and CEO Vibeo Ltd.
Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, Eric-Sébastien was until recently managing a startup incubator in Montreal, Canada. Eric-Sébastien has helped lot of startups to grow. Eric-Sébastien is an IT engineer with over 20 years of experience, passionate about travel, he has been working in major Banks throughout Europe and North America. Among his main technical skills, Web, Infrastructure sizing, Windows, Linux, VMware, Citrix, SAP, SAS, Security, etc... He has been living in different cities such as Paris, Bangkok, Brussels, Montreal, Shanghai, Barcelona, Roma and recently Sofia. Highly skilled at bringing projects to success, having already sold different successful websites and companies. Eric-Sébastien is a team player, he has a long experience at managing and motivate development teams. Eric is one of those rare technical experts that truly understand business imperatives and look for a good balance between ideal design principles and practical constraints. Always available to help, share and communicate.
Nick Todorov brings together experience in marketing, building both brands and companies, and applying blockchain technology. This deep appreciation of business needs alongside a firm grasp of the technical capabilities of blockchain allows him to act as the crucial link between his team’s technical expertise and his clients’ needs.
Miroslava or Mira like she prefers to be called, is a creative, ambitious, results-focused marketing professional. She is passionate for travel and has a strong aptitude to communicate her ideas to the audience. Through extensive travel, she has developed excellent networking and interpersonal communication. Mira has joined vibeo in November 2017 and she is working closely with Eric-Sébastien to get the words out about vibeo. Mira is the number two in the company, she will be responsible to communicate with investors, media and partners.
Blockchain developer
Working on blockchain technology since its early days, Chris Veselinov has built enterprise systems and blockchain applications for both corporate and startup. This breadth of experience gives him unique insights into applying the right blockchain solutions for clients.
Angelina is the Founder of Anagami Accounting & Consulting, Business Consultant and Corporate Trainer. The company provides accounting, payroll, legal and business consulting services to clients based in Bulgaria. Angelina has experience in various fields in the accounting industry and specializes in tax advisory, company creation process, value creation process, managerial accounting and strategic business decisions, accounting software development.
Blockchain developer
George is a blockchain developer who is adept at leading and managing small to medium sized teams. He was a Senior Software Developer at Musala Soft, and a Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Swip. He's an Android developer and a certified blockchain developer. He's interested in team building and agile project management.
Kalin is a high skilled business owner. He is a blockchain enthusiast and actually Chief Executive Officer at Navigato, which is a platform that offers unique addresses and navigation based on W3W service.He is also an ICO Technology Advisor at The Open Source University. He serves on the board of several mobile application development companies.He joined Vibeo in January 2018. Kalin will bring a strong expertise on blockchain technology and will advise Vibeo on different topics.
James is a Marketing expert, he is the owner of Grow 360 a consulting group of professional blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing practitioners specializing in ICOs and token sales. James will help Vibeo to establish brand awareness, create authentic conversations, grow our social media following, and get
Vibeo in front of the eyes of interested investors. Through an established network of influence in all the niche channels such as Reddit, Steem, Instagram, Telegram, Slack, YouTube, and 75+ other channels the value James will bring is unique.
Sys Admin
Mikhail is a software engineer who has had experience working as a Deputy Head of the Information Technologies Department at FGBU. He was programmer at PJSC Rostelecom. He is an adept
technological innovator with interests in various programming languages especially Python and Blockchain tech.
Amarbat has been working on web and mobile app development for over 10 years and 5 years of experience on video conversion & streaming. His core
expertise includes Live Video Streaming using WebRTC, Kurento, Node.js with TURN/STUN, Chat & Messaging using XMPP, OpenFire, and SIP.
Social Media
Ivo is passionate about the innovations in the world of technologies and strives at being a step ahead of the progress, to be a part of the innovation itself. Having a background in Sales and Customer Service gives him the needed expertise in customer relations and tackling the problems before they arise.
Social media
Aleksandra is an avid social media publi cist and user making use of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and Twitter.
Community manager
After graduating from Journalism department of Fudan University, Leane has completed her international interpreting workshops in Montreal, Canada. She is an
accredited interpreter. She speaks fluently Mandarin, French and English, now she is in charge of the Chinese community for Vibeo.
