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Virtuse Exchange: Cryptocurrency and financial assets in one platform

Virtuse Exchange bridges cryptocurrencies with the $300 trillion global financial market

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees19


man Ras Vasilisin


Founder and CEO Ras is the Founder and CEO of Virtuse Exchange. Over the last 12 years, he has led the Virtuse team to become one of the most recognizable brands within the European energy industry. The company has grown to be one of the largest emissions traders in the EU and China, reaching revenue of EUR 250 million and servicing clients across 22 countries.

The beginning of his professional career is associated with two major global financial centers: London and New York. After receiving a degree in finance at Pace University in New York, he worked for Mitsui, and later represented New York’s investment banking and brokerage firm, Joseph Stevens & Company, Inc. Ras utilized his Wall Street experience in Europe, where he established a brokerage company in Prague, was involved in leading financial and private equity groups, and in 2006, he established Virtuse, which became a cornerstone for the future Virtuse Group. Ras oversaw global strategy, fintech trends, and investment relations for Virtuse Group, as well as the creation of new segments and possibilities in fintech and renewables. He has recently led Virtuse into new markets including China, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Ras is married with three children and lives in Singapore. He speaks English, Slovak, French, Russian, and is working hard on his Mandarin and Polish.

man Matej Demes


Aside from serving as the Exchange’s COO, Matej is a member of top management of the Virtuse Group´s investment committee. Matej played a key role in determining the company strategy, while as an part of executive management, he is also responsible for daily operations, the execution of strategic initiatives, and for the operative supervising of the organisation.

He has been involved in the international financial and energy market industry for more than 12 years. After a 10-year career in financial news and media, he helped to establish Virtuse Group from its start in 2006. He participated in creating the wealth management business and investment advisory services in central Europe during his first years with the company.

Matej combined his skills with several years of management experience from international business. He was responsible for establishing and developing emissions, energy, and equity trading businesses, negotiations with new counterparties, analysing new markets, and was a participant in the application process for the global energy exchanges. Besides new partnership negotiations, he was active in energy trading on exchanges such as EPEX Spot, EEX, HUPX or PXE with a traded volume exceeding 1 TWh. He collaborated on the group’s expansion into foreign markets, managed the creation of new entities within Virtuse Group, and later, their integration under the group‘s structure. Matej managed the group´s expansion within the European continent, as well as towards SouthEast Asia.

Matej is married with two children and lives in Bratislava, Slovakia. He speaks Slovak, English, and German.

man Lee Chen Hui


Chen Hui combines personal passion for investing and foundation technologies with decades of experience in software and platform engineering. He has a strong interest in cloud and blockchain technologies. He is hopeful of a decentralized platform which enables individuals to control their preference and data. He previously served as Cloud Solution Architect of Mitel Networks, and, has held various sales engineering and managerial positions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering from National Taiwan University, and, a master’s degree in communication engineering from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

man Jan Simek


Over the last 7 years Jan gained experience in Startups, Consulting, IT, and Renewable energy.

He started his career in a small IT firm in Prague, developing information systems for companies in various industries. Later, he was involved in the development of several solar power plants in the region. In 2015, he moved to Southeast Asia and helped to establish and grow the food-delivery company, Food Panda in Singapore, Hong-Kong, and Malaysia. In 2017, the company IPO’d as part of Delivery Hero. Later, he was involved in the development of several solar power plants in the region and joined.

Jan`s greatest passions are scuba diving and sailplane gliding, discovering hard to reach destinations in Asia along the way.

man James Chien


James Chien is a senior software engineer with 9 years of Fintech related expertise. He was previously working with Octoup Labs, a Taiwanese based hub for new technology and innovation that aims at the convergence of finance and technology to improve delivery of financial products and services. James is well-versed in blockchain technology and wants to bring blockchain into financial markets to redefine traditional markets and drive business models of the future. Blocktech and Fintech industry has lent a new perspective to the system of financial services and will continue to innovate and in time prove its indispensability to the society.


man Alex Cleanthouse

Alex Cleanthous is Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Web Profits, a digital marketing agency with offices in Singapore, Australia and the USA. With more than 17 years experience in digital marketing, Alex is always on the lookout for smarter, faster and more scalable ways to achieve maximum growth.

man Norbert Prihoda

Norbert is International Board & C-level investment/portfolio management senior executive. He has extensive investment and operating experience. Norbert specialises in investment management, acquisition, growth & value creation, portfolio management, corporate governance, shareholders, governments, and regulatory relations.

man Andrea Vadkerti

Andrea has gradually developed her reputation of a business coach, especially in fast developing sectors of IT and Finance. Her experience is based on over 500 coaching sessions and dozens of group coaching and training sessions. Andrea is a member of ICF Global and ICF Singapore as an accredited ACC leadership coach.

