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#Blockchain, #Impact Investments All projects

Zero Carbon Project: Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

Aims to tackle climate change using the blockchain and international carbon credits.

stage Ended crowdsale

4.8 Rating

by 3 users


    • Employees10
    • Users1500


    June, 2018

    Won Future Impact Award at Blockchain Alternative Investment Conference 2018

    June, 2018

    Won Social Impact Award at The Blocks 2018


    man Derek Myers


    Chairman of West London Climate Change Commission. Developed Beond into most innovative and highest quality energy consultancy in UK. Previously with Accenture and Macquarie Bank.

    man Thomas Schmitz

    Zero Carbon Markets Director

    Rolled out energy exchanges internationally for Deutsche Bourse. Previously worked for Enron, Constellation and Deutsche Bank.

    man Philip Louw

    Software Manager & Developer

    A leading contributor to the open source development community.

    man Alastair Hutson

    Europe Director & MD of Beond

    Established European energy trading operations for large US businesses including Aquila Energy and Duke Energy; and Southern Electric in the UK.

    man Sarah Myers

    HR Director

    Previously Director of Talent Management with Sky, Europe’s most progressive media company and HR consultancy in financial services.


    man Rob Antulov

    Finance Advisor

    Corporate finance advisor and previously software tech entrepreneur. Previously worked for Coca-Cola Amatil and Fairfax Media head of strategy.

    man Bok Khoo

    Ethereum Smart Contract Advisor & Developer

    Bok develops and audits Ethereum smart contracts for his clients which have included over 30 blockchain projects.


    Crowdsale details

    Distribution of tokens
    • Partners (3900000)
    • Public Sale (5000000)
    • Beond (36000000)
    • Reward pool (147000000)
    • Token Reserve (23120000)
    • Team (3860000)
    • Liquidity Reserve (1000000)
    Budget allocation
    • Development (15%)
    • Marketing (45%)
    • Operations (24%)
    • Taxes (16%)
    Details Indicators
    Token Symbol ZCC
    Full Token Name ZeroCarbon
    Pre-sale Start June 18th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-sale End June 30th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-crowdsale Start September 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Pre-crowdsale End September 30th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Start October 1st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale End Hard cap is reached or October 31st, 00:00 GMT+03:00
    Crowdsale Hard Cap Fixed, $20000000
    Crowdsale Soft Cap Yes, $2000000
    Token type utility token
    Incorporation Details 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW 2000
    Domain owner (www.facebook.com) Individual
    Domain owner (twitter.com) Individual
    Domain owner (medium.com) Individual
    Domain owner (www.instagram.com) Individual
    Domain owner (www.reddit.com) Individual
    Domain owner (www.linkedin.com) Individual
    Domain owner (t.me) Individual
    Domain owner (t.me) Individual

    Cost of the token

    1 token for 0.2 $

    Price without discounts


    Restricted Countries: Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Eritrea, Ethiopia, Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Russian Federation, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Ukraine, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zimbabwe, China, the United States and Japan

    Accepted currency

    • Ethereum

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    Yaroslav Kozhukhov October 14, 2018
    Rating of project


    Я считаю данный проект не имеет на данном сегменте в blockchain конкурентов

    Risks and disadvantages

    Криптовалютный мир один риск в целом


    ZeroCarbon project является действительно правильным проектом, который поможет защитить наш мир. Считаю что в дальнейшем таких проектов будет намного больше, но этот может стать одним из первых. Предлагаю всем перейти на основной сайт и ознакомиться с проектом, а также читайте русскую ann ветку на bitcointalk сайте

    Olav Johnson September 28, 2018
    Rating of project


    The project aims to fight against climate change using distributed technologies. One of the main problems associated with climate change in the context of the project is the risks of permafrost melting and greenhouse gas emissions, which can lead to catastrophic consequences. Even a small part of these emissions can have a negative impact on the planet's health, which will lead to rapid climate change. This risk of climate change gives everyone an immediate and convincing call to action. The problem is that renewable technologies are still expensive compared to fossil fuels. There are few subsidies to support them and their price may become non-competitive within a few years. The team of the project believes that the cost of renewable energy sources should be competitive with the cost of fossil fuels for fast mass adoption. Taking into account uncertainty in about the timing of climate change, the more time air polluted, the higher the risk of catastrophic consequences related to climate change.

    Risks and disadvantages

    The project is very relevant for date, but I can't say that there are no shortcomings in it. For example, there is no description of the real mechanism that would help to reduce prices for alternative energy sources, except the regime of free competition through the use of a blockchain. But generally, the project is very interesting and merits attention.


    Bearing in mind the importance of the problem, I think that this project can become very profitable in a short term. No doubts, that the project can be highly recommended for investors as a beneficial placement of their funds. Moreover, the tasks seted by the team require an immediate solution.

    Alexandr Gonchar September 28, 2018
    Rating of project


    The project aims to combat climate change with the use of blockchain and international carbon credits. Renewable energy has a good effect on the problem of climate change and an impressive reduction in costs already have been achieved. But experts are concerned that renewable energy sources still too expensive and that's why the impact on reducing carbon emissions is slow. The goal of the project is to speed up the shift to zero level of carbon emissions from the energy that can reduce the risks of catastrophic consequences of climate change. While renewable energy is too expensive for mass adoption, the project will use international carbon credits and intense competition in the market to provide a cheaper alternative to burning fossil fuels with zero carbon emissions.

    Risks and disadvantages

    I can't find any shortcomings in this project. First of all, the topic is very relevant and important, it affects everyone, and that's why a lot of people will be interested in the implementation of such solutions and many people will invest their money. So we can say for sure that this project guaranteed to great returns.


    Climate change is a global problem. Many leading politicians are working on regulatory decisions on this problem: the last important milestone is the Paris Climate Agreement. But the temperature continues to grow, weather systems are becoming more unstable, Arctic ice sheets are melting, atmospheric concentrations of CO2 are rising. This situation requires an instant solution and in this case, the project provides it. I think that it will be very successful, which means that all investors will receive a high income.