Advisor / Co-Founder and Former CEO of Global DCX
Aly Madhavji is the Co-Founder and Former CEO of Global DCX, an innovative technology company launching secure digital currency exchanges across the globe starting in India. He is also an avid investor in early stage companies, digital currencies, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). He has served on various token advisory boards including Polymath, Jet8, and Hurify and traditional advisory roles including the University of Toronto’s Governing Council. He is an internationally
acclaimed author, publishing three books, including the award-winning book titled, “Your Guide to Succeed in University”, as part of the Succeed Series. He has lived and worked across 4 continents (North/-South America, Europe, and Asia) with PwC, PayPal, Microsoft, Bloomberg, and INSEAD. He also holds the Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered
Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and Chartered Investment Manager designations. Aly is a Schwarzman Scholar, holds a Master’s in Business Administration from INSEAD (Singapore and France), and a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction from the University of Toronto.
Amarpreet Singh has a very diversified work and educational background. He holds three Masters degrees and has lived/worked/studied in India, Singapore, France, China, South Africa, Korea, Canada etc. He has worked with tier 1 firms like Microsoft, The World Bank, Airbus etc. His studies in MBA from top
business schools in Asia makes him an expert and a very well trained individual to deal with all aspects of business in this part of the world. His work with The World Bank has given him key macro insights and taught him valuable lessons about how multi-lateral international banks work.
As an advisor and marketer in full-service ICO and blockchain campaigns, Jared has been involved with roughly 40 ICOs to date. Combined, these projects
have raised north of $300M USD. While hesitant to call himself an "expert" (given the nascency of the industry, he has seen enough pitfalls and successful campaigns to help new ICOs get to market with the right strategy in place. Beyond PR, other value adds include compliancy (former FBI Analyst working securities fraud cases) and community development.)
Legal advisor
Simon graduated from the law school of Peking University, the University of London and the University of Hong Kong respectively. Simon has advised more than 10 ICO projects globally and contributes to by providing an in-depth knowledge of international law, as well as advising and reviewing new blockchain regulations in various jurisdictions. With more than 25 years of experience in international trade, investment, finance, and M&A, he is an asset for Vibeo ensuring the highest degree of compliance and adherence to all relevant government policies towards blockchain technology.
Investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. As a leading entrepreneur, Ian is on a personal mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping startups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies. Ian has founded ‘Binkplus’, a startup incubator in Europe. A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.
Advisor Korea
Hansol obtained his Bachelor's of Commerce at the University of Melbourne and has previously been involved with purposeful global projects in Non-Profit
Organizations leading over 700 people as the Head of Finance and Sales Operations. He is now the VP Business Development at Linker Coin in South Korea
with extensive knowledge of the South Korean Cryptocurrency market.
Advisor Russia
Serial entrepreneur with 17 years of experience. Managing and Investment director of VC Funds Sferiq Venture Capital Fund and Imperious Group, which
have total invested more than $200 millions in more than 30 companies. 8 years' professional investment banking experience. Carrying out a large number of investment deals, totaling more than $ 300 million.
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Distribution of tokens

Crowdsale (45%)
Team (5%)
Advisors (8%)
Treasury (10%)
Partnerships (10%)
Community rewards (10%)
User adoption (10%)
Marketing & legal (2%)

Budget allocation

Marketing (40%)
Operations (20%)
Development (35%)
Legal (5%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol
Full Token Name
VBEO token
Pre-ICO Start
September 18th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Pre-ICO End
October 2nd, 00:00 GMT+03:00
ICO Start
October 2nd, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Hard cap is reached or October 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
ICO Hard Cap
Fixed, 40000 ETH
ICO Soft Cap
Yes, 2000 ETH
Token type
utility token
Incorporation Details
3, Stefan Verkovich Str. Plovdiv, 4000, Bulgaria
Domain registration date
Domain owner
eric dechaux
Cost of the token
Price without discounts
1 token for 0.0001 eth


Bonus Dates Subject to a purchase or investment of
35% September 18 — October 02, 2018


Bonus Dates Subject to a purchase or investment of
15% October 02 — 12, 2018
10% October 12 — 21, 2018
5% October 21 — 31, 2018
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Advantages of the project
Risks and disadvantages of the project
Антон Никитин
October 12, 2018
Advantages: Хороший проект, на данный момент такой продукт был бы полезен на рынке. Если все сделать удобно как в обычном месенджере + управление криптоактивами сделает это приложение незаменимым на моем телефоне. Так же в данном проекте присутствуют проверенные люди, давно занимающиеся технологиями блокчейна, это тоже несомненный плюс.