She is a licensed Talent Dynamics consultant and actively works on establishing this Singapore Business Development model in the Central and Eastern Europe regions. She also keenly cooperates with Barrett Values Centre in London and is pioneering Neurobehavioural Modeling, the first systematically described brain-based Coaching process, in Singapore.

She is highly recognized as an award winning TV journalist, specializing in in-depth interviews of publicly well-known figures. Andrea is a co-founder of the GIFEW / Global Institute of Extraordinary Women.

man Yavor Vassilev

Yavor is a Carbon markets veteran and a long time business partner of Virtuse Group who runs a CO2 emissions trading and advisory firm in Europe. He has structured various financial & investment products based on carbon emissions and traded millions tones of CO2 in the last 8 years. Yavor believes in the efficiency of Carbon markets in our global efforts to cut human produced carbon emissions and stop climate change. He previously worked as Listing & membership Director at the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and Head of Back Office at CIBANK, KBC. Yavor is active in the startup &blockchain space and is involved in a few crypto projects and ICO’s. He is passionate about improving our global financial systems and access to capital markets using token economy and decentralized platforms.

man Ondrej Durjak

Ondrej has more than 10 years of experience with creating innovative digital concepts, improving functionalities of digital services and applications. He is helping with transforming and reshaping business and monetization models for different companies and startups. He is also an advisor to several startups. Currently, he is in the position of managing director in a SCR desig company, where he is focused on transforming businesses through UX/UI and design prototyping principles. In the past, he worked mostly on marketing and innovation concepts for companies such as Nissan, RedBull, Salomon, Under Armour, etc. He is passionate multi-athlete and ultra trail runner.

Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens
  • Crowdsale (40%)
  • Liquidity Reserves (25%)
  • Advisors (5%)
  • Team (20%)
  • Community (10%)
Budget allocation
  • Marketing (35%)
  • Product Development (15%)
  • R&D (15%)
  • Team & Operations (10%)
  • Working Capital (25%)
Details Indicators
Token Symbol VIRT
Pre-crowdsale Start September 16th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Pre-crowdsale End September 30th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Start October 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or October 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $20000000
Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, $5000000
Token type cryptocurrencies
Domain owner Individual

Cost of the token

8000 tokens for 1 eth

Price without discounts


Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
10% September 16 — 30, 2018

Accepted currency

  • Ethereum

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtuse Exchange?

Virtuse Exchange is a digital asset exchange that gives investors a bridge to real-world assets. It lets you invest in real-world assets in ten minutes or less from any Internet-connected device, anywhere in the world, and in any time zone. It’s 100% CRYPTO, with no banks involved.

Why did you choose the name Virtuse Exchange?

The relationship between virtù (virtuse) and fortuna is one of the most interesting philosophical problems posed by Machiavelli’s The Prince. According to Machiavelli, Virtuse is the human energy or action that stands in opposition to fortune. Virtuse is drive, talent, or ability directed toward the achievement of certain goals, and it is the most vital quality. That’s why we chose the name Virtuse Exchange, as we believe we represent these qualities.

What is the vision of Virtuse Exchange?

The Virtuse Exchange proposition is to become the best cryptocurrency exchange while bridging old financial markets into “new”. This means existing participants of the regulated market will be our target market.

Why tokenize "Real World" assets?

Our world is full of assets, including stocks, bonds, and commodities. Many of these assets are difficult to physically transfer or subdivide, so instead buyers and sellers will trade papers that represent some or all of the asset. But having complex legal agreements on paper is cumbersome, and makes the assets difficult to transfer and hard to track. One solution to this problem is to switch to a digital system using cryptocurrencies that are linked to a physical asset.

