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#Blockchain, #Technology All projects

XMaterials: Materials of the future—available today

Using patent-pending, AI-generated recipes and machine-learning robots, we have created the next generation of building materials

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Employees6


man Svetlin Savov


With over twenty years of work experience, Svetlin Savov is an expert in the field of economics. His skills and interests in accounting and finance have led him to his current position as the manager at Intellihouse LTD.

Svetlin began his studies at the Silistra Technical School in Bulgaria where he obtained his secondary degree in electrical supply for industry. Finding that economics and finance were his greater passions, Svetlin shifted gears to pursue his master’s degree in accounting and finance at the University of Economics in Varna, Bulgaria.

Svetlin worked for over seven years as the CEO of Zavodski Stroezhi – Devnya AD, where he honed his skills in business process and accounting. Looking for a more hands on approach, Svetlin took on the manager position at Devnya Trade LTD, which he maintained for over twelve years. Svetlin recently joined the team at Intellihouse LTD as the manager where he puts his management skills to good use and excels in organization.

man Horst Siewert

Chief Production Technology Officer

With a passion for the engineering and technology of construction materials, Horst is an expert in ceramic production. Before beginning his long career in construction material technology, Horst began by earning his university diploma of Engineer for Process Engineering at Gymnasium Ludwigslust. He further studied the process of engineering for construction material with a specification in silicate technology at the Bauhaus University of Weimar.

Horst has over thirty years of experience working in the industry of material engineering, both as Manager and a Consultant. He has overseen projects to standardize the recipe and preparation of raw materials, as well as consulted on various projects involving material technology innovation and production. As the Director of Production at ROCA in Bulgaria, Horst supervised the construction of a new production facility and the installation of new production technology.

Horst is a native German-speaker with advanced knowledge of English and Bulgarian, and some knowledge of French and Russian as well. Horst is highly skilled in Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and is adept with Lotus Notes.

man Todor Totev

Chief Business Development Officer

Todor is a passionate believer in holding high standards for product quality and client service. With a rich background of experience as both a Managing Director and a Consultant, Todor’s knowledge of project management is extensive and diverse.

After attending the Deutsches Gymnasium Lovetch where he earned a diploma in engineering and certificate for Fitter of Testing and Regulation Equipment, Todor went on to study the engineering of electronics and microelectronics at the Technical University of Sofia in Bulgaria. He graduated with a Master of Sciences in Electronics and Automation. As a disciplined student and believer in further education, Todor holds special education certificates of SHE Certificate TÜV Rheinland and ISO 9001 Auditor Alfa Quality as well.

With over twenty years of experience as a Manager and a Consultant, Todor’s management style focuses on providing solutions and services that deliver significant value. Todor’s leadership favors target-oriented teamwork and structured proceeding for problem analysis and solving. As the Managing Director and owner of BEK Stroj LTD, Todor oversaw the expansion of the company to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in 2014, and supervised multiple electrical installation and automation projects.

A lover of languages, Todor speaks his native Bulgarian and is proficient in English, German, Russian, and Spanish as well. He is skilled in all Microsoft software systems, Lotus Notes, and the design and drafting software AutoCAD.

man Georgi Ivanov

Chief Lab Officer

Georgi Ivanov is a specialist in the design of ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and dust control management systems in both commercial and residential buildings. Georgi developed his expertise first through secondary school at the Technical School of Electrical Engineering in Varna, Bulgaria, and later by earning a Masters in Heat Engineering at the prestigious Technical University of Varna.

After working as an H&V Designer for over seven years, Georgi holds a highly sought-after membership of Investment Design in the Chamber of Engineers. As an H&V Designer, Georgi has supervised the blueprints and master plans of crucial heating and ventilation systems at several companies, including RC Design and I Plus I 61 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Argus LTD and Intellihouse in Varna, Bulgaria.
Georgi is fluent in both English and Russian, speaking, reading, and writing in both languages. Georgi is adept with many software and computer systems, including proficiency in both Microsoft Word and the design and drafting software AutoCAD.

man Ivan Todorov


As the owner of BozoSoft Ltd for over thirty-three years, Ivan Todorov is an expert in management and business strategy.

With an early interest in mathematics, Ivan attended the High School of Mathematics in Varna, Bulgaria, where he obtained his secondary degree. Ivan went on to pursue his master’s degree at the Technical University of Varna.