Risks and disadvantages: Большие траты для продвижения своего продукта, пока нигде никакой рекламы не замечено мною.
October 08, 2018
Advantages: After reading the white paper: I find it a good project, excellent idea and team with good experience, I recommend investing in this project.
Risks and disadvantages: This project needs more experts, and more ads to definition the project, More attention to social media.
Comments: I wish success to the team and much work needs to be done to make the project a success, They are well prepared to overcome difficulties of any kind.
Olav Johnson
September 07, 2018
Advantages: It is a new project, which is an application for instant messaging with a lot of additional functions. Vibeo aims to improve the current disadvantages of instant messaging applications. The project creates applications for mobile messaging with a decentralized architecture in the Ethereum blockchain. This is necessary for a community where merchants could receive payments from users safely through the application; users could make financial exchanges; traders could safely interact with clients and execute transactions; users and traders could create a stronger community around the blockchain. The Vibeo protocol is designed to create a sense of community among all users. The application includes a map location function where you can discover a completely decentralized economy; find traders and other Vibeo users in your locality and decide to start communicating with them. This motivates users and traders to exchange currency, exchange ideas and even provide services within the platform, thereby helping the decentralization movement to grow and develop.
Risks and disadvantages: This is an interesting and necessary project, which carries a lot of functions necessary for users. The acquisition of a token makes it possible to gain access to all platform functions in addition to project financing. Transparency and immutability of the blockchain increases the credibility of the system and financial operations.
Comments: I think that this project is very interesting and necessary for the crypto-currency community. It should show high profitability, so I can recommend for users to invest in it their funds without hesitation. You can be sure that the project will show good results and bring profit to its investors.
Alexandr Gonchar
September 06, 2018
Advantages: The project represents a perfect application for instant messaging that works on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can send and receive tokens from MEW or any ERC-20 wallets into an e-wallet in the application and make exchanges in the Vibeo user community and use ETH to make payments from the app. Users can exchange ETH for goods and services with registered traders around the world and even interact with these traders (make orders or reservations, for example) from the chat application. In communicating with close, the Vibeo app provides much more functionality than typical applications with advanced capabilities: the location that offering updates to routes selected by close ones or groups of people, currency transactions from one user to another, creates a strong community that revolves around a decentralized economy and use ETH coins to perform transactions.
Risks and disadvantages: Despite a large number of applications for instant messaging, this project really stands out among the rest. It creates a completely self-sufficient ecosystem around itself, with its own community, different payment options inside the system and around the world, where purchasers can interact with sellers just through chat.
Comments: This is an interesting project with a great future and good growth potential. Undoubtedly that the new application will gain popularity among users quickly, the number of which will increase rapidly. This project may be advised for investors without hesitation because already in the short term, they will be able to get a return on investment with good profits.
James Young
September 06, 2018
Advantages: Nice and lightweight messenger. I like the organisation of the white paper and provided application prototypes along with business model and financial plan. The concept of built-in cryptocurrency looks very appropriate and I like the idea of using ERC-20 compatible tokens, as they are very popular and easy for the adoption.
Risks and disadvantages: The only thing which brought my attention is financial plan, so 1000 times growing within a year looks quite ambitious but how realistic is that? I would reconsider those figures or provide more details regarding the expansion plan.
Comments: In general, quite a good project with a solid team and provided explanation, so I have no issues with the concept and I found the idea of implementing ERC-20 tokens in the application quite relevant.