Why trade on Virtuse Exchange instead of on other exchanges?

Virtuse exchange is the only exchange that connects crypto assets with “the old” financial markets. It’s also the only platform that enables investors to “park” their crypto earnings in less volatile commodities, such as gold and oil, without withdrawing crypto assets from the exchange. Crypto-investors are able to mitigate risk by incorporating commodities into their portfolio, which is how fiat investors do it too.

How does Virtuse Exchange differ to the traditional exchanges?

Virtuse Exchange is different from other exchanges as it's a unique platform that combines the best of the traditional investment world with the new digital assets ecosystem. Through its distinct collateralization framework, Virtuse Exchange enables the most attractive capital market assets to be traded within the safety of cryptocurrencies. This allows, for the first time, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether to be invested in assets like oil, grain, precious metals, emission allowances, and stock indices.

In other words, it creates a bridge between Crypto and the $294 trillion world of traditional financial markets.

Why must clients provide the Exchange with personal details?

Virtuse Exchange takes every measure to prevent fraud and be fully compliant with KYC and AML regulations for the trading of digital assets. This is why we ask clients to identify themselves with personal details.

What can I do to make my Virtuse Exchange account more secure?

Virtuse Exchange cares about the safety of its clients, so all of our clients’ data is safely stored in Cloud servers with the highest security level.

Will Virtuse Exchange offer all services from the beginning of its existence?

The Virtuse Exchange Platform will be developed in three phases, with each phase establishing new and different functionalities and products:

In Phase 1, a platform will be introduced by trading with standard cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Market makers will ensure liquidity, as they’re able to add or withdraw enough coins from other platforms in case our price deviates from the price on other platforms. This phase will prove the platform’s stability and security.

Phase 2 will introduce the Virtuse Exchange Coin, which is a token to be used as a preferred means for the purchase of other products on the platform. In this phase, Digital Asset Collaterized Coins will be enabled. These are tokens directly linked to underlying liquid and tradable real assets, managed by predefined automated algorithms (i.e. not by humans).

Phase 3 will bring the Digital Asset Fund into life. Funds will be managed by experts who are creating a diversified portfolio of Digital Asset Collateralized Tokens (DACT) or other coins.

Which cryptocurrencies are available to purchase?

We currently allow the trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. We are working on adding additional currencies.

Does Virtuse Exchange have any limits on trading assets?

Using a crypto wrapper called Digital Asset Collateralized Token, Virtuse Exchange can list and trade almost every liquid "real world" asset through a vast network of partners.

How can I deposit fiat currency?

Virtuse Exchange does not support any fiat currency transactions. Only digital cryptocurrencies may be deposited and traded on the exchange.

Is the exchange prepared for high demand from the side of potential clients?

The Virtuse Exchange platform is capable of sustaining one billion orders per day. We have extensively stress-tested and audited the platform to make sure your orders won’t be delayed or frozen due to high transaction activity.

What are the trading fees?

Virtuse Exchange’s platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes Smart Contracts to facilitate the execution of contracts, reducing the need for intermediaries or expensive back office processes. This results in a lean and efficient platform that offers significantly lower fees than current centralized commodities exchanges, making trading more profitable for all participants on the platform.

What is a VIRT Token?

A VIRT token is a token issued by Virtuse Exchange and is the preferred mean for the purchase of other products on the platform. A fixed pool of one billion publicly tradable VIRT tokens will be created to support transactions on the Virtuse Exchange, giving investors the opportunity to pay for transactions and to share in the success of our revolutionary new platform.

How can a VIRT token be purchased?

Investors can purchase VIRT coins in three phases on a first-come, first-served basis until 400,000,000 tokens are sold. As each new phase starts, the VXT price will increase. Ethereum is a currency accepted for VIRT. Investors will receive VIRT tokens within five working days after the ICO finishes.

How can VIRT tokens be used?

VIRT tokens can be used to settle transactions on the platform. The benefits include lower transaction fees, withdrawal fees, margin calls, listing fees, and any other fees.

Do VIRT coins have voting rights?