Ivan’s passion for entrepreneurship has driven his career as the owner of BozoSoft Ltd. He specializes in business development and account management at his company, and is highly skilled in both HTML web design and the C programming language.


man Mihail Kamburov

Communications Advisor

With his years of experience in the financial services industry, Mihail Kamburov is an expert in wealth management operations. Knowing from an early age that his career aspirations would lead him to an international market, Mihail chose to attend secondary school at the Joan Ekzarh Foreign Language High School in Varna, Bulgaria, with a focus on the English and German languages. Mihail went on to attend the University of Economics in Varna, earning both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Finance and Financial Management Services.

Mihail began his career as an insurance agent at the pension insurance company CCB-SILA while simultaneously earning his Master’s degree. In the following year, he joined JFD, an international financial services company based out of Limassol, Cyprus, with offices in Bulgaria, Germany and Cyprus and branches in wealth management, retail OTC brokerage, prime brokerage, and market research and analysis. A quickly rising star, Mihail rose steadily through the ranks at JFD, starting out in customer support and working his way up to Partnership Account Manager, Trading Systems Designer, developing algorithmic trading robots, Head of Trading Platform Development, and eventually Operations Director.

In his current role as Chief Operating Officer and Head of Brokerage, Mihail manages the operations of brokerage and IT for JFD Brokers, Prime, and Wealth. Analytical to his core, Mihail believes in strong team leadership and project management, as well as providing the best level of customer service in all interactions. Mihail is highly skilled with wealth management models and online trading software. Along with his native Bulgarian, he is fluent in English and German with some knowledge of Russian as well.

Crowdsale details

Distribution of tokens
  • Crowdsale (84%)
  • Team (8%)
  • Advisors (3%)
  • Treasury (5%)
Budget allocation
Details Indicators
Token Symbol XMAT
Full Token Name XMAT token
Pre-crowdsale Start September 25th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Pre-crowdsale End November 25th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Start November 25th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale End December 23rd, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Incorporation Details PO Box 2510 Grand Cayman KY1-1104
Domain owner Individual

Cost of the token

1 token for 0.105 $

Price without discounts


Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
25% September 25 — October 14, 2018
20% October 15 — November 04, 2018
15% November 05 — 24, 2018
Bonus Dates Minimum purchase amount
10% November 25 — December 04, 2018
5% December 05 — 15, 2018

Accepted currency

  • Ethereum
  • Fiat

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Why was XMAT founded?

Some of Europe’s best technical, engineering, and construction talent came together to form DigiLab. When we saw the potential to completely disrupt the building materials space, we realized we had to share our idea with the world. Hence, our franchise model.

Where can I purchase XMAT?

XMAT tokens will only be available during our private, presale, and public sale periods. At some later date, they may also become available through secondary markets, like cryptocurrency exchanges.

What is the cost of XMAT?

1 XMAT token is priced at $0.105 in USD for the presale and public sale (excluding bonuses). XMAT tokens will be purchased in Ethereum. The exact amount in Ethereum will be determined at the start of the presale.

Are there any restrictions for participating in the XMAT presale or public sale?

The XMaterials presale and public sale are only open to non-US citizens and non-US permanent residents, non-China citizens, and non-Indian citizens. You do not have to be an institutional or private investor to participate, however the presale does not have minimum contribution requirements.

Do you have a bounty program for those who want to earn more tokens?

Yes, we have a bounty program for bug testing during our test nets as well as marketing-related and miscellaneous tasks we need to complete before ICO launch.

Will you be holding the raised funds in escrow?

XMaterials raise is facilitated by a trusted custodian that monitors the ICO, performs daily conversions to FIAT currency, and allows the company to use only up to 15% of the raised funds DURING the ICO in order to start the development and support its campaign.

The rationale behind this is twofold:

As an existing, fully-functional business, holding the funds in escrow will only delay us in fulfilling the goals of the roadmap, thus impeding our ability to maximize the dividend Ethereum airdrop payments we will be issuing to our token holders.

By withdrawing funds daily, it protects us from currency risk. With the wild fluctuations in Ethereum, we believe it is the most fiscally responsible decision.

Only after finalizing the ICO and proving milestones to the custodian is the company allowed to use the total amount of raised funds and continue investing.