Daniar Bedelov
August 14, 2018
Risks and disadvantages: Really easy to copy. Poor roadmap. At this moment it has no blockchain. Milions users must have it if it want to be useful. Very simillar to WeChat. Nowadays people don't want to pay sombody in cryptocurrencies if it isn't stable coin. No video shows how app works. Vibeo's token aren't useful.
Comments: Желательно делать презентации и описание прожекта не только на английском языке. Много заинтересованных людей проходят мимо, так как не могут свободно прочитать, ознакомиться и оценить проэкт. К тому же, для людей, которые не владеют английским в совершенстве, тяжело разобраться в тонкостях проэкта и легко запутаться.
Krzysztof Siciński
August 09, 2018
Advantages: Beautiful design. Nice UX. Very instreting idea about 40% for marketing. Quite interesting team.
Risks and disadvantages: Really easy to copy. Poor roadmap. At this moment it has no blockchain. Milions users must have it if it want to be useful. Very simillar to WeChat. Nowadays people don't want to pay sombody in cryptocurrencies if it isn't stable coin. No video shows how app works. Vibeo's token aren't useful.
Comments: It's very easy for giants corporation like Facebook or Microsoft to copy whole idea. I don't think that for average user, decentralization is needed if he wouldn't have any real benefit from that.
It hasn't got blockchain, so it's long road for Vibeo to make project.
Anne Bryn
April 11, 2018
Advantages: Market size is really huge. And if it were not for competition this project has good
possibilities for growth and development.
Risks and disadvantages: Any popular messenger with the audience more than a hundred million people can realize the similar idea. If so this project will never be able to achieve it`s goals.
Comments: I don`t see why this messenger will be more popular than others. The product is very easy to copy.
Jung Chen
April 10, 2018
Advantages: A wide range of options and tools in the application.
Can be used for business accounts, or for online sales.
Risks and disadvantages: There is a huge lack of marketing we can already see. And this is despite the ambitious goals which are stated by the team.
Comments: A high bonus on pre-sale can attract to the project a lot of short traders, who would drop tokens out immediately after the ICO, and then its price could fall dramatically. And it is not known whether the team will be able to stabilize it later.
William Anderson
April 09, 2018
Advantages: The press team is efficient and will enable the project to come up with necessary publicity and popularity as required.The project offers bonuses to the early token buyers, this brings on board many investors to take advantage of this opportunity. The budget allocation for the future use of funds is quite reasonable, it offers a sizable portion to carrying out extensive marketing and the development of the project which will keep it active and productive hence making it profitable. The road map of the project is well elaborate and detailed and also has a short time of execution of the tasks this will be impressive to the investors, as the team will be assumed to be committed in their cause.
Risks and disadvantages: The statistics derived from the various search engines show extremely low traffic especially in advertisements sector and search sector, this not only shows the incompetence of the PR team but will also prohibit the awareness of the project to the potential investors who might not know about the existence of the project, more so the project might fail to have effective pre-ICO sales. Only one cryptocurrency is accepted by the project, this automatically limits the token value and further more creates room for risk of loss. The luck of a token reserve makes the team susceptible to losses in case of financial shortage.
Comments: The founder team have no experience in the filled of cryptocurency and this in the eyes of the investors is a very unprofitable project to invest in.The team should consider coming up with a more dynamic and phenomenal press team to offer legit service delivery as required. In my opinion i would say that the business model is good but competition awaits the project in the market, it should therefor focus on the competitive advantage that will henceforth propel it to success.
Ladislava Chernik
April 09, 2018
Advantages: A working test version.
I can not see any competitive advantages of the project.
Risks and disadvantages: Very poor marketing - it is almost impossible to find information about either the application or the ICO in the Internet.
Comments: If the team now does not bother to take care of marketing, where the guarantee that it will start later. I have doubts that they will withstand the huge competition in the market nearby the same applications.
Andrew Robinson
April 09, 2018
Advantages: The project is already working, there is already a developed version of the application, which anyone can install and use, but without using blocking. The creators of the project have extensive experience in business and information technology, this fact increases the credibility of the project. Also there is a website where you can study the development strategy of the project and understand how it will work.
Risks and disadvantages: As the application has already been released, but I did not know about it before, it indicates that the project has a poor marketing campaign, and there is already a lot of competition in this segment.