VIRT ownership entitles its possessor to participate in Virtuse Exchange platform-related voting. One of the most important votes will be on the selection of service operators. VIRT holders are free to vote for a service operator at any time after the Virtuse Exchange platform has been launched, but not before a 24-month moratorium has passed.

Why invest in DACTs instead of the underlying assets directly on the exchange?

Investing in certain real assets is difficult due to high barriers of entry into the market. Virtuse Exchange creates the opportunity to invest in assets that are otherwise hard to reach. DACTs are also accessible through a single platform, rather than needing to have several accounts with several traders.

Who are the target clients of Virtuse Exchange?

Target clients include investors seeking to diversify and enrich their portfolio by adding interesting assets like Emission Allowances without the need to get a license on the market. Other target clients are also investors speculating on the price growth of underlying assets, as well as those interested in owning various existing coins through a highly secure and trustworthy platform. Virtuse Exchange can also attract commodity traders seeking to expand their client portfolio and gain new small clients through a DACT they can create with the platform. Virtuse Exchange is also an option for portfolio managers setting up their own DAF with the expectation of beating the market.

Where is the Exchange based?

We’ve decided to base the platform in Singapore for several reasons. Singapore is the largest trading hub in energy and chemicals, and is a key area for access to base metal, iron ore, coal, grains, palm oil, rubber and sugar. It’s the third largest foreign exchange market, with the best USD liquidity in Asia and it’s the largest offshore Yuan hub outside of Hong Kong. Singapore is the second largest centre for managing offshore wealth, after Switzerland. It offers highly entrepreneurial talents, and supports modern technologies and creative ideas.

Who’s behind the Exchange?

We walk the walk, not talk to talk. Our team consists of people from various backgrounds, including energy traders, analysts, consultants, market makers, and developers from Asia, America, and Europe. Our engaged and experienced blockchain experts and developers from Singapore and Europe have received guidance from professionals across futures and spot trading energy and financials, and we also have experienced compliance executives and regulators as part of the team. We are a balanced team with a wide variety of experience in cryptocurrencies, investment banking, start-ups, consulting, commodity trading and others. We also have several trading enterprises that we manage and own.

What are the long-term plans of major shareholders?

All shareholders have a long-term interest in Virtuse Exchange and want to achieve maximum growth. They are active managers of the platform and are fully focused on it, as we believe ‘laser focus’ (meaning not getting disrupted by other projects), is necessary in order to succeed.

To secure our core team’s long-term commitment and alignment, all tokens acquired by the team shall be subject to the “Use Restriction”. “Use Restriction” is a general prohibition on the Purchaser’s ability to sell, transfer, spend, exchange or otherwise make use of the tokens until such tokens are vested as provided herein.

The tokens shall vest and cease to be subject to the Use Restriction in equal portions, such that all tokens shall be fully vested at the end of the Vesting Period (three-year linear vesting as measured starting from the token distribution). Long-term vesting is a powerful way to strongly incentivize early network participants to improve the network and increase the value of a token long after its development.

Are there any risks?

We see three types of potential risk the platform could face:

Risks occurring during the platform`s operations:
IT security
We recognize that straight after the launch, the platform will become a target for many hackers trying to jeopardize it. As a mitigation measure, we will work with White Hat Hackers to test the platform’s endurance and integrity.
Market risk
DACTs and DAFs derive their value from the underlying assets; therefore the price volatility of underlying assets will affect the price development of DACTs and DAFs. Mainly those DACTs and DAFs where a growth of the underlying assets is expected shall be introduced, however the market volatility creates the opportunity to gain high returns.
Regulatory risk
There are many debates about future cryptocurrency regulations – several states have already imposed various regulations. However, the regulatory scheme may be adjusted in the future in some countries. The great advantage of blockchain is its independence from countries. Technology limit risk
Demand for cryptocurrencies has lately been extremely high so we may suffer capacity issues when accepting new clients and during moments of extremely high amounts of transactions. IT infrastructure is built scalable; we will monitor the performance daily and will start the preparation of capacity upgrades well in advance.

Liquidity risk:
Market makers mitigate liquidity problems, and so this is generally no issue due to the high liquidity of underlying assets.

Interest rate risk:
Occurring only on those underlying assets that are linked to interest rates. This also creates a huge opportunity on the platform.