Comments: The business model of the project is profitable. The project will grow with the increase in the number of holders of crypto currency. If the project team can show the advantages of this messenger from other similar ones and why it should be used, then this application will become popular.
Sofia Medda
April 08, 2018
Advantages: The latest version of the application is available.
Risks and disadvantages: The application may not become so popular as it is planned.
Comments: The goal of the project ("to join the top 3 along with wechat, snapchat and whatsapp with respect to popularity and number of users") is very challenging. I think the project may not become so great, but be one of many other similar applications. In this case it would be useful to know if the team has a plan B.
Veronika Arbisman
April 06, 2018
Advantages: Advanced messaging app providing something beyond just messaging and using Ethereum blockchain. Users can send and receive tokens from any wallets to the e-wallet in the app, carry out exchanges within the community, make payments from the app, exchange ETH for goods and services with registered merchant around the world. On top of that users can make orders or bookings from the application. Project provide wider range of communicating functionalities compare to the usual messengers.
Risks and disadvantages: Competition in this area is relatively high and the team has not enough high traffic statistics. Hopefully good budget allocation of 40% on the marketing will be able to change situation.
Comments: According to the statistics the number of smartphones is constantly increasing all over the world and people use messengers as a primary mean of communication in the digital world. But what if the messenger can provide you something more then typical functions? For example to book transportation or hotel, transfer money, businesses will be able to provide services and tourists will check points of interests. Additional benefit is a possibility of checking the route of a person, what will be super efficient for parents or for relatives of people with memory problems. To my opinion it has big potential with proper future development.
Jordan Semanda
March 28, 2018
Advantages: Sharing and trading of tokens has been made much easier. it monitors movement of peoples loved ones which increases their safety. The number of smart phone users is large making the market base wide. The project will easily be adopted.The ratio of VDEO token to eth is good for future development of the token.
Risks and disadvantages: The project might take a long time to mature productively. The statistics are extremely low. The competition on the market is high.The project needs a more efficient press team.Large bonuses on the token sales affect token value.
Comments: it has limited competition. The application can easily be accessed by the prospected also goes beyond financial services but also peer to peer interactions and transactions in a nut shell its going to be a prosperous project.
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What is vibeo?
Vibeo is an instant messaging/social app with blockchain technology (it will be available from v2.0), we aim to offer a utility token to be used for our vibeo API. Our objective is to join the top 3 along with wechat, snapchat and whatsapp with respect to popularity and number of users.
Why did we start vibeo?
Being a frequent traveller I felt that something was missing in wechat and whatsapp. My team and I decided to create another instant messaging app with more functionalities such as the safe trip location feature and an interactive geolocation map with lot of information and useful tips. We have developed vibeo v1 with the Chat feature, the v2 is under development with other features to come this year!
What is the vibeo API?
The vibeo API has been developed to connect external partners/services to vibeo app. Potential partners will need to buy our API with VBEO token in order to integrate their services to the vibeo interactive map. Partners will have to buy VBEO tokens on exchanges where vibeo is listed. The API price tag will be determined by the vibeo team and depending on different factors such as : app populary/number of users.
What are vibeo tokens (VBEO)?
VBEO tokens are utility tokens tied to the vibeo API. They aim to be used by eventual partners that wish to connect/add their services into our interactive map. Partners will have to buy VBEO tokens to have access in order to download and activate our API.
How can I purchase VBEO tokens?
VBEO tokens can be purchased during our token sale, if you missed it, you would have to buy them on an exchange. The name of the exchange will be communicated at a later date.
Where are we located?
Vibeo Ltd. is a registered company operating in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Our main development studio being based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Why should I trust vibeo?
There has been some scam in the ICO field recently but you can rest assure that vibeo is a real project with a strong business model, we already have a working product available on the App Store and Google Play, we will be using the money raised to develop the new version, the v2. We firmly believe that we will be able to compete with the top 3 instant messaging apps! We are real professional and ethical people, we are always reachable, feel free to email us, call us, we will be there to answer! Please also look at our Advisory board, that speaks for itself. We have onboarded the best ICO advisors into our project